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It's a 6...Not That Funny, Not That Bad...A Bit Woke Messaging
Rebel Wilson players a girl who awakes from a coma while she was a cheerleader in HS and now 20 years later, must go back to schoold.

The wokeness really is the gay parts and the interracial relations while not too bad in this, still part of the woke agenda. It felt force and kind of nasty.

The real lesson is the past was funnier.

Nothing great in the movie. No nudity...and I am not sure why it had an R-rating. There were some curses and implied sex, but nothing worthy of an R.

6.5 out of 10. Not the worst.

Rebel Wilson looks very aged in the movie. When fat people lose weight, they seem to lose their baby fat and takes away the youth.


It was Bad, Not Even Hilariously Bad, Just Bad!
It was very boring surprisingly. After the trailer, I expected unbelievable movie that was a fun watch, instead it was boring, a one and done watch.

It's about a guys who created "fly" sneakers and the sneaker king needs to find this man, for sneaker cons and his daughter is the royalty looking for the humble ghetto urban sneaker creator.

I cannot believe I wrote the above but yeah.

This was a musical, with awful tuned music and terrible dance scenes. It was bad.

The acting....was terrible, and not "Trolls 2" terrible where you can have a good time, just bad.

Plot was as above, bad and boring. It's like instead of doing something unbelievably god awful that you can have a good time making fun of it, they fell short and created something boring and terrible.

Thee trailer was more hilariously bad than the actual movie.

Love Hard

Why Netflix is Awful Summed Up by Baby It's Cold Outside
This movie is NEtflix pushing the agenda.

Could have been a memorable movie but they did it.

They claimed Baby it's cold outside is a r@pe song or something, and yeah...it's distracts from what could have been. It has good points such as the main character being Asian and cannot get dates bc of it.

Essentially and Asian young man has trouble with dates, so he uses his less Asian friends and it worked. This unfortunately matches reality of what women are. So it' good in tackling that aspect, but again the identity politics and feminism ruined it. They constantly must praise and pander to women.

4 out of 10.

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Not Good...Wanted to Like IT / An Actual Real Review
I very much wanted to like it. It seemed okay trailer wise but it felt it lacked humor due to the writers.

Some people can write humor and unfortunately this was written by people who can't write.

I want to say more, but I will be accused of being a sexist. This feels like it was written by women, and the jokes were very dry and unfunny. Again, I WANTED to like this.

It's about two girls, who are kind of stuck in an 80's caricature and it could have been funny, but just the writing sucked. You had an idea, but the execution was poor. Then they go on a vacation and unfunny stuff happens. The movie also seems to go out of its way not to cast sexy females.

One bright spot is it's brightness. The shots and backgrounds and characters were saturated in colors. The designers of the clothes and sets were fantastic.

It had potential and a great idea, but not good.

Iga ninpôchô

Ninja Wars/Death of A Ninja is Pure Bliss!
I often times fine most japanese cinema slow moving and dialogue heavy.

This to my surprise was not. It's almost like a real life Ninja Scroll. It deals with Ninjas, Samurai's, Black Magic, lust, ambition and death...lots and lots and lots of death.

It's about love, and the quest for power and anti-heroes, and heroes, and. So on.


I Found This Pretty Good! WW2 Soldiers Go Into a Forest and Encounter Witches
I Found This Pretty Good! WW2 Soldiers Go Into a Forest and Encounter Witches.

Yeah...it has a decent budget feel. It's about hardened soldiers in WW2 encountering witches.

If anyone ever seen the Devil's Rock or Frankenstein's Army and liked it, give this a shot.

Could it be better yes..... Is it entertaining yes... Is it boring...NO!

8 out of 10 for me.

The Exorcism of God

Not Scary, Lacks Atmosphere
The movie has a good budget, but lacks everything else.

No great lines, kind of predicatable. It's about a priest who has sinned and now must perform an exorcism. That is it, but there are SOME twists that are somewhat fresh, but kind of eye rolling.

It has tons of cliches, and the biggest grievance is it showed the possessed way too much which takes away from the effect.

