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Charmed: Styx Feet Under
Episode 5, Season 7

Piper becomes Death
Another decent episode as the charmed ones saved a man meant to die and disrupt the natural order of life. It was interesting to explore death's job as we only got a glimpse up this point on how he collects souls or how people are chosen. I find it sweet how Piper tries to comfort a man who just died not sure herself where he'll and up or what to expect as they walk in the portal. The only flaw is Piper can substitute another soul for one of her sisters as it hinges on death staying neutral and taking those when it's there time no playing favorites.

I also enjoy the side story with Kevin wanting to be a full pledged demon by killing each family member and gaining power. I love his m.o. makeup design and his anger at the witches for stopping him. I even find him intelligent as he consults a seer on where to find the last remaining one. Most go charging in relying on confidence instead of seeking out the out the future to avoid mistakes.

Charmed: Once in a Blue Moon
Episode 6, Season 7

Blue moon
During a blue moon the sisters are transformed into beasts that attack and maul innocents. It doesn't feel right for the witches to become the creatures they vanquish with the elders in shock it even happened and no explanation given on why it did. I wish it could've been werewolves they were facing instead since It fits the whole full moon legend and I can't see three old women in seventy years going wild like this and they never seen concerned other witches are capable of it.

Also I'm not a fan of Leo going crazy as the avatars desperately want them on their side yet the elders pick the worst time to exile and kill him making them turn their backs on the powers that be.

The episode would be more powerful of they used it for reflection on why they fight for the side of good since it's turned it's back on them. They have sacrificed, dedicated time and suffered lost because of the magical community. If anything they should've called the Angel of Destiny down to take his offer of a simple life instead of going through turmoil another day.

Charmed: Someone to Witch Over Me
Episode 7, Season 7

Guardian Angel
Agent Brody is on the hunt for a demon killing innocents to steal their protective angels. I find it amazing he found proof of the supernatural by technology yet the cleaners nor Libris show up to cover traces of magic and it may be due to them needing the witches on his trail. Also just like in season five I find it ridiculous that once they are gone all of a sudden you trip and have accidents automatically. It should be gradual to build up tension letting is know how really important they are to everyday light.

Another aspect is Leo going on a vision quest to see Chris who tells him that he's play and how he survived war world II to become a great father letting go the intense feelings he possesses. Yet I don't see why he takes the Avatars offer as he made peace thus undermining the whole process. I find it very invigorating how Leo does use his new power to save his family from demons yet I find it as another excuse to put the sisters in life & death situations only to resurrect them.

Charmed: Charmed Noir
Episode 8, Season 7

Book end
A nice noir episode as two teachers at magic school find a book written by brothers who disappeared and left the book unfinished. When opened Paige and Brody are sucked into a black & white world where they deal with mobsters, meddling sisters trying to help guide them and on the search for the golden falcon. It has nice mystery elements as they find out Eddie was killed by the mobster so his brother would lead him to the location of the treasure and the sisters find out details about the brothers life that lead to their died.

Yet my only problem is the mobster is a creation of the book so what does he gain or earn for finding the falcon and what happens to him if he dies. I feel it would work better if a demon or warlock had been trapped in with them and trying to claim them as victims as cliché as it sounds to clear up confusion.

Charmed: Cheaper by the Coven
Episode 3, Season 7

I quite like this episode as Leo has a dark alternate personality and grams castes a spell to stop civil rivery. This shows Leo finally learning that his negative attitude is leaving his family in disarray and the kids miss their father. Grams was spot on the nose saying he has become a danger to the kids, needs to deal with Geideon's double crossing and become the man he once was. Also i know the spell was to add humor but it felt forced and was the most terrible acting I've seen with only Piper's heart to heart with Grams making up for it.

Still I enjoyed Patty and Victor acting as parents after resourcing their marriage uses making us wonder what it would be like if they had a chance to raise the girls. It was bitter sweet knowing they can't change the past for second try, but got a chance to here.

Charmed: Charrrmed!
Episode 4, Season 7

The pirates of San Francisco bay
It was a nice attempt at a pirate episode with Captain Black Jack and his men looking for the fountain of youth. Yet I found it lacking as Phoebe learning Pirate talk and laws from Leslie instead of from the book as it feels they had to include him since Nick Lachey doesn't stick around long. Also they could've thrown in a flash back or show a duel with swords instead of a one scene show stopper. Still I find it creative as the sisters free his men without commuting parlay and freeing them from eternal life.

