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Wonderful drama
This is a wonderful spectacular and emotional film. It grabs at the heartstrings. It makes you think. It makes you fall in love with a wonderful cast of dynamic characters, which are flawlessly performed on screen by an all-star ensemble of a cast. I think this was directed wonderfully.

I believe the story-line came together in a believable fashion. I think the viewer becomes a part of the overall story. You can relate to the characters. You seem to meld into the mindset and the actions and the emotional reality of the story. The story-line is something we all can become a part of and relate to and feel like we have gone through it or know someone that has gone through it.

It shocks me that this movie has got such bad ratings. The critics are absolutely wrong on this one. This is a touching story. A wake up call so you can say what needs to be said and done before it's too late. Like I say this is a film that is a true drama that needs to be seen. It's almost as if coming to a point in your life when you realize what needs to be done, has to be done now, there's a deadline and it makes you experience that reality.

It's great and funny at times. Nice originality and a relatable cast, relatable story and a flow of the direction, we all can become a part of. The film is very fresh. It seems like it's a moment of everyday life that you come in-sync with at what's taking place. At times you laugh, you're moved through an emotional journey of life and death and choices.

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Homme au bain

Bathe me
First off this is directed and written by truly a visionary talent that I absolutely love behind the camera and also his writing talent. He is able to capture his actors and also create a feel that leaves lasting impressions upon the viewer. He is it stunning in creating and building up his characters and also the scenarios those characters are going through. Christophe Honore is a brilliant talented young fresh original and brilliant director, He has directed so many very stunning films such as 2006's Dan's Paris and 2007's Love Songs and 2009's Making Plans for Lena, just to name a few.

Just about every picture I see that he creates ends up leaving a lasting mark on my love affair of cinema. I was finally given the opportunity to watch this film titled, Man at Bath which was a 2010 film. What's interesting to note about this movie is this stars gay porn actor Francois Sagat. This would be his second main stream performance in a feature film. Now many die-hard gay porn lovers will know him throughout many of his pornographic films probably most notably in the many Titan Media Porn Studio film. His first main stream film was in the 2010 violent and controversy L.A. Zombie. Now he did appear in another mainstream movie but really didn't act, he was just billed as the male addict in 2009's Saw VI. He is a very muscular, beautiful, sexy handsome looking man and he is very gifted and versatile in the sexual department and also acting. Very lustful, very eye candy-ish. Very manly man in the overall persona, specifically in the gay porn world. He is of French nationality. Most recently a model. Many will know him as a pornographic God to the fans of his appearances and abilities. Ultimately it was a treat to see him acting in this movie.

Your main character Emmanuel is a gay hustler who lives with his lover Omar. Both live in Paris. They fight and Emmanuel is heartbroken and has to basically strive for himself and on his own. Now Omar heads to Manhattan and the movie follows both men as they discover a new life and accepts on there challenges of breaking up and coming to terms with their current life settings. They have to ultimately find themselves again and both are having to struggle and find their ultimate stable in life.

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I'll Follow You Down

A great sci-fi drama
Yes you read that right starring the little kid from The Sixth Sense all grown up and showing his master acting skills as a grown up. Always been a huge fan of his. He is such a gifted believable actor that shines in all his roles. The Sixth Sense will always be one of my favorite films and plus he phrased one of the iconic movie quotes of all time "I see dead people." Here he takes the trip as the character Erol into a science fiction setting. An interesting time travel story that I feel works for its unique and interesting approach on the concept of time travel.

This builds interesting characters and also a back story of those characters as you see the story unfold. A wonderful cast of actors. The beautiful amazing talented and all around goddess Gillian Anderson. I grew up watching her in The X-Files but she is so much more than an old television show. Her acting is extraordinary in such awesome performances as the violent revenge film Closure (2007) and the BBC made for TV series Bleak House and her top notch award worthy performance of Miss Havisham in the BBC's Great Expectations (2011) which I feel is the greatest representation of Miss Havisham ever done. She is golden in I'll Follow You Down as the character of Marika.

This also stars the wonderful master talent Rufus Sewell who I absolutely fell in love with in the very underrated dark sci-fi Dark City (1998). He also was brilliant as Dr. Jacob Hood in the awesome short lived TV series Eleventh Hour. He has such a smooth reality to his acting that creates awesome characters even if the movie sucks. He plays the character of Gabe in I'll Follow You Down and he owns the part and makes you believe.

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Gallows Hill

I'll be damned
This goes by two different titles the very first title is Gallows Hill, it was changed to the name The Damned, for its distribution. This plays on the idea of possession. These movies seem to be running rampant this day and age. This one has a family who ends up in a storm. Their car is turned over because of a flash flood, they end up going to little Motel, where an old man lives. The old man almost refuses to let them in but then he realizes they are a family. He lets them in. What they discover is a little girl locked up in a basement, chained and bolted inside a room. They take it upon themselves to free the little girl unbeknownst to them the little girl has a secret. The old man has a secret and the place has a secret.

This is an interesting possession horror film with great little spooked moments, that play with the viewer's mind. This is a good film to watch in the dark with no lights and the television volume way up so that you can experience all the ultimate spooky reality. Now with that said it's not meant to mean a fantastic film because it's not. This plays out like a direct to video b-grade horror film.

The movie takes place in Columbia. Your main character is David. He is a widow and about to remarry. He comes to Columbia to collect his daughter who is staying with her aunt. David wants his daughter at his marriage. David's daughter does not like his new main squeeze basically stating all she is, is a money hungry whore.

The character of David is played by who I have always thought was an underrated actor and often overlooked and always seems to capture his characters in vivid ways and displays them emotionally accurate, Peter Facinelli. I first got wind of his amazing acting talent in the wonderful TV film The Price of Love (1995). He is most famous for the character of Dr. Cullen in the Twilight film series.


An Amazing Drama and romantic reality of dreams
First off this is an amazing beautiful drama and awesome romance. A girl meets boy relationship, meeting for the first time and dropping everything spontaneously and following your dreams.

I fell in love with this movie. I fell in love with each character, the direction and the amazing written script is flawlessly done. This movie is beautifully done in a romantic comedy, drama way that captures the viewer's interest from beginning to end. This is a true independent film. An indie, a comedy romance that floored me with its awesome witty nature and beautiful stance on the idea of life.

This stars the very underrated Whit Hertford who has acted in over 70 films. He is a true talent that seems to never get his break. His performance in this made you believe his character. You fell in love with his performance. He's such an odd looking young man and so it just adds to the beauty of what this film is about. He plays the character that is the offish character, the one not popular. The character that the in-crowd avoids and bullies the pick on.

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