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Pinky and the Brain

A bit overrated, isn't it
It's not bad but I'm failing to see the 10 stars worthy cartoon. Or the one that has almost all reviews saying it's hysterical, hilarious, amazing and out of this world.

It simply isn't that funny at all. If it actually was they wouldn't have cancelled it after only 3 years on air, don't you think?

For one, Brain isn't very likable. There are many characters in cartoons with a similar, evil genius personality who are funny and endearing. This guy isn't either. He's too dry, pouty, grouchy, serious. I don't see anything soft or lovable about him. He's missing that.

Pinky saves the show by being cute, funny and lovable. Everyone wants a lovable doofus to run the show.

It's a decent cartoon, it has it's charm and its moments, all I'm saying is that I don't see the extremely high ratings material or the hilariousness that a lot of other reviewers keep mentioning.

Home Movies

What's up with the lazy, awful animation
I didn't actually bother to even finish the first episode, so I wonder should I even be writing a review here... Well, I'll do it anyway.

First thing that came at me here is the very bad animation. Hideously drawn characters, that my cat could draw better with her back left foot. It's not only ugly but woozy too. They don't even stand in place, even when they stand still in a scene their faces/bodies are floating or shaking lightly around.

Voice acting is bad.

It seems awkward and kind of dumb. I don't know whether it's actually that way, as I didn't bother giving it my full proper attention. It has good reviews here but I don't see myself jumping on that train.

The Critic

Decent and fun, but not enough to be considered really good
Hmm. It's not bad. Definitely not anywhere near as good as the Simpsons, despite the same team or whatever.

But it's nice and funny here and there. I wouldn't go as far as to say it was hilarious by any means, cause for me it just wasn't. It's more on the amusing, lightly entertaining side.

Jay is likable enough although he has numerous off-putting qualities he's still funny, charming when he wants to be and seems to be a good guy that one can root for and love.

His son Marty is a typical geeky young boy but fairly likable all the same. His ex wife seems like a typical dumb harpy.

His friends seem fine but not particularly good or bad, just whatever.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child

The franchise kept going downhill, rapidly so
As I've already said in the review for the Dream master movie, Alice simply cannot cut it as a main female lead. Other than that it's corny, dumb, ridiculous and uninteresting. There's nothing good about it. When I say good I mean worth watching for an hour and a half. Not even Freddy himself.

It's so sad to see how a once legendary, glorious horror movie sank this low. They lost the best characters, turned Freddy bland and uncompelling, turned the plot into nothingness and ruined the whole thing. And that sucks because I loved the first three parts of this franchise dearly. They were all downright amazing.

This thing simply can't get anywhere near that level, let alone keep up with it.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

A big let down
It wasn't anywhere near as good as the first three movies. Plot is weak or even nonexistent, characters are dull, flat, mellow and uncompelling. I quite honestly couldn't care less about their fate. It was relatively fine while Kristen and Kincaid were still alive, but after they got killed off it just spiraled down into...abyss. Well in all honesty mostly after Kincaid's death actually. He was all bark and no bite, but he was funny and had the energy to keep the whole movie more interesting. Kristen was sweet but uncompelling.

Alice is too soft and boring for my tastes. Sure, I like emotional people, I'm very emotional myself. But she has no spark, no fire, not much of a brain either. She just kinda exists I suppose.

I'm definitely not buying the whole she can beat Freddy thing. She, out of all the people that faced him. That's seriously a huge disappointment.

I don't hate the girl or anything, I just don't think she's the right choice as a heroine of that sort.

Movie was fairly boring, unfunny and corny. Big mess up, smearing the entire franchises' reputation like that.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

It's good
Hm. I don't agree with a lot of people who say that this is the best movie in this whole franchise. So far I still think first and even second one are better than this.

It's definitely interesting and all but I don't see the special appeal in comparison to the other two.

