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Blake of Scotland Yard

Its got action, but what the heck is going on?
I got this film in a 9 movies in one collection in a Wal-Mart bargain bin. The story is about a guy who creates "death-beam" like creation that could help Britian win wars (Sure would have been useful against Nazis). Anyway, the death-beam gets stolen and ... Thats the thing, I have no freaking idea whats going on. From what I can remember, people go into places and fight and talk and dance. This goes absolutely nowhere. Im stuck watching people mumble and fight. Seriously BORING.

Well, I would have given this a one if it were not for the good fight scenes. They were impressive considering the film was made 70 years ago. In these scenes, people are punched and have chairs smashed against their backs. It almost reminded me of old James Bond fight scenes, just without the good camera shots. Still, they don't save the movie from being utter junk.

Only watch this film if you are interested or just wanna waste some time.


I thought it would suck!
I bought this film in one of those 9 movies in 1 packages you find in bargain bins. I have watched about three of those films. The films were The Bat, Shriek in the Night, and Blake of Scotland Yard. After bearing the stupid/boringness of the later two, I felt this film would be like them, despite the good reviews.

I sure was wrong. This is my favorite film in the entire collection so far. The story is very interesting. In a nutshell, its about some jerk who tries to drive his wife insane by making her think that she is insane. Heck, there is hardly any cheesy parts except for a fight scene near the end. The quality of the film was fantastic.

You must watch this film if you are are a oldies.

PS. I found this film in a 9 movie collection at Wal-Mart bargain bins for $7. Pick it up if you ever see it.

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