I will give it a 5 or so out of 10. I can see someone giving it a 6, but the movies was not great at all.

In a Day

Terrific Story I saw 15 Years Too Late
If you like unique Romance stories, kind of like My Sassy Girl and Before Sunrise, this movie is for you.

It is unique. It's actually a mix between the above movies and those 80's Romance movies that were all so fun and fantastic and different.

This is about a man seeing a girl who has coffee thrown at her and decides to make his move.

That is all you need to know and enjoy.

9.5 out of 10. I wish I saw this while I was still in school...but it's more suited for adults anyway.


Reading 96 other Reviews, Most Are Fake "Yes, Kweens" Reviews
The movie is about 2 women, diversity is our strength women, creating a coupon scam through theft. Is a lesson learned? NOPE! Was there a point to the story, NOPE!

Be for sure, there is some Hollyweird talking points such as men bad and my body my choice.

Kristen Stewart look terrible in 4k and Joel Mchale has sold his soul to the devil to be in this.

But yeah, it's NOT FUNNY! I am not sure about the other 96 reviews as of March 2022, but most sound the same, written with the same Yes Kween, voices.

I honestly think it's a 2.5 out of 10. I just put a 1, because of the fake reviews.

Dancing Ninja

This is A Good Bad Movie: Very Fun
So I wanted to hate this movie. I expected too, but then something happened, I payed attention and turned my brain off and started to laugh.

This isn't Citizen Kane, it's more like Plan 9 from Outer Space. Yes! It's a funny bad movie.

It's about a White Ninja, who is a bit delusional. But has a destiny to be the..well the avenge his fathers....his masters....well there is a lot of things he has to do. The cliches are borrowed from Kung Fu films of the past and it works.

Highly recommended. Old school entertainment before the era of Woke!

9 out of 10!

Night Patrol

Comedy the Post Joke Era Needs!
Night Patrol came on Blu Ray around 2020 or so and I purchased it. I try to find comedy, before the Libs start banning them as part of their Marxist agenda.

I read reviews of Night Patrol and many said, it's disgusting, crass, rude, and I thought, well that is right up my alley.

Plot: And was I right. It's about a newly appointed policeman masquerading as a comedian, and he must hide it from the hihger ups who are searching for this masked vigilante.

Of course it's a hilarious sex filled offensive romp, the way comedy was and should be. It's a lo of gags and slapstick humor. The humor is like that of Airplane, but with a police twist.

I highly recommend, 9 out of 10.

One of the ways to know if something if hilarious is to read the bad reviews, look at what they say, they always attack humor, sex, men, and call things politically incorrect.

Ma Yong Zhen

A Man Becomes A Legend: A Boxer from Shangung
Ma Yongzhen (Chen Kuan-tai) is a poor man who comes to a city. It's the typical Rags to Riches story, but from Shaw Bros. And it involves plenty of martial arts action, blood, revenge and real drama. The main character is motivated to be wealthy and get out of poverty, but how does he do it, is the question to this epic story. That is pretty much the gist of the plot.

It's a man's movie where quest for money, revenge, vengeance and redemption comes into play. It's a bit of a gangster film, mixed with Martial arts and it works.

I found this to be one of the best Shaw Bros. Movie, plot and acting. It's touching and it's a remembered epic imo. It is 2 hrs long, but it doesn't feel that way since it is so well scripted.

It has deeper meaning, friendship, loyalty and respect being some of the themes. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

My score reflects what I think of the film....it is near perfect and a 10 out of 10 for me. It is heart wrenching and memorable.

American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules

Yes, American Pie introduced woke vocab meant to lecture men!
I Like Bad Raunchy Sex Filled Movies: This was not that!

It tried, but it lacked the chemistry, the comrade, the likeability of the originals. This cast was bad and never was the comedic envelope pushed.

I though it would be a female American Pie, but it just has the name and none of the gags or fun.

Maybe it's the cast? Maybe the director or the writer, but whoever is to blame, this was a stinker!

Plot: Girls make a pact to have sex I guess with one guy and none of the gags worked, no laughter, no joy. It was a joyless movie, filled with some woke lines and scenarios.

