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  • Feeling proud in writing review for GUJARATI web series !! This will be golden milestone for gujarati cinematic world. (Thanks to OHO!)

    Words are not enough to describe the brilliant performance of Pratik Gandhi. Totally gets into the skin of character. Hats off, Man!!

    Director Abhishek Jain deserves a grand salute, as always. He gave us masterpieces of Gujarati Cinema earlier : Bey Yaar & Kevi Rite Jaish.

    Needless to say, the background music is also really terrific. Really loved it!!
  • Great content with excellent storyline.

    Must watch. Highly recommended !!
  • Great content (based on a folklore) with solid message. Superb performances by entire cast, Mesmerizing music and excellent direction. This movie received National Award for Best Feature Film which they truly deserve. Hats off !!
  • W A R : Probably the finest action thriller movie ever made in India - with World Class Action Sequences, Great Locations & Stunning Visuals...

    And I don't have enough words to describe performance of Hrithik Roshan. Give this man any role, he nails it with brilliance always. What an amazing transformation from a realistic math teacher of Super30 to stylish, power-packed agent in War. His top-notch acting, powerful personality with swag & incredible dance moves deserve a grand salute !🔥👏👏
  • My sincere request : Please tell each & every human being around you to go & watch this incredible film.

    Super 30 is a Cinematic masterpiece. Truly an heart-touching & inspirational experience. It will make you smile.. It will make you cry.. & Most importantly, it will motivate you.

    And I don't have enough words to describe the powerful acting of Hrithik Roshan. What an outstanding performance !!

    Excellent screenplay & great Direction accompanied by supeb performances by entire cast, terrific background music & strong message make the movie - A must watch for all.