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The Master

awful boring dull
It is amazing to me how viewers and film students fall in love with an auteur director like Anderson but totally lack the objective ability to crucify him when he puts out a dull, poorly written miscast piece of crap like this movie. The actor with three name PSH was given a role he could not handle--he lacks the charisma of my pet cat. He is good as a petty criminal or con men, and we get no background whatsoever of how he became a Master than phony Degrees Though Phoenix is a good actor (he has never been a great one)this role has no sophistication, he simply is a common ordinary whack job. The director gives very little information about any of the other players. Who was person at the end. My wife faded in the first 30 minutes. Also stop making excuse like I have to invest my intellect or imagination to understand the movie. The great weakness today in the films of today is the god-awful writing. This script was full of holes so deep it fell apart early. Garbage!!

Take This Waltz

Simply awful
Thank heaven the wife and I watched this at home. After a great string of great Indies like Security not Guaranteed Blue moon rising the marigold hotel, this was easily the worst film I have seen in a long time. I have never cared less about the leads. Seth Rogan is still a meatball and he looked unhappy at not showing his rear end or dropping the F bomb every 10 seconds. His career as a serious actor has a been laid to rest with beyond awful sulking man-child worthless dialogue and a lack of attraction beyond reality. If Michelle Williams a an actress then I am a rickshaw driver. That a handsome movie actor would earn income by doing this beyond any measure of reality. The writing was about as bad as it gets. His paintings and the chicken cooker were awful. Any 4 year old could draw better. I was hoping they would drown at the lake, fall out of the lighthouse or choke to death on a chicken bone. I don know who sara polley is but she should be ashamed of herself!! God awful dreck.

Moonrise Kingdom

Another wonderful indie
I wish that Hollywood made entertaining films and I always look forward to films Like Marigold Hotel, safety not guaranteed and this quirky classic. I've admired Wes since Bottle Rocket and I really think this is his best. From start to finish, not a single false note was present, and like the other 2 films satisfying with a capitol S.. The cast is superb. The thing that sustains me is there are film makers who tell stories which relate to us as people. This film is a fairy story, but the 2 kids are so wonderful its easy to think it is real. To have stars like Bruce Willis and others lend their talent to a film like is simply wonderful. None of these 3 films are copycats unlike the endless crap like John Carter, a film that cost 250 million, and yet the imbeciles who made it didn't have enough brains to make a title. John who cares. The mind numbing garbage 3D films that have horrible scripts and do 11 sequels. Guys like Anderson and many others can write like their old film counterparts. Now it is techs who use phony cgi as the backbone of their bottom feeding garbage My wife says thank heavens there are men and women who can write and who care about film as art!!

Safety Not Guaranteed

A wonderful film. The story is science fiction, fantasy and real-life relationships. The plot is unique (I know some reviewers have likened it to the back to the future series which was for fun and was fun). It is not only funny, (laugh out loud funny) but mysterious as to what is really going on and stir in some fantasy and science fiction-- but underneath is the inspection of all human beings and their lives and relationships. The casting was superb and the scenic northwest photography was great, I didn't know any of the actors but suffice to say they were chosen by a director of amazing talent. His idea his plot and his script were really really fine. I saw it in LA in Burbank and the audience was mostly the internet set and they loved it. All of their generations electronic things were a big part of the film, but this masterful director reached me, a senior--explaining the kids and yet reaching me with the love stories and those of friendship. Thus the director brought the old universal story of love among all of us. I can only say he is in for a tough career because with this film he has set the bar for himself and his crew very very high. Based on this work he will be great!!

