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Better stuff than what MCU offered us for 9 years
  • Cinematography
  • Visuals
  • Directing
  • Action scenes
  • Villians
  • Develepments
  • Atmosphere
  • Choreography

I didn't even think another human being could top Snyder's visuals in DCEU. Well, I wasn't wrong about that one. I still think his visuals are the best in DCEU but this movie had lots of moments too, those wide angle and tracking shots were a treat. The cinematography was really satisfying, so thank you to Don Burgess and James Wan for that. Underwater CGI scenes were breathtakingly beautiful to look at. Set-pieces makes you forget about the world you live in. Not on the same level as LOTR or Indiana Jones or Star Wars but It's close, and I think that's a pretty tough thing to accomplish. Dialogues were cringy now and then but, unfortunately, that's what makes a super-hero movie ''good'' nowadays, and this probably will continue for the next 10 years. Too bad the days where Nolan's TDK Trilogy gave you goosebumps with just words are gone. Now it's just you have to act weird and say something out of place to create a chemistry between the characters. I can't even believe how people buy these kinds of contrived relationships anymore. Anyways, let me say this, the movie isn't something like Thor (2011) It doesn't make you feel like you're on a movie set. It actually has high-quality different places that set the movie's atmosphere perfectly. If you guys worried about if the movie is just a copycat of MCU film, you can relax. The only similarity between this movie and MCU movies is 9 unfunny and awkward moment. The movie actually harbors multiple layers. Antagonists are actually valued, they're not just background actors or extra performers, they actually have moments to shine. This isn't something like Ant-Man. It doesn't have a stereotype, cliché, and generic film elements that created for the lowest common denominator. It actually has innovations for its genre. This isn't something like Black Panther, It doesn't have PS2 battle scenes. The CGI is actually well-crafted. This isn't something like Captain America: Civil War or most of the MCU films out there, it doesn't have a dim or bland color grading. The movie actually looks lively and vibrant. This isn't something like Guardians of the Galaxy, the characters don't act irrational or illogical, they actually have good reasons because they have developments. This isn't something like Ant-Man and The Wasp, It's not just a filler movie. It actually has a worth-seeing climax. This isn't something like Wonder Woman, It doesn't fail or fall flat in the third act. It actually fulfills its mission at every level. This isn't something like Avengers: Age of Ultron or any other MCU movie. The tone isn't out of place. The movie doesn't have a recurring and predictable theme. The camera isn't too shaky or it doesn't change in every second when an action scene comes up. The villains don't act out of character when they're in a situation. This isn't another Justice League, it isn't trying to be something else. It actually knows its place. But still, nothing can save this universe, not even something as good as The Dark Knight. But as a standalone, this is something worth seeing in the theaters.

PS. It's not better than what MCU offered us for 9 years

Narcos: Mexico

The two problem
In before you found this review not helpful just hold your horses. I'm not saying the series is bad. I'm only focusing the weak sides of the show so that you have some insights to understand why it isn't as good as the original and why it feels a little bit off.

First, the things happening too fast, and the time perception is confusing. When did our main guy go from nobody to the boss of the bosses? They didn't put enough developments in order for him to turn into a boss. He just killed some people and suddenly became a Godfather. It's almost unbelievable. One minute he has all the controls, next minute some people torturing him. One minute everything's fine, next minute everybody's got a problem.

Second, the characters are lacking, or their arc isn't believable enough. For example, the main guy. He doesn't have moments. Even if he did have some small moments, it was all poorly executed. I really don't know why the writers didn't do the same thing as what they did with Pablo. We knew that that guy is the guy. He had at least one moment to shine in every episode. They even gave him enough screen time to explore his mental status. They actually managed to turn an evil man into a lovable character. When he appered in this show I lost my sh❗t. But now this guy, Félix Gallardo, feels like a side character in his own story. He doesn't even have a normal human interaction. In the first episode, he said he used to be a cop, but I forgot about that until he reminded it us again in the last episode. I felt like he was in his own show because he just had to. The only interesting thing about him was his idea of ''Now it's my turn to build an empire'' And that idea faded with his poorly developed arc and dull characteristic. But I have hopes for him in next season. The last episode really did set his actual foundation that needed set a long time ago.

