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La paranza dei bambini

freshly shot
Very original pacing. The personality of the film maker are printed on every movement. Incredibly captured youth


Japanese erotic horror meets Monty Python
There is a serious erotic component to this that no one seems to want to touch in the user reviews, and most of the actresses were 16 at the time. It's bizarre and entertaining, using lots of war metaphors with themes of innocence and teenage trauma.

First Civilizations

I love the theories about war and religion shaping humanity. Very interesting approach to a documentary on human history.

As long as you insert, "we believe that.." before every assertion, it makes a lot of sense. Scientists often speak with great confidence about these things, as if they were there, until (every few years) we find something that challenges our ideas about civilization and time. Could be a bit more humble about assertions like, "first this, and first that," because really no one has a clue. Gobekli Tepe was discovered recently and until then, scientists were giving early civilizations a much later timeline.

Can't wait till we find the next one! :)

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