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Tales of Halloween

Entertaining for the most part
I bloody love anthologies! While they can be a mixed bag in which some are bloody awesome and some pretty damn terrible, the fact that each doesn't last long makes it worthy a watch in my eyes!

The Tales of Halloween has ten gruesome tales all based around Halloween, of course (the most wonderful time of the year!)

Most of them are fast-paced and involve classic Halloween staples, full of references to infamous horror, but a few were too horror- comedy for me. I prefer creeps over laughs, but there was enough gore to keep me satisfied.

A perfect watch for Halloween, though I'd have loved it if Tales of Halloween had gone all out scary, dark and disturbing, but i'm sure many horror fans will love this anyways.

I'd recommend giving it a go, there's surely something you'll like.

Knock Knock

Well i'm quite surprised by Keanu Reeves for this one....

Eli Roth not so much, but i'll probably still watch all his movies...

We have family man Keanu (Evan) left alone for the weekend who lets in two hot young women Genesis (Lorenza Izzo, Roth's spouse) and Bell (Ana De Armas) after saying they've been stranded and cant get to a friends house blah blah blah.... overly sexual and overly friendly they coerce Evan into a sexual encounter.

The next day, cue "to catch a predator" game, a bizarre game of cat and mouse (i'd have choked one of them out long before they got me tied up), a rather stupid death, and then an ending with no satisfaction.

I wanted to like it, and i watched it until the end, but it was just not good! Keanu had the same tone the whole way through, the girls were over the top and the story of "morals" was just blah.

Sorry Roth but you can do better, can you? No, no you can.

Amber Alert

Such a let down!
Its no secret that I love a found footage movie... and i don't think i'm a harsh or as hard to please as a lot of horror fans... but damn this had potential and it basically went nowhere until maybe the last five minutes.. which was short lived...

Firstly, the main characters are too annoying to like, want to like, or want to succeed.

I applaud a hero I really do, and while Sam was trying to be that, her whiny, illogical and manner made me hate her a little and not want to her to succeed. And she was trying to save a kid! I don't know what that says about me but i wanted someone more likable. All of the actors were too unlikable... not an ounce of likability between them...

The first hour of the movie is watching them chase the amber alert car... screaming at each other... annnnddddd that's about it..

The last five/ten minutes of the movie was the most interesting but it ended all too quickly... I would've preferred more story to the creeps house and what happened when he came back... but there wasn't anything... he comes back and they all end up dead within a few minutes.

Amber Alert had a lot of potential and I really really wanted it to be good and I really, really wanted to like it, but i really didn't. Possibly the worst score I've ever given a film.

So no recommendation here. Much like the others, don't waste your time.

Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story

A decent found footage... hes right friggin there!!
I do love a found footage horror and while I've heard of the Marble Hornets series, I went into this pretty blind on the slenderman front. Whether that is why I enjoyed it so much (seeing all the bad reviews) but it was fast paced, creepy and had a pretty good story, what was not to like?

Following a small news team inspecting repossessed house, they come across a box of video tapes and sense a story. After watching the tapes, they soon realize the family wasn't pushed out by the banks, but by a faceless figure that can only be seen by a camera lens.

While the slenderman to me isn't that scary when you actually see him, the glimpses and cut jump shots you get of him were very effective.

Seemingly if you're a Marble Hornets fan you won't particularly like this movie, if you aren't you'll probably dig it like me.

Last Shift

Creepy and Intense
Directed by Anthony DiBlasi (Dread), Last Shift is a well-written and decent horror movie.

Revolving around newcomer officer, Jessica Loren (Juliana Harkavy) who starts her first night shift in a police station that is basically abandoned but needing "security". She is greeted and soon left alone by her rather intense commanding offer and strange occurrences begin to unfold as the night progresses.

The movie is pretty fast paced, there's a load of jumps scares and it has some pretty creepy moments. I'd recommended it.

The Atticus Institute

How can you hate this movie?
Seriously how can you hate this movie?

Clever, interesting and original The Atticus Insititute gets a thumbs up from me, hats off to writer and director Chris Sparling.