Titans: Together
Episode 5, Season 1

''Hawk and Dawn'' or this... hmmm 🤔🤔
🤔 I can't exactly decide which one was the best episode but this episode had definitely the best fight scenes. The choreography and sound editing was just top-notch. And even though Cyborg isn't in it, seeing my childhood team interacting with each other live-action did put a smile on my face. It really did worth it.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

It's not bad for a blockbuster movie but does it really deserve this much positiveness 🤔
Metacritic critics gave this movie 86/100 score(based on 59 critics). RT critics gave this movie 8.5/10 rating(it has 49 reviews). Metacritic critics gave TDK 82/100 score(based on 39 critics). RT critics gave TDK 8.3/10 rating(it has 52 reviews - not including some click baiting trash bloggers🤢🚮)

Yeah, I know. I'm just a random dude 🤷‍♀️👩 who criticizes these hypocritical critics and some of you don't even care about my opinion, but really 🤔 how can they rate TDK so low and this movie so high😡How dare they❗

First off, there are needless plot twists that you cannot understand. Why did Erica Sloan turn against IMF? Her reasons are just not reasonable enough. How did August Walker's men infiltrate Sloan's team? We don't know much about it. They don't tell us. Sure, it was cool but my immersion was ruined. They could've been written it more subtle. Second of all, the elevator scene. Walker shows a picture of Ethan's ex-wife(clearly he carries it all the time 🤣) to Ethan and says this and that, but the reason why Walker didn't kill Ethan is his evil friend has a plan for him after he supposedly suicided. But wait, 30 minutes after that scene, Walker shoots to kill Ethan with a machine gun. This right here is the definition of lazy writing. They just tucked a stupid reason in the movie so that they could just ignore and make a fool of the audience. Thirdly, why is Julia in this movie? Don't get me wrong, It was nice to see a familiar face, and she gave herself a pretty good closure, but here's what wouldn't have happened if she wasn't in this: They wouldn't have had to put a reason, which was a really big turn off for me, not to kill Ethan. We wouldn't have gotten an awkward wire cutting scene. We wouldn't have gotten weird dreams. And probably I wouldn't be writing these negative things. Fourthly, Solomon Lane, a pretty genius guy, pulls his enemies to their objective and fights with them face to face. That's pretty cool but why? Why did he aggro'd them? Why did he even decide to stay and choose to die? This writing could've been much much better. They could've given him more clever things to do. Fifthly, the unstoppable bomb stopped by 3 people because they ''figured it out''. Sixthly, a countdown. Suprise, surprise. I really wonder why evil people put a countdown on these things. Can't they just press the damn detonator button when the time is right? Guess what happened in the end. The good guys lost and the bad guys won. Billions are dead. That was totally unexpected and hard to guessed. 10/10 original writing right there 👌💯 But hey, let's look on the bright side, they executed that last shot perfectly. The sunset almost had me for a second. Finally, the ending. You don't leave the theater with ''holy cow!1'' or ''😮'' expressions because they've already ended the movie before the end. Sure, it has a deserved and a great dark/grim ending which every plot and dialogue constantly instigated throughout the movie but you didn't get goosebumps like you did get after the TDK ended. Or, you didn't sit like you did sit after the Infinity War ended

These are just small things that TDK, a film that critics rated lower than this movie, doesn't harbor. Overall the movie is not bad. It's just that the writing could have been much more in-depth. Or maybe it's just me. After seeing that god tier praises from the critics, I expected something better than TDK. But the dialogues weren't even that close. I guess critics don't care about these small things