Also Angent Brody has come on the scene knowing about witches and following the Pirates fog. I'm just surprised Sheridan takes the revelation so lightly instead of questioning his sanity or wondering how he knows so much about them. I know Brody says he will stop exposure to Sheridan and the robbery of the chalice I want to know is he a friend or foe.

Charmed: The Bare Witch Project
Episode 2, Season 7

Lady Godiva
When Piper is kicked out of a restaurant for breast feeding her columnist sister launches a campaign against the company. I agree with Phoebe's ghost writer Lesley that she doesn't do causes or is it a big deal since it's indecent expose and may make the other customers uncomfortable. They clearly had a sign saying it was against rules and if unhappy they should leave instead of gripping.

Also by taking Lady out of her time along with a regression demon who grew weak because of it seems silly to have such a vast alternate reality where everyone dresses as Mormons, women are flogged for talking out of line or not taking care of children and magic is exposed driving them into allies. I know they want to get across even small acts have big consequences like the first story tries to tell, but it would've worked much better for Joan of Arc or even Catherine the great to appear. The only good story line is Piper confronting Leo for his self pity as he feels he was the only one to be betrayed and lose Chris yet as shown here both are grieving needing each other to cope through the pain.

Charmed: A Call to Arms
Episode 1, Season 7

Two gods
Attending a Hindu wedding Leo and Piper are possessed by Shiva & Sati which will destroy the world if they consort. I wish Charmed would do as it says by being a family show instead of using sleaze for ratings as they show them kissing or groping and not coming off as romantic at all. The sisters try to keep them apart yet it doesn't work as the heat is to hot and spends to much time on the fact instead of explaining if they are alive or how they fit into continuation.

Not only that Barbas finally is vanquished and says he'll be back but it doesn't explain how they gained the knowledge for the potion since his page says he's unvanquishable and only your greatest hope will banish him. At this point continuation doesn't matter yet it felt like they were at least trying to tell a good story. I just wish they hadn't had Leo kill an Elder even by trickery as it was out of character and he never pays a price making it feel hollow with emotion and not find tuned on what his future holds for such a crime.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Grave
Episode 22, Season 6

Best friends
The finale is beautiful yet sad as it reminds me Tara will be gone from this point now and nothing will ever be the same as Willow tries to redeem herself. Xander's speech in the temple mound comes straight from the heart as he remembers as the same girl he met in kindergarten who he loves no matter what and proves that he was a hero all along. He felt helpless when Buffy was shot yet it took his abilities not the slayer or a witch to stop the apocalypse but a caring friend who knew details about her past to stark her humanity long forgotten. Giles even aids in by sacrificing himself by returning and giving her pure magic to allow her to feel instead of going through the motions and hear what her old friend is saying instead of being deaf to it.

Another aspect is Buffy learns her baby sister can take care of herself and doesn't have to protect her from the world but show it to her. She can fight from observing Buffy in training or battle to no longer be weak but can take care of herself. Also Spike has been shown going through trials yet it was left to what he hopes to accomplish since it centered around Buffy and we find out he wanted his soul back so she would love him. It opens a flood gate as to why a demon would want one unless he thinks it will make him like Angel to have a true relationship instead of list or obsession.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Two to Go
Episode 21, Season 6

Two to go
Buffy has to protect the remaining two of the trio from Willow's wrath as she grows more powerful by the day. Its almost as if Willow isn't there any more attacking her friends nearly killing them and threatens to turn Dawn back into the key. It seems the more evil she becomes the scarier she looks as her skin becomes white and her face veiny and even mockerying in her voice instead of the compassion we're used to. I know Willow was sad yet she avenged Tara's death and now power hungry as she target's innocents or mess with free will. Another fascinating tribute is Willow hates the way she was embracing her new personality as no one will love her and feeling her world is shattered with no one left to pick up the pieces.

One good thing to come out of it is Anya has pledged her allegiance back to the scoobies putting aside her hate to use her powers in saving Jonathan & Andrew from prison or leading Buffy to Warren before Willow can kill him. It allows time for Xander & Anya to talk out their problems instead of running away from them. It still hurts they don't get back together yet its a step in the right direction as they try and find a way to help their misguided friend.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Villains
Episode 20, Season 6

The exciting start of an epic three parter as Willow becomes a dark witch after Tara is killed. I find it sad as Willow wails over the dead body of her lover, pleading with the gods to being her back and can't handle losing another love of her life. She sucks in magic at the shop to gain vengeance on Warren taking on a frightening appearance of dark hair and black eyes knowing she wants their blood on her hands. All season it has been leading up to this as Tara's worst fears come to life as she let it consume her turning this gentle creature into a monster who grabs what she thinks is her target only to find a robot.

