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Wild Hogs

A Funny movie!!!
Before I start this review, I must say that I went to watch this movie since I love motorbikes & Harley Davidsons so I was a bit biased. Was not too sure about the movie per se. However, I got a pleasant surprise. The movie is fun & entertaining, all actors play a good part & their characters are different and fun! The story starts with 4 middle-ages men who decide to re-unite with their motorbikes and go for a long ride across America! The adventures and mishaps they encounter are funny sometimes I would recommend this movie if you are looking for a good funny movie, which makes you feel good.

Of course,if you are a biker, you will enjoy the movie a bit more....


Story of Ferrari
If you want a movie about Ferrari who better to hear it from than Italians themselves,in fact this movie is an Italian production. It shows how Enzo Ferrari started the company which nowadays build the best cars in the world. The movie is narrated through an interview of an aging Enzo Ferrari has with a reporter. He goes through the sacrifices,joys and sorrows he had to pass through since he was a child to realize his dream. Sergio Castellito plays a magnificent part as Enzo. If you love cars (and Ferraris) do not miss this one.It is a joy seeing the Old cars, Fiat , Alfas and Ferraris racing in this flick.

A Must for Car lovers


Just watched this movie after managing to drag my girl friend to join me . I loved it from start to end. The acting was just great especially the main actor. The fight scenes in the movie are choreographed in an original way , although being very crude and violent, not much violence is shown. The story is very original and the final twist gave it a special 'flavour'. The movie revolves around the subject of revenge and vengeance tackling various delicate subjects with ease. . I just read in the forum of this movie that Hollywood is planning to remake this movie .... hope they do not ruin this one too

... so better watch the original one now !

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