Yes, American Pie introduced woke vocab meant to lecture men.

2-3 out of 10 to be honest. This lacked fun and raunchy-ness and where are the boobs and sex?

Candy Cane Candidate

Terrible and Modern Sensibilities
So Lifetime isn't about women anymore.

It's about the agenda. IN this case it's about politics and someone running for office and having gay siblings and co-workers and, this completely turned me off.

I tried to watch this. Lifetime actually had good X-Mas movies a few years ago, but this year, they decided women no longer mattered.

Much like EVERY other Hollyweird station and movie, they essentially made it about the L. G. B. TABCs.

Women no longer matter to Lifetime.

This was bad...just move on from Lifetime.

The Nine Kittens of Christmas

Hallmark Became Hollyweird in 2021: This Movie is Everything Wrong With Modern Movies
I LOVED the First Nine Lives movie. It was fantastic, great chemistry, good plot, good cinematography and great supporting cast.

This is an unnecessary sequel to a great movie. It's basically what EVERY Hollyweird property is doing; sequels, remakes and re-quels full of unnecessary forced inclusion and modern sensibilities.

Like all of Hollyweird movies post 2012 or so, it is made to subvert expectations and ruin the original(s). They ruined the first movies happy ending and just had an unnecessary plot where things didn't work out because reasons.

Yeah, not kidding. Just move on with your lives and don't even attempt to watch this garbage sequel.

In 2021 there was no good Christmas movie on Hallmark Channel. I am such a big fan, but Hollyweird has infected Hallmark Channel. It's one less thing I need in my life I guess, at this point.

I am a loyal or was a loyal Hallmark viewer. Heck I am on of the 2 people who respond to every HAllmark Twitter post....or was as of 2021. Goodbye Hallmark.

Not recommended; 3 out of 10. Sorry Brandon, shame this script let you down.

A Match Made at Christmas

2021 Had Terrible Christmas Movies: This was One of the Better Ones
2021 Had Terrible Christmas Movies: This was One of the Better Ones.

I see feminists and the usual suspects hate the movie. Most of the complaints come from the unmarried, upset that the main lead wants to get married.

The male lead and female lead are good together, not great. The actress does need more range, but the plot is nice. The man is a bit of a scrooge, but actually undergoes change and transformation, which is good.

I give it an 8 to a 9 in terms of a rating. You can do a lot worse.

8-Bit Christmas

Good Story, Not as Fun as it Should Be, But Daddies are Important..
It's a nice story to be honest, but lacks the fun you would hope for.

It's about a quest for objects, but you get an understanding of why family is important.

It has a nice message and it's something to watch with the family and it might bring a tear to your eyes at the end....

Nice movie, but easily forgettable outside the ending imo.

Le jumeau

Funny Comedy Farce. It's What Movies Use to Be Pre-2010's.
Movies like this used to play regularly in the USA. Kids could look at it and enjoy and parents and adults can look at it for the jokes.

It's about a con-artist who is pretending to be twins to date twin sisters. It's sexy, fun, hilarious, and sometimes a bit of a farce.

It's like a Steve Martin movie to us in the USA. Same type of comedy vibe. It's all made for fun and hilarious situations come up as his lies unravel, but you pull for the main character because you were with him in his journey of lies.

Does he find happiness? Maybe.

I give it a 9 out of 10. If you want good entertaining comedy and want something easy to follow and fresh to watch, give it a shot.

Home Sweet Home Alone

It Was a Mess. Not Joking, It has ZERO Jokes!
I saw this manure, and it was a mess. A hot soaking brown stained mess.

I am not exaggerating, it was not funny. The bad guys weren't bad, because they had reasons. Not joking.

It was low budget and it showed. They tried to do the original gags, but due to Liberalism, they can't. We are all equal, and boys and girls act the same.

No character development, just a bunch of scenes that were strung together. No personalities like mentioned above. The child actor, god bless his soul, was bad, unfunny and couldn't deliver lines. He was unathletic. He couldn't run and perform like Kevin did in the original 2 movies.

