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The Many Saints of Newark

So very bad
Absolute garbage. A crime against the original series. Some of the worst acting, editing, writing I e ever seen.

Do not waste your time.

The Card Counter

Terrible....just terrible
Such a disappointment as soon as he met the kid.....the acting was horrible. The story was fragmented.

IMDb at the Oscars: Best Moments from the Oscars 2021 Telecast
Episode 2, Season 5

Boring and irrelevant
Time to end this completely political nonsense. Millionaires getting gold statues that are meaningless. Movies that are at best mediocre.

It's only a matter of time.......

Schitt's Creek

Perhaps the worst comedy ever....Garbage
I love the main stars (in anything else but this) but the rest of the cast is horrible. The writing is so bad it's almost incomprehensible how this got on TV.

Simply put - garbage


Just nice to see no superheroes
A simple yet deep story of a woman searching for what she already knows.

And never once does she land super fast onto the ground with one fist smashing said ground with that one eye brow up.....

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