The Deep Blue Sea

This is on my top ten list of the worst movies ever made. Ms Weiss sat around in her pajamas and looked sullen and empty. She had the personality of a dish-rag. She should be ashamed. The directors casting direction screenplay and writing were awful. This movie was the slowest (yawn) i have seen in years. It was like water torture to sit through. The music was annoying to say the least. I wanted to scream stop the music. The critics loved the photography which was so dark you could seldom see the actors. Which in most cases was a relief. That this RAF chap was the love of her life is impossible to understand. There was zero motivation for any of these people. The script was infantile. I really hated this movie and for wasting time precious time to watch it. it should be destroyed and all copies should be returned for burial

The Debt

A total BOMB
One of the few movies in my life I wanted to walk out on. The first hour was slow stupid and BORING. Jessica Chastain whom I loved in tree of life played this role with th dazzling smile of Julia Roberts and not much else. The writing regarding the 2 male agents was god awful! The 2 men were stiff and wooden. None of them had any charisma at all. I cant discuss the plot except it was totally unrealistic and so full of holes it could be an outstanding swiss cheese. This is The MOSSAD people, one of the great government agencies in the world and they all seemed like amateurs. Helen Mirren looked awful and her role was so simply badly written even her talent couldn't overcome it. The ending was the single most preposterous one in the history of film--it was repulsive. If you have ANYTHING else to do (like having dinner), Do not see this film. (except as a lesson for film students. I had NO INTEREST in any character. I just wanted to get out of the theatre and try to get this out of my brain. It was especially dismal to me because I have seen 5 wonderful movies this summer. Simply AWFUL!

Midnight in Paris

Warm wonderful a classic
After seeing 2 crappy movies Meeks crossing and some Italian so-called thriller (both of which I wanted to walk out on) It was a thrill to see a Woody Allen classic. Owen Wilson was just great, and who would have thought that. The cast was uniformly superb and the issues of life were so very compelling. The theory of the movie was that we are all unhappy with being in the present and wish we could return to a "perfect" era. Thus does Wilson LOVE Paris and Paris at Midnight which leads to some wonderful escapades,This is a master at work, and in the full prime of his talent. This will be a classic. Both my wife and I would like to see it again, which we never do.

La doppia ora

Italiano Crapola
If this was not a foreign movie it would be subject to ridicule and laughing. The audience I was with hated it. The plot was the worst I have seen in a so-called "thriller"--IT MADE NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!! There were no way you could figure what time it was, whether a scene was real or a dream, the men were not identifiable because they all looked the same slightly built and with horrible beards. The idea that any women would be attracted by any of them is absurd. Most of the scenes made no sense whatsoever. The plot line was the worst. I wouldn't worry about plot spoilers since the movie makes no sense. Anybody who found this film exciting or "riveting" was short of sleep and had poor concentration. There is no excuse for this film. It stinks. Don't go near it.

Meek's Cutoff

Watching this movie was like actual torture, I hardly know where to begin. Its lack of dialog in the first 15 minutes started my decline. I could list a hundred questions but I will give you a few--how come after a long and exhausting journeys the animals were sleek and looked well- fed. How come the womens clothes were not dirty torn and ragged especially since they came from Walmarts costuming department? Where did the "Indian" come from--where he did his basket come from? The men were awful in their costumes, dialogue and acting. Most of the time I couldn't understand what they were saying but what little I did hear was worthless. The trail leader was the worst performance of an "actor" in movie history or maybe the crappy writing was at fault The dialogue throughout was mush-mouthed and unclear, Not one person acted as if he or she were actual human beings. Not persons personality was clear. If this was supposed to be a western that is the worst of all time. If a movie than whoever made should not be allowed to write or direct in any media for all time. The ending was a fitting finish to one of the worst"movies" ever made it was It was. just plain awful! Please don't show it on cable or satellite and burn all the copies. The audience I was with burst out in to laughter at "the End?"


A terrible awful movie
My wife felt this is one of the worst films we have ever seen, I agree. I am tired of Hollywood whiz and bang and this was the worst. Car after car after car was destroyed (yawn) and the plot line was repeated over and over and over again. The ending was stupid made no sense whatsoever and as usual in Hollywood action films NONE of the characters were given any background and the writing was simply horrendous. Taken was a mildly enjoyable thriller, but this was just garbage. Neeson had a particular profession but seemed to lack any knowledge when pressed for answers. This is just one of the stupid aspects of this god-awful film and the crash scenes were very poorly executed. We both felt that this movie should contain a warning about it--do not waste a precious 2 hours of your life on this piece of absolute crap.