Remember when Kevin acted like a kid, made fun of Buzz;s girlfriend...you know being a boy.. That doesn't exist in this movie...because we are all the same and we judging people on looks is bad...barf!!!

So it is truly a 1 out of 10. I gave it 2, because people will simply ignore and call me a hater or some other made up coping word for the truth.

Slumber Party Massacre

Bad Movie w/Hot Politcal Garbage & Modern Hollyweird Talking Points aka Men Bad
Wowzers. I am a fan of the original(s) and this was awful. Similar plot, with she twist.

It's shinny and new and everything seems fake. Everything seems processed and contrived because it was. For those who saw it, they know what I mean in the plot.

It did have modern Hollyweird talking points. Kid you not! Men bad, women good. Men dumb, women smart. I didn't exaggerate.

I am not kidding. A movie on the SyFy channel, which are mostly a male audience, is getting lectured in a bad movie about misogyny.

The killer is a man and this movie makes no sense. Did I fail to mention it has close up shots of men slow motion bathing, which is for feminismgayism empowerment, for a straight male audience?

Terrible plot. Boring...just boring. It drags and drags.

The Director cannot direct and the cinemotography was bad. The writing was obviously a mess. All 3 should be banished form movie making.

Glad I didn't watch it on SyFy, but rather streamed it.

I watched it, so you don't have too.

2 out of 10.

Halloween Kills

Nightmare on Elmstreet Meets the Halloween Franchise
It was a weird film without perspective and the ending seemed tact on. Just an odd film.

It doesn't FEEL like a Halloween film. I think the problem is Liberalism and feminism with modern Hollyweird. Where is the sex? Where is the LOVE? Where is the great camera work setting up the story?

Where are teens being teens and adults being parents?

This feels like Nightmare Elmstreet where the towns folks kill Freddy.

The Black Room

Fun, Sleezy, Original and Kind of Good! Deserves a Small Cult Status
Yeah, I watching this and was surprised.

It was kind of cheesy, yet fun. I was never bored. It had some decent scares, and some good comedy and some good sex scenes.

It was very awkward and funny and the movie knew what it was.

It deserves a cult following imo.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

Opposite of Reality: Women Solve Puzzles, Men Are Useless
Because they are pushing the agenda, it's easy to see.

So the plot is solving puzzles and won't you know it women are good at solving puzzles and the guys are clueless.

This is opposite of reality. Men are great puzzle solvers and women struggle because of spatial and math differences and logic differences.

Hollyweird is hiring COmmunists, feminsts, Liberals...all are essentially the same thing and creating terrible art.

One of the reasons art is terrible is because they want you to stop caring. Create terrible art, less people will care.

This movie is more proof.

4 out of 10. It was fast paced, but in a bad way. Their is no build. It's all modern Hollyweird CGI crap with the usually whamenz tropes.

Brutus vs César

I Like Fun Terrible Movies: This was Just Terrible
Watched dubbed on Amazon. I did not laugh or find it entertaining.

It had no humor, no real action, it just went from scene to scene. It felt like a bad drama? Dramadey?

It was bad, not worth the time. I thought it would be full of dirty humor, it had none!

Oh, in this bland non-comedy it has lots of ahem, migrant types in Rome, in the military and so on.

So with a comedy it can get away with it, but this was not funny. I am NOT exaggerating when I said it had nothing funny.

1 out of 10. I must have seen 100 movies this year or so, this is definitely the worst.

Hell Hunters

Yo, This Movie Was Great, Ignore the Other Reviewers
Yeah, I watched, not knowing much about the movie, and it's great. I am not being sarcastic, it's good.

It has a good plot, a great pace, over the top acting, some bad lines. It's a good B-movie even be considered a good bad movie.

It's about Nazi's in South America and hunting them. It has the classic macho man, beautiful empowered woman who needs no man until she does, and a fast moving plot with gorgeous locations and over the top/cardboard cutout baddies.

It's good. I give it an 8 out of 10. It's a typical 80's movie. No awful CGI, but fast moving plot and action. Some nice background music plays if you pay attention.

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