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A Rainy Day in New York

Good Gatsby
Unless you are a New York socialite already, might be tough to relate to the characters, but this story has a very nice flow to it. Steady dialogue over a Jazzy Soundtrack of Show Tunes and beautiful shots of New York City. The actors seem to enjoy the material and it shows. Woody Allen script keeps you engaged til The End and worked for me. Alas passing the Word.

On Golden Pond

Norman Rules
Caught this Movie today 5 2 2021 on HBO. After so many views over the Years, I have to say Mr Fonda carried the Film. Period. But I do not Cry at end. Nice Soundtrack and Visuals never get Old.

The Dig

What a well done Film about Real Life People. Very Impressive Cast ! Gonna try and Dig up the Time to read book. In the meantime Wikipedia Edith Pretty.

Watched for a second time๐Ÿฟ

French Exit

"Two Little Old Ladies"
A Recently Broke Woman (Michelle Pfeiffer) and her confused and troubled Son (Lucas Hedges) have issues with a Cat and Mortality . Plenty of Dark Humor, Giggles and Odd Supporting characters. Set in PARIS. Adapted from Book ๐Ÿ—ผ

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Good Cinematography
This Film has Won and is up for bunch of Awards. After viewing twice now, I see Why ? Tight script and incredible chemistry between characters. Tough situations to watch, but intoxicating to see what the girls go thru on trip. Excellent Job by 2 Lead actresses !!

There is an abortion clinic 1 Block from where I've Lived for 20 years. Protestors every Saturday on HBO and HBO/MAX.

The Father

Never Been to Paris
I am now permanently cancelling my trip to Paris ."They don't even speak English there" Commanding Performances and great that the script found some Humor to cushion story about such a Horrible Disease.

Tap Dancing making a come back ?

Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal

Believe in Your Genes
Seems like these Rich and Successful People would believe more in their own Genes. No confidence in the way they raised their children. But also were in a way bribed by the system in general. Plus to Lie to your own Kids is not cool. Matthew Modine a shoe in as Rick Singer !

I Care a Lot

Devious Plot
Hell of a Ride but keep in mind it's just a Movie. They can't steal your money thru the Screen. Ha Ha only the narrow minded won't get it. Marvelous Scam Rosamund. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

The Mauritanian

Like UFO's the Government pretty hush hush about Guantanamo. This is true story of Man that gets caught in a corrupt system but fights his way with the Help of Prayer and a Good Attorney played by Jodie Foster ! Be sure and watch till end. Credits include the real life Mohamedou and the song "The Man in Me" by Bob Dylan

Split Decisions

Video Store Clearance Rack Winner
I can't remember if I saw this Movie at the theatre but have Loved it since I found the VHS at my local Video Store Years back. In remembrance of Gene Hackman s Birthday I bought the DVD on Amazon and rewatched again. Totally underated Boxing Movie that is For Sure. The Fighting McGuinns could match up with ROCKY in the Ring anyway. Straight Forward Story. Mob Guys want something the Brothers won't do and Dad and Grandad help. Pretty Violent but Brothers Love Strong ! Family Loyalty abides.


Pretty Trippy
I watched an interview with Viggo and Mr Henriksen few weeks back talking about the making of the Film and what inspired him to write the Story. Now that I have watched the Movie twice, I get it. The reality of Dementia and Old Age is tough to swallow but the Film sets the Tone from the First scene. All the Flashbacks to the Past and still shots of Art and Beautiful scenery make it a kinda trippy ride. Since the story was loosely based on his own Family and personal experiences growing up Viggo was all in and it shows in his directing and acting in the Movie. The clash of characters and Nice Soundtrack make for a Fun watch. Sailors Language thru out. Lance Henriksen is the Man !

Used Cars

The Dog Can Act
So many Movies where a Dog is a Big Part of the Story, but usually a Big Name Star is narrating what the Dog is thinking. All the Dog has to do is sit there and and get affection or Close Ups. Here in one of the Funniest Movies I know of, the Dog can actually ACT and gets Laughs. I recently got the DVD of this Film from Amazon for a Used Car price and couldn't be happier. I have seen many times before and listened to the hilarious Commentary from Kurt Russell Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale about the making of the Film. What a Blast ! Jack Warden is so believable in his dual role. My neighbors complained because I was Laughing so Loud, almost hurt myself. This Movie is a Classic and is aging wonderfully. Dog deserved a Oscar, if they ever add that category ? Al Lewis from The Munsters is Great as the Judge.


Mental Isolation
Tom Berenger Fans out there will dig this Movie about a Retired Marine (Jim Reed) Living and Hunting in the Icy Cold of Northern Maine. Fairly simple Plot twists, see Trailer, but if you Watch til the end you will Root for his character. Reasonable Run Time. (Debbie) Kristen Hager, the Waitress at the Small Town Diner does Good ! Available on Amazon Prime

PS Whoever wrote the Storyline on the IMDB site for this did not see the Movie ?

Da 5 Bloods

Handshakes and Hanoi Hannah
Obviously I like to share my thoughts about Films I see, but I rarely dissect them like many of the other comments posted about this Movie. To each his own, but where do these trolls crawl in from ? Delroy Lindo (The Cider House Rules) performance as PAUL worth all the Gold you see in the Movie. Spike Lee Director also Worth Weight in Gold for Body of Work and Knicks games. He really creates a Bond with these characters. The BLOOD Handshakes make things seem real and tight. I would like to see this on the Big Screen and sure to up my rating by 1 once theatres Re Open and it is re released. Good Work on the Soundtrack as well. Sure there are references to other Films but, Thats Hollywood . Right ? Back to Vietnam to get something is Clear Intention and Obstacle. Black Lives Matter !

