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Can somebody tell me where is the story line IS ? can somebody tell me where the horror IS? can somebody tell me what this movie about? because it was painful to watch, boring, boring, boring, No Dialogues JUST A BABY CRYING ALL THE TIME DON´T WASTE YOUR TIME

La daronne

A missed opportunuty to make this film better. Isabelle Huppert was terrible, what happened to her? I remember her in "The Piano Teacher " and "Elle" and she was stunning. Now in "La daronne" is terrible, terrible. No, no, no.


A Boring Hell
I really try to enjoy this movie. The photography is very Pro, the editing and the technical aspects are good enough. THE PROBLEM: Theres is no story at all, no plot, no tension and terrible FLAT. You hear a tape recording voice over and over talking nonse over and over (maybe this is the most creepy element). I better watch The Blair Witch Project instead.

¿Eres tú, papá?

Watching ice melting is better than this snooze-fest.
I couldn´t find any horror moments. The entire movie is a drama with long silent scenes. For an instant you might think that is a silent film, except when they whisper, because you can barely understand what they say. I hardly can keep my eyes open. This film is grey, flat, boring, pointless, even watching ice melting is better.

Halloween at Aunt Ethel's


Bird Box

Bad, bad, bad
You will turn a bad zombie if your open your eyes. Who can row a boat withe eyes blind folded? This is so stupid, not mention the invisible creature shaking the trees (as the smoke monster in "LOST") The woman (Sandra BullockU and the kids named "Boy" and "Girl" survied falling in a wild river blindfolded with a box of birds..,and the birds are all right. That could be a miracle, because there is no logical explanation. Mr.Malkovich, why you signed for this atrocious attemp to film? NETFLIX needs to disappear NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Twisted and boring
A young patient from a mental institute find a job as a secretary with a paralegal lawyer. This girl has mental disease: The self cutting syndrome. Her boss is dominant and demanding so eventualy they became the sadist and the submissive. And that´s theplot. Is like a twisted version 50 Shades of Grey of the 90's. Even James Sader is playing the role of Edward Grey. I must believe thatE.L. James (author of 50 Shades saga) being inspired by this film. If I was a lawyer, I put E.L. James in jail for plagiarism. This movie is sick, ackward, boring and lame. Skip it.

The Haunting of Hill House

Six Feet Under (with some spooks)
I was so exciting watching the first episodes with so many expactatiions, but my bubble burst when the lesbian sister Theodora (Kate Siegel) came along with his face reminding me the Angelina Jolie in Gia. Do she really needs to be lesbian or is LGTB propaganda? Then there is the junkie brother Luke (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) seems like is sinking more and more on his drug addiction,running away from rehab center and his flashbacks, oh boy this character is over dramatized. The most character i hate is the writer Michiel Huisman (Steven Crain)is really intolerable and annoying. In other hand, Carla Gugino (Olivia) is great, but there is no chemistry betwen her and his husband Hugh Crain (Henry Thomas) because she is a ten and he is a zero. So his acting is wooden and dull. There is a lot of ghost,scaries and good dialogues, but after the fith episode i start to snore. I hope this show gets better, otherwise I´m gonna drop for watching this.


Boring and crapy in every minute
If someone needs rehab is director Justin Benson. This movie is a pile of nonsense, boring, flat movie with no thrills. I felt like i was trapped in a capsule, the time stops and the story goes nowhere, The entirefilm is like Tarantino´s "Hateful Eight" talk, talk, talk...blah blah blah and nothing happens towards the great CRAPPY ENDING. Horror? Not a bit. FUN? I don´t think so (a torture instead) I don´t do drugs, but after watching this I want to fix myself a joint to forget all about this horrendous abomination.

Made in Mexico

A Mexican jet set show? NETFLIX NEEDS A PURGUE.
Why did i watchec this crap? Answer just to fullfill my curiosity. Veredict: This abomination is totally unwatchable. Snob entrepeneurs with horrible accents bragging. Thank God i was working in my computer and i didn't pay all the the attention. Netflix needs a PURGUE. AVOD THIS ATTROCITY.