From Prada to Nada

A warm funny movie
I knew very little about this film I liked the title, and so the wife and I went to see it on a lark. I knew none of the actors nor anything about the director and it added to my pleasure because I saw it open-minded and my opinion was not affected by users or media critics, This was a realistic comedy in the rom-com sense. Unlike the usual Rom-Com Hollywood crap (staring jenniferAniston, this had romance but emphasized relationships and family values.It deals with education ambition and obstacles for bettering their lives, Everyone seemed real and life like. I cared a great deal about all of the people involved and what happens to them. Every actor in it were superb. They felt like real people. It had some gentle humor regarding immigrants coming to America and the main start was when 2 young women had to return to the barrio and learn how it is to be part of the working class. I loved it see it!!

True Grit

A great epic film made by 2 great filmmakers
A truly epic beautiful western. The Coen brothers had me with blood simple. Fargo is one of the best 100 movies of all time. Their genius is making a WESTERN whose time has come and gone into a magnificent WESTERN. The Coen Brothers have shown that they can take any subject or genre and make it into a great movie. They surpass themselves in this film. It is epic and the photography is superlative in color so artful that they bring to life the vistas of the west. The film is much closer to the book, unlike the 1969 film. I was never a big fan of John Wayne because all he did in each film was play John Wayne. Jeff Bridges IS the person he plays in all of his movies. He is the new kind of modern actor who are portrayed as real people rather than as film stars. Matt Damon has quietly become one of the most outstanding actors on screen. My wife and I hardly recognized him at first and his performance was miles ahead of Glenn Campbell in the old movie. Subtle and spot on. The young woman was great though too clean for a woman (girl) of the old west. (a minor Quibble) I admire greatly Josh Brolin who is not only a fine actor but takes on what is really just a Cameo role. The picture, though epic in scope, is tightly filmed and enjoyable in each segment. Oscars ALL AROUND!!

Black Swan

You have got to be kidding
This is the worst film I have seen this year. It was annoying, and just awful, The director in his usual ham-fisted "style" gave us 3 options: It is a disappointing ballet movie, it is part horror and part dance movie and it is a pyscological thriller? It fails completely like all film school-like directors films and is so heavy handed it makes you want to walk out. Ms. Portmans acting consists of 2 expressions grim and crazy grim. The dancing is infantile, with arm waving and spinning around substituting for the real thing. As is true of amateur directors and screen writers, there is NO background given of the lead part, so we have no idea if her actions are real or fiction. It would however make a great film to show film students a showcase film with terrible writing and even worse directing. The dance director is not written skillfully and he is an ass and we have no hint as to why he is the great artist-director of dance, None of the characters are fleshed out as human beings, they are all stock human beings. When one is asked to GUESS what this movie is trying to be, mystery hysterical girl part horror or dream then it is simply not worth wasting your time on.

Wild Target

A wonderful farce
I saw this film because my wife didn't want to see the film about the Hiker who cuts off his arm. I knew nothing about yet it was a great surprise. I belly laughed and laughed out loud constantly It has a superb cast right down to the smallest character, just like the old wonderful Brit comedies. It moves at a brisk pace and is not too long. It is underplayed by the cast to a superb degree. It is about a stone cold hit man who has inherited the job from his father. He is also criticized by this mother. There is no real violence. A lot of people are killed but the results are not shown. It reminds me of the great farces of the 30s and 40s. who ever wrote this film is a real talent and the writing is dead on. One of the big surprise of my film life. It is in release only in independent or art houses, but don't miss it!!

Get Low

A sublime Movie
This as close to a perfect movie as you will see this year. A simple story about an old codger who wants something in the nature of an odd request. His odd deeds have made him a legend in the area in which he lives (think the deep south). He has been alone for 4o years living in a run-down cabin and chasing kids and people off his property with a gun. He is the quintessence of a deeply unhappy mournful cranky old man, and he is played by one the great actors of his generation Robert Duvall, joined by an outstanding cast--Bill Murray. Sisy Spacek and others. It deals with life (and death) memories of youth, and deep love between a man and a woman which has lasted a long time. I will not give you the plot, just ask you see this movie as soon as possible. Despite its shoestring budget, it is a GREAT film, written produced and acted by some of the greatest talents of our time. Mr Duvall is worth seeing in this tale, but the supporting cast makes it a superb experience. If you want see a great film crafted by genius, then I urge you not miss it!!


