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Jupiter Ascending

It's like watching a piece of garbage
The Wachowskis Brothers are best known for it's critically acclaimed movies like The Matrix trilogy and Cloud Atlas. But in 2015, they hardly don't know what they were doing.

Jupiter Ascending tells a story so predictable, i wouldn't even care following the plot. You know what, there are only three things I liked about this film. The visual effects, the scenery and the costume designs, while the rest of the film sucks. The script was poorly written and was trying to be smart and thought-provoking even if it's not. The fight scenes and the climax of the film were very lousy and uninteresting. Mila Kunis fails to deliver the goods as the film's lead. And the writers even put a predictable love story between Kunis and Tatum which, I think, has nothing to do with the plot. They just put it there so that some audiences will like/love this movie. On the other hand, Eddie Redmayne plays as a villain and obviously didn't know how to act one. Argh! I can't believe I just spent my money on this one.

To end this short review, Jupiter Ascending is terrible from start to finish. It's like watching a piece of garbage for 127 min. Seriously, avoid this movie at all cost.

Vampire Academy

One of the worst YA book-to-film adaptation ever
Vampire Academy is one of the worst film released in 2014 and it's also one of the worst YA adaptation ever. Trying to mix the concept of Harry Potter, Twilight and Mean Girls, this YA film is a less satisfying to watch. Mark Waters, the director of Mean Girls, did a terrible job to direct this film. Daniel Waters, the screenwriter of Heathers, also did a terrible job writing the script. The script was awful and poorly written. It suffers from a horrible pacing, unfunny jokes, uninteresting fights, crappy romance and more and more cheesy dialogues. The casts were totally pathetic on their performances and I can't stand them on screen. For those people who have read the book will surely be disappointed and even those people who hadn't read the book will be disappointed too. I think it's time to destroy these YA book-to-film wannabees who try to make the success of other YA book-to-film adaptations like The Hunger Games. So, grow up Hollywood! I will give this film a score of 1 because I don't really see interesting in here except for the fact that the main lead looks like a young Rose Byrne.


A fun ride
I saw this film without a knowledge what's in the plot and I don't even really know the casts very well except for Kevin Bacon. But whoa, I got this amazing sensation when I watched this movie. This movie perfectly balances the comedy and horror genre plus thrills. It's about a group of natives of a small isolated town defend themselves against strange underground creatures which are killing them one by one. Sounds cheesy, right?

Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward really brings an entertaining and perfect chemistry on the screen. They're bad-ass type and tough-as-nails personalities were extraordinary and as you watch them throughout the film, the more you enjoy this flick. The other casts did a fine job as well. You were kind of rooting for them to survive and not to be eaten by graboids. The graboids looks kinda' cheesy yet scary. The point of view of the graboids using the point of view of a single camera looks even more scarier as it hunts down for its next victim.

This movie makes me laugh, makes me terrified, makes me want to bite my fingernails and even makes me want to be careful when I'm standing on the ground and trying not to make a sound. Overall, Tremors is a fun film and a fun ride. Watch this on a lazy weekend or whatever. I will give this movie a score of 9.

About Time

A ridiculous use of the time travel
Richard Curtis once again made another film about romance and this time it's got a twist, TIME TRAVEL. Sure, critics and moviegoers find this sweet and sentimental and one of Curtis' best flick, but don't they get tired of all the Hollywood time travel wannabees and trying to make time travel a much more easy subject? Now, time travel films are now scattered around the globe and it's irritating. In this film, it's about a man who learns that all men in his family have always had the ability to travel through time. To use this, they would go inside a closet and close their eyes while clenching their fist and then voila, they can now travel in time. What the fu**?! Is that it? It's not enough science and it's too brainless. Do they think time travel would be that easy? I just hate it.

I think I'm going to agree on some people who thought that this film captures the best of romance. It has its sweet and funny moments, valuable lessons about love and great music too. Rachel McAdams is charming as always. Did you know that this is her third film about time travel romance? She first appeared in Robert Schwentke's The Time Traveler's Wife and then Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris. And now, in here. Didn't she get tired already? But of course, one thing I liked about this movie that it's beautifully filmed from start to finish. What more can I say?