Buffy on the other hand is angry for being shot yet her slaying duties won't allow her friend to take a life or be lost in misery. It shows in the end the slayer must out the greater good above all else. I find it sad that Tara is gone as she never hurt a soul, they just got back together and gained confidence only to be cruelly snatched away.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Seeing Red
Episode 19, Season 6

Spike attacks
Spike can't handle not having Buffy and attacks her at her home. Its one of the most shocking moments on the show very disturbing to find she has been almost assaulted by a monster. As I've said this coupling has bored me to tears yet instead of letting it die they throw any drama they can into the mix no matter how disgusting or awful it seems. I'm glad Spike finally leaves down to find himself instead of being degraded any further as I find it tedious and a lack of creative energy.

Also Warren finds two stones granting him power to take on the slayer and finds her every thing he hates in a strong woman. He berates her, starting yet another fight and explodes with anger at her refusal to back down from him. I found it symbolic that she grabs his stones and smashes them knocking him down a few pegs. It shows her confidence has finally come back with her ready to take on the world again.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Entropy
Episode 18, Season 6

Anya the destroyer of men
Anya returns as a vengeance demon and wants to curse him but can't. I struggle with with this decision as she made so much progress, helped fight against Apocalypses and loved Xander completely. I know being dumped hurts, but to go back to your old life with out a second thought seems like a big leap and not realistic as it would mean hurting innocents who make a mistake. It was a nice surprise to find out in the end she does care for him and only wants the pain to stop yet I can't help thinking to earlier in the ep were she wanted to mutilate and kill him if she had the power to.

Spike on the other hand woos her into bed after their talk chalking up his relationship with Buffy was only to see what he was missing and move on. I'm glad at the end she sees what I do that he's a sleaze bag and a phony with his talks of love. It seems that lives are being saved by Buffy being back yet it created the trio and obsessive Spike that seems more like negatives on why she should've stayed buried then brought back.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Hell's Bells
Episode 16, Season 6

Wedding nightmare
The lowest point of the series as Anya & Xander's wedding day approaches only for a demon from her vengeance days to appear to break up wedded bliss. Xander is shown a possible future of his life where he throws his back out so he can't work, his kids hate him and his wife berates him at every turn. Its only enforced as he watches his parents arguing and not wanting to 42nd up like them calls it off. In a way I wanted them to be married to give the series some happiness amongst the gloom, but if someone isn't ready to exchange vales then its a great idea to call it off. Still it hurts my heart to see Anya"a happiness crushed as she walks down the aisle in her wedding dress and the years pouring down her face.

Another aspect is Spike bringing a date to make Buffy jealous. I'm so tired of his tricks to manipulate Buffy into sleeping with him and I'm losing all my respect for the characters. I know the theme is life is a big bad, but its laid on to thick making it unjoyable. Even season 2 has heart breaking stories yet it felt fresh and exciting while this is dragging and depressing.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Normal Again
Episode 17, Season 6

What's real?
A favorite of mine as Buffy is attacked by a demon shooting a chemical into her and making her see another world where she's in a mental institution. Her boss calls her she sees a doctor telling her its time to take her meds of fighting demons turns into orderlies trying to restrain her. She sees her parents are still together and happily married begging her to get better. I find it compelling as you wonder which world is real or fake as both have good cases for being the true world and the ending does nothing to clear it up as the last shot is of her shutting down in the normal world.

I just wish it went further with the concept by having Xander as one of the orderlies or Spike as a fellow inmate with a violent streak to make sense of who these people are and why she pictures them the way they are. Also Spike doesn't help Buffy decide as he drives her crazy with his needs yet she hates him and wants him almost destroying her in the process. Once again it shows their relationship is going to get one of them killed or a mental break down.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: As You Were
Episode 15, Season 6

Old loves
This lightens up the mood as Riley returns back to town having joined the initiative again. Not the only changes as he has a scar and brings with him a wife. Buffy is finally happy after months of wallowing in pity as his wife talks about how important their relationship was in his life even though it ended badly. It builds up her pride to know his heart was broken for a long time until they got together. Not only that Buffy gets back into the swing of the routine working along side him and feeling energized to take out a swarm of demons.

