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Still Laugh-In: The Stars Celebrate

Laugh-In was funny. This wasn't.
Really sad to see great actors in a terrible show. Not well produced but there were a few good moments when they showed old clips. The bad thing was that they whizzed through the old clips and then threw new, non-funny, pieces in immediately afterwards. This was much more of a celebration to new stars than a tribute to the original show. Very Sad.

The Romanoffs

Why Romanoffs?
So far, there is no connection between the people in episodes 1-2 except that they believe they are descendants of the last royal family of Russia. It is really two episodes (so far) of relatively regular people, sometimes good and sometimes bad, living their lives. The Romanov part is only included to live up to the series title. If you're looking for insight into the families or how they managed to convert from a life of plenty to the life of a commoner, you won't find it. In addition, the characters seems to lack direction as they wander aimlessly through each day. I doubt I'll make it through many more episodes but I'm waiting on Christina Hendricks. John Slattery's role in episode 2 was so minor he wouldn't even be credited in many TV series. I do look forward to more from him. Aaron Eckhart has been great in the things I've seen him in, including this. Hopefully he'll continue. But other than those actors, who I really like, the stories are bland and lack any depth, contemporarily or historically. I never thought it was a documentary but then why did they name it "The Romanoffs"?

The Perfect Murder

Really Terrible Show
Terrible acting and writing with ridiculous ideas on how cases are solved. I can't believe this show has lasted so long. You can't get past the bad in this show to enjoy what little good exists. I watch all kinds of crime shows and this is easily the worst crime show I've ever seen. You have to watch at least one episode to decide for yourself, but I can't watch this show anymore. I am too embarrassed for the actors, directors, and writers.

Sneaky Pete

Great show even with so many characters
A customer recommended this series when I was looking for something new to watch, so I bit. I was really surprised that this show was as good as it is. Although in the first half of Season 1, I thought that it was going to be how the main character "Pete" slyly dodged all attempts to prove he wasn't the "real Pete", and it got very close to being repetitious. But by episode 4-5, I was hooked.

You almost have to binge watch this series because there are a lot of characters to keep up with. The writers & directors handled it well, but you still have to remind yourself who everyone is and their relation to others in the cast. Not sure I could do this as easily if I watched it one episode per week.

The cast is great. I generally like to mention the best performances, but there were just too many. Nearly everyone played their roles extremely well. I will definitely re-watch it to fill in some of the blanks and clarify some character motivations, but this is a show you should watch if you like suspense and intrigue without too much drama.

Friends: The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin
Episode 19, Season 7

Sort of Liked It
Have to agree with "Dull all round" to a point. It was just a weird episode. "Friends" has a lot of LOL episodes, but this was a "laugh uncomfortably" one. I can't believe they came up with this. Maybe different writers? I kind of wish they hadn't said anything.

Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda: Lockdown
Episode 11, Season 7

Joe is great & love the series, but...
I have watched nearly every episode of this series and haven't found a bad one yet. Obviously some are better than others, but overall it's terrific TV. But Joe made a statement in the beginning of this episode caused me pause. He said, "there isn't a policeman in the world that wants to shoot anybody." He's on TV, doesn't he watch the news? I could agree that ~98% of police don't ever want to shoot anybody, but there have been far too many police killings caught on camera to make a blanket statement like that. And of course, he included the whole world, which is another problem. I doubt that every country in the world has the US police personnel and free press that help keep those numbers down.

Taken: I Surrender
Episode 10, Season 1

Really good show until episodes 9-10
I could deal with episode 9 as just a "one off" BAD episode, but then to repeat it in episode 10 killed it for me. I really enjoyed 1-8 and could easily overlook errors in judgment, but the last 2 episodes were just silly.

It wasn't the acting or directing, it was the writing. What a terrible end to the first season. Season 2 needs to be a lot better or they'll lose.

Taken: Gone
Episode 9, Season 1

Really good show until episodes 9-10
I agree with jumish76. I could deal with episode 9 as just a "one off" BAD episode, but then to repeat it in episode 10 killed it for me. I really enjoyed 1-8 and could easily overlook errors in judgment, but the last 2 episodes were just silly.

It wasn't the acting or directing, it was the writing. What a terrible end to the first season. Season 2 needs to be a lot better or they'll lose me as well.