Filmed as a mockumentary, it initially revolves around telekinesis and one particularly gifted woman, Judith Winstead. Rya Kihlstedt who plays Judith gives a brilliant and totally believable performance.

I really don't want to say much and spoil any of it, I'd just say give it a go.

How many noses does a monkey have?

I Spit on Your Grave 3: Vengeance Is Mine

OTT this time
I really liked both 1 and 2 of Steve R. Monroe's I Spit On Your Grave movies, but this third installment directed by R.D. Braunstein turned into a bit of a joke.

Years after her abuse Jennifer Hills (Sarah Buter) is is trying to get on with her life with the help of a psychiatrist and a support group. Not sleeping, daydreaming and hating life, Jennifer soon meets Marla (Jennifer Landon) who's "stuff the world" attitude and positive outlook on justice soon helps Jennifer with her own outlook on life. The pair become BFF's and begin dishing out their own form of justice. When something happens to Marla, Jennifer seems to lose the plot and go it alone in a sadistic, I-now-love-killing manner.

In I Spit on Your Grave: Vengeance is Mine it lost the difficulty of abuse and the brutality of it that the previous movies had. It became more Saw than sad.

If you liked the first two you probably won't like this much, but if you hated the first two, this attempt might be right up your ally.

The ABCs of Death

Anthology Heaven (ish)
Now I do love an anthology, and a horror movie made up of a sh*t load of shorts is something I just can't miss!

Each short is based on a letter of the alphabet... and death.

Many of the shorts are interesting and completely out there, some are just WTF and some shouldn't even be classed as any sort of horror. My personal favorites are A, E, L (I know i'm messed up), P and X.

The acting is pretty good in each short, but no stand out fails or Oscar worthy performances.

Overall I had to give it five because there's so much choice. It's just unfortunate that half of the choices are pretty lame. Give it a go and forward bits that bore you, they probably won't get better.

All Hallows' Eve

What a creepy clown!
After being a few years late I finally got down to watching All Hallows' Eve and I have to say that even though it wasn't amazing, I enjoyed it.

All Hallows Eve is a series of three short stories with a wrap- around story. The introductory wraparound story is that a babysitter takes two kids trick or treating on Halloween night and one of the kids is given an unmarked VHS tape.

Not allowing the kids to watch more than the first story, the babysitter tucks them into bed and watches the rest of the tape alone. Curiosity killed the cat, as they say.

Anyways as a whole the movie is pretty decent, the effects pretty B- movie at times (especially the alien) but I enjoyed watching it and would recommended it. Mainly for the clown though, the best thing about All Hallows Eve is the clown. Creepily playful Art the Clown.

Would You Rather

Decent horror movie
Directed by David Guy Levy and starring Brittany Snow and Jeffrey Combs, Would You Rather, is a twisted game of survival.

Young Iris (Brittany Snow), is concerned for her brother who is suffering from a terrible disease. Desperate to help her sickly brother, Iris accepts a dinner invitation given to her by a rich business named Shepard Lambrick (Jeffrey Combs), to what seems to be quick and easy money.

Upon arrival Iris meets a number of other competitors also involved and as they sit down for food, are soon presented with the first part of the game. We then follow a series of tortures and torments in which everyone has to make a choice in a very short span of time to a "would you rather" scenario.

Although you don't care about anyone, except possible a little for Iris, the performances were great, the suspense was there, and the kills enough to keep it interesting but were not over the top.

Would You Rather is an entertaining horror flick and I recommend giving it a go.


Damn that was good!
Rarely do I watch a horror and go "that was gooood"... but damn that was gooood!

Directed by Oz Perkins and starring Emma Roberts, The Blackcoat's Daughter, is creepy, thought-provoking and atmospheric.

The film follows Kat and Rose, two girls at an all female boarding school who are left alone at the school when their parents fail to pick them up for winter break. From there, it's a slow burner but with constant edge. The build-up giving a feeling of dread throughout.

All acting is well done with a great cast, with Lucy Boynton nailing her character.

