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  • Well,due to the complex Man that Lucio Fulci was,I think that this Movie wasn't so bad that certain people want it to be.I think that since it was his last movie,He Went Out in Style! I Mean: Look at it's Budget! He proved he could make a Movie nearly without a Budget at all! No,not his greatest achievement,but He Went Out In Style! A complex and a Superb Film Maker! No one can come close.Fulci is purely FULCI! Enjoy or Die!(not even trying).Fulci was responsible for(or known for)the Splatter/Zombie movie "Zombi 2" in Italy(an unofficial follow up to George A.Romero's "Dawn Of The Dead"),but he made Movies far more better than that one.Just take a look at his "Don't Torture a Duckling" where he proved himself as a Superb Film maker! He made several Movies as well,which is as good as well.It's just a matter of taste! Long Live The master Of Italian "Grand Guignol".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all,I'd have to say:That this is one of the most under rated Spaghetti Westerns of all times.It is a revenge story with incredible performances from Actors,Screenplay,and Stunt performances.Even the dubbing is superb.Thomas Hunter is great,and of course Henry Silva.It has all the good ingredients a good Western should have,yet it does not have the typical violence,and what we got from Leone and Corbucci,in general.Lizzani shows us a typical revenge story,with wonderful dialog and great music from Morricone.It's a real paradox that the Italians made better Westerns than the Americans did,after The Wild Bunch etc.(just an example).Just take a look at the Horror Master Mario Bava and what he did for the Horror genre! Long live Carlo Lizzani,and for being a fan of a genre that sadly died out during the 70's.Long live Italian Cinema!