But wait, they do care about the small things. I mean look at their rating for ''Black Panther'' That movie currently at 8.9/10 rating with 51 reviews on RT. And on Metacritic it at 88/100 score with 55 reviews. I wonder what makes that movie so special for the critics 🤔 Is it the stunts or the unpredictable plot twists? Maybe it's because of its beautiful CGI effects. Nah, that doesn't make sense. Maybe it's because of its absorbing and original story. Yeah, that does make more sense. Because we don't see everyday a black man who tries to be king in a fantasy land want to rule the whole world. Yeah, that sounds about unprecedented and 8.9/10 rating worthy 👌💯 But put yourself in some of the big directors like Christopher Nolan position and think that every film that you made got more negative reviews than Black Panther. What do directors need to create to get praised by these critics nowadays? A black Harry Potter❓

And the worst thing is that these hypocritical critics are overshadowing people's own judgments with their dependent opinions that polluted by politics and mindsets like "we're not fond of pretentious directors", ''we don't like blockbuster movies that has bad morals'', ''if you're going to make a blockbuster movie, it has to have family friendly morals and good political interests''. The quality of the film is in the second place when it's come to politics. And their opinion is essential for people who can't form an opinion, and nothing can change those people's mind other than the critics. Now let me say how does this work

  • A blogger(Some of them are SJW who's prone to give a good review to those blockbuster films that has a good moral code and political interests about homosexual people, strong women, what's right and what's wrong, etc. They love to insert their ideas like ''We want to see more feminism in movies'', ''We want to see more movies with black leads'', ''We want to see more homosexuals in movies'' etc.) watches the movie before everyone else.

  • They give their reaction to the site(to the RT) before the audience.

  • People of US see those reactions because they told to do so.

  • They make their mind according to those reactions and everything starts here.

  • If bloggers' reactions are good, they watch the movie without any question. They don't care if it's bad or not. They already have a preconceived decision.

  • If the reactions are mixed, they watch the movie with questions. They already think it's not that of a good movie because that's what they're expecting.

The next big movie that critics are going to bash will probably be "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)" But not that kind of a big bash. Small bashes like they did for "The Dark Knight", "The Shawshank Redemption", "The Usual Suspects","Interstellar", ''Fight Club'', "Se7en","Inception"... These films, they don't have a family friendly moral code, and they all look so pretentious with their big plot twists, prominent cast and independent directors. But these professional critics don't want to promote these kinds of films, they have to say irrelevant things about them to criticize it so that they could look "cool" to the audience and click bait them. But of course, at some point, they have to keep their reputation maintain too. That's why they show love for some of the classic movies like "The Godfather", "12 Angry Men", "Pulp Fiction'', "Seven Samurai" When they saw a Cult classic movie alike they'll eat each other to praise that film like ''Roma'' They don't want to see depressing movies, or they talk about the importance of ''entertainment'' in a movie, but after they watch "Schindler's List" they forget all about the importance of entertainment. The films that made by docile or unknown directors have always been more convenient for them to praise. IF the message and the moral codes is right, they have to praise those movies that involve feminism or politics, like ''Dunkirk (2017)'', ''Wonder Woman'', ''Get Out'', ''Black Panther'', ''Moonlight''... If the message isn't right, those movies are just another trash for their dump, like "Sucker Punch", "Fight Club", "Watchmen"... Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they didn't like them because they all looked too pretentious. Or maybe they completely misinterpreted the whole message like they misinterpreted "Blade Runner", "2001", "The Shining", "Psycho" They've always been inconsistent and always will be. Next year they're probably gonna say baseless things about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood like "there was too much violence in it", ''there was too much N word in it'', "there was too much blood in it", "the characters were too cold", etc. without considering movie's content. Because they don't like prominent materials. They must say something out of place to criticize it. What they do is something like declaring a horror movie "too scary". The only thing they have is politically overwhelmed and subjective opinions that their big names on. They won't support their opinions with reasons because it's a risky approach. If a random person say the exact same things about a movie like them, nobody would take that person seriously. We wouldn't even care. I'm not saying they shouldn't criticize the big movies, just tryna point it out that their motivation, their method of criticizing is inefficient for the audience. I mean just tell me, how can the same people rate Batman Begins 6.8/10 and Black Panther 8.9/10? Don't we all have eyes to see the difference or are we all just blinded by the politics? Some of the critics made a hobby of bashing pretentious directors who loves to put his/her signature in his/her films. But, unfortunately, some people really worship these critics and nothing can change those people's minds. In their eyes, those critics are always right, no matter what. But put yourself in those directors position and try to envision critics panning your movie for the things they don't understand and people believing them blindly. They want attention and people giving it to them. But still, who am I to judge, right? I don't have some kind of a degree like those guys have. You're probably making fun of me ''But they're critics, that's what they do you stupid.'', "Who are you to make a comment about critics' methods", "An idiot on the internet DESTROYS professional critics with ASSUMPTIONS and LOGIC 😂😂" You have every right because you're right 😂👌🔥💯


