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Sluga naroda

Brilliant campaigning disguised as TV show
Such a light-hearted comedy. I am a big fan of Parks and Rec (another top-rated political comedy) but Servant of the People has replaced it as my favorite in the genre. The show must have been pivotal in getting the main actor elected as president of Ukraine IRL in 2019.

The show gives great insight into Ukraine's pains and worries about the rampant corruption. I was born and raised in Ukraine and watching the show from the U.S. brings nostalgia and inspires hope that one day I can return into a truly free country.

13 Reasons Why

Misunderstood show
First, let me state that I never write movie/TV show reviews. But after reading the reviews I felt like I had to throw in my 2 cents.

I think a lot of people misunderstood the premise of the show and that it promotes suicide as the answer. But most of the characters clearly say that "It was Hannah's choice". Others say "We killed Hannah" so there is no unanimous message.

A lot of the reviewers say that Hannah is a selfish drama queen and killed herself for a stupid reason. THIS IS THE EXACT POINT: suicide is stupid, no reason is ever good enough to kill yourself.

As for Hannah's character, she is not meant to be portrayed perfect. And a viewer should not expect her to be so. Perfect people don't kill themselves nor do they exist.

The Man from Earth

Waste of time.
Okay movie. Not as great as most people portray it. If you have no knowledge of history and are a atheist who follows his anti-religion routine religiously, this movie will certainly impress you.

Took off one star for bad acting, one for bad camera and sound quality, one for repetitiveness and one for ridiculous story.

For a 2007 movie, this feels more like an early 1990's movie, probably because of the way actors are dressed or bad camera quality. I see no reason this movie is supposed to be made to look 'old'.

Save your time and skip this one, unless you are an aficionado of anti-religion stuff.

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