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Kong tian lie

Really, 5.3??? Ever Fast and Furious 7 gets a 7.2
If your are in for aerial combat, then this is it! It has the best dog fight scene since Top Gun. The directing and script writing aren't perfect. You can find many loopholes if you are picky. For example, why are the Chinese special force using M4s and FAST helmets? How did those copters slipped through Radar detection. Why the Chinese air force only send in 2 fighters...beside these little things, they got everything right. Again, aerial combat scenes are freaking awesome

Inside Out

Stupid Disney
why is the volcano singing part necessary?? it has no connection with real movie. why dose Disney still put that **** at the beginning of the movie since it doesn't make any sense with the storyline. they spoiled the fun from the very beginning. they don't have to put some dancing or singing parts which make no sense in the middle a movie just because they that's another stupid Disney tradition. thank god the rest of this movie is pretty good. I'll rate it 10 if wasn't for the stupid beginning. Ever since Disney bought Pixar, Pixar could no longer produce any hit in animation. Disney are holding Pixar back, but Pixar still got their imaginations. Hopefully, they can produce a nice series after Inside Out 1


This is not war! This is world of tank!!
As a military enthusiast, this kind of Bull**** war movie is a f****** contempt of my intelligent. The director obviously played too much War of Tank, he can't hide his stupidities and ignorance by borrowed the only movable tiger tank from England. There were two reason which kept me in the theater. Firstly, I was expecting the tiger which showed up until the last 30min of the movie, after a total disappointment´╝î I told myself 2 tanks play hide-and-seek is F****** bull**** enough, there are only 30 min left, there couldn't be anything worst than that. However the last theme which is the theme that the Fury killed a whole company of Germans proved that I overestimate the director's intelligent and underestimate my ability of endurance. The second reason is that I don't want to upset my friend who dress in US army suit sat right beside me. I don't understand why people give this movie 8 or 9 stars, everyone sane men can tell this movie is a f****** garbage from whatever perspectives. To watch this movie at cinema is a total waste of time and money

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