Now the only part that seems contrived is Spike being known as the doctor and housing demon eggs. This was the guy who fought side by side with the scoobies for months to defeat evil and now he's aiding it. Also I found it petty that he rubs his relationship in Riley's face and even tries to put him down for losing out. I find it bigger of Riley to dismiss it nor out his ex down and even say she was his first love showing why the vampire without a soul isn't meant for her.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Older and Far Away
Episode 14, Season 6

Another year older
Buffy is out patrolling when she runs into a demon with a sword and becomes trapped within when pierced. Halfrick a vengeance demon for children grants Dawn's wish to keep every trapped inside with the demon. I like this episode as Dawn's abandonment issues take full frontal in showing how ignored and neglected she's become since Joyce died. Her pain so loud a demon could hear all over the city and forced to act as it broke her heart. Its even alluded to when giving gifts she gives her a nice leather jacket 51st over looked once a new wooden chest to keep weapons locked in is brought out. I'm glad Buffy was able to learn the lesson by deciding to stay inside with her instead of going out with everyone else.

Another aspect I enjoyed was Tara keeping watch over her friend to keep Spike away by directing her toward another guy or breaking up a wooing attempt. Still I notice Buffy hasn't revoked his privileges to her house instead of having a babysitter to keep her aware she doesn't need him to feel alive.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Dead Things
Episode 13, Season 6

Mind control
Warren devises a device that allows the user to control others. It was nice to have Katrina return, but like every thing this season its crashing as the trio plan to turn her into a sex slave and pleasure them. Yet it does show Warren is sexist either by observing it or learned it he sees women as object that do everything you order them to do. Another aspect is they try to blame Buffy for their actions instead of taking responsibility showing that they are moving on from petty games in to serious territory and revolving back to the first point that women should suffer for their crimes. Yet Buffy is a strong woman who figures out there plan, can beat them up and out them in prison. Even though Spike can woo her back into his bed, she does it by choice not by force and even turns away from him when she's at her weakest. Please can James Mardeston keep his shirt on for one episode, we her he has washed board abs and looks great.

Also I love how Buffy takes responsibility at this point by keeping her job and for going to jail if need be for a crime she didn't commit. It Even shows Another difference between Faith & Buffy as one tried to hide the crime as she convinces herself she feels nothing and the other feels remorse as they head to the police station to confess. Also Buffy even turns to Tara asking for advice on why his chip doesn't work only to find out the chip censors are confused and there's nothing wrong with her. She was making up excuses and trying to hide her mural feelings for Spike without wanting to admit it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Doublemeat Palace
Episode 12, Season 6

Fast food worker
The sadness continues as Buffy takes a job at a burger joint and tries to figure out how to work the cash register. You can feel how smooths she feels not knowing how it works, a long line of customers and the employees who clock in like zombies. It makes you think what is a pretty girl settling for this type of work and you realize difficult times can call for the worst jobs. Her slayer duties took priority over school not allowing her to become a lawyer or a nurse making the situation even more downing. The only exciting feature is when she finds body parts in the meat grinder thinking it's people and knocking trays out of customers hands. It feels like this type of situation should've arose during season 3 with the lunch room lady and the script was held back now only making an appearance.

Spike even knows she isn't happy at her job, it will kill her spirit and can get her money. You can see she's tempted, but its to easy to give in and part of being an adult is relying on yourself not someone else. Spike being undead can take what he wants or needs with no worries of tomorrow and shows the disconnect between them.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Gone
Episode 11, Season 6

Invisable girl
Buffy is turned invisible isn't the low point of season six as she feels better not existing at all and forget the world. For a happy go lucky person this is a real downer as it feels like it would've been better if her friends let her rest in peace instead of her dreading life. Also a social worker wants to take Dawn adding to her troubles and Spike turning her down showing that she's fallen from grace. He even realizes that they are using each other to feel instead of enjoying their dirty work. To top off this depressing episode Willow has withdraws as she tries to end her obsession with magic and ends her friendship with Amy who tries to hook up again. I much rather Joss had kept it light in tone a little as the fun factor is sucked out for melodrama and all the characters are becoming unlike able.