Not what I expected
It wasn't as edgy as I thought it would be. Actings wasn't as weird as I thought it would be. The choreography wasn't as fake as I thought it would be. CGI didn't look as bad as I thought it would be. Production didn't look as cheap as I thought it would be. Editing wasn't as sloppy as I thought it would be. Dialogues weren't as cheesy as I thought it would be. Interactions are promising. Narrating is captivating. The build-up is looking good. Developments are on point. The episodes actually make sense. The show isn't overly edgy. It has a gritty and realistic take on and it works. I really didn't expect this. I hope they won't spoil this in the future, and raise their bar, it has really good potential. Just don't be fooled by the trailers like i was.

So, just finished the last episode of the first season. And they delivered. There were some awkward moments throughout the season, some scenes definitely could've executed differently, some introductions could've served better, the writing and directing was meh, but as a whole, it was a decent season. This universe is definitely worth your time.

The Walking Dead: A New Beginning
Episode 1, Season 9

At least better start than the previous one
We finally saw some relationship, but unfortunately those interactions butchered by bad executions.

Firstly, we're in a museum and some guy getting pulled from his legs by a walker. There isn't any build up for the tension, just another cliche for the audiance. Secondly, we're still in a museum and some guy falling from a glass floor. Tension is great but overall that scene just doesn't make any sense and stupid. Thirdly, we're out of the museum and some guy getting bite by some walker. We don't even know the guy's name but they still tryna make his sloppy death emotional with bad cinematography and some fake crying. Fourthly, we're in some kind of funeral, some dude is singing, they didn't give us anything emotional about the guy who's dead, so we still don't care about the guy who's lying dead in the coffin, so it's boring and trying too hard. Fifthly, we're at the hilltop, I guess, some guy wants to kill some girl. His plan was just all over the place. What the hell even was that. Sixthly, guy's plan to kill the girl have failed, tomorrow happened, the guy that everyone hates will be punished, two kids comes out of nowhere and the death that everyone want ruins by these brats


An emotionless joke
Characters' reactions wasn't just right. It felt weird. It wasn't natural. All characters were calm like there was nothing serious going on. Of course, this wasn't the cast's fault, it was writers'. In fact, the cast were pretty good, especially Ellen. But when the characters are one-dimensional and not very well developed outcome will be garbage, like in this movie right here. Ellen's character not only one-dimensional, but also was too cringy to watch, you literally hate the main character. She's supposed to be 16 but isn't. We should've seen more of the relationship between characters, but instead, we get pointless dialogs and wasted scenes. Pointless dialogs and wasted scenes.

If you're older than 18, please, don't waste your time on this.

True Detective: Who Goes There
Episode 4, Season 1

6 minutes of single-shot tracking scene?
I call that the most impressive and intense scene in television history. That scene just raised the bar for a TV-show. First Ozymandias, then this. You literally don't notice the scene had no cuts within it, that's how much you're into it. The directing was incredible and very clever to use this at this scene to create intensity. They did an arch-like shot for a smooth transition between houses, balance to the color palette and tension build up. The noise of the helicopter, the white light, Matthew McConaughey acting, everything adds something to the scene. It's not only that, the tension was already extremely high when Rust walked into the bar, and then this scene showed up... Police detective Rustin Cohle on undercover as a drug dealer busting other drug dealers' drug stash with the help of other actual drug dealers disguised as police officers. This is some next level shi.