Nancy makes a comeback to help a couple of other kids who are being tortured by Freddy. The difficult part is that they are all in a mental hospital and therefore her ability to help them is heavily restrained. Especially by that stupid woman's narrow mindedness and stubbornness. I don't know or care whether she was a doctor or a nurse but she was actually the one who stood in the way of their salvation. Inadvertently, of course, but still. If it weren't for her most of the kids would have been saved. She's one of the rare instances where someone being narrow minded, stubborn and judgmental is actually endangering others around them physically. Most of the times people like her are considered difficult, annoying and such but their influence doesn't tend to extend much further than that.

Freddy's mother doesn't seem to have a tiniest little bit of love or care for her own son. She never did. She gave him up at birth and then never bothered checking in on him and didn't seem to mind that he fell into an abusive alcoholic psycho clutches. Some mother she is indeed. With a mother like that plus that kind of childhood, anyone will turn out crazy and psychopathic. How can he have empathy when no one ever gave any of it in his life, he didn't have anyone to teach him any values or shape him into a good or at least normal man.

Still, the movie is great and Philip's death was probably the most creative of the lot, though I liked Taryn's one the best. I mean I love Taryn, but her death was pretty epic, so fun to watch, that's all.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge

Severely underrated
I don't know why does this gem have such an appallingly low rating here. It's totally unfair and ridiculous.

Alright, it's not exactly as good as the first one but I love it anyway.

It's funny, creepy and a bit twisted.

They could've gone with a more attractive lead actor. But I'm ok with Jesse's personality for the most part.

Whether it's important to the plot or not aside, his relationship with Lisa is the cutest thing ever. I love her. She's warm, sweet, understanding and supportive. Lovely personality. And the way she didn't flinch from kissing Freddy in the end is cool. Love conquers all kind of thing, I'm a sucker for it.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

This is a damn good horror movie
A nightmare on Elm street is pretty much the only entire horror movie franchise that I absolutely love to bits. It has it all.

Freddy is a monster these days but the guy has a very dark, violent, abusive, hurtful past and the only flaw I can find in the movie/s about him so far is that none of them ever focused a bit more on his back story and never bothered to tell us just how he became the way we know him today. It's briefly mentioned here and there, but a movie which would tell it all bit by bit in more detail would be more of my thing.

He is scary and bloodthirsty. Kind of perverted too. Doesn't seem to mind hurting himself either. But one thing that makes him stand out among many other horror movies' serial killers is that he's open to communication outside of simply killing. The guy talks, sometimes a lot. He cracks jokes and for me, he is absolutely hilarious and brilliant. He's not too far gone like Micheal Myers or Jason Vorhees or however you spell it. Sure, he's still bad, but at least you know him a little and he talks and you know his back story and you can understand him or empathize with him, even if you know he's a twisted son of a... It's suspenseful and interesting, layered and filled with amazing characters. Well ok, Nancy is great, I love her, the rest were pretty much just ok, but not much more. Either way, this movie has depth, a plot, an awesome villain and likable characters. And it's funny and scary at the same time.

This is how horror movies should be done, or it should set the bar for other horrors with serial killers rather than snore fests with mute killers, if you know what I mean.

I love it and would watch it again a million times.

Robin Hood

Ok but not much else
It's not really as good as most other Disney movies, but it still has its charm.

It's funny, for me particularly sir Hiss and his interactions with prince John. As bad as he was, that guy was still pretty funny and I even felt bad for him every now and then.

Other characters were pretty sweet but bland.

I didn't really care much for Robin's love story with Marian. She was sweet, gentle and caring with a little adventurous side but I simply didn't care much for her. As for Robin himself, I thought he's a good, funny guy but nothing else.

The movie didn't really have me loving anything in it. It was mostly sweet and fine, funny here and there but not much more.

The AristoCats

Lady and the Tramp, the cats version
It really reminds me a lot of the other Disney cartoon (much better than this one) called Lady and the Tramp. The plots of two movies may differ here and there but there's still a very similar energy between the two.

