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Knock Knock

Beware of the girl scouts!
Let's be honest, shall we? Most of us are regular movie theater goers. We love movies; good acting; we go to a place where we can have a good time, we can indulge ourselves with what I call "movie theater food", which is not even fast food. The company, we try to stay away from reality, it is good for us to "travel to places and meet with people", and most of us have the dream of maybe someday write a script or even a book that can become something good. However, if you do that, I totally doubt someone related to the movie industry will ever read your stuff if it is not delivered from somebody with influence in the industry. OK, my point is many of us saw Keanu Reeves -- trailer, magazine, news or even the sign as you were heading to buy your ticket and we gave it a chance. Totally waste of time and money! Any big fan of movies is capable of writing something better than this movie. I can make a better story on the screen in 2 or 3 hours. I am very disappointed with the producers. Maybe something went wrong and they had to finish it anyway. The scenario of the movie invites you to a good story that never happens and as the movie gets to its end, you realize it is what it is: totally nonsense! So, maybe there will be a sequel: Bad girl scouts or something like this.

The Theory of Everything

Life is cliché but you have the ability to turn it into something fantastic!
I have read reviews about this movie being a total cliché. Well, think about life of any ordinary human being these days. You're born, luckily someone will take care of and love you -- parents -- and you're likely to go through pre-school, elementary, mid-school, high school, college and find a job, get married, have kids or a career. What is different in all of that? It is YOU!! You think, therefore you are able to make your existence worth. Some will make it, some will not. Some will get nowhere although they totally were born equipped and some will do so much better against all the odds. Life. We all look for the same thing: happiness! Find a point to support our existence, find our passion. and maybe, finding nothing at all, just live one day at a time and enjoying the show as it is. Some good days and bad days, but yes, as long as there is life, there is hope. It is a total cliché, and it is total true! Find your joy, find your passion, it might be just before your eyes! Life is a show, I don't want my money back, not yet, not now!

Paranormal Activity 2

Not even decent to say the least!
I am a big, big movies fan. Especially horror movies. I go to the movie theaters very often if not every weekend. I watch them on TV and all, and I am guess lately -- like in the last 10 years -- you could easily say over 80% of the movies produced are pitiful. It is hard to imagine that somebody really went through all the channels: writing a script, pitch to some show-off a-hole agent who will, in turn lick boots until some Hollywood hot shot who like to be treated like a god decides to take the project on 10%-905 profit sharing basis, you know you're the one with the 10% profit deal. And in the end find someone to produce it. and here is PA-2! A disgrace to horror movies fans! A movie I felt asleep and put my DVR to work and I fast-forwarded it like 7 times. I guess I watched 30 minutes. Franchise is the new name for second tier sequels. Good luck. If you have nothing more interesting to do, nothing at all, if it is snowing outside and you have absolutely no book, video game or a pet to spend your time, it is OK. Other than that, it might help you sleep better.


Very disappointing but there is hope for movie script writers!
Labeling this movie as "horror" in disrespectful to horror movies fans. This movie is pointless. The only good thing about watching this movie is that you will realize you can buy a good camcorder and make something better by yourself. The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity, the first ones, only took imagination, creativity and someone skilled enough to edit the film and finish the work.You can pick one of the thousands "Wallmarts" or convenience stores out there and start right away. Invite a couple of friends, you don't need more than 4 weeks, maybe a month to do it. and I am considering you or your friends have at least part time jobs. Total cost of your own movie will not go beyond USD 500, maybe USD 1,000 if you need to buy your camcorder. Get on the job friends! If someone had the nerve to take this thing to be a movie, there is hope for us, amateur movie makers and horror movies fans.

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