I also love the attention to detail in this scene. While the others shoot preemptively, Cohle never fires his gun once. It really shows his character's level of discipline and self-control under pressure. Also, the gun and dialogue detail was great too. Ginger says to Rustin his a rat because he doesn't he's on undercover. Fring the gun indoors makes their ears ring and sets off the smoke alarm. Just amazing.

Ozark: Reparations
Episode 1, Season 2

Great season opener with some really great moments
Character development was on point. Executions were great. One-shot and tracking shot scenes were beautifully captured. They were the peak of the episode and they both captured the intense that needed perfectly. I liked how the dialogues dwelled on the characters' psychology. Some of the actings could've been better. The pace was okay. The cinematography was good. Overall the everything was handled beautifully. I'm satisfied with the outcome and loved the direction that they're taking.

Sucker Punch

Just like Stanley Kubrick's ''Eyes Wide Shut''
Don't look at the movie the way it is. You can hate it for whatever reasons you like but this movie isn't just stupid, soulless and pointless sexual fantasy. There is more thought put into it than you could ever imagine. Too bad critics panned the movie for the things that couldn't comprehend and the audience went with it.

The whole thing is a big fantasy that does not exist or happening in the real world. The movie is actually about Sweet Pea(Abbie Cornish). She is the star of the show. Snyder made that very clear from the start. Babydoll(Emily Browning) is a figment of Sweet Pea's imagination. She is the physical embodiment of Sweet Pea. She is the 5th thing. She is the guardian angel that Sweet Pea created to deal with her trash life. The entire film is a reflection of the internal struggle of Sweet Pea. That's why she is the one who's narrating the film. The stuff that we've seen with Babydoll during the first act, that's all Sweet Pea acting out her past trauma in her mind, just as she was taught to do in the mental institution. That's why the movie opens on a stage that direct parallel to how Sweet Pea is acting out that same trauma on a stage when Babydoll first arrives in the mental institution aka the theater. After that, the lobotomy comes, the key to everything that happens in the movie. Reimagined through Babydoll perspective, Sweet Pea disassociates from reality when the needle plunges into her brain, retreating into her mind in the same way she's taught to by Dr. Gorski. She's not in the real world anymore. This is also what happened in Sweet Pea's real life. And the effect of that lobotomy is the goddamned movie. Yes, this movie is the result of a lobotomy. Just one big subconscious coping mechanism for Sweet Pea to find peace. And this girl is able to interrupt the lobotomy, intruding on her own story. She's even able to repurpose the accidental killing of her sister into a deliberate and necessary sacrifice on her sister's part to save her. In this second layer of fantasy, Sweet Pea imagines herself and the rest of the girls working in a brothel, objectified and lusted after by an audience. This mirrors us tuning in to see these girls perform for us in various outfits. This connection is made clear from the opening of the film, which lets us know that we're the audience watching all this unfold on stage. By choosing to watch the movie, we are complicit in everything that's happening. Of course, this doesn't mean to condemn you for wanting to see nubile girls kicking ass. What this movie is really about is the difference between empowerment and exploitation. This is represented through three layers of fantasy, first was the mental institution, second is the brothel, third is the fantasy-action scenes, each exploring a different set of social values, each aligning with different phases of the feminist movement. First up is a grim incarnation of the '60s -the mental institution- set during the second wave of the feminist movement, when gender inequality was much more widespread. That gender inequality is amplified in the second world -the brothel- which takes us back even further, to a time when women were literally treated like property. And finally we have the pop culture world -the world of today, action scenes- which imagines Babydoll's dancing through various aspects of modern geek culture, dressing the girls up in all the typical fetishistic attire we've come to expect video games, TV, movies, etc... Sweet Pea is aware of how sick this is and rejects that Baby Doll's dancing could possibly be empowering. It's only through seeing its effect on men does she start to see how much power they really have, as the girls start taking back the control they've lost by using men's objectification of them to their advantage. By embracing their sexuality instead of fearing it, they learn that their inherent femininity can be better used as a means of holding men under their sway. Suddenly, it's the men who become helpless instead of them. Point being, men may be in a position to physically overpower women, but women have the power to psychologically overpower men, thus inverting history's long-standing power dynamic between men and women. This is then mirrored to very much the same effect in the action fantasy scenarios - a symbolic gesture on Snyder's part to show women taking back geek culture, which men have been dominating with their boy club mentality and pervasive misogyny for far too long. This is demonstrated further once we cut back to Babydoll's lobotomy after Sweet Pea has found peace. While Sweet Pea busy imagining that she's taking the magic school bus to a better world, Blue has plans of his own. But its no use, she's already escaped, even if it's only mentally. Sweet Pea sacrifices her body -Babydoll- and retreats into the comfort of her own mind, a paradise over which nobody has control of but her. Blue may have control over her body, but without her mind, he has nothing. The importance of this is also apparent during Babydoll's encounter with the High Roller, who recognizes that the choice to truly be with someone lies with you and you alone. As the scene with the High Roller reaffirms, the distinction between exploitation and empowerment all comes down to personal choice. And that is just half of the point this movie trying to make. Women deserve just as much control over their bodies as they have over their minds. You can interpret this movie so many ways, it's beyond belief. It gives you so many options to think. It's really funny that the one who made this kind of a movie and the one who is trying to defend it is a male. But it is what it is. If this movie made by someone like Stanley Kubrick, probably everyone would have tried to decipher the depth of it and wouldn't have even minded the bad reviews.

