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Martin Mystery

Too Much slime/goo
I'm not exactly a fan of Martin Mystery, but I think this show is really nice. Only for the exception of too much slime. I understand that it's one of the 'highlights' of the show, just like the stereotypical teenage girls and gadgets of Totally Spies, but I can't get it why it always has to be green and opaque...It's like they don't know that there are other colors of slime and other forms of liquid. Not to mention slime is always in EVERY SINGE Episode of MM...

I also noticed that they don't change clothes. I mean, yeah, cartoons don't usually change clothes and have 23 pairs of each shirt and stuff (Dexter?) but this is like, a 'newish' cartoon made anime-style, so I was thinking add a little wardrobe in it, eh??

Bottomline: Good 6.9/10

The Sleepover Club

Pretty alright
This show is pretty okay, and I love it when the sleepover club and m&ms con each other like in the theme park episode. but sometimes the episodes are too much adventurous to be all-at-once part of a pre/teenager's life. I love how Frankie is, though; she's like, the leader of the pack and stuff...plus the actress is really pretty. But I don't like how Fliss acts...sometimes she just overreacts in the way she talks...

Overall, the acting could be improved, and the script and writing could be tweaked a little bit. Maybe a bit more characters every now and then. But nevertheless a good show to keep me entertained during weekday afternoons :)

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