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How I Met Your Mother: Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra
Episode 14, Season 9

from bad to worse to a candidate for worst.
so fully disappointed in the episode. agree with most of the others here who don't see the value in the show this season. it's such a shame after so many seasons and so many good and even great episodes. but now we have too many non-cannon story lines, an entire season of one weekend's wedding, not enough time spent on the actual mother, actors seeming to have already checked out (even though they say in countless interviews how excited they were to find out the end from producers) but seriously my biggest gripe is... f'in boyz- 2-men at the end. WTF?!? why?!? because it wasn't bad enough already?!? i was already bored enough after the 3rd episode of this season. by now i'm just numb to it. so sad they've got out on such a low note.

About a Boy

fantastically off-putting sitcom with a truly awful theme song and soundtrack.
there might be spoilers ahead. the show sucks.

if it weren't for David Walton there would be no reason to watch.

Minnie driver playing a saggy-nag-hag shrew of a hippie-dippie single mother. Benjamin stockham as a yet another nerdy, flaming pre-gay, fake asperger syndrome freakazoid. pussy-whipped hipster best friend with an awful see you next Tuesday of a wife. who are these people? they're not even archetypes, let alone resemblances of off-kilter funny folk based in any reality.

give it the big skip-o-Rama. except to watch David Walton. anybody know if he's got a sex tape being leaked?

and that theme song. can somebody please kill that guy before he 'drops' a 6th album (or do folkariffic singer-songwriters 'drop' albums? maybe they carefully nurture them in their man-wombs, and let them suckle at the teat of creativity, until they slowly drift off into the world of their own accord?)

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