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Le jumeau

Funny Comedy Farce. It's What Movies Use to Be Pre-2010's.
Movies like this used to play regularly in the USA. Kids could look at it and enjoy and parents and adults can look at it for the jokes.

It's about a con-artist who is pretending to be twins to date twin sisters. It's sexy, fun, hilarious, and sometimes a bit of a farce.

It's like a Steve Martin movie to us in the USA. Same type of comedy vibe. It's all made for fun and hilarious situations come up as his lies unravel, but you pull for the main character because you were with him in his journey of lies.

Does he find happiness? Maybe.

I give it a 9 out of 10. If you want good entertaining comedy and want something easy to follow and fresh to watch, give it a shot.

Home Sweet Home Alone

It Was a Mess. Not Joking, It has ZERO Jokes!
I saw this manure, and it was a mess. A hot soaking brown stained mess.

I am not exaggerating, it was not funny. The bad guys weren't bad, because they had reasons. Not joking.

It was low budget and it showed. They tried to do the original gags, but due to Liberalism, they can't. We are all equal, and boys and girls act the same.

No character development, just a bunch of scenes that were strung together. No personalities like mentioned above. The child actor, god bless his soul, was bad, unfunny and couldn't deliver lines. He was unathletic. He couldn't run and perform like Kevin did in the original 2 movies.

Remember when Kevin acted like a kid, made fun of Buzz;s girlfriend...you know being a boy.. That doesn't exist in this movie...because we are all the same and we judging people on looks is bad...barf!!!

So it is truly a 1 out of 10. I gave it 2, because people will simply ignore and call me a hater or some other made up coping word for the truth.

Slumber Party Massacre

Bad Movie w/Hot Politcal Garbage & Modern Hollyweird Talking Points aka Men Bad
Wowzers. I am a fan of the original(s) and this was awful. Similar plot, with she twist.

It's shinny and new and everything seems fake. Everything seems processed and contrived because it was. For those who saw it, they know what I mean in the plot.

It did have modern Hollyweird talking points. Kid you not! Men bad, women good. Men dumb, women smart. I didn't exaggerate.

I am not kidding. A movie on the SyFy channel, which are mostly a male audience, is getting lectured in a bad movie about misogyny.

The killer is a man and this movie makes no sense. Did I fail to mention it has close up shots of men slow motion bathing, which is for feminismgayism empowerment, for a straight male audience?

Terrible plot. Boring...just boring. It drags and drags.

The Director cannot direct and the cinemotography was bad. The writing was obviously a mess. All 3 should be banished form movie making.

Glad I didn't watch it on SyFy, but rather streamed it.

I watched it, so you don't have too.

2 out of 10.

Halloween Kills

Nightmare on Elmstreet Meets the Halloween Franchise
It was a weird film without perspective and the ending seemed tact on. Just an odd film.

It doesn't FEEL like a Halloween film. I think the problem is Liberalism and feminism with modern Hollyweird. Where is the sex? Where is the LOVE? Where is the great camera work setting up the story?

Where are teens being teens and adults being parents?

This feels like Nightmare Elmstreet where the towns folks kill Freddy.

The Black Room

Fun, Sleezy, Original and Kind of Good! Deserves a Small Cult Status
Yeah, I watching this and was surprised.

It was kind of cheesy, yet fun. I was never bored. It had some decent scares, and some good comedy and some good sex scenes.

It was very awkward and funny and the movie knew what it was.

It deserves a cult following imo.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

Opposite of Reality: Women Solve Puzzles, Men Are Useless
Because they are pushing the agenda, it's easy to see.

So the plot is solving puzzles and won't you know it women are good at solving puzzles and the guys are clueless.

This is opposite of reality. Men are great puzzle solvers and women struggle because of spatial and math differences and logic differences.

Hollyweird is hiring COmmunists, feminsts, Liberals...all are essentially the same thing and creating terrible art.

One of the reasons art is terrible is because they want you to stop caring. Create terrible art, less people will care.

This movie is more proof.

