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The Babadook

This movie is avid proof that some kids need spanking.
I have to say, the real scary part about this movie is that kid, a serious problem child. The kid breaks windows, talks about killing things, tears up things, pushes a girl out of a tree house, and gets suspended from school for brandishing a homemade crossbow (Illegal in England by the way); do people really think a time out is what this kid needs? For crying out loud, please play this movie for all of those bleeding liberals who believe spanking your kid is abuse.

I rate this a ten out of ten for being an excellent example of how timeouts do not always solve problems and some kids need another form of reprimand that they will adhere to.


Interesting but not as good as Deuce Bigalow
The problem with this show, which prevented it from being a success, is the existence of this artsy girl character Tanya. I feel everyone knows that this girl is a liability to the business and just her character alone prevented this series from becoming like Empire or House of Cards, in other words, successful, as I assume that is the genre they were shooting for. This isn't funny like Deuce Bigalow, it's far from realistic (so not a documentary in any shape or form), and, while it does try to play to the strengths of the odd events that can happen in such a profession, they delivered them with mediocrity. The main source of drama is from the bipolar artsy girl screwing everything up and the occasionally male stereo type gigolo being dumb. In short, the series leaves much room for improvement.

What grants this 5 stars, however, instead of 0, is that they play to a realistic and broad spectrum of people very well. The main character's role is very believable and, perhaps, even warrants some sympathy and understanding. On top of that, there were some well written episodes in season 1. It was only season 2 and 3 I started skipping giant awkward scenes that were just added in to help keep the show going. There was no real story development beyond season 2, which is probably why it ended.

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