It's really sad that people turn off their brains and see everything literal, and never uses their brain to read the images that appear on the screen when they see a Snyder film.

Sicario: Day of the Soldado

It's a worthy follow-up
This is one of those action movies that it only job is to give you as real as possible experience with its beautiful cinematography. It doesn't feel as real as ''Children of Men'' and it probably won't get a Oscar but it serves its job. The movie may not be as masterful as Villeneuve's original, but it achieves to keep you on the screen. There are really good heart-pumping scenes that beautifully blended with the score in its convoluted plot. Just like in the first movie, the story gets darker and darker. It reflects real-life situations, that's why it's so dreary and compelling. All the events is a buildup to our main story. It all ties together perfectly in the end. And even though key cast member Emily Blunt no longer here, the movie stands alone as a powerful modern-day Western, thanks to the Josh Brolin, Benicio del Toro, and Taylor Sheridan who also penned the screenplay of the first movie.

I'll definitely watch this again.

Justice League

Just a shattered movie with no heart and identity
This was such a good downgrade, it's unbelievable. The movie doesn't shelter a soul. You can't show feelings to it. It's ugly. There isn't much thought put into it. It's like not a part of the Trilogy: Forced and lame jokes, casual and uninspiring score, stereotyped and predictable plot, cheesy and generic writing, undeveloped villain, inappropriate atmosphere, wrong character development... I mean how does one go from this ''Tell me, do you bleed'' to this ''There's something definitely bleeding'' It's like a 'joke'. Who wrote this garbage? I mean why, what was your motive?

Apart from the garbage writing, the coloring sucked too. The whole movie was ugly as hell. After Superman's resurrection, the fight scene was completely miss edited. Why is the sun rising? Do you guys wanted it to make more colorful? Is because Superman takes his power from the sun? Because of this garbage coloring, the VFX and the CGI looked garbage.

Where is the villain? That villain shouldn't have wasted like that. He made a pretty good entrance, but the movie didn't capitalize on it afterwards. We didn't get to know him. He was in exile, Superman died so he has sent to earth to destroy it. Yeah, sure.

Fight scenes were a big downgrade too. Although there were some good shots, especially where Amazons and Steppenwolf fight, most of the fight scenes were just casual and emotionless.

Overall, this movie is just another ''Batman & Robin''. Back then, due to its darkness, they gave Batman nipple. Now, due to its darkness, they gave Batman ''Do you really talk to fish'', ''There is something definitely bleeding'' lines. The history repeating itself.