Duchess and Lady are very alike. Both are beautiful, high class pets. Both are emotional, sweet, caring and very, very much ladylike. By which I mean both are elegant, refined, tasteful and averse to any type of...well lack of class, rudeness or anything like that. Both strike me as quite a bit uptight. And too fussy and refined for my liking. I like them, but these things are annoying from time to time.

The butler Edgar is reasonably upset upon overhearing that the cats will inherit all of the old lady's fortune. He would get it after they pass, so he figures he might not even live that long. That's where his mind takes a dangerous, evil turn and he decides to get rid of the cats any way he can. But let's be honest, a lot of people in his place would be beyond tempted to do what he did. I don't hate the guy, but I do feel bad for the kitties.

Those two geese are dumb and annoying.

Thomas was endearing, doing his best all along to win Duchess's love and boy did he succeed. Though it's one of those all too common, stereotypical couplings - sweet, reserved, caring female with an adventurous, fun male... It was still cute. Though their romance wasn't fully central to the movie, it was more of a side plot.

All in all, pretty decent but nothing out of this world.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

It's great, considering it's the first Disney movie ever, from 1939.

It has a lot going for it. Colorful and lovable characters for one. Snow White herself is fine, but the dwarves were much more fun. They are sweet, hard working and full of their own little quirks that makes each of them unique. As for prince, we barely see him in the movie but he's a typical prince charming, I don't mind him.

Soundtrack is amazing with lots of absolutely lovely, catchy and funny little songs.

The story is fun, lovely and all too well known by now. The witch is both scary and hilarious. And very much narcissistic.

All in all, a great Disney classic, what else can I say.


It was great. It had a heart and a soul.

Geppetto was such a delightful old man. Absolutely lovely. He was gentle, warm, loving, caring, doting and had a heart of gold. He was quirky, creative, inventive and dreamy. Men like that are rare. He makes a perfect father or well, caretaker to Pinocchio. I really adore that guy.

Pinocchio is a cute little wooden boy who gets in lots of trouble. Mostly because of villains here lead him astray. He's painfully naive, which had frustrated me a couple of times throughout the movie. But add his genuinely sweet personality to that and it's magical. He's a good guy, means well and eventually learns his lesson. It's a great Disney film, no doubt.

Kærlighed for voksne

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned :)
I rarely watch Scandinavian movies, not because I'm not interested but because I rarely come across one on sites where I normally watch movies.

Here, we have a husband whose gone astray to cheat on his wife with a younger, more beautiful woman and he actually fell in love with her.

His wife looks older than him and she's not too easy on the eyes either, but not awful. That's beside the point. She sacrificed her career to raise and nurture their son who was always ill due to some undefined disease. Or they defined it but I kinda skimmed or skipped a minute or two in parts that seemed boring or bland so I don't know.

Either way his wife finds out and his mistress pressures him into leaving his wife and son to be with her. Unlike most men this guy was actually really wanting to leave the wife and son and be with that other woman. He even tried to kill his wife after leaving her proved to be more trouble than it's worth. That's how bad he wanted to be with that girl.

Thankfully his wife wasn't stupid and wasn't to be toyed with, abandoned or otherwise mistreated. She really put both him and that mistress in their place like a pro. Alright, most people, myself included, wouldn't go as far as she did with murder and all, but at least she came out of the other side as a winner. She got very close to having her husband kill the mistress with his own hands, but as he was always a weak, manipulative douche, she had to step in and do it for him. Nonetheless, this "man" was then further put into his place when she made him help her dispose of the body. He couldn't say anything, he was trapped and had to do what he was told. Cause if not, he would suffer some pretty rough consequences.

The wife may have gone very far, but at least she didn't allow a man like this to destroy her life and her son's life along the way.

The guy got what he deserved, he was weak and not man enough to handle the situation with maturity and honesty. Actually he couldn't do it because if he had, the wife would expose his dirt for the cops to see.