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

Collaboration of Talent Shines
"Blues Gets You Out of the Bed in the Mornin" I agree with that. This Film plays out as a Stage Play. Written by August Wilson (Fences) tells the historical story about a recording session by the Mother of the Blues Ma Rainey. Academy Award Winner Viola Davis plays Ma Rainey. Right away she finds the hutzpah, brashness of her character. The great Ann Roth is the Costume Designer and does articulate work with the Period 1927 Chicago. I am thinking of applying for job to work for her ? Nice Suspenders and Suits by the way. The late Chadwick Boseman almost steals the show as trumpet player LEVI who wants things now. Glynn Turman plays Piano Man Toledo and is Host and Narrator of MAKING OF Special Feature that plays after the Film. Denzel Washington is one of the Producers and gives his insight and vision of project and Viola Davis talks about character development. Ann Roth Costumes and Extras. Director George C Wolfe talks scene to scene. I could go on, but overall this is a very Powerful Film with big message. Tough ending See For Yourself on Netflix.

The Midnight Sky

The Main Reason I go to Movies is for the Escape. Although IMO the big chain theaters have somewhat ruined the experience with all the Ads Commercials and Bells and Whistles prior to the feature. I want mind to be on the Movie I am about to see, not Chevrolet. The Midnight Sky is a great escape movie into Space. I have dreamed what it would be like to see the planets up close from another planet. Kinda scary actually. I think if Augustine would have made brief contact with the Space ship on his first try ,but lost them and then had to go the remote Station for better signal, it would have created more drama. The build up to him finding them again would have made the scenes between George and Felicity even better than they are. aka "Frequency" The interactions between the crew on ETHER are almost like another Movie. Alexandre Desplat helms the score. Best to Watch at a theatre and stay for the credits. Nice that its produced by and on Netflix but gives people an excuse not to go theatre and now with COVID ?

All My Life

The Costume Designer ๐Ÿ’˜
Cheesy Rom Com cliches aside, this is a very Good Movie ! Hats off especially to the Costume Design Dept. Outfits REALLY Light up the screen. Very Handsome Cast. Likeable characters. Smart Producers. Perfect Run Time and Score to match ๐Ÿ˜€


Timeless Yet 2020
Not sure How I had missed this Movie , but it is really Funny and so Surreal to NOW in many ways. Hats off to the Writer's and all involved in Production ! Must Have been a Justin Long Podcast ? Luke Wilson kills it and has STRONG Cast mates to Lead in the Year 2506. Emotional ending๐Ÿ˜‚ I lost a tear or 2 during credits.

Mad About You: The Will to Live
Episode 7, Season 8

Picked Up Where They Left Off
Nice Reboot. Does not seem like 25 years later. Pete Lacock is a Former MLB Player and Son of Peter Marshall from Hollywood Squares.

Atomic Blonde

Sofia Boutella
I have watched this Movie bout 3 times now. Very Sexy Film that kinda Grows on you. Charlize is awesome as always and thumbs up to her co stars !! I graduated from same college as John Goodman and I like to see his roles. Maybe a bit to Violent for me but James McAvoy is a great Heavy ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ Soundtrack does its Job too.

The Russia House

Wonderful Score
Lights Up the Screen. Much better after a 2nd or 5th time viewing ! Volume On High First Saw 30 years ago. Aging well The Movie Stars Shine

Let Him Go

Reminds Me Of
I finally thought of a good way to describe this Movie filmed in Montana and North Dakota, it's TAKEN with Lane and Costner sharing the Neeson role vs BIG BAD MAMA except Mama got Son's instead of daughter's ๐Ÿ˜  Go See the Wide Open Settings for Yourself

Lesley Manville Mama !!


Saw at Theatre First Day it Came to San Diego
I saw a pretty intense movie today called "Whiplash". It tells the story of a Young Music student enrolled at a Music Conservatory where the instructor is (excuse my French) a *&@#* F*&^%. Kind of like Hell Week in a Fraternity or Boot Camp in the Service, except the kid plays the Drums in a Jazz Ensemble. The film stars JK Simmons, you know him from the Farmers Insurance commercials, with a non comedic role for Paul Reiser from "Mad About You" fame. Miles Teller plays the drummer with an intensity hard to describe, you just gotta hear it. R for Language from 2014

The Deep End of the Ocean

Always Draws Me In
I have seen this Film at least Half a Dozen Times and Like it better each time. That means it must be a Great Movie with a Moving Story and Performances, Right. Looks like there were Production delays so it got released in 1999 instead of 1998. This probably cost Michelle Pfeiffer a Oscar nomination, because she is so good in this Movie. Treat Williams too. Maybe Going with the Happy ending hurt too Awards wise, but works for me as is.

The Personal History of David Copperfield

AUTHORS Playing Card Game
Dev Patel as David Copperfield in a new adaptation of the Classic Charles Dickens Novel. Remember AUTHORS Playing Card game ? Made me think of, This is a really Flashy Film. Lots of action and characters. Patel narrates his life as Copperfield based on Dickens real life experiences. I wish I had done a little research about the Story before I saw the Movie, so gonna watch again now that I have refreshed my memory. Benedict Wong from (The Martian) plays Mr Wickford who always finds the Vino ๐Ÿท You'll also get a Kick of Hugh Laurie from (House) as Mr Dick. Sadly, I was only person in the theatre.

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