They gave $300,000,000 for this movie, but it doesn't look like that big of a movie, right? WB really did something. They've disposed of movie's original composers. They've re-edited and rewrote the whole movie. They've brought a new guy, who doesn't care about the characters or bother to know them, as a writer and director to make the movie look more like a Disney movie. And with that guy, they added a bunch of reshoots which doesn't add too much to the movie other than garbageness and a bad CGI mouth. This version of Justice League is just wrong, doesn't add up, doesn't lead anywhere. Every storyline that we started, every future we were building up to gone with this movie. It just depressing.

Easy A

Cringy, stupid, unbelievable and contrived
What kind of universe is this? Why is everyone acting so stupid? I watched this rubbish till the end just to write some of my thoughts. I was a teen once, too; in fact, i was watching a series called 'Teen Wolf' once. But this movie is on another level of Sh❗t❗ness. This is just pure trash. The parents don't act like parents. The people don't act like intelligent beings. They're all artificial, one-dimensional creatures. This writing is just garbage. The script doesn't lead anywhere and it's pointless. The acting is cringy and contrived. And the jokes are like this:

Man: Screw all these people. Girl: Haven't you heard, i already did.

Yeah, everyday we stray further from god.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

It's okay
If you love shallow movies.

There isn't any depth in this movie. The jokes, story, villains, subplots. It all falls flat. It all one-dimensional. We have a mysterious-looking antagonist named Ghost, but she doesn't have a layer, she can't be mysterious, and at one point she serves up a clot of over complicated exposition that gives the film little bit action. You don't care if she'll accomplish her goal or not. You don't even care which side is going to win. We have lots of jokes, but they're all stale. If you find this humour funny, I'm sorry, I just can't take the movie seriously. While some ''intense'' interrogation scene was going on someone's cell is ringing with a joke sound. And this call is in this movie just because to be there - just because to be ''funny''. It doesn't have any contribution to the story or the storytelling, it just there like that Russian family from Justice League. We have a story that concerns a rescue mission. But there isn't any complexity or twist that blows the audience away. Just flat. You could easily predict what's going to happen next. We have a subplot concerning a romantic relationship between Antman and the Wasp, but there isn't much, it just teases us around, and that's all. We have another subplot concerning a lovely relationship between a dad and his 10 years old daughter, which is not very well developed but still a little bit heartwarming because it's a relationship between a dad and his 10 years old daughter.

While a woman who is in constant physical and emotional pain is trying not to die, the movie is trying to be funny. Peyton Reed maybe should've gone for the head, not chest. But then again, he can't, Disney has the strings. It got to try to be colorful, amiable, ''funny'' with forced jokes and fake actings. I really wonder when Marvel and Disney are going to take some risks and make a groundbreaking superhero movie. I guess never. Critics fine with eating the same turd for 10 years.

There isn't any climax, or depth, or emotion. Just a filler movie with no heart and soul.

PS. Amazing FBI work right there. It was too realistic for this movie 10/10

Bruce Almighty

Turning a human into a God needs a great amount of effort. But there isn't any effort put into this
First, the man complains to God, so, God gives him what he wants - gives him His own power. Then, the God-man uses that power only to make the audience satisfied - he punishes the gang and the guy who took his place. And then, one stupid thing happens and he doesn't want that kind of power anymore. Really?

If you can't manage it, don't make it. The script is too weak. You can't just make something like this a subject and throw it to the audience. The God-man got his revenge against the gang and the guy who took his place - and why exactly? To make the audience happy?

2010: The Year We Make Contact

Disgrace to the original
This is way too different than 2001. There isn't any realistic side of the film. There was too much Hollywood in it. Visuality was poor. The decoration was bad, like we weren't in 2010 at all. And the sound was just killing the whole thing. Yes, there are some answers but why? I mean these answers is just plain bad. It smears 2001: A Space Odyssey's perfection and its mystery.

If you have already seen 2001 and liked it, please, don't watch this.