It's pretty smart, they got a bittersweet ending. Wife held her own by any means available, and he lost his mistress, but managed to stay out of jail. Now he has to put up with his wife for good and that's pretty much it.

His wife may be a bit psycho but she was still smart and pulled the better end of the deal for herself. So, if I had to choose in whose shoes among them I'd rather be, I'd say the wife, no questions asked...

The Red Book Ritual

Dumb teens ritual
The only reason I watched this is because I saw it trending on the fmovies homepage. Then I come here and see a very low rating, along with very few ratings and reviews. But I think to myself, I might as well give it a chance anyway, plenty of movies from their homepage end up with a greater number of ratings and reviews after a while.

So, I started watching.

There's just these three typical teens who decide to play a scary game. They get a book with red covers and ask it questions taking turns. Then it turns out the book is evil and basically wants to possess or kill them all. And it shows a few dumb, creepy but uninteresting and unrelated stories along the way. The stories are somewhat scary but they don't have any meaning nor do they mean anything at all for the plot. They're pretty much thrown in there just to fill the screen time. Not pretty much but definitely. It's completely stupid.

La scuola cattolica

Kinda pointless and boring
Though based on a true story, the movie was incredibly slow-paced, boring and there was nothing enjoyable about it whatsoever.

There was no hero. No single central character to root for, to understand, to empathize with or to support.

The so called men here are a bunch of rather unattractive, bratty, spoiled teenagers with an upbringing so failed and horrible that they became monsters at some point.

They are stupid, whiny, shallow, demanding, petty and remind me of screaming five year olds throwing tantrums when things don't go their way. One is particularly disgusting and annoying, constantly calling his mother in an ultra dramatic, spoiled baby brat voice and appears to be on the verge of turning violent against her if she denies doing whatever he wants her to do.

None of these creatures show a slightest hint of remorse, humanity or one single redeeming quality. They all feel zero guilt and don't see anything wrong with what they did and on top of that they enjoy doing it.

The only characters remotely worth rooting for were their victims, but one dies and the other lives but there's no poetic justice for her. They get arrested and released after a few years and she lives to be 47, with no hint of how her life has been up until that point. Their arrest and all happens off screen or rather it's simply mentioned in the final minute or so through the text at the end of the film. The victim doesn't get treatment that we know of, doesn't get any type of justice or satisfaction, dies relatively young... So I wonder, what's the point of this movie? Telling a true story? There are lots and lots of rape plus murder stories out there, there's nothing particular about this one. It's dragged out and boring and there's nothing to be passionate about in it. Well, there is actually. I did wish I could jump through the screen and murder those despicable creatures. Other than that, it didn't do much of anything for me.


Unrealistically high ratings
The ratings for this movie are significantly higher than it actually deserves.

I think a lot of it has to do with religious elements in it, plus in my opinion the people who are most likely to enjoy this type of movies are those who can relate to its hero. People who struggle with anger issues, marriage issues, alcoholism or other kinds of addictions. They love watching someone with issues like theirs straighten up and act right. They probably feel inspired by it and promise themselves they will fix their lives too. I suppose it's a well-meaning message but reality is usually different.

Most people like the hero here don't think they are the problem, they think everyone else is the problem. They very rarely want to acknowledge their issues or to change. I've seen it in real life or through the people I've personally known. It very rarely works out this way. Women in his wife's situation are getting false hopes from this. His wife accepted him back far too fast and didn't give it any time to test him, to actually see whether he'd change like he promised.

It's sugary and unrealistic. Pretty corny. People need to wake up and view things more realistically. As sweet as this kind of outcome would be, in reality it doesn't come so fast or easy, you gotta work for it hard and consistently and then it's attainable. End of story.

Goodnight Mommy

I really liked it. At first I thought that the woman seems cold, harsh and non-motherly, so I thought she must be an impostor and I was feeling bad for the boys.