The only redeeming arch is Jonathan warning Buffy of Warren plans to kill her which goes back to the character I Love from high school. He has a conscious, cases about others and knows the good the slayer does. I wish He has stuck up to Warren and left the trio to make the point powerful.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Wrecked
Episode 10, Season 6

magicks are bad m'kay
Buffy now regrets sleeping with Spike and wanting to get away from him. I can't help but loath Spike as he manipulates her unlike the hero he was becoming. I really wish he had realized he would never have her instead of forcing himself into her life, whispering in her ear words she wants to hear and fighting her into giving in to lust. It goes back to crush were he's obsessed with the girl he claims to love yet once let in won't let go no matter how much she begs or suffers from the experience.

Another factor is Willow going to see a powerful wizard who juices her up and shows its bad as drugs. Any & Willow act as if they are in a dazed after shooting up and having images or delusions. I know its a metaphor for that, but I like them best when it isn't so out in the open. Dawn even acts hurt by her actions wanting to give up on her and far to heavy to cram into an hour.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Flooded
Episode 4, Season 6

The Trio forms
The trio consists of Jonathan, Warren and Andrew who are setting out to become more then geeks. After Superstar & I was made to love you I don't see why they don't use talents to become rich or famous instead of villains. I know they had ruff pasts, but they should suck up their bad experiences, look ahead to the future and try to change their situation instead of feeling sorry for themselves. Also i know Buffy got back, but they are going for very dressing show a pipe broke, they can't get a loan and the money from her mom's insurance dried up. What I don't get is why no one staying there don't help cover the costs or pitch in since they are squatting. Another factor is why it took so long for Buffy to find work as her mom has been gone for two months did she think Giles would take them in or the cash they do have would last forever.

Another aspect is Giles leaving as he sees she's become to dependent on him instead of growing up. I know its harsh, it may seem cruel, but she has to learn to stand on her own two feet without a parent figure and be a parent to Dawn.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Smashed
Episode 9, Season 6

Amy the rat
Willow sad without Tara conjure up a spell to change a past fellow caste mate into a human. I'm glad Amy's back but they use her to further her dependence on magic as she uses it at the bronze to turn the band into female's and the crowd into a circus instead of taking the warning that magic is taking over her life. Also i find the colored lights to be to fake looking instead of the puff of smoke or swarm devouring the person it's caste on keeping it subtle.

Also Spike learns his chip doesn't work on Buffy anymore and uses it to his advantage to brawl before turning passionate. It never answers what it means about her resurrection on she came back wrong, malfunctioning or if the censors are confused. Also I find it trashy how only pain makes Buffy feel as they bring down the house instead of the comfort friends or family do. Also i don't think Spike taking advantage again should earn him the girl instead of revulsion and skewer from the scoobies he befriended.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tabula Rasa
Episode 8, Season 6

Memory loss
Memories are most as the scoobies can figure out who they are. It was fun to see Anya find her love of cash, has a romance with Giles and Spike thinking he's there son. In a weird way it feels like a real family as they battle loan sharks. Buffy realizes Dawn is her sister and they have a connection which shows they are blood related with big sis protecting her. Willow is first attracted to Xander harking back to her high school memories giving a nice nostalgic moment yet realizes Tara is her main squeeze. Showing that even without our memories some part of is knows what out personality is and where we belong.

Another aspect is Data's concern about Willow using magic is becoming an addiction instead of a pass time. She doesn't realize she's abusing it and will lead her down a dark road forcing them to break up. I find it sad, but for Willow's sake want her to realize she needs to take a break and stop feeling powerless.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More, with Feeling
Episode 7, Season 6

Buffy musical
Brilliant idea as Xander summons Sweet for a few song and dances with one side effect as it makes the citizens combust. The songs are catchy while at the same time advance the plot as Xander realizes Anya is worth marrying, Giles is still needed as a watcher, Dawn feels alone and Buffy tries hard to be a normal girl, but shake off the cold feeling from being dead & reveals she was in heaven to her friends. It didn't feel contrived as it was what they were going through yet afraid to say out loud. As long as we've known them they haven't held back their feelings, marking a change, as they grew keeping to themselves instead of talking. I'm also glad that Buffy finally let the cat out of the bag instead of holding it in allowing them to comfort her and try to make her return painless as possible while the others can now make advances in their lives.

Another aspect is Buffy proves Spike is the only one who she can connect with and can't feel anything. As they kiss it was romantic yet at the same time wrong as it proves his crush only brings out the worst in each other and they can't ever love one another. Also i don't like how Xander summoning Sweet is only a throwaway line without any punishment or scorn for the people that died. Like Spike, they both have actions to atone for yet no one will hold them accountable and sweep it under the rug.

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