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Human Resources

Big fail
The idea behind it was actually pretty good. Different monsters for different emotions and so on. That could have been interesting. Except it wasn't. I generally enjoy a raunchy kind of humor, I'm not a prude who would get offended by it or preach here how vulgar or immoral it is. However, that's pretty much the only type of humor that can be found here. Sex jokes and insinuations and actual penises being shown around. If they included a bit of satire and such it would've been better. Even if there's any other than raunchy humor it's pretty much buried alive by it.

Characters are unlikable and unfunny.

Plots are stupid and too simple.

It needs a lot of work, but as it is now, it's pretty much a brain numbing idiotic show.

The Great North

Needs a few small adjustments
It's not bad. However, as soon as I started watching I noticed that all the characters talk very fast, which makes it hard to keep up. I mean, I'm far from stupid but it's unnecessarily fast. That's probably the biggest flaw. Second one would the lack of effort into making physically appealing characters. Most of them look either plain or ugly or too simple. Animation, other than characters is just great.

Other than that it's smart enough, but not funny enough. Decent, but not worth keeping up with.

Summer Camp Island

Bland and sugary
I have to admit it has it's good points. Animation is wonderfully done. But almost overboard with all the cuteness. I think it might have been better if they toned down on that just a little. Characters are nice enough but very flat, dull and uncompelling. Same goes for the plot. It just lacks the spark, the spice, the edge. Definitely far from awful though.

Moral Orel

Incredibly stupid
It's really stupid. Of course it's a parody of religion and all but Orel is way too stupid for my tastes. Little boy or not, this guy has no brains. He takes everything very literally, is utterly incapable of critical thinking and has no mind of his own. Tell me which other kid his age do you know that would actually take anything you tell them as literally as possible, then act on it in ways that cause havoc all around?

Drinking his own urine?? Seriously... Same goes for every other thing but still.

A lot of people will call that funny or a part of the show's charm, but in reality it's really stupid and way too far out there.


It's pretty lovely. Animation is beautiful, characters are colorful, soundtrack is nice, the mice are funny and adorable, Lucifer is despicable but funny. Fairy godmother is pretty interesting too.

The only characters with very little personality, or the two least interesting characters would sadly be the prince and Cinderella herself. She was weak willed enough to become a servant in her own home, she is nice and hardworking but doesn't really have an interesting personality aside from being a martyr/wallflower. The prince is hardly shown at all and we know pretty much nothing about him.

They fall in love literally at first sight, instantly and then many things happen before they get their happily ever after.

It's a cute story and I can see why it would be so adored, but things very, very rarely work out this way in real life. And we all know there were and always will be countless young girls/women who hope their love lives will turn out similarly. It may be a cartoon but it's powerful and influential, and the messages it gives here are a tad outdated and unrealistic.

Still a nice movie though.

Garfield and Friends

I didn't like it
It's boring, it's not funny. I don't find any characters to be interesting, funny or lovable. It's pretty lame. I also didn't like the way Garfield never opens his mouth, even when he's supposed to be saying something. The voices are flat, dull and uncompelling.


The animation is very well done, especially considering it was the 80s, where most other animated shows were animated far worse than this. It's detailed, beautiful, complex and meticulously done.

Other than that the show seems like a basic, formulaic superhero show and doesn't really spike my interest much.

The Sylvester & Tweety Show

It's a lot like Tom and Jerry and their dynamic, the biggest difference being that this one has plenty of dialogue, while Tom and Jerry don't.

Other than that it's pretty much the same thing, it's not bad.

Inspector Gadget

Not bad but...
It's not bad. However, it's not particularly compelling either. Gadget is an airhead, dimwit and is ridiculously unaware of his surroundings. How he got the job in the first place is a huge mystery to me, I didn't watch too many episodes. Anyway, he's neither goofy or lovable and he doesn't really show many, if any, traits that would make you like him, sympathize with him, root for him and want to see what will he do next. His niece is a cute and a very smart little girl but it's still kind of ridiculous that she spends all of her time with him. What about her parents? School? Friends? As for the dog he's flat and uninteresting, they could have made at least one single warm and funny character, but no... Most episodes follow the similar vein and none are very funny or interesting. It's not an awful show by a long shot, however, it leaves a lot to be desired.