A superb Legal thriller!
I saw this picture after a critics recommendation. As a retired Lawyer I was fascinated by the Hague and its world Court process in prosecuting the atrocities of the Muslums and others in Bosnia. It is a cerebral thriller. It is more interested in pursuing the criminals who were the Leaders of these horrible crimes. It is a great film about the legal system no matter what the court. It relies on drama, good acting rather than tales of horror. The trial scenes are simple yet riveting and suspenseful. It is also a great pleasure that my wife and I knew NONE of the cast, making the film that much better. It always amazes me how many good filmmakers there are in the world who out perform the crap that Hollywood makes. The over blown-in love with special effects is so juvenile it is revolting. Suffice to say Im not a kids anymore and is great to know there are people who recognize that there is an adult mature audience hungering for such films. It is also a thriller, so I guarantee you wont be bored. See it as soon as you can since it is very limited release!!

The Merry Gentleman

A stunning surprise
Michael Keatons directorial debut is incredible. A beautifully paced film about relationships lonely people and a world of difference between occupations and normal perceptions of society. A subtle bringing together of lost souls. It reminded of Eastwoods style--little dialogue, gestures and expressions sighs and looks counting for the shift of emotions. A dark haunting film magnificently photographed,with shadow darkness and light comprising a stunning view. Miss Mcdonald who I remember from an HBO film with Bill Nighy is simply superb in the role of a receptionist. with one fellow worker friend and a secret reason for her independence. If you want to see a real haunting film about the meaning of life and the world of humanity, I beg you to see this film. I see performances of Oscars and the best film I've seen this year so far.

Two Lovers

A really bad movie
If Juoaquin Phoenix wants to change to a rapper, it would probably be better for his career. This movie is easily the worst of the year, if not the decade. In a performance that is part Brando, partly incoherent gestures and mumbling throughout Phoenix is terrible. He shows no emotion other than a hang-dog personality and total depression. There is zero humor in the film. It was so boring I wanted to cry myself. His performance should be required watching in all film schools, as a sterling example of bad, bad acting. I urge you not to see or rent this film. Life is too precious to waste two hours on this monumental flop. My wife and I despise G, Paltrow as an actress and especially her character.. She was herself, and I never for one minute believed she was a real live character. The music was no good either. As for Gray, he should be ashamed for himself, for such a bad effort. As for the plot I reveal no details because it was so illogical and full of giant loopholes that it worth mentioning if only to persuade you as another reason how bad this film was and is. A real stinker!!

Rachel Getting Married

A sure Oscar nomination
-This movie was emotionally absorbing for me. The cast was extraordinary!! LED my MS. Hathaway and Ms. DeWitt, there wasn't a single wrong performance. The father was trying to keep his family together, but was portrayed as a loving person, not a weakling. The superb cameo by Deborah Winger added a dimension to the film, and the scene between her and Hathaway was crushing to me emotionally. I had thought Ms. Hathaway was just another pretty actress, but his film proves me wrong. I couldn't agree less with the comment that these were "whiny rich people". There station in life never occurred to me so outstanding was the story and cast. Make no mistake this is a serious film, and for me at least it was wrenching. The director. with 35 years of experience blended the multi-ethnic cast perfectly and I was happy to see that no part of the film was spent on that theme. From personal experience my family had such a wedding, and there was love in our wedding. The photography was excellent in setting the mood. Both Hathaway and Dewitt should be up for Oscar nominations, but then why not Oscars all around!!

