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Godzilla: King of the Monsters

IT WAS BAD! Part Dragon Ballz, Part Lion King, Part Environmentalism
It was so awful. No build up. THe action was bad. The end was the Lion King.

The female lead was bad. The Male lead was bad. The child was bad. The is not a watchable movie. At least Godzilla 98, you ca laugh at and watch again. This one has ZERO replay value.

This was a Dragon Ball Z episode. Every single problem soleved by going up a Goten Level.

It features some type of science, to show they can science. Environment, over population.................trash. Then they had that unattractive manly Black women...giving orders and reacting to everything.

They gave a countdown to Godzilla firing his breath.

And then they did a Lion King Ending.....lol


Movie is very watchable. It's a Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror movie with elements of action and some hilarity.

It has elements of the Matrix....with the hero, a bit of Ghostbusters with some and it ties into modern technology and a bit of sorcery and witchcraft. If this was a low budget Ghostbusters movie, it succeeded in certain parts.

Plot: A regular guy named Howard get pulled into a world of witchcraft through modern technology, mishaps and maybe destiny. That is all you need to know plot wise.

The movie is not a masterpiece, but darn fun and has a smaller budget than other big budget movies, but this has plenty of replay value and very refreshing and unique plot.

I give it a solid 8 to 9 out of 10. Very watchable and surprisingly fun. Somethings can be flushed out more, but given the budget and what they were going for, nice solid movie.


TRASH! The Beta Male-ing of Black Men Continues
What did I watch?

It started really awful, awful acting, awful dialogue, awful scenarios.....then it got worse.

A grown whamen who is Black and has an attitude gets transformed through Black Girl Magic? Yes, an actual line in the movie.

Black men are treated like whamen and it's another disrespect of them in another damn movie.

It's essentially a movie that is a remake of various other movies, except with Black Whamen magic and absolutely awful.

Just awful all over.........It's not even enjoyably bad.

Beginner's Guide to Sex

I Love Cox - Jokes You Actually Have to Think About
Sex Ed: Laci Cox has to teach it - the only catch is Laci is a virgin.

Yep.... That's all you need to know.

The jokes are actually played straight which is part of the movies' charm.

Some less intelligent movie watchers will claim, it's childish, I disagree The jokes, you actually have to think about it....

"Principal Haymen keeps chewing my asss out." Yes, actually a line. You have to spend five seconds to think about the joke and that's a good thing.

9.5....out of 10. Freaking funny. If you are a person who misses offensive material, this movie is a gem.

Do Women Have A Higher Sex Drive?

Not Very Good and Badly Executed Fluff
I will be honest. I watched out of erotic purposes and found this poorly done.

The format is simple, ask a question to an "expert," and get the answer you want.

Yep! Most of the people being interviewed are a bit nuts. A lot of them are surrounded by vibrators, penises and vaginas, insane, and well, following a script...kid you not.

It seems VERY scripted. Essentially, do women have higher sex drive according to this? Yes...but they never assume, women MIGHT be pawns...

Instead it's pro-feminsm, women are better, women are more victimized and just wowzers. It's never women do not understand their own nature, instead it's blame everyone else. I kid you not, that's the conclusion.

They never ask simple opposing questions.

Ragin Cajun Redneck Gators

Fun, Fun, and Fun
A woman comes home from college to her redneck family.

She encounters gators, not just any, but redneck ones

I know, it's low budget and not Citizen Kane, but fun........fun.......fun

Very Much recommended.

9 out of 10.

American Muscle

Grindhouse YES PLEASE - Anti hero seeks revenge
Grindhouse YES PLEASE

"American Muscle" is a revenge film.

It's Stupid fun, with blood, violence ,sex, and nudity.

It's 70s style and coolness, for true movie buffs.

Anti hero seeks revenge


Very Fun and Watchable 50's horror Parody! What are the Other Reviewers Watching??
Very Fun and Watchable 50's horror Parody.

I am not sure what the other guys are watching, but this movie is fun. The characters are over the top parodies. This is in the same vein as Planet 9. The characters exaggerate their speech and emotions to push the B-Movie 50's, Black and White horror vibe.

Stereotypical Jock, bullies stereotypical nerd to go into a haunted amusement. Stereotypical girlfriend of jock, stands up and accompanies the nerd...

That's all you need to know. Have fun. This isn't Citizen Kane......

9 out of 10. VERY ENJOYABLE! Plus you get the hear Tim Curry do his thing.


Dumb, Fast Moving B Movie Trash = Fun!
Dumb, Fast Moving B Movie Trash = Fun!

Its about aliens.....well....look its a mix of star Wars, planet of apes, buck Rodgers and taken gun.

Just fun.

Give it a shot.

Hollywood Sex Wars

It's a Funny Movie!
I know...I know it's 20_ _ so nothing is funny and everything is offensive.

This movie was FUNNY! It's about men and women and the games they play. It's a sex comedy about men having sex and doing everything they can, and women having sex, doing everything they can to get men to pay for stuff. Sounds like Prostitutes...? Yes!!!!

That's all you need to know. Some people are such YOUNG FARTS, they cannot understand what a sex comedy is.