Overall, About Time is sweet, funny and sentimental but as I said, the ridiculous use of the time travel makes this film a huge disappointment. I think it's about time to stop this ridiculous subject unless if they really know the subject very well and had enough brains. I think I will give this film a score of 5. Oh and by the way, there was no chemistry between Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams.


Too noisy and messy
I heard that there is no actually CGI in any of the car crash scenes. All the crashes in the movie are real. Too bad. They gave so much effort for nothing. I'm glad that this film got a lower rating from various websites. This film deserves it. I just wasted 90 minutes of my life. I wish I could take that back and do something else instead like sleeping than watching this piece of garbage.

The film has it all. From cliché action sequences and bad acting. Selena Gomez gave the worst performance in her career ever. Playing as "The Kid", she's so annoying and horrible that she deserves her Razzie nomination. And why did Ethan Hawke accept to play in this movie? He could have been chosen a better role.

Overall, Getaway is a horrible film. It's a mess and a noisy action flick. I will give this film a score of 1 because there's nothing good to watch this film. It's just a completely nuisance.

Machine Gun Preacher

Too emotionally vacant
It's good to hear that they're making a film about Sam Childers' story during the mayhem in Sudan. It's good to hear that Marc Forster, the director of Monster's Ball and Finding Neverland, will direct this biographical film. It's good to hear that Gerard Butler was picked to play the part as Sam Childers. But that good hearing is eventually turned into a disappointment because Machine Gun Preacher is too emotionally vacant to bring Sam Childers' story into the big screen.

I think the main problem is mainly in the script. Every scene in the movie is vacant for emotions. We want to witness Sam Childers' story, right? But what we got is a predictable biographical film. It's filled with horrible pacing, poorly direction, a script that is terribly written and a waste of talented casts. Machine Gun Preacher is a mess. I wonder if the real person behind this film also feels the same way.

Overall, I think I will give this film a score of 3 since the casts did a pretty good job and the music is beautiful.


Gravity relies more on its visuals than its plot
I'm really glad that this film won 7 Oscars. I really do. I think Alfonso Cuaron really deserves his award for Best Director. As well as the visual effects team who make this film more impressive. The cinematography, the terrifying silence of the outer space, musical score and the editing were outstanding and it adds more beauty to this film. The outer space looks so realistic and impressive that I was completely amaze seeing what it's like to be in there. There's no doubt that sci-fi fans will love this flick. But for those people who just want to see and experience a sci-fi thriller roller coaster ride just like me, they'll be disappointed. Sure, the visuals were a top notch, but what about the plot? The movie itself relies more on its visuals than giving away some storyline. There are some few suspense and thrills, but that's it? The film's premise is not really that intriguing. Who would want to see a film that the main character spends the entire movie floating on the space and keep bumping into stuff, muttering, and desperately trying to gasp for air? It sounds boring.

The script was poorly written. Too much terrible dialogue and awkward situations that got me scratching my head. I don't care if this film was praised by critics. I don't care if this film got 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. I don't care if this film got a metascore of 96. I don't care. This movie is so boring that I spend every second glancing at the clock, waiting to end this film. I nearly died of boredom. The visual effects can't help for me to make this film better to watch.

Overall, Gravity is more appropriate movie to watch if you're into sci- fi genre. But let me tell you something, there's nothing wrong if you want to watch this film, but it could be boring at times. So be prepared. I give this sci-fi film a score of 2.5 for the visuals, cinematography, etc.

The Blind Side

Sandra Bullock really deserves her Oscar..
The Blind Side is sentimental, brilliant and one of the best film of 2009. You will learn many valuable lessons in just 2 hours by watching this movie and it was definitely an amazing experience. Sandra Bullock really deserves her Oscar for playing a devoted Christian who helps a homeless and traumatized boy and throughout the film, you really feel her love, acceptance and care for Michael Oher, and there are so many reasons why you will loved this film. Quinton Aaron was brilliant too. He perfectly delivers his character on to the big screen and it's satisfies me. It also has some funny moments, but other than that, this movie will surely touch your heart. Talented cast, brilliant directing, wonderful story and a well-done film!

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