I love a good horror that creeps you out and makes you think. The Blackcoat's Daughter did that for me, highly recommended!


A well done anthology
Directed and written by many, Southbound is a interesting, genre savvy anthology feature.

Being a huge fan of anthologies I gave this a go blindly, after not hearing much about it, and was pleasantly surprised.

Southbound features five loosely related stories all taking in the same desolate area. It will leave you with both haunting imagery and interesting train of though. I, however, came away wanting more clarification due to a rather unexplained plot and an ending which also doesn't explain much.

Despite the low budget, Southbound is clearly well thought out, if slightly secretive, and very well designed. If you are a big fan of anthology horrors like me then I think you will probably be a big fan of this.

The Theatre Bizarre

Bit weird, but expected
Aptly named anthology The Theatre Bizarre delivers a mixed bag of horrifying goodies.

A young woman is walks into a seemingly abandoned Theater, where she's soon welcomed by a marionette version of cult legend Udo Kier and numerous other grisly dummies who present a number of nightmarish stories.

"The Accident was the most visually appealing. "I Love You" was the best for me, and "Wet Dreams" kept me watching. "Vision Stains" was one of the most interesting. "Mother of Toads" was my least favorite and "Sweets" the most outlandish of the bunch.

Overall I do like an anthology and The Theatre Bizarre isn't the worst, but it certainly isn't the best. With its title it was as good as to be expected. Worth a watch on a boring night in.

The Den

A little gem
Directed by Zachary Donohue and starring Melanie Papalia as lead, The Den, is interesting and definitely worth a watch!

Filmed entirely like you are sitting at a desk and watching somebody else's computer, The Den, follows Elizabeth (Papalia) as she works off of a grant she generously received for her research on a social media site to monitor the habits of its webcam users.

After dealing with a number of horny teen, sleazeballs, kinky old folk, cat lovers, Elizabeth comes across someone using just an image and no webcam more than once on the site. She soon finds out the person behind the image are about to change her world forever.

It keeps you gripped and highlights the dangers of social media. It's a f*cked up world out there! It's definitely worth a watch and deserves a lot more credit.

V/H/S Viral

Disappointing after the first two
If you have seen the first two, then the third will probably be a let-down.

V/H/S Viral follows the same anthology premise as the first two but the stories don't flow as easily.

"Vicious Circles" was the most confusing for me. "Dante the Great" was one of the best. "Bonestorm" visually great but not the best story. "Parallel Monsters" had potential but went a bit overboard wtf.

It seems in the third they tried to push the creativity and it didn't work, not for me anyway. The cast is a solid as the previous installments but the stories aren't as easy to grasp and at the end you're kinda wondering what the hell went on.

I thoroughly enjoyed V/H/S/ 1 and 2 and was excited for the third, but it lost something this time around. Unfortunately it wasn't good enough for me to want to buy the DVD for the surprise "Gorgeous Vortex" segment.


Great premise very well executed
Based on the Clive Barker story first published in 1984, Dread, tells the tale of two college students who embark on a school project about peoples fears.

Dread lets us see what some people Dread and then lets them face it while we watch. Directed by Anthony DiBlasi its an interesting movie with a lot to say.

It messes with your psyche, it makes you think of what you Dread, it makes you imagine it coming through.

The characters are believable and its nice to see a movie not so "Hollywood". Led by Jackson Rathbone and Shaun Evans, who are both equally strong, while Hanna Steen and Laura Donnelly gave great emotion with their characters.

DiBlasi knows how to make a horror movie and make it well. Highly recommended.


Definitely worth a watch
What is everyone complaining about? It seems impossible to please a horror fan these days.

Holidays is a decent anthology horror comprised of eight shorts each with a different holiday theme; Valentine's Day, St Patricks Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Christmas and New Year's Eve.

My favorites are Easter, Mothers Day, Halloween and Christmas.

They're interesting, different and each one doesn't last too long, what's not to like? If you like anthology movies you'll definitely like Holidays.

If you haven't watched it all I can say is GIVE IT A GO.

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