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Apollo 11

I could not ask for a better movie than Apollo 11
Whenever a NASA / space movie comes around, I usually give it the side-eye. We all know the story (but we really don't) about the complexities , risks, and triumphs. We all know who Tom Hanks is Apollo 13, Ed Harris is in the Right Stuff, and who Ryan Gosling tried to be (and failed miserably) is in First Man.

But this movie is fantastic, because there are no actors, no narration, and most refreshing of all: no political commentary jammed down our throats.

The movie opens with this menacing crunching and squeaking sound----like tank tracks. So, we all know what that is.....the Crawler: The ultimate slow, low-tech machine transporting the very front edge of engineering marvel.

The liftoff sequence had me riveted, as though not only was this the first time I was seeing it, but that I was there.

The cast is NASA, the stars are the engineers, and I have to thank Statement films, Douglas Todd Miller, and even CNN (ugh).

This is the best movie I've seen in years. Don't miss it. It has to be seen in the theater.

Get Out

Racist agitprop
I'm actually watching this offensive bile as I write this. You would think it's 1950 if not 1850 watching positively worthless frying-pan-over-the-head cliche' of phony racism. (Jussie SMOLLETT style). I'm still waiting for the horror part to kick in, if I last that long.


Dances with Hipsters
Where are all these positive reviews coming from? I think we know where----paid writers pumping this bad oater. So we're thoroughly immersed in Captain Blocker's white-hot hatred for the injuns, and we're told why we should hate on 'em, too. Disembowelings, flayings, skinning-alivings.....blah blah..OK GOT IT. We're also told why the injuns hate us whitey----and it's the same old tired " took our land, were mean to us" Yawn. OK GOT IT. Within one ambush from the Comanche, Yellow Hawk and Blocker are trusted companions, tossing their hatred to the wind, Hollywood style. Yeah,like that would happen. Has anyone in hollywood actually read first-hand accounts of indian raids, or Army assaults?. Yeah NO----they haven't. by the end of the film, Blocker calls his bitter enemy "Old Friend". This kind of pie-in-the-sky-kitties-n-rainbows mentality seeps in to this movie and seals its fate to the $3 DVD section at Walmart.

Oh, and "Fort Winslow" looks like a ranch in Santa Clarita, circa 2015. And by the way, the production designer should be run out on a rail. DRYWALL DID NOT EXIST IN 1892.

So other then the sophomoric writing, the non-acting, and the hokey sets, this movie is at least boring. But that would be an insult to boredom.

Lame at every level. Just rent "Once upon in the time in the West" for a real western, that's at least sorta close to reality.

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