4 out of 10. It was fast paced, but in a bad way. Their is no build. It's all modern Hollyweird CGI crap with the usually whamenz tropes.

Brutus vs César

I Like Fun Terrible Movies: This was Just Terrible
Watched dubbed on Amazon. I did not laugh or find it entertaining.

It had no humor, no real action, it just went from scene to scene. It felt like a bad drama? Dramadey?

It was bad, not worth the time. I thought it would be full of dirty humor, it had none!

Oh, in this bland non-comedy it has lots of ahem, migrant types in Rome, in the military and so on.

So with a comedy it can get away with it, but this was not funny. I am NOT exaggerating when I said it had nothing funny.

1 out of 10. I must have seen 100 movies this year or so, this is definitely the worst.

Hell Hunters

Yo, This Movie Was Great, Ignore the Other Reviewers
Yeah, I watched, not knowing much about the movie, and it's great. I am not being sarcastic, it's good.

It has a good plot, a great pace, over the top acting, some bad lines. It's a good B-movie even be considered a good bad movie.

It's about Nazi's in South America and hunting them. It has the classic macho man, beautiful empowered woman who needs no man until she does, and a fast moving plot with gorgeous locations and over the top/cardboard cutout baddies.

It's good. I give it an 8 out of 10. It's a typical 80's movie. No awful CGI, but fast moving plot and action. Some nice background music plays if you pay attention.

He's All That

Not All That! Everything is the Same, but MUCH WORSE
Yeah, it's suppossed to be a remake, sequel, re-quel? Of a good 90's teen romance comedy movie.

This is not as good, not as entertaining, the music sucks, the acting is awful and the plot while the same, but worse.

It's terrible. They actually bought 2-3 characters from the original, but it's bad. There is now a gay girl bc reasons, and did I mentioned everything is the same but worse?

Guy is a "geek," now that I think about it, it's more like a mash between 'She;s All That,' and 'Drive Me Crazy,' at least the main character is.

I am done, I can't any more, it was bad all around. While the original 'SHE's All That' was made for older teens and young adults, 'He's NOT All That' feeling like it was made for Disney Teens and kids who have no idea what makes a good movie.

It's Awful, 2 out of 10.

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Is Snake Eyes the Bad Guy in HIS Own Movie?
That is what it feels like. SS is actually much more likeable and noble. Why is Snake Eyes not blind and not White?

The Asian guy was okay as SE, but the writing and the action was bad. CGI has ruined all action. Feminism has ruined all plot.

So I looked at the writers, this movie had only one real writer and the other two, I think they were responsible along with Hasbro, for this mess.

Plot, Snake Eyes looking dad killer, Cobra is around, Storm Shadow, a Clan, no real motivation, magical powered stone, a hot but poorly done Scarlett, and here we are.

Please make this for fans, ie MEN. Stop taking or rather making L's.

Forgettable summer film with the usual 2021 nonsense.

The Love Guru

I was Wrong! It's Smart, Funny, Awful and Hilarious
A lot of reviewers have not seen the movie. Just reading the comments, they pretended like they did.

This movie came out in 2008. It was the first year of the Liberal Agenda taking a foot in the media. I noticed many movies, good movies, were being called terrible by magazines such as Entertainment Weekly. Back then, the media had a lot of pull, much like today, but the media has been exposed.

Long story short this movie is good and funny and deserves, DESERVES to be watched. It's smart and funny. Myers plays a Guru, but he isn't a phony. He's the real deal and hilarious. He needs to save someone from essentially thinking his life has been a disappointment. It a lot more thoughtful and hilarious than I described.

Highly recommended especially in the humorless 2020's.

Campaign of Hate: Russia and Gay Propaganda

No no, this is Gay Propaganda from Crazy People
It talks about LGBT in Russia but the usual spin job. Russia bad. IT interviews a bunch of feminists and highlights the hardships of da gayz. It uses emotions rather than stats, because these people are nuts.

It never tells you the stats on homosexuality and WHY it is banned and what is happening in the West.

Essentially, homosexuality is COmmunist propaganda pushed onto other countries. It works on the naive and crazy emotional people.