The Purge

The Purge
This is the kind of show i´ve been waiting for so long, it is very similar with the saga films on tv, so i can enjoy this action and thrills every week, forget about waiting years (lol), this shows is a new promise, i bet that get get any better every season-and every chapter- the only point that seems too boring is the three way situation, i hate any sexual plots to fill the time on tv or movies, i really do- i recommend this show, i know many people hate the violence, that´s why many cheesy movies are rated 10/10, so i rate this 10/10 because i love violence shows, enjoy

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Party Monster: Scratching the Surface
Episode 3, Season 4

33 minutes wasted
Is this real or acting? This is the worst documentary I ever watched in years. It seems like a bad chapter of Reno 911 or less. This mockumentary or what ever it is, is not worth watching, is a hard to laugh. It seems like is a white trash ad or a bad amateur sketch. I rather watch Saturday Night Live, at least it really makes me laugh. Skip this documentary at all cost.

Enter the Wild

Enter the crap
I culdn´t fiish, I fall asleep. Horror film or insomnia remedy? Cliché: a bunch of idiotic students in a road trip. Boring,no interesting script, no great photography or art direction. The only positive element is the locations and nothing else. Weak direction. Bad casting. Poor acting. No plot, no story. No, no, no. stop making bad films. Making crap films should be prosecuted by law.

Castle Rock

Another puzzle
J.J. Abrams, remember "LOST"? The same bull... I bet that we must watch another two or three seasons to find out what is really happening, I´m not that patient. I like the cast, the atmosphere, is above my expectations but c´mon, give us something solid. It is like a puzzle, and the pieces are all missing. I will watch the whole chapters but if the mess keeps goes on, I must stop watch.

The Keeping Hours

Cheesy, tragic and fully depressing
Can´t believe i watch the full movie. I admit i may be engaged for the fact that the ghost kid brought someone from the other side, but there was a few loose ends, like ¿Jacob crossed to the other side? ¿Who was the woman talking with Jacob (Elizabeth Mother?) ¿Elizabeth and Jacob will remain in the house or they just go to heaven after Jacob finally get his train? Anyway the wedding scene was beyond corny, not mention when Elizabeth dies. Just can´t bear the piano background music like a bad soap opera. The movie is tremendously sad, the romance scenes over the top and the plot failed so deep like the ocean. This was not good.


Mediocre, Amateurish, Unwatchable
Why the story was developed in Crystal Lake? Isn´t that the name of the lake in Friday The 13th? I think plagiarism. The production is so bad, an elementary school student could done a better job. There was no plot, no story, no smart dialogues, just a bunch of cursing all movie long and childlish behaviour instead. This is a cheap attemp of film making.


So bad in every way
Bachelor party boys go to celebrate and they went to a lousy strip club. Then, there is a mystery guy who approaches and recommends a better place (So wwhy he is doing here in the firstb place?) Then , they go to the brothel and bum! Whores, whores, whores, and more whores. The dialogues are fulled with sex crap and the acting is even worse, so amateurish. The production is A-OK, but the cast is awful.

I get really bored.

La Boda de Valentina

If you have your brain damaged, you will love this hogwash.
A complete torture. This is an awful remake of "Home Sweet Alabama" (2002) I lost account of all those clichés. Not funny at all. Unrealistic. Bad acting. Bad directed. I can bet that the producers of this film hate the audience. Valentina had no idea she was married, Her family is corrupt politicians. Valentina has to choose between two men, his husband or her boyfriend. What a plot! I leave the cinema at the first 45 minutes. AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL and gets WORSE, Avoid this flick at all cost.

The Breakfast Club

A Hollywood starlets tale of Nonsense
It was hard to stay awake watching this pile of rubbish. I never saw this on VHS, or Cinema, but the Cable company brought thme to me, I think "I give it a shot, it´s a classic". BIG MISTAKE. There is no plot, just the story of five kids in detention doing monkey business. The only highlits is the drug part, the marihuana situation. All the rest is a flat story, with stupid dialogues to fill time. I wil never let my children watch this movie in the future because is a huge waste of time.


I don´t understand the good reviews. "10/10" Smells like paid liars.
I watched the 1987 version with the great Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. I hate comparisons but this version is very away to be original. The acting is AWFUL, Mr. Eugenio Derbez invited his tribe of friends actors and they don´t know how to act. They came from a lousy Mexican broadcast company named "Televisa" a bad soap opera factory. I love Mexican starts, but this is not the case. Since the movie starts, I wanted to end it quickly. It was a torture to me. There is any effort to reinvent the comedy, they are lousy choose of cast. There is no chemistry between Faris and Derbez. NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, NOPE. Is a total waste of time. Attention bad movie lovers: my review is not about hate, is about been objective and TRUE.

