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Sluga naroda

Best brainwashing TV show in history
TV show that succesfully was used to brainwash the half of the country. It was streamed at the american Netflix and main ukrainian channels to reach as large an audience as possible. Everything showed in the series was used to portray main character in a good light. Then in real life people started to see this character instead the actual person that was in front of them. People are still blind, but sadly there will be time when they understand the true meaning of everything that was going on during 2019 election of president in Ukraine. I don't know if there have been more genius and at the same time disgusting TV show ever done.


Who i need to become?
An interesting story with perfect actor in main role gives us high quality serial wich can surely become a good and not useless spend of time.

The story telling in Ozark always lead to thoughts like ''What if it could have happened to me?'' Through all season you quastion actions of all actors. What they are doing, why they are doing it and what would you do at their place? What is right and what is wrong? How far you need to go to keep your family alive and survive yourself? Do you need to lie? Do you need to steal? Do you need to kill? Who you need to become?

This show reminds me such serials as ''Breaking bad'', ''Fargo'', ''Better Call Saul''. If you love serious shows that lead you to think and you already watched all best ones, this one is definitely for you.

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