Around the second half of the movie, or by the end, for that matter I've realized that the situation is completely different, much deeper and more complicated than that. I wasn't disappointed.

As it turns out, the woman is their real mother, but she acts the way she does as result of grief and/or trauma. And Lucas isn't real at all. It's just something that Elias made up in his mind so he could live with himself after he accidentally killed his brother with a gun.

I was already feeling sorry for the poor boy all along, but after that I was feeling pretty sad and wanting to hug him and convince him it would be ok.

But then things got even worse. When his mother tells him what happened and tries to help him heal and face reality, in a moment of being upset he pushes her and she falls and the barn catches fire and she dies.

So, now the poor thing has to deal with one more tragedy that he inadvertently provoked.

Both his mom and his brother show up as he escapes the barn and tell him that it's ok, that he hasn't done anything wrong.

Eliot already developed a reality where his brother was still alive because he couldn't deal with the guilt, the pain, the grief and so on by acknowledging reality. He or his mind were already prone to protecting his fragile psyche by creating alternate realities for him. So, after what happened with his mother he developed a reality where she was alive too and everything was just fine.

I feel very bad for him because both times it was just an accident. It wasn't his fault in any way because he was awfully young, didn't mean to cause any harm and didn't know exactly what he was doing. First time because he was just a kid, playing and not knowing that the gun was loaded and maybe not even knowing that a gun could kill someone. Second time, he was so overwhelmed by emotion that he had a perfectly normal emotional reaction by trying to push it away (even if it was physically) cause facing reality was causing him too much pain. Still, the poor thing killed both his brother and his mother. He didn't mean it at any point, both times it was an accident. He still ended up losing two people he loved more than anyone else in the world and obviously couldn't live with the fact that it's somehow his own doing. I don't blame the boy at all and I understand. Poor baby. I just feel like it's so unfair. Who knows whether he would ever have the strength to accept reality and own what happened and move on with his life. That's the burning question in my mind. Nothing else. Cause he's a sweetheart who deserves better than to live traumatized or dissociated for the rest of his life.


Starts out ok but then flops hard
In all honesty, I read a few reviews here before watching the movie and I thought the hate is insane. I didn't understand how could it be that bad and yet have a pretty high rating here.

Then I watched it and it wasn't boring in my opinion, at least not at first.

For me, the first half of the movie was way more fun than the second one. I mean characters were crappy for the most part and if it wasn't for Em, there would be zero likable characters in the movie OJ wasn't bad but still hard to love.

And it was kind of more exciting while it was still mysterious.

It was doing fairly ok until the alien actually showed up and started his bloody hunt.

For example, the scene where it devoured the entire audience along with Jupe was a huge fail. We didn't actually see much of anything there. If done well it would show the creature menacingly moving closer while people would try to flee and then it would show them floating in the air as the creature pulls them in. Then it would go for a much more bloody and violent scene than what we got. We saw them all in some kind of a dark hallway or something and no actual bloody deaths at all, yet there was so much screaming that you would have thought we saw anything disturbing. But it failed there.

After that the creature was pretty much openly waltzing around and eating basically all but the three main characters.

It's just completely lame and stupid compared to what could have been (more people finding out, epic showdown etc).

The Boxtrolls

Fails on too many first impression levels
The title of my reviews says a lot, but here we go anyway... For one thing, the boxtrolls are very, very ugly, downright hideous. Eggs isn't really ugly but his face looks kind of stupid somehow. Like his IQ isn't far over 75 to say the least. So, animation fails big time, at very least regarding the appearances of the main characters.

Second, plot is all too common and basic. Weird guy/s that the villain persecutes as a monster, being protected by their friends and of course down the line the tables turn. Yawn. Seen it tons of times.

Third the characters lack intelligence. As shown in very little dialogue in the movie and even the dialogue that's there is on about caveman's level of intelligence.

