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Marry Me Again

Should be on DVD
Couldn't agree less with the other review, saw this picture on television a long time ago and thought it was very funny. The comic timing and antics of Robert Cummings were as always top notch! The plot was light weight, but worked OK for this kind of comedy, it's one of those films you can just sit back and enjoy, not take seriously, have a good time watching some masters of their craft do their thing. Why this has never been released on DVD I don't know, certainly deserves it in my book!

Ride Like a Girl

A Win for The Girls
Best Australian movie I've seen in quite a while, and I see most of them. A sterling directing debut for Rachel Griffith. They say the Melbourne Cup is the toughest 2 miler in the world, in 150 years it had never been won by a girl, until Michele Payne nailed it in 2015. A pretty straight talking country girl who doesn't mince words, her essence is captured here by a great performance from Teresa Palmer, the great Sam Neill is perfectly cast as her Father, Paddy, who virtually had to raise his 10 kids by himself, there was only one person who could play her down syndrome brother Stevie, and that was Stevie himself, and, what can I say, A Star is Born. A lot of seasoned actors could take a lesson from Stevie on how to steal a film! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll have a lump in your throat, isn't that what movies are all about?

Lucky Me

Should have been Luckier........
Doris Day is always great even if the movie isn't. This one is let down by a mediocre score, the only really decent song being 'The Blue Bells of Broadway'. I've always liked Robert Cummings, although he doesn't show up until well into the movie, he should have been given more comedy to do, his great talents weren't really utilized, but as always, he did well with what he had. Phil Silvers can be a little over the top at times, but was pretty good, pity Eddie Foy Jnr. didn't have more to do musically, the plot was a bit thin, but the scenery was nice, but as say, always pleasant to see Doris and Robert, so not a total loss!

Three Men from Texas

2 from Texas one from Scotland........
This is the film that introduced the character of California Carlson to the team as the new comic sidekick, played by Scottish born Andy Clyde, and I must say, with all due respects to the great Gabby Hayes, Andy Clyde was my favourite of Hoppy's comedy cohorts, William Boyd must have liked him too because he remained for the rest of the feature film series! Boyd was a great actor, something he had over most of the other B western cowboys and he could often put a lot of feeling and emotion into some of his scenes, giving the Hopalong films a lot more credibility! This is a decent entry in the series with a couple of sad scenes as well as a couple that may shock? After a few more films the excellent Russell Hayden left to pursue his own career. Hopalong Cassidy was always good value for money!

Nancy Drew

Too much tampering with a classic
Kennedy McMann is a beautiful and competent actress, but sadly the producers or writers have turned the beloved Nancy Drew character from an enquiring teen who solves crimes, into a promiscuous 20 something that does the same, mightn't have been so bad under a different name, but I think calling her Nancy Drew has generated all the negative reviews, but, I like the girl playing her so I'll give it a generous 5 because of that!

Disneyland: Sammy, the Way-Out Seal: Part 1
Episode 6, Season 9

Sealed with a Kiss.
I've always been a big fan of Jack Carson, and wanted this because it was his final film, and he went out with a great comedy performance! It's a typical Disney story geared for kids, but since we all retain a bit of kid in us, or we should, I laughed my way through this great little gem. As well as Mr Carson, there was a young Robert Culp doing a fine job as the Dad of Mike McGreevy and Billy Mumy, both great child actors, helped out by a very young and gorgeous Ann Jillian. Not forgetting of course the star of the show, Sammy the seal who naturally, stole all the scenes he was in. A simple feel good movie the type of which we don't see much of these days, and mores the pity!

Man in the Square Suit

Square suit in a round hole!
This pilot was in the extras on my My Favourite Martian DVD set, an odd little show, obviously produced by the same team but never got picked up as a series. Had never heard of Paul Dooley before but I see he has been in a ton of stuff over the years, and still going in his 90's! In this he looked as if he was trying to channel either Robert Cummings or Dick Van Dyke, and was quite likeable I thought. The plot was a bit hackneyed, he, from an older generation who liked good music, up against the kids of the day who preferred the more raucous sounds of Rock & Roll It could have had potential, why it wasn't picked up who knows? The girl who played his wife was good, a bit like a young Patty Duke I thought!

What Dreams May Come

Life goes on............
Never been a fan of Robin Williams comedies, always thought he was more silly than funny, but he was a decent dramatic actor, and does a more than credible job here. This film is a bit disjointed and had a few too many flashbacks for my liking, as for it's depiction of what heaven and hell may be like, I don't think it was too accurate, but then, who knows what it may be like? Certainly religion has no idea, I believe a book called Life in the World Unseen by Anthony Borgia may be the most reliable source of what things are like in the spirit lands that we're all going to. However, this film is a reasonable if somewhat odd love story that will appeal to many!

