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Legends of Tomorrow: Here I Go Again
Episode 11, Season 3

Groundhog Day Meets the Legends of Tomorrow
This episode was WONDERFUL! Just a joy to watch from beginning to end. While I already liked Zari, she did feel a little separate from the rest of the team, but, in the span of one episode, now feels as central as any of the major characters. Her team-up with Nate - the only one who would believe her when she said she was stuck in a time loop - was absolutely hysterical. More of them together please! The plot device of the bomb exploding the ship every hour was a great way for Zari to bond with the crew, and led to some truly hilarious and heartfelt revelations. The greatest of these being, of course, what Zari and Nate discover about Mick. Oh Mick, never change! This episode is the best of the season so far, and one of the best of not only Legends of Tomorrow, but of the entire arrowverse! Props to Caity Lotz and Brandon Routh, who took more of a backseat here, but who were so great, as usual. Special shoutout to Nick Zano for a fantastic performance - his warmth and sense of comedic timing stole the show - he is such an incredible force! But the MVP of this episode is without a doubt Tala Ashe, who gives what may be the best performance so far this season...on any of the arrowverse shows. Seriously, her performance here rivals Caity Lotz's during the finale of season 2 of Legends. All in all, an amazing episode!

The Flash: Flash of Two Worlds
Episode 2, Season 2

The Flash is back and better than ever!
Surpassing The Flash's first stellar season was always going to be tough, but so far, Season 2 is off to a terrific start! This episode saw the introduction of two new, key characters: Jay Garrick and Patty Spivot. Jay Garrick, played by Teddy Sears is the Flash from Earth-2, who was pulled into the singularity that Barry created in the finale of last season, and arrived in our Earth-1. He tells the team about Zoom, this season's big bad, and explains how he lost his speed in his final battle with the blue speedster. Jay Garrick is a great addition to the cast; he blends effortlessly with the rest of the team, and his interaction with Barry was a highlight of the episode. His older, wiser but more worn Flash worked really well with Barry's younger, more enthusiastic Flash. Their interaction was great to witness, with Jay acting as a mentor to Barry, and even teaching him an awesome new ability! The other fantastic addition to the cast, is Patty Spivot. Played by Shantel VanSanten, Patty is a young, passionate cop who adamantly wants to join the Anti-Metahuman Task force, and who also happens to be Joe's new partner. Patty is passionate and driven, and incredibly smart, but also hilarious and adorable, and certainly made quite an impression on Barry, who could not stop smiling whenever she was in the room. The chemistry between their two characters was phenomenal and lots of fun, and something I can't wait to see more of! Patty also had arguably the best lines in the episode, especially with her speech to this week's metahuman sent by Zoom, and her talk with Joe about her motivations for joining the task force. All in all, a terrific episode to follow up the premiere. Jay and Patty are inspired additions to the cast, the introduction of the multiverse was amazing, and all comic fans will love the iconic shot that they recreated featuring both Flashes!

The Equalizer

McCall...NOT McClane!! Dark, edgy violence, as well as fantastic performances separate this action movie from the pack!!
Some reviews have characterized this movie as your typical, run-of-the-mill, action movie, nothing you haven't seen before....nothing could be farther from the truth!!

This movie is based off the television series called "The Equalizer". It is about an ex-CIA operative who uses his special skills to help ordinary people who have no other recourse. This movie version of The Equalizer is more reminiscent of Matt Damon's Jason Bourne, and it is this that sets this movie above your typical action flick. In fact, in Mr. Damon's own words, The Equalizer "...reminded me of the Bourne Identity, in that both are sophisticated adult, thriller franchises where the protagonists are capable of high-action exploits, but aren't running around in spandex." Directed by the great Antoine Fuqua, the man who brought us Training Day, The Equalizer is a gritty and violent, suspenseful and superb action film. This movie is very character-driven, and Denzel Washington, who plays protagonist Robert McCall, gives another stellar performance. His character lives alone, keeps to himself, and seems to suffer from some form of OCD. Most importantly, McCall is not McClane! He is not a wise-cracking cop in the wrong place at the wrong time, but rather a quiet and complex character, whose sense of justice is awakened when a young girl is brutally beaten.

This movie gives you everything you would want from an action film: guns, explosions and great effects. However, the violence and bloodshed in this movie are deserving of it's R- rating, and create this film's authentic feel. The excellent performances by the cast are also what raise this movie well above your ordinary action movie. Team Washington/Fuqua gives us a darker hero for darker times, and one you will cheer on every step of the way!!!

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