In Search of a Midnight Kiss

A very unusual relationship story
This was a very off-beat indy. It started with two pathetic people meeting on line one a bitch and the other seemingly a pathetic loser. The guy is talked into the internet by his best friend. They meet in a cafe outdoors and after talking to him she says she has another interview wherein she brutally blows off another guy who is lonely pathetic and not attractive. I was left wondering where this was going. For the first 30 minutes of the film I hated the girl and felt bad for the guy. Then something of a miracle happened she changes into a warm vulnerable woman and he gradually becomes a confident independent person. Thanks to absolutely superb writing direction and acting this becomes a riveting realistic portrayal of relationships. I didn't know anyone of these people so it was even more amazing. Shot in black and white LA served as background and thus forced you to focus on the people involved. If this is the state of independent films, than we are in good hands. The writer director managed to make a truly important film with a low low budget because of his genius. This film is hard to find, so I urge you to seek it out!! urge to seek it out.

Frozen River

Sure to be a classic Indie film
For a first time director, a superb job, The general theme is single mothers fighting for their very life. Living on next to nothing,trying to raise their children with almost no resources but their own courage. They are at the very edge of society living in forbidding land of ice snow and frozen lakes and rivers. Both Melissa Leo and the native American woman must make terrible choices in order to live. Despite what the main stream critics have said, the picture is photographed wonderfully and there are no cheap props other indications of cheap film. The actors are fabulous and the characters are interesting, true to life and the story makes sense. This film is a classic, and I hereby nominate both female leads for Oscars. see this film ASAP!!

Le fils de l'épicier

A real clunker
This film would serve as a sleep aid. If you want to run a grocery store see this film. Otherwise, don't waste your time (even for rental. This is one of the most boring films ever made. There is ZERO development of relationships. There is no explanation of why the lead left his home 10 years ago. The romance has no reason,background or development. The female lead has no more than a cameo role and we gather nothing about her personal life, including parents, point of origin. We have no understanding of the male lead. Whats he been doing for 10 years? What is his profession. His brother is a hairdresser (WOW) The feelings between father and son are never explained (I gather the father was and is, a SOB). I gather a lot of the people in the film were not real actors (and neither were the professionals!! If didn't feel the need to get out of the house, we agreed we would NEVER have watched on DVD. Please skip this French DUD!!

Vantage Point

One of THE worst movies of all times
anyone who likes this movie has to be from another planet or a film student. Where do I begin? Horrible acting, an incomprehensible script. The director should be thrown out of the industry, never to appear again. The leads should be ashamed of themselves and send their money back. This goes on my list of bad movies and is easily in the top ten. Life is precious, do not waste your time on this awful awful movie. The useless violence literally dozens --well, it makes me sick. After watching tell no one--a fantastic thriller. The special effects (if thats what they were, were so bad ( even driving down steps) they were laughable. This film should be shown to all film students around the world as a bold example of how really BAD movies can be. It is in fact PURE JUNK>

Sex and the City

Much better than I thought it would be
The wife and I were fans of the show, didn't expect much from the movie. Therefor, we were pleasantly surprised. The script was just right. The movie dealt with aging, and what women deal with once they are past 40. The women were consistent with the TV series. There was lots of fun in it. they didn't overdo ,the fashionista bits and the sex and nudity was perfectly handled. I found the movie better than the series which was fluffy, and at times shallow (but still mucho entertaining and fun) while the movie was, dare I say, poignant and warm-hearted. I also take issue with those who say a REAL man wouldn't be caught dead at this movie. Yes if he was the stereotype male pig. I resent that, and lots of my male friends do too. They also didn't overdo the gay jokes. Go see it, you'll enjoy it.

There Will Be Blood

A strange absorbing film
P. T. Anderson makes an old-fashioned film completely different from his other films. This is a story of an oilman around the turn of the last century, a man who is driven by ambition greed, and hatred for his fellow men. He is really a huckster conning landowners out of their mineral rights by the sheer strength of his personality, and his ability to answer any question they might ask, and satisfying their poverty-driven greed by promising them untold wealth. He is opposed only by an impossibly young preacher who tries to help his people, but fails. The movie revolves around the evil,power struck, hater of men played by Daniel Day-Lewis. His morality knows no bounds and he is willing to do anything, including cold-blooded murder to gain what he wants. The film is great in showing the plight of the land-owner and working class of Americans during this period. It is epic in all places, acting writing directing music, photography. PT Anderson and Lewis are GREAT film-makers. Everyone should see this film.

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