My Life Is Murder

Murder has Life
After the first couple of episodes, I grew into this show and really enjoyed it. An easy going style of murder mystery, which is a pleasant change of pace, characters you can relate to and some nice views around Melbourne. Just looking at Lucy Lawless is enough for me, a woman who gets more gorgeous as she ages. Good cast all around, and I love the cat! This show has a life and I really hope there'll be further seasons to come!

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

Fairy Tales ain't what they used to be!
By 1969, the real Golden Age of Hollywood was long gone, this was a time when the permissive age and hippies were changing films and audience tastes, and not for the better. I can't say I'm a Tarantino fan, but he does have a huge following, but then I'm a guy from an earlier era, Someone once told me how fabulous Pulp Fiction was so I bought the DVD and thought it was the biggest load of rubbish I'd ever seen, this film was at least better, in my old fashioned opinion, had a nice 1960's look to it, spoiled as always by over the top foul language and violence, but did have a handful of nice nostalgic bits in it, my favourite being the 'Hopalong Cassidy' mugs on the shelf, Hoppy was my boyhood hero! Leonardo and Brad were excellent in their roles, almost as good as Brandy. And at the end, avoiding the tragic Sharon Tate murders for an alternative scenario, to me made no sense whatsoever, still, I guess that's Quentin love him or hate him?

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Whale of a Tale Lads
Still ranks as one of the best live action Disney productions, a fun film for all the family with a stellar cast, Kirk Douglas at his best as the rollicking sailor, and although he's no Bing Crosby, does a great job singing the bouncy sea shanty A Whale of a Tale. James Mason as the dark, brooding Captain Nemo is perfectly cast, Paul Lukas adds his continental dignity as the Professor, and the always enjoyable Peter Lorre along with Esmeralda the seal are on board for some comic relief. Considering this was made long before CGI the special effects stand up remarkable well in this colourful little gem of a film. Disney, back when Walt was in charge and quality was the thing!

The Frontiersmen

Schools out on the Range
Yes it's true, this isn't your typical Hoppy western, but that alone makes it a breath of fresh air, part comedy, part action. William Boyd's star power as Hopalong Cassidy carries much of the film as always, but good turns by Russell Hayden and Gabby Hayes also make good viewing, Evelyn Venables is one of the loveliest of female leads, and young Dickie Jones, the future 'Buffalo Bill Jnr,' is quite endearing and not too brattish! I can't believe that Boyd hated kids and horses and was hard to get along with, everything I've read about him suggests otherwise!

The Doris Day Show

The Ultimate feel good show
Doris Day was like a ray of sunshine, a breath of fresh air, warm and wonderful, and that's how she is in this show, and from all reports that's how she was in real life! I love Doris Day and I love this show, it's as simple as that, think the first two seasons were probably the best, I loved Denver Pyle as her Father, even though in reality he was only two years older than Doris, how many viewers know that I wonder? It's just a sweet gentle fun show, like the lady herself, They probably wouldn't make a show like this today, but then they couldn't, there's no one to replace Doris Day!

The Doris Day Show: The Woman Hater
Episode 4, Season 2

What's not to like!
In this episode Doris get to display her comedy and acting skills as a talky, clumsy dinner partner to woman hating Anthony Eisley, who I always liked in 'Hawaiian Eye', here he plays a woman hating journalist, but then let's face it, he meets his match with the lovely Doris Day! Good episode.

Father Brown

Pray it continues........
Love this series, It's very popular here in Australia, as I believe it is in America. I think Mark Williams does an excellent job as Father Brown, following in the revered footsteps of Alec Guinness and Kenneth More. My favourite character in the later seasons is Lady Bunty Windermere ,what a great name, played by the gorgeous Emer Kenny. She never fails to add a bit of glamour and brightness to ever episode. But the whole cast is good, it's light-hearted, doesn't take itself too seriously, and is a marvellous bit of light entertainment after a hard day! The English scenery is beautiful and easy to take! Another great favourite, 'New Tricks' ended way too soon, hope this one doesn't suffer the same fate! God Bless!

Partners of the Plains

Hoppy digs in...........
A decent entry in the Hoppy catalogue, with our hero locking horns with an English ranch owner played by Melbourne born actress Gwen Gaze, who starts off disliking Hoppy, and clashing with him often through most of the film, but eventually his charm wins her over! Russel Hayden's 'Lucky' is on hand of course, but no Gabby Hayes in this one, his place taken by Harvey Clark as 'Baldy', he survives the film, but sadly died later in the year at only 52. Gwen Gaze for whatever reason retired from films in 1943, but lived to a ripe old age of 94, dying in 2010. Interesting to look back on these old films now, and follow the lives and fate of all the actors via IMDB.