The Walking Dead: Monsters
Episode 3, Season 8

These 3 episodes were just too awful to watch
I used to say that this series doesn't deserve criticizing like ''too boring'' and ''it's not like used to be'' but now, yes it is and deserves it all. In these last 3 episodes, this series went too far. It's absurd. It's not rational. It's complicated more than it should be. Writing has never been more terrible than this. Edits sucks. Plot is inconsistent. And most importantly, action scenes make no sense, dull and it's boring. There is just bullets that coming out of a weapon, nothing else, zero sense. I could go all day but it's not worth it. I believe, you guys get the idea.

Young Justice: Welcome to Happy Harbor
Episode 3, Season 1

*spoilers ahead*

In this episode, we see real ''Young Justice'' for the first time after 2 episode. We can see how much they're stupid, how much broken, how much fragile, how much conflicting, how they overreacted something so stupid. They're not exactly a team right now. This was needed for their character develepment but this was just poorly executed. Yes, this episode has its own twits, and yes, that's a good thing, but it was all predictable. Action scenes were just unnatral. I mean the team were just beaten up like they were supposed to. ''But they're just a bunch of rookies?'' Yeah, a bunch of rookies beaten up by a wind.

Justice League Unlimited: The Once and Future Thing, Part Two: Time, Warped
Episode 13, Season 1

Amazingly beautiful, humorous and clever
Well paced and it was clever. If you already have seen the Batman: Beyond, you can not dislike this episode. You see the old Bruce and the Batman(Terry) from ''Batman: Beyond'' and u see this with Batman(Bruce) and other 1/2 characters from this series, together. But this isn't the most beautiful part. The most beautiful part is, how they met and how the directors handle the relationship between them.

Also, there are some scenes that make you satisfy, like old Bruce and Batman(Bruce) interrogate someone together, ''Batman playing good cop'' This scene was just good. And there are some scenes that make you laugh and also make you say ''wtf'' at the same time like ''dinosaurs!'' scene. And furthermore, there are some scenes that make you ''LOL'' like the ending.

Shortly, you can not dislike this.

Justice League Unlimited: The Return
Episode 8, Season 1

Yeah ''The Return''
*spoilers ahead*

Let's start with the first place. Why did the Android (attack) the planet Oa. Yes, he said ''it was in my way'' but couldn't he ask nicely, he don't have to crash into the planet and give the idea that ''hey I destroy your planet ha ha ha''. And Let's continue with idiotic idea that saving Lex Luthor. I mean really? Even Lantern said that later on the episode ''a blast like that could destroy half the planet'' so why'd you wanna choose to save just one evil person over half of the planet. Yes, yes. Lantern said that Android (destroyed) his planet. So he thinks if they kill the Android, Android can't (destroy) another planet. This idea 'Android could destroy the earth' was valid throughout the episode because J'onn already saw the Android destroying another planet, so they knew the risks. If you think the Android wants to kill Luthor then let him have it, you don't have to sacrifice half of the planet for only one evil person. I know you guys are nice and all but you don't have to be so that damn nice. This is earth we're talking about. And finally, the action scenes. You already knew what's going to happen, therefore it was dull.

Yeah, I know that this series kinda for kids but this is just too much.

Well, a least we saw The Flash after 7 episode for 3 seconds, that was nice I guess.

Justice League Unlimited: Kids' Stuff
Episode 3, Season 1

Just nice
This episode is unique -I mean, you literally see Batman, Superman, WW and Lantern as a kid- cute, amusing and charming. I don't know how can one say otherwise. The relationship between Batman and Wonder Woman were just adorable. The dubbing couldn't be cuter. The drawing couldn't be more beautiful. And the story... You don't even care about the story, you're just watching and enjoying every minute of it.

Justice League: Comfort and Joy
Episode 23, Season 2

Comfort and Joy
Damn right, this is the exact definition of the episode ''Comfort and Joy'' not much fight or war compared to the other episodes, just NICE and COZY. Of course, there were some dark telling and sadness in it, in fact, this episode almost perfect because of these two, seeing J'onn J'onzz like that was just sad.

Also, the mood in this episode was perfect and it was completely different from other episodes, I don't know why but I really liked it. There is no way you will hate this.

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