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Mud, Sweat and Gears

Utter shite
Hosts have only the most dubious 'credentials', which makes sense since who would want their reputation trashed by being connected to this mess ? Oh these idiots are also mega annoying and their interactions are pathetically contrived, even worse than on reality crap like Pawn Stars, Counting Cars and similar garbage. The guest contestants each week are even worse, the budget and 1 day time limitations result in stupidities that are so breathtaking you can feel their contempt for the audience oozing thru the screen. What needs to be 'annihilated' is this travesty of a show. Running this directly after Top Gear just makes it all worse by comparison, they need to position it for an audience that knows absolutely nothing about cars and has no interest in them.

Loiter Squad

The absolute pits
"Comedy" by talentless morons for complete morons. The live equivalent of Adult Swim's 12oz Mouse, which was animation by idiots who could not draw or write 2 minutes of coherent script with a budget of $22 per episode. That show was back in their infancy when I assumed their entire budget was drawn from petty cash and they took anything Williams Street would churn out at Walmart prices. The budget for this show seems to be about double that and no one connected with the show in front of or behind the camera reveals any ability whatsoever. Unlikely you can get stoned enough to even chuckle if your IQ is above room temperature.


Amazingly bad
Rarely provoked to write a review. Apparently if you have the right connections, an amazingly large and sanctimonious ego you can fund a vanity project that is so transparent, preachy and burdened by some of the most artless boring and endless exposition dialog that will ever be committed to video. If you have those connections and enough money you can also obtain a cast that includes some Grade B celebrities to appear in your vanity productions. What you CANNOT do, apparently, is convince anyone to distribute this crap. Thanks to Showtime at 9AM on a Saturday morning, a few bored individuals were exposed to this, thankfully without paying for the experience. According to IMDb this is the writer's 3rd attempt to prove he has talent. Since neither of the others ever got any distribution either, it seems he simply won't take NO for an answer. There's a certain rubberneck fascination in watching it play out, as when you drive bye a really grisly car accident, and if it's this or a coin collection infomercial to act as your night light, it's a reasonable choice. You can actually see the gears in his brain grinding as he 'proves' how deep and clever he can be. Therein lies the comedy.

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