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service: Power Down
Episode 8, Season 7

Great Series - Weak Show
Seriously, a nearly complete power and communications outage in Washington DC for 24-48 hours? I would personally love it, but I know there is no way we can keep all those political loud mouths quiet for that long. I also know that they have all kinds of emergency plans and backup generators so that much of the city would function. This episode is just way too ridiculous to be taken seriously. They have Abby manually matching fingerprints overnight. This couldn't be done even when we had highly trained fingerprint experts and a lot fewer fingerprints (1950s-1970s). But Abby does it. Before the fingerprint match, Abby manually matches tire prints to a 1999 Chevy Impala. Now assuming that they actually produced Impalas in 1999 (they didn't) this episode happens in 2009. What's the likelihood that a 10-YO car would have the original tires? Love the series, but they sometimes write fairy tales.

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service: Call of Silence
Episode 7, Season 2

Not the Best
I really like most episodes, but this one was just too far afield for me. Some episodes push the envelope on realism, but the actors & directors generally make up for it. This one was just weird. An 85 yo WW2 Medal of Honor veteran walks into NCIS and admits to killing a buddy during the war (~60 years ago). It was probably the last war US citizens overwhelmingly supported. He had recently lost his wife and felt compelled to confess. The NCIS team decides to spend a lot of manpower, time, and effort to investigate. This seemed incredible to me, but then NCIS digs up the victim and discovers he had stepped on a landmine losing both his legs during a major offensive on Iwo Jima. This episode should have ended here, but they drug it out for another 20-30 minutes with an elaborate "re-enactment" of the events. Love the show, but this episode was not one of their best.

The Ranch

Good but not Great
The cast is terrific and much of the non-comedic parts are well done, but I probably won't continue to watch it - at least not enthusiastically. I am a big Ashton Kutcher/Sam Elliot/Debra Winger fan but I just don't relate to the characters. Colt Bennett (Kutcher) is an aging, yet still revered, high school football super star who returns home after ~15 years. He has failed to gain serious traction with a professional football team and wants to resume his role as a loyal son of a rancher, Beau Bennett (Sam Elliot). His mother, Maggie (Winger), has separated from her husband but owns and runs a local tavern frequented by her entire family.

Both Colt and his brother Rooster (Danny Masterson) are in their mid-30s but act like teenagers (or wild 25 year-olds). They drink and carouse nightly, engage in sex anywhere, and are generally irresponsible except when trying to support their father. Reminds me of a country version of Charlie Sheen in 2-1/2 Men.

While I didn't really relate to Charlie Sheen's character in 2-1/2 (or Ashton Kutcher's that followed) the material was so good that you didn't really need to.

A lot of the comedy is recycled or formula, and much of the comedic timing seems forced. Most of it just doesn't feel fresh.

One thing they do very well is to include more dramatic and emotional parts that are not generally seen in comedies. There's a real honesty between Beau and Maggie as they struggle with the future of their marriage. There's also a real conflict between Colt and Beau and their regard (or lack thereof) for each other.

If you're a Netflix subscriber, you should watch the first couple of episodes and decide for yourself. If you're not, I wouldn't subscribe to Netflix just to see this.

The Ranch: Back Where I Come From
Episode 1, Season 1

Great cast but ...
It has a great cast. Seeing Sam Elliot, Debra Winger, Ashton Kutcher, and Danny Masterson in the same show is really great. Unfortunately, many of the jokes are formula or recycled, and the comedic timing is a little forced. This show is best when they deal with real, non-comedic issues. It is not politically correct. That is a plus for me and many others, but it may may get tiresome in the long run.

Debra Winger is a great actress whose character adds stability to tone of the show. She plays the sensible, grounded one. San Elliot plays a strong, self-reliant rancher with a pretty clear understanding of who he is. However, he hasn't been able to instill this confidence in his sons (Kutcher & Masterson).

You should watch the first 2-3 episodes and make up your own mind about it. It has some great parts and you might like it more than me.


Great Show
I would have given it a 10, but some of the story lines are a bit unbelievable. The acting is great and the characters are being well developed. It's also terrific that we have another group of REALLY smart people who do great things. This is just in its first season and it really seems to be evolving into a very strong, interesting series. All the actors are very good and I think they'll continue to improve as they get more acclimated to their roles. Glad they brought the kid into the show but the baseball dad is more of an awkward distraction than an important character. Maybe the team can use him as an investigator? In any case, he needs a better purpose.

2 Broke Girls

Not sure who's rating this show
It currently has a good rating on IMDb, but the reviews I've read aren't good. I have watched this show a few times including tonight and it's two girls spouting 100+ punchlines for 30 minutes. The girls are cute but not talented -or- at least not talented in this setting. Maybe it has a cult following or certain groups really relate to it? It reminds me of a high school production, but weak acting, silly jokes, and poor story development don't make for a great show. Somehow, this show was renewed for a 4th season so it must have a sizable audience. Too bad much better shows were canceled. I've seen a couple of the supporting actors in other shows and they seemed pretty good, but not here. Hope the show improves.

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