I didn't finish the movie, nor do I feel a need to do so anytime soon. First impressions matter, appearances matter - to an extent at least, where you aren't repulsed by it. And this one, as the title says, has failed on those most basic fronts.

Un monstre à Paris

Flat and predictable
The idea was interesting enough. But the story itself wasn't.

I suppose I could say the the songs in this movie were the only good parts to it. And even they were mediocre at best.

Other than that, characters were neither lovable nor loathsome, mostly falling flat and not inspiring much of anything for me.

Lucille, for example was way too slim and ugly as... You get it. Raoul cared mostly about his fun and experiments, thus landing them all in this situation to start with. And Emile was painfully awkward. Oh yeah, Francoeur was pretty hideous.

The story was very predictable and poorly executed. The action, jump, run scenes were kind of ridiculous and unrealistic. It's just not good.

Loving Vincent

It was a lot better than I expected.

Animation is completely unique and gorgeous with the way it's all painted.

Truth be told I was more intrigued by Armand's journey than about Van Gogh.

I mean this guy started as out as cold, insensitive, rough around the edges and he was far from thrilled about having to deliver that letter.

But as the time went on he became much more interested in doing so and uncovering whether it was a suicide or a murder.

He also thought of Vincent as a lunatic and a nuisance at first but has really grown to love or at very least appreciate him by the end of the movie. Slowly but surely.

It was very interesting and beautiful to watch that transformation of his.

By the end he became a lovable character worthy of respect, unlike the way he was at the beginning.

I don't know whether this movie is realistic or not and frankly, I don't care. It's a beautiful, soulful movie, with depth and that makes it a very good one in my book.


Not my cup of tea
So, first things first, the characters are downright hideously drawn, especially the main character, whose face we have to see more often than others.

He also has the voice of a grown man, rather than a little boy.

Ryan, another character has a similar thing going for him. He looks 40 but with the height of a dwarf. His voice is raspy, like he just a had a massive throat surgery or something.

For me, the way characters look or sound matters a lot. Not a crazy lot but they should look and sound ok at very least.

Then again, cartoon network has always had a taste for hideous animation, loud noises and all that. Thus why I don't particularly like almost any of their cartoons.

I didn't bother trying more than a pilot because it's already unappealing on the most basic level... So, I'm not sure how it is, but not sure I want to find out much more either. It's nothing special.

Inside Job

It's good
It's funny, interesting and it has a lot of likable or at least interesting characters.

Sure, I definitely personally think that conspiracy theories are incredibly stupid and cringe worthy but this show is clearly making fun of them and that's very cool.

I mean how stupid and crazy you have to be to believe that the president is a robot, the government doesn't exist and the world is ruled by evil lizard people and so on. I suppose there are people out there who believe in this crap. It's moronic and embarrassing.

Characters are cool.

Alcoholic dad is hilarious, Reagan is intense, a genius and with an actually good sense of right and wrong deep down.

All in all it's a pretty good show.

Orphan: First Kill

Loved it
I love the first movie and I love Esther. I love this one too. Sure, Esther looks older but not really grown. It works just fine, regardless of camera angles and stand in actors. Esther is very cute, very smart and above all very messed up. I feel kind of bad for her and if you ask me, she's definitely one of those villain protagonists that you simply gotta love.

It's more action packed and more layered than the first movie, but it didn't really add any depth. It was still a great movie either way.

Human Resources

Big fail
The idea behind it was actually pretty good. Different monsters for different emotions and so on. That could have been interesting. Except it wasn't. I generally enjoy a raunchy kind of humor, I'm not a prude who would get offended by it or preach here how vulgar or immoral it is. However, that's pretty much the only type of humor that can be found here. Sex jokes and insinuations and actual penises being shown around. If they included a bit of satire and such it would've been better. Even if there's any other than raunchy humor it's pretty much buried alive by it.

Characters are unlikable and unfunny.

Plots are stupid and too simple.

It needs a lot of work, but as it is now, it's pretty much a brain numbing idiotic show.

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