It works on crazies as it's TYPICALLY a mental disorder. MOST gays are gay bc of things in their childhood involving older adults.

Golden Arm

Sigh...Empowerment. Not Funny, Not Entertaining!
I actually saw this. It's about a down and out girl who got divorced, ran into an old friend who convinces her to have sex and become an arm wrestler because diversity is our strength or something.

Not kidding! That's the plot. No comedy, at least to me. It has a crude lady truck driver who is the fat trouble maker, the main character is the straight laced serious, need to get laid 2020 lady, who is being held down by the man.

Yep. Is there comedy? Not to me.

Is there propaganda? Oh, yes...aplenty.

Skip this, unless you have a girlfriend and simply need to watch something, pretend to be entertained, so you can get laid.

3 out of 10.

Gunpowder Milkshake

What a Mess! Typical Hollyweird Post 2012 Garbage
Well it's not good. Seen John Wick? Seen Shoot Em' All? Seen every incarnation of both? Well this is like all those incarnations, but worse.

They tried the "female" badar$se spin this time, or rather again, and it did not work. The ladies were not good in the movie. The dialogue, the action, the atmosphere did not suit them.

This movie is a 3 to me. It's about a lady aka Jane Wick, mixed with Shoot Em Up, killing enemies who wronged her in some way I guess. It has visuals, but everything still seems so empty. It ACTUALLY STARS PAUL GIAMATTI! Who was the baddie in Shoot Em Up also...lol

A bore, that has been seen before.

Alien Agent

Enjoyable Low Budget Action Sci-Fi

Considering the budget, it was good. I usually think about budget when scoring movies.

This movie had a small romance, good action, acting was hit or miss, but Marc was fantastic as an alien hero cop who wants to stop an invasion.- That's my plot summary!

Hero, heroin were both likeable. You wanted them to succeed. Action and fights were good.

If you like sci fi and aren't a hipster, you'll enjoy this.


Best Zorro Movie Ever! Zorro 75 Rocks!
Alaiv Delon is on of the most famous actors in the world. Modern folks do not know the name, but cinefiles do. This movie is a good mix of comedy, action, a little romance, and a delight to watch.

I think his portrayal of Zorro and Don Diego were the inspirations behind Chris Reeve Superman. He plays a bumbling fool and a heroic man in one movie.

His presence in both roles are commanding. You know who the star is. The bad guys Col. Huerta is also well played, and is played by Stanley Baker.

Essentially Don Diego s' cousin is murdered, and Don Diego takes his place to bring peace, but he brings it his justice, as he dons the Mask.

Excellent movie. And recommended from. Fans of REAL hero movies, this is a must. It moves very fast, the music is one of the best out there. IT is never boring as the scenes are well paced and meaningful and the music is placed and scored amazingly.

Highly recommended, 9.5 out of 10 from me.

Final Girl

Great Slasher, Highly Underrated!
Final Girl is about, well I THINK it's about a Girl who hunts rich kids who are spoiled brats and killers, by pretending to be the victim, but is really the Predator.

This is NOT a feminist movie. Surprisingly, it's bloody, makes sense, has some sick scenes. It's a GOOD movie.

This is a well done movie. Budget is small, but Abigail Breslin is fantastic as the final girl.

10 out of 10 from me. Keep in mind it's a small budget, and you will be fine.


It's Really Bad! I Mean, Really Bad
It's bad. I saw the reviews, but now realize they are all fake.

It's a very boring slasher that takes a while to get going. No T&A, just subtle hints at Hollyweird's agenda.

It's a slasher that is boring. That is the best thing I can say. It's worth a shot, as their is SOME competency, but just no real story being told.

2 out of 10. Just bad.

Bad Hair

Terrible and Fun, Kind of like a Good Bad Movie
So like I said, it's a bad movie. It's ridiculously bad, full of Anti-White, Anti-Man, Pro Black Pro Women nonsense.

We know what it is and it is hilariously bad. It's a Black woman wanting better hair and blaming everyone for her insecurities. It really sheds light on evolution and truth and inferiority and reality.