I Am Weasel

I don't understand the good reviews this thing has and all the praise it seems to receive? It's stupid and lame, and animation is hideous. So, super overrated.

My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Apparently the creators are monkeys too
It's dumb, childish and unfunny. I don't see what could anyone possibly enjoy here. The monkey is loud and super dramatic, while the kid is unlikable and dull.

Squirrel Boy

Nothing special, but better than a lot of reviews say
It's kind of stupid and not very funny, but still a tad better than a lot of reviews say. It had potential and characters had the potential to be likable, particularly the squirrel. The writers just fell short on making it happen.

Camp Lazlo!

Dumbed down SpongeBob
I think the title of my review tells it all. It's like SpongeBob, similar characters, similar humor. Lacking the intelligence, the humor and the decent voice cast. That's pretty much it.

Uncle Grandpa

No bueno
Another reviewer already said this, but I feel the same way... It's really dumb, it's not funny, characters are ugly, jokes are weird and forced... It's just really bad. It doesn't deserve a higher rating than the current one.


Episodes literally last one or two minutes. Animation/drawing isn't bad at all. In fact it's better than in like 80% of cartoon network shows. As far as the funny parts go, they aren't really funny and are pretty stupid instead.

Mike, Lu & Og

It's dumb, not funny, characters have annoying voices. Animation could've been done much better. I mean isn't ironical how the sheep, porcupine and the pig all look very cute and neatly drawn, meanwhile humans looks very poorly drawn... If they could've made an effort to draw the animals well, they could've done that with their actual main characters too. Bad animation is always a huge turn off for me, and this thing here isn't an exception.


Not as good as it's rating says
A bit too far out there for my tastes. Sure, characters are funny enough, but it's overall loud, obnoxious and crazy show. It can be ok sometimes, but all in all not for me.


One of the underrated
This one might be either on the same level or better than Looney tunes and Bugs Bunny and so on. It has more dialogue and seems smarter. It's pretty funny. Taz is crazy but very lovable too.

The Woody Woodpecker Show

Pretty fun
This one is pretty similar to Looney tunes and Bugs Bunny. It's good. Woody is hilarious and other characters are interesting too. Definitely a funny show.

Conan: The Adventurer

I used to watch this long ago, when I was little. Cause my older brother loved it and then I kind of liked it too. The theme song is pretty catchy. And the show is super fun to watch, in fact I'd say this one is heavily underrated, while some other superhero/tough guy cartoons are way more popular without much reason. But oh well. Definitely a cool cartoon.

The Tick

Pretty good
It's funny, cool, with fairly decent characters too. The Tick is dumb and impulsive, but still lovable and hilarious. Plus he has his sidekick to help him save the day. It's kind of underrated in this type of cartoons, but still nothing I'd want to stick with for a long time.


Beautiful and fun
I loved this. Sure, it's predictable enough, but that doesn't stop it from being funny, heartwarming and awesome. Luca's and Alberto's friendship is adorable. Although, I did like Alberto somewhat more than Luca. Plus I was absolutely heartbroken for him when Luca let him down... And later so happy for him when he got adopted by Giulia's dad. I'm not sure why but I feel much more for him than I do for Luca, really. I suppose that's just me.

Jane Eyre

Flawed but still pretty good
Despite its length, it feels rushed and like it was made in a corner cutting fashion. It shows very little of any major events/chapters, and gives you a minute or two version of them. All the same, I found both characters to be very likable and they had great chemistry too. This is more of an overall story told in a rushed fashion, but it's still warm, inviting and lovely.

The Amazing World of Gumball

Pretty good
It's good. It's funny, with lovable characters, fun plots... Just not particularly compelling anyway. However, it's one of the very few cartoons that have a justified high rating here.


Just fails...