I miss the days of being offensive. Comedy is supposed to offend, and this does and hilariously so.

I give it an 8 out of 10.

Blood Bound

Not My Cup of Tea, But Not Bad
I will say the movie is not a bad one. It's a horror mixed with...well I think this is a dark version of Twilight.

It was not a good movie, but the acting was nice. As someone said, the chick needed to be hotter. You don't really feel for a decent chick, as you would a hot chick.

The movie is about a cursed family that needs to kill people and a member of his family every quarter century or so.

Three thieves break in and get a rude awakening. The movie needed more sex appeal really, but no a BAD movie, just a bit too much Twilight influence and a lot of the same pacing.

Not a bad movie, not very fun, but decent effort...just not my thing.

Pretty adult themes, I will give it a 6 easily.....some talent is int the movie....

Roswell, New Mexico

IMDB Delete My Review
Yep...my review was #1 and they deleted it. It talked about identity politics, comparing both versions of Roswell and all the sex talk.

Shame as IMDB is pushing Communism. They seem want to silence communication. They removed their message board because studios didn't like fans communication about the movies.

SHame. I think I am done leaving reviews on IMDB...they would rather control a narrative than make money. I will just leave my star ratings and move on.

Bleeding Heart

Jessical Biel Hit The Wall in the Female Empowerment "Movie"
Jessica Biel once called her self too beautiful, that's why she never casted in movies.


So here she is 10 years past her prime, and well, she ain't beautiful any more.

This movie is typical, females in trouble, because of the man, Biel saves her sister from a life she CHOOSES and somehow prostitutes are victims because reasons.

Story ends as expected. Women empowerment and they learn zero lessons throughout. Man bad, whamen good....and that's it.

Terror Birds

Fantastic Bad CheesyMovie
Big birds, insane philanthropists and cheesy acting.

The movie is fun, will a cast who seems to understand they are making a B Grade movie.

Creed II

Creed 2...Creed the Unlikeable Prickk
Where to begin? This movie has it's moments, but POOR direction.

Michael B Jordan is a good actor..but not for this franchise. He's just unlikable here. He is brooding and has poor line delivery. He is no SLY for sure.

In a prick in the first movie, learns nothing and is a prick again.

His wife is almost intolerable. She has a disability with here hearing, but is a poor supporting female. She too, is unlikable. She has a ridiculous music career...and instead of being in the background, does his intro song for a fight. Oh, she also wearing a ridiculout hat to remind us she's like Adrian...but not as likeable.

The fight scenes were poorly done. Everything was too close and you missed a lot of the action.

Ivan and son are the real stars. They seem to have the best characters, most likable, most manly and they DESERVE to carry this franchise. Rocky needs to retire and take that disgrace Creed with him.

The music sucks.....the announce team bites....Max Kellerman isn't meant to be in movies...and the movie is just not well shot imo.

I LOVE the ROCKY FRANCHISE......but Creed played by Michael B. Jordan needs to be abandoned. These movies will not stand the test of time and will drift in obscurity.

5 out of 10...nothing to like outside the Drago's, who should take over the Rocky mantle.

American Anthem

Typical 80's Fluff and I LUV It!
Pretty standard but fun stuff.

Like Rocky but gymnastics.....I mean Rocky III and Rocky IV......

It's fun, over exaggerated, over acting, unbelievable...porn....I mean it.

It has the washed up star returning to become great again.

The hot love interest who struggles with...well beats me...but she also struggles.

It has the inspiring coach and family issues involving the washed up star who needs redemption.

It's a story about gymnastics and who can be the best....around...nothing gonna take you down.....

It's the gymnastics version of EVERY 80's movie ever....


The Blackwell Ghost

Solid Buildup That Scares You till Th End.
Solid Buildup That Scares You till Th End.

Solid acting and camera.

There are a few scares which adds to he realism.


Pledge This is a Fun, Unique, Horror/Thriller with Hints of Comedy
Pledge that This is a Fun, Unique, Horror/Thriller. It is a well accomplished film.

Starts off as a teen movie with slight hints of dark comedy, and builds to a more serious toned, thriller and horror.

Film does a good job of keeping you guessing about who lives and dies. If done right, It's a wonderful thing when you aren't sure who's the protagonist(s) and who lives or dies.

I Wished for more T&A....just to add to the realism and a it would have added tad bit more fun and film depth.

Plot: The film is about a pledge in a college frat or is it; and how far will you go to join? Will you join?

I was never bored and the film was well acted, and no glaring holes. I give it 8.7 pledges out of 10.


SherNOT Holmes...Poor Acting and Script
Pros Plot potential

Cons Lead female male Plot Awful action Female Supa detective Seriously Supa xetective

Tragedy Girls

Good Fun Movie With Really Bad Female Empowerment
Good, fun movie.

Pros Girls were all gorgeous Acting Plot

Cons Females don't ever learn lessons and face no consequences

Even Lambs Have Teeth

Almost Exploitation Great!
I must say this was pretty good. I think modern day films featuring women are awful. It's always women overpower men because reasons....movies have lost their realism, in pursuit of Marxism.