Without getting banned for honesty, this movie is fairly accurate, but twists the truth of what is considered beautiful as being because muh...Whites are racists and men want Black women the most.............

Yeah....but it is hilariously bad. Who would think this is a good idea. I am not sure if it is satire or an attempt at horror?

I give it a 5 out of 10. It's so bad, it's good.

Harrison Bergeron

Exposing Leftism and the Cultural Marxist Push for "Equality"
Very, VERY hard film to track down. It must be done so through wit and going against the media.

It's a movie that based on a book, but very similar to "Idiocracy (2006)." It is what happens when the media/government mandates equality. No one is better than anyone, despite being naturally smart, and if you are, you shall not be recognized.

What a great lesson in 1995, that predicted our current timeline in 2020.

The movie is sci-fi/drama but can be viewed as both satire and reality if we view it from today's perspective. There is a reason the government and media pander to the overemotional and less intelligent. Control through the guise of equality.

10 out of 10, recommended.

Long Story Short

Fake Positive Reviews Abound for This Awful Movie!
First let me get this out. It has the LGBT agenda with a mix of other unsavory things. Hence so much positive reviews by the people who never saw it.

It's about a man, and on his anniversary, he leaps one year in the future. Sounds like fun? Nope. It's opens strongly, the the leap happens and then boredom ensues. No great plot, just a bunch of scenes that suppose to make people care, but it's been done better before, and I just cringe at the above mentioned.

I found it deplorable, and terrible and insulting. NOT recommended. 1 star to 3 stars depending on your tolerance for the boring.

The Slashening

Worth The Purchase! Slashening is Hilarious and Raunchy in a Good Way
The. Slashening released in 2015, is actually very good. I saw it on BluRay in 2021 and it was fantastic.

Without ruining the plot, it's a parody of Slasher movies and it knows it. It actually puts the females in male roles and male in female roles in sex scenes and it's funny. It really is funny. It's because it doesn't work and doesn't make much sense, and the film is aware of it, that is why it's funny.

It's a typical slasher film, obviously smaller budget and smaller tighter movie shots...but it works. If you understand it's a small budget film and give it a fair chance, you will enjoy by yourself or with friends. Thank me later.

9 out of 10. It's just a fun good time.

Enola Holmes

Terrible as It Sounds...
It's like it sounds. Women are victims of men, males have all the power, and Enola is a super ninja that need no man(Kind of, she does like a guy) and skills that Bruce Lee would be envious of.

Yeah...so Enola is Sherlock's sister or something and has a high IQ or something, and overcomes male oppression to solve a mystery that even Sherlock can't solve...why? Because we are all living in hell secretly. I actually has something to do with feminism and women having zero understanding of history.

So I will say, the actress is very likeable and the terrible script and story was not really her doing. She did a good job I felt, but still, this story was poop. The themes are poop.

I am not sure, at the time of writing, how something so poorly written has a 6.6 on IMDB. I assume IMDB is deleting scores at this point.

4 out of 10. You will have a good time with friends laughing at how bad it is and how ridiculous it all is. It was fun though.

Plan B

Another Poor Femz Directed and Led, Dis-empowerment Movie like Unpregnant
She Can't Direct.

Another poor female directed and led dis-empowerment movie.

I think it's supposed to be a sex comedy? No laughs to be had. Its Women good, communism good, men bad, religion bad. Main character has sex, 20 seconds, then the moral is under-aged sex is good, society bad.

Did I mention parents bad? Bad all around.

Grey Wolf: Hitler's Escape to Argentina

Great Film for thos Interested in Nazi's, History, and What COULD Have Really Happened!
Well done documentary, or a alternate telling of history.

What we KNOW in real life is Hitler did NOT die, like the officials claimed.

The rest is up for debate and this movie, is it a documentary or a documentary drama.... I have no clue, but it was a good watch, well directed and edited.

Do not let people discourage you because their feelings are hurt or they dare not want people to think for themselves.

Excellent movie, a 10 out of 10 imo.

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