Corbin Nash

A true lesson about bad acting
If you want to be an actor, watch this movie because it shows what you exactly must not do in acting performance.

Cory Feldman, Rutger Hauer and Malcolm Mcdowell are great stars wasted on this piece of scum.

The rest of the cast are awful bad, they didn´t show the minimum effort to take this flick into a higher level.

Corbin Nash or Hulk? I think his Hulk because is always screaming like him does. Watching his scenes is like this: -" I´m Corbin NashI am very pissed off and I scream like a mad wrestler."

The plot: Two mean vampires are trying to control the world- funny because those two never leave the town. They capture a stripper girl to lure Corbin and kill him because CN came from a vampire hunter blood line. But he is a mortal, only as a vampire can fight the mighty forces of the evil Queeny and his vampire lover. Mister Mcdowell plays the role of a blind man who can see the future. The script is horribly poor. The production is low budget look alike. The movie is quite laughable. Don´t miss it,you can gig for a while.

Call Me by Your Name

Peaches & Herbs
Oliver, an american-jewish profesor (Armie Hammer) visit his friends in Italy in the summer of '83 for 6 weeks. The Perlman´s son Elio (17 years old), help him to guide him at the town neasr the village. At first, Oliver seems to like Elio, but he maintain distance between them, The cultural context and etymologies dialogues are vast to fill the story. Elio plays guitar and piano, read a lot of books that lures Oliver to him, until his friendship became more physical. Oliver pushes him away in order to avoid a shame becuase of their actions. Elio refuges himself in Marzia when Oliver is not around in order to fullfill his sexual desires, but not his heart. There is a great italian landscapes and nature, contrasting with some nudity and homoerotic scenes that is magnificent created without embarrasing the audience because it seems innocent and spontaneous. Oliver explores his early sexual awakenning with some fetishes like sniffing Oliver´s shorts and masturbating with a peach, arousing by Oliver. The acting is perfect and the direction is very accurate in every moment. If this story would developed in a city, probably the movie failed. Sadly, most of the gay cinema end their stories with death and silence (Mulholand Drive), loneliness (BrokeBack Mountain) and this is no exception. Elio ends sad and without the man he loves. Oliver and Elio transmits real human passion and maybe touch your soul very rarely in afilm. I highly recomend this film, a new gem.


Cheesy, Boring, Horrible.
I just find hard to believe there are many people who likes this garbage. No only they like it, they had the balls to rate this 10/10. Why? Maybe because this movie touch the heart of soppy people, perhaps? This movie about a pregnant woman, victim of a lightning. She gave birth an albino baby with magnetic superpowers. This baby grew in a cellar of the grandpa´s house. Super intelligent, mind reader, and magnetic powers. Jeremy, the albino guy go to school and face bully guys who dislike his appearance, And the leader of the pack was a mean macho. The storygoes on: Jeremy can´t never defend himself, hies teacher Jessie Caldwell always push the bullies away. So pathetic. The ending: Oh My Lord, he finally is swallow by a big lightning in the clouds and that´s it. He vanish into the sky. I sad: Thank God the electro-magnatic "Michael Jackson" is gone for good. Horrible experience. Bad film.

The Ritual

Bend the knee, backpackers
This is a respectable horror film, excellent cast, great actors, the script, the story, the spooky atmosphere, but there is always a but.

When the moster is revealed my bubble burst.

SPOILER AHEAD: WARNING: ********************************************************** The killer in the woods is a kind of god that hang people in trees,. In order to save your life you have to bend the kee or the creature hang you in the branches. The ending is stupid, but I have no complain at all. I have fun with this one.

The Square

In the style of Holy Motors
No plot. I´m sorry intellectual folks, I know this movie does not a plot, it is an art movie, I get it. This is actually a documentary, a non fiction film without story, nothing more. I don´t speak french, so i have to stick my eyes on the subtitles, This film is so shallow, The most annoying part is a man playing a gorilla ata diner party. That was really ackward. Strong scene i admit. The art is for enjoy, eliminate predjudice and boundaries. This movie is not any of it.

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