This came very close to being great. It was fantastic. Blood was used...and so was violence. The violence was really done offscreen due to the budget I assume, but still effective.

The two main leads were very sexy. If only the film showed some TNA....it would be near perfect. But still, they showed lots of skin, which added to the realism.

PLOT: The two leads did a fantastic job. The girls are on a trip, meet a couple of boys and after some twists, they become captives and are raped and assaulted.

The music was pretty good and so was the direction. Some shots were clearly done on one take, and reused later on but it was very well done. The music was excellent. The atmosphere was pretty terrific. The motivations were very well done. It's close to the 70's as you can get.

There are a few holes and stupid moments and things you must forgive as a viewer....but nothing that makes you hate the movie.

I really give it a 8 out of 10...but since I am still thinking about how sexy the girls are, I bumped it to a 9...lol

I think you should give it a shot if you were a fan of 70's sexploitation movies or simply hate political correctness. Enjoyable to me and the female empowerment is kept at bay and the movie is thus enjoyable.

The Dragon Unleashed

There is Something Here....Close to Being Good
I must say this movie tears me apart. There is something here. You see the talent involved and perhaps with a higher budget, they could achieve a bit more.

I am not sure exactly what really is happening. I assume he's a higher gun/assassin and he kills bad people. Things just needed to be fleshed out more. The movie had some potential and everything taking place in the daytime was less dramatic. You want to see battles at night. It's when heroes are needed and the bad people truly do bad things.

There is also a love story there, but needs to be fleshed out more. No kissing or hand holding, just very dry dialogue.

The action scenes were decent, a bit basic, but there is potential.

The movie has potential and seems a bit incomplete. What is the motivation? Why should we care about the character?

The movie has one great line about the boy you were, would be disappointed in the man you became or something along those lines. It's a nice line, but needed to be expanded.

The movie is a 6 from me. The director and the writer has something there. Same with the actor and the camera guy. The movie has a heavy lens flare, but I chalked that up to a stylistic choice. It could have worked, but the movie simply needs more substance.

All in all not too terrible and the potential for something great is there. Perhaps the movie also lacked humor.....which would have made the character(s) more relatable. With a bit more of everything, there is a good movie here. Watchable, but most people will find it a bit bland and boring. The hero has a cool costume and you keep thinking, there is something greater down the line. That promise is never reached unfortunately.

Decent watch....but nothing memorable.

Jennifer's Body

Very Fun and Misunderstood Horror Comedy
It's not a horror, but a Horror Comedy.

Funny scenes and lines....almost an 80's horror vibe. A bit sexy, and raunchy and well made. A perfect Megan Fox movie.

Fox is a crock tease in the movie. She dies, then is possessed and now kills. That's all you need plot wise.

8.5 out of ten.

Summer's Blood

Decent Face and No Curves Sums Up Ashley Geene's Credentials
This girl has zero ON-SCREEN talent.

I assume much like how Megan Fox's career started, Mrs. Greene sucks her way upwards, I mean sideways towards mediocrity ....if you get my drift.

A decent lay may get you a decent career. Eventually, people realize you cannot act. This movie is Ashley Greene's Vehicle and shes awful

This movie was awful. Very bland and a bit insane. I will say, if you can Riff it with friends, it could get pretty hilarious. In fact, it's so over the top bad.....it's just a shame that it was so boring. It had potential to be a good bad movie, if Greene had any talent or could at least overact. It seems she only has the ability to talk and walk....and cannot act her way out of a brown paper bag.

The plot? It's about girl hitching rides, having sex(NO NUDITY), and eventually meeting a manic, WHO SHE HAS SEX WITH. and meets her family. My summary is better than what the film delivers.

Bad movie 2 out of 10. Again, if the acting was over the top, we could of had a movie similar to Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room.' Instead, Ashley Greene is terrible and was probably only a decent lay....and like the movie, simply not very good at it.

Dirty Movie

Dirty Genius....Just Pure, Trashy, Unbridled Offensive Fun
I thoroughly enjoyed this. I had this for years. We live in a depressing era where Social Justice, Identity Politics, and the insane are trying to push Communism in the west through restricting words, thoughts and all free speech that MAY offend.

In 2018, I need to lack to the past for fun. I am a fan of sexploitation movies from the 70's and stand up comedy. In 2012, there was a war on straight men, the West and free speech.

Movies haven't evolved. They have gone back due to identity politics, feminism, CGI and the directors who no longer want to work hard.

Dirty Movie came out and sadly, it was towards the end of the free speech era. If this was made before the Obama election, this would have hit cult status like Kung Pow.

Dirty movie is about well, dirty offensive jokes....wrapped in a story about 2 guys who are wanting to make a dirty movie. It's Inception of the comedy movie world....

If a Liberal or a college student realize this movie exists, they will literally try to lock this movie in a vault. This might be the greatest offensive funny movie ever made and too little people know it.

If you are tired of the politically correct....this movie is for you. I watched it 3 times...because some jokes I simply forgot....and I need to be offended and laugh once in a while.

I give it a solid 9 out of 10.

PS: What's long and hard and has seamen in it? A submarine!

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