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La La Land

The Critics Have Gone La La In The Head
Story is cliche; boo hoo she thinks he's not following his dream *eye rolls*. The songs are utterly not memorable. The singing, acting, and dancing are meh to average. This movie dragged for me. It's a miss. This boring, bland, blah musical is beyond bad.

A Discovery of Witches

Magically breathtaking
I highly recommend A Discovery of Witches (ADoW). Teresa's Bishop, Matthew's Clairmont and the mysterious Ashmole 782 quickly draws you in to this stunning and intriguing fantasy world of witches, demons, and vampires.

It has been a while since I've been completely engrossed and excited for a new series since Game of Thrones. ADoW has great production, stunning locations, interesting plot, brilliant actors, and shout out to Teresa's and Matthew's wonderful, romantic, and intense chemistry.

Colin Firth had Mr Darcy, Richard Armitage had John Thornton, Ralph Fiennes had Almasy, Leonardo DiCaprio had Romeo, Cary Elwes had Westley, and now Matthew Goode has Matthew Clairmont. So elated that there will be a season 2, but the waiting part not so much.

A Star Is Born

That Esther didn't change her hairstyle at all AFTER she became a "star". Nope, Esther stuck with that unattractive-unflattering hairstyle THROUGHOUT the entire movie! Like what the hell Barbra, you were the Executive Producer in this movie and you went with that awful hairstyle in the first place? Then incredulously stuck with that until the end credits? Kris' magnificent John hairstyle put Barbra's Esther's horrible hairstyle to shame! Barbra sported better hairstyles in her previous films.

Also I didn't like the very last two unmemorable songs that Esther sang, she should've sang the poignant Evergreen instead.

The Exception

Pleasantly Surprised
This German Axis/Allies love story is above and beyond better than Suite Francaise (2014) where Matthias Schoenaerts was such a bore in that movie. The Exception is in league with the heartbreaking Le Silence de la Mer (2004).

When I found out that Jai Courtney was cast as Brandt I was so against it since I found Jai bland/miscast in his previous films, excluding Suicide Squad where his Captain Boomerang's entertaining in that. But Jai won me over with his Captain Brandt and he shares a nice chemistry with Lily James. I loved their eventual love story. Plummer and McTeer were good in this too and shared a nice/sweet moment towards the end that had me teary-eyed.

Overall I enjoyed this movie; it had me glued in from the 2nd act until the end.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

No Vomit-Inducing Shaky Cam & The Best Action Movie So Far This Century
Simple story, but great story-telling. Ensure you've seen the last 3 MI movies to enrich your viewing experience of this 6th installment. This is why I love seeing bonafide action star Tom Cruise's action movies because he does most of the physical stunts himself.

Plus, there are no annoying shaky cam, obvious CGI, quick edits, and off-center/close up framing of the action scenes to hide: lazy action choreography/sequences, actors' terrible physicality *cough Scarlet Johanssen's lame Black Widow cough* and/or blatant stunt doubles. Complete viewing immersion and the suspension of disbelief does not get broken once in Fallout for me. I'm not sure if Rebecca Ferguson and Henry Cavill used stunt doubles because that's how great the action stunts are - all perfectly seamless between actors and stunt doubles. My pet peeve when seeing action movies is when the stunts/action are so blatantly done by the stunt doubles *cough Scarlet Johanssen's lame Black Widow cough*. (BTW, convincing action stars Emily Blunt or Rebecca Ferguson would've played a better Black Widow because they have the right physique/stature, athletic physicality, and a great wide range acting chops which would've done justice to the comics Black Widow).

Every element of MI: Fallout falls in the spectrum of good to amazing. There is also moments of well timed and appropriate light comic relief provided by Simon Pegg that hits the marks unlike in a few Marvel movies. This movie is total entertainment and engaging from start to end. Fallout is best viewed on the big screen and is the best MI movie followed by Rogue Nation. My only complaint is that Rebecca Ferguson's Ilsa Faust didn't get enough fight scenes.

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