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Ugh, What a Dysfunctional Mess
I watch and enjoy a lot of k-dramas, but this one was nothing more than a series of manipulative, tear-jerking, contrived melodramas, one after another with nothing else to offer. Main female character had the emotional maturity of a child. She never smiled or expressed a single moment of affection, just incessant deer-in-the-headlight looks. Spent the entire series running away from everything. Korean shows are always centered around characters never communicating in a mature fashion, lying to "save" the other person and making self-sacrifices that turn out to be huge errors of judgment. They usually have other elements that make it worthwhile, but not this one. Very juvenile relationships, nothing but dysfunction. I fast forwarded through hoping it would have a payoff, but it never amounted to anything other than feeling sorry for all the characters over and over. This is for people who really enjoy suffering.


What Is the Deal with the Smoking?
Interesting story about the pathology of human nature. Good acting. But what is the deal that so many of the characters smoked when it contributed nothing to the character or storyline? The people who made this show must be BFFs with the tobacco companies. Something sinister is going on that so much of the film industry puts incessant smoking in their shows. Thanks, Netflix.


Serious, Serious Flaws
I'm only at the end of Season 1, but there are some serious flaws with this production. Ridiculous plot holes, like a cop not asking for a DNA test when the identification of a body is crucial. Many such weaknesses. Then there's the music, if you could call it that. It's super melodramatic brass-like noise, but used at every turn, over and over, even when nothing is happening at all. It becomes so grating, repetitive and irritating, it almost made me stop watching, no joke. You become completely desensitized to when something really important might be happening. Then there's such a painfully slow pace with nothing going on, scenes drawn out three times longer than necessary, people following each other or walking on roads, for example. I started fast forwarding through a good deal of it. All characters are liars and selfish. Some pathological, but don't look here for a single one you can admire. I find shows with no admirable characters very depressing. Not a single moment of lightness. This wears on viewers, whether they recognize it or not. Sets are very, very dark, adding to its glumness. Intriguing storyline, which is why people like it, that's its strength, but the flaws are so grating, I am at a complete loss to understand the many 10/10 reviews. Could have been done so much better in someone else's hands.


OMG, A True Test of the Viewer's Mental Health
Tried twice to get through the first episode. I'm so sick of watching narcissistic, personality-disordered characters with no shred of empathy or sensitivity being held up as people we should admire. I thought mental illness was on the rise mostly here in America, but it appears the Brits are just as bad. What's even more distressing is how many people like this show. It reflects a major decline in public mental health. No wonder we have a narcissistic, sociopathic POTUS with half the population admiring his amoral, pathological behavior! A huge contributing factor is this kind of seriously unhealthy fodder, designed solely to shock, but having no other merits, and making pathological behavior seem cool and desirable. Demoralizing. Humanity won't survive widespread narcissism. But entertainment media sure can.

The Protector

Always Yelling, Super Irritating Main Character
Were it not for the obnoxious lead character, I would give it 2 more stars. All he does is get mad, yell, throw fits and act like a 4 year old. It's like watching a child constantly throw a temper tantrum, but in an adult body. So very irritating, I'm going to stop watching. Who wants the main character to be such a childish baby who deals with every situation by yelling at everyone? How are we supposed to root for someone like that? What were the writers thinking??!!?

Neko zamurai

Quite Amusing
Anyone who rates this show with a low score doesn't have any appreciation for its subtle humor. I have really enjoyed the fun plot, the characters and yes, the mellow cat. Even the scary face of the lead actor and the song he sings to himself are amusing. He has perfect features for the role. Enjoyable cinamatography, cute characters. So nice to find some light entertainment that isn't hostile, violent, demoralizing, stressful and toxic. Americans have to seek out foreign shows like this to find emotionally healthy programming. Relax, don't expect a true samurai show and you can have fun with this.


Worst Subtitles Ever Seen
If you're not a native Korean speaker, pass on this. The subtitles are so bad, you will miss key plot points constantly. Entire sentences and half-sentences are just left off. Incompetent translators. I watch lots of Asian programming and have never seen this kind of inept translation.

Zone Blanche

Ho Hum, Could Have Been So Much Better *Spoilers*
The dysfunctional, damaged, single female detective with symptoms of mild Asperger's who does whatever she wants with no repercussions has been done to death. It's tiresome and wholly unbelievable. But the worst part of this very disappointing series was that there are only two minor characters who come remotely close to being likeable or interesting enough for one to give a damn about what happens to them.

From the ridiculous town mayor who can't stand up to his domineering father, to the empathy-blocked detective who seems completely unaware that she has a teen-age daughter, to the neglected, teen-age daughter that consistently courts trouble, all of the characters suffer from terminal stupidity and incompetence. The detective spreads her DNA all over the murder victim and makes a mess of the crime scene. The mayor and his armed thugs point guns at the cops right in front of the police station in broad daylight. And the daughter (of a detective) goes undercover on her own, takes a critical piece of evidence without reporting it to anyone, puts her DNA all over it, then takes it from the crime scene. These are just examples. Every character behaves like an idiot. Yet no one loses their jobs, no one is suspended, no one is even reproached. Given that no bad behavior is ever punished, why bother catching a killer? Who cares about justice and consequence at the end of the drama when there hasn't been a shred of it in the preceding hours?

It's hard for me to understand the high ratings. The dialogue is trite, the characters are unrelatable, the plot is worn and fails to connect on an emotional level. Usually, French film and TV are so much better than ours in the States, but not in this case.

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