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The Night Watchmen

Just watch the movie.
If you are a fan of "B" movies this will not dissapoint.

Probably one of the best "Low Budget" "B" Horror / Comides I've ever seen. Well acted, good story line and the effects are reasonably well done.


Perfectly ruined movie
I was so ready to give this an 8/10 stars then they go and end the movie - without an ending.

As usual Samual L. Jackson brings the movie to life and gives it the substance needed to make a great movie, but really, no ending. I'm just mortified. Good grief!

Stay Alive

It's a good watch.
I'm not a critical reviewer, just basiclly: did it keep my interest - yes.

This was a "B" movie that I usually leave for a few min then come back to and just contiinue watching. This one I would leave to make a snack and retrun to where I left off and found it important to not miss scenes.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Bad Freddie
This "Freddie" was all wrong for this part, height, facial construction, voice, makeup... Robert Englund made the character seem to have fun and enjoy the fear he spread, this one was just a creep. Could've been directed this way?

Just like many other remakes, a disappointment from the first.

The Final Wish

Good chore movie
I look for movies like this to play while cleaning house, washing dishes... It's one of those movies that if you can't accomplish something else while it's playing then you'll feel like it's a waste of time.

Jeepers Creepers

Best scared actor scene ever
As a whole the movie is well paced, unique, enthralling, well acted and very much worth the time to watch.

Around the 22 minute mark Darry (Dustin Long) gets into a creepy situation that would, in real life, be truly horrifying and acts the scene superbly.

The Collection

Great ending - Worth the watch
The movie is engaging, paced quite well, and the acting is better then average for a film of it's class.

I've seen a lot of negative reviews and have to assume that their expectations were either for something different or just to high. Rarely is a sequel as good as the original movie but this one comes close, it's just a bit over the top at times and quite different then the first one.

Enchanted Christmas

Slow start
Not to adventurous, the first 45 min are so slow.

I don't expect much from the billionth retelling of the same old Xmas/Love story, maybe something funny, dramatic...

No Loss, No Gain

One of the better low budget movies
For a low budget movie it kept my interest, dialog was good, plot made sense. By no means stellar performances but not bad.

Has the potential to be remade and tweaked by a major studio into a very good thriller. This was more of a drama.

The American

Wake me up please
After the first 10 min I watched about 5-5min segments. Got the whole movie and kept another hour of life.

The Truman Show

My rating is generous!
Typical Jim Carry garbage. I watched this at the recommendation of a (so called) friend - what kind of friend would do that to me? Meh!

I honestly cannot see any acting talent in Jim Carey and that is apparent in this movie.

The basic concept of the movie sounds good but... How this movie was written and plays out is so odd that it's nonsensical.

Nobody Can Cool

Meaning the film scenes are mostly at night and the lighting is so dim that I went through the whole film feeling like I was missing something... Just plain annoying! Story line was pretty good, acting was sub-par but... may as well have been listening to it on the radio.

You're Next

This Movie Would Have Been A 9 If Not For...
What I really loved about this movie is that it seemed, for the most part, plausible and could be a real life scenario.

Other then the horror / gore, the movie was clean, emotional level wasn't exaggerated, camera work was well done. And thank you very much... The 5'6" tall 115lb heroine of the movie DID NOT go toe to toe with a 6'4" tall 260 lb crazed muscle man and whoop his a**. How refreshing is that?

However there were two glaring places where the movie crossed the line from an A movie to a B- at best. No spoilers here but I will give the time and you'll see what I mean: 31 min (these people would never have allowed this) then at 83 min another event that was out of character for the rest of the movie. Those two events trimmed three stars off from what I would have given had the scenes been written differently.

Well worth the watch, I've seen it twice and I'll watch it again somewhere down the line, but... I'll still cringe at 31 & 83 minutes for what degraded this otherwise awesome movie.

Tower Block

Acting was quite good - but... Risking lives to escape didn't make sense and only one plan of escape made sense to try. That's enough because that's the whole movie. Bloody Brits

A Christmas Eve Miracle

Quite Boring
The only reason I watched the whole movie is because I have a crush on Olivia d'Abo, shh. The acting is strained, except for Olivia. Just skip this one, the story's been done much better in a dozen other movies.

Christmas with the Karountzoses

Simply A Hidden Gem
Fun, witty, different and not what I expected (in a pleasant way). Been binge watching Christmas movies for a few days this season and this one is a keeper. Less to do with a "Greek" family, it's more of an any family Christmas. Great concept, good acting, good dialog and did I say witty. Just go ahead and watch it, you'll walk away happy.

After the Dark

P.C. at it's best
Lots of good ideas for future movies.

Unfortunately the whole movie ends up being nothing more then a ploy for political correctness.

Final Score

Finally the Brits...
What a pleasant surprise, the Britts finally made a movie that didn't drag as*.

The acting was "spot on", the action didn't contain that melodramatic, overly dark undertone that I've come to expect from a UK film. The movie had dialog from the start unlike the usual five minutes of nothing but visuals and background music that's all to familiar (and frustrating) with British films.

There's hope yet. It's still a B movie but I'll gladly give it a B+.

Victor Crowley

If this had...
If this had been the first "Hatchet" movie it would surely have been the only "Hatchet" movie.

I loved "Hatchet" 1,2,3 but this one just seems so low budget, the acting is not on par, the effects are so much less and the humor is minimally "stupid funny".

What happened?

Are You Scared?

If this had come out before "Saw".
I rated this film 5 stars because that's what I would have rated it if I was rating this "B" horror flick before "Saw" came out. If it had been able to be billed as a "Prequel" to "Saw" it would have been received better by the other reviewers, at least I think?


It isn't till 50 minutes into the movie that they get "stranded in the desert".


Another movie without an ending!
Not only is there no ending to the plot itself but, the movie ends at the beginning of a plot twist. I mean just 30 seconds into a new aspect of the movie being introduced the movie ends. If "Astro II" comes out... I will not watch it, it's not a series, it's supposed to be a movie! Waste of time.

Deep Space

I would have given this 5 stars if the movie had any kind of ending. Instead it's just a starting point for the series "Deep Six"!


Aussie Only
Be prepared to use subtitles if you aren't an Aussie!!! Background music and sound effects at the same level as speech, whispering with words flowing together.... Cannot understand without subtitles. Major distraction, can't see the movie... Only readable. The camera work leaves so much to be desired, almost all close up shots and jarring around, the kind that makes you sea-sick. Could have been so much better with voices you could hear and without the (Cloverfield) effect!

The Artifact

I don't even know why I'm giving this a "2"
Some post College friends got together and decided to make a movie. 90% Talking about their lives and jobs. 5% Talking about the "Artifact". 5% Future "Soccer - Mom" Halloween make-up "Woman gone mad" scene. They probably had fun making the movie. Kudos for getting it on Amazon Prime! Shame on Amazon Prime.

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