Do Not Disturb

Didn't Disturb Me!
Although far from her greatest comedy, I can't go along with all the negative reviews of this film, yes, the script isn't the best but somehow the talents of Doris and Rod make it enjoyable enough. I personally think the chemistry between Doris Day and Rod Taylor was as good, maybe better than with any of her other famous leading men, but then I am a big fan of fellow Aussie Rod Taylor! Wish they'd made more films together, but their next one, 'The Glass Bottom Boat' was certainly better, in fact my favourite of all Doris Day comedies! Compared with the junk they pass off as comedies these days, 'Do Not Disturb' is a classic!

Two and a Half Men: Of Course He's Dead: Part 1 & 2
Episode 15, Season 12

Ideal Ending
Unlike others, I thought this was a great finale to this series. A complete spoof and send up of the whole series. There's no way this series could have had a serious ending, so they just sent the whole thing up, perfect! Yes, it's a shame Charlie Sheen couldn't have been involved, but I thought the final scenes involving the make believe Charlie and Chuck Lorre were spot on. He takes the mickey out of Charlie, then himself! They brought back as many cast members as they could for little cameos, Hey, it's a comedy folks, what better way for a comedy to finish?

The Glass Bottom Boat

My Favourite 60's comedy!
I believe the original title of this film was to be 'The Spy in Lace Panties', perhaps they thought that was a little too risqué for a Doris Day Film? At any rate, it remains my most loved comedy from that decade. Doris is both funny and sexy, Aussie Rod Taylor is handsome, macho and very funny, they make a perfect pair. The plot is nonsense, but who cares, it's a comedy, and a very funny one at that, how could it be otherwise with the likes of Paul Lynde, John McGiver, Dick Martin , Dom Deloise and other great comedy actors in the cast. And, it just looks good, a colourful make believe world that you wish it could really be like. Eric Fleming the great star of 'Rawhide' plays a rare villain role in this his final film. I for one thought Arthur Godfrey was great as Doris's Dad. Don't analyse it, just sit back, enjoy it and have some good belly laughs along the way. I did, and still do 53 years later!

The Doris Mary Anne Kappelhoff Special

Forever young and sunny.......
She only ever made two variety 'specials', this was the first and probably the best, some of the great old Doris Day standards as well as a few newer ones, Perry Como is as laid back as ever, a surprise guest and some very energetic dancing by Doris at 47, gotta say the 'Them Was the Good Old Days' number is my favourite albeit too short! Did anyone notice that the opening credits has her name spelt as Kapplehoff, every where else I've seen it including here, it's spelt Kappelhoff, I'm guessing the former is correct, You'd assume Doris would have known how to spell her own real name?

The Jungle Princess

Jungle Magic
This is what Hollywood used to be all about, just a rollicking good time, it didn't have to make sense, it didn't have to be realistic, it just had to transport you to a fantasy world and have a good time! Young Dorothy Lamour looks stunningly beautiful years before she teamed with Bing & Bob, Ray Milland looks stunningly handsome years before he proved he could really act. The tiger wins your heart and the monkey looks like it's taking a break from 'Tarzan'. No they don't make movies like this anymore, and you know what, it's a pity. By the way it is on DVD now, do yourself a favour!

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Mindless Clap trap
Nothing more than a choreographed kill fest, full of violence and not much at all in the way of plot, and we wonder why the world is in the state it's in? If this is peoples idea of solid entertainment, maybe they should get out more, a lot of the younger generation seem to love this sort of thing, maybe they've just never seen any good movies, who knows? I'd get more enjoyment out of an old 1930's B grade western!

Avengers: Endgame

Endgame Thank God
Think they've done the super hero thing to death and this one is no better or worse than any of the others, except it's a good 30 minutes too long. The CGI runs rampant as always, plot is ludicrous as they usually are with these things and if this truly is the final instalment it's come non too soon! A lot of young people love these kind of films of course and good luck to them, me, I'd prefer a good western!


Not as Dumbo as the critics make out........
Not that I'm completely in favour of live action remakes of Disney's classic animated films, but I can't believe how many negative reviews there are of 'Dumbo'. I for one enjoyed it, brilliant CGI on Dumbo, and those eyes just melt your heart, and I felt a little lump in the throat when he was separated from his Mum, naturally it's a bit more in depth and gritty than the original, but then all these live action versions are. Thought the kids were good, and everyone pulled their weight. Maybe it's because I just go to the movies for a good time, and don't need to analyse and criticise every little detail, so enjoy the experience more!

Like Cats & Dogs

The Cat's whiskers........
Must admit I had no idea who Cassidy Gifford or Wyatt Nash were, I bought this movie on a Hallmark box set because there was a cat in it. Turned out to be quite an enjoyable little romp with two good looking and competent leads, but for me Mozart ,The cat and Frank ,the dog were the real stars, only downer is we should have seen more of them, still, nice little film, refreshing in that there was no foul language or crude scenes, which seem to be the norm these days, worth it for that alone!

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