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Happily Ever After

Mostly for Young Girls with a Princess inside Them
I saw this movie when I was about 6 or 7 and I adored it. The new Snow White didn't have that whiny voice. The Prince was in it more than just five seconds and he even talked. The Dwarfettes were cool for a little girl to see. Because before all we had were the Dwarfs. And I remember as a little girl I preferred seeing girls in movies than watching something about boys. The bad guy, I admit, has a cliché name, but he was so freaking awesome. He even scared me a bit. The owl, bat, and Mother Nature add in comedy. Even the Dwarfettes do as well. I can barely remember the songs, but I'm sure now at my age they'd be cheesy, but as a little girl I knew that I liked them. I like this movie so much, that I've been hunting for it at stores for the past few months. It's a movie for young girls who want to see the movie continue, but the older audience will see it as a "rip-off" of Disney. The only way an adult would like it, is if you watched it as a child. Like myself.

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