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Oral Fixation

Not a bad flick at all...
Watched this with my Boy Kyle at work. Was up Killa?! Anyway, this turned out to be really good. You have to get past the low budget kinda filmed presumably in video..not film look, then you can enjoy. It's shot well, acted as good as i would expect. The plot isn't to bad. A bit far-fetched, but...it's great. It's a fun movie about a crazy lady with an obsession ( not all that oral though ) with men she can't have. Death, murder and teeth pulling ensue. You will notice a bit of the stepfather in there too. Nothing like he's going to save the day...aww he's dead. Ending a bit weird, but worth the viewing for sure.



Coraline made for kids...who are able to think...
I truly think this film shows that all kids aren't a bunch of video-game playing sloths ( i am a big gamer myself ). It has a storyline that must be followed in order to understand why certain events are happening. It doesn't just go for the cheap simple laugh of a Shrek or Madagascar. It uses fairly deep characters, with good character development to incise. And pulls this off without a hitch. It doesn't shy away from a few minor 3d scares either...something that i liked in monster house.

All in all i think this movie works on many different levels. Kids and adults will enjoy. Your kids will have to pay attention to get it ( something missing from kid movies in the last decade ). The animation is top notch, and the 3d is absolutely perfect. The story is such where you actually care about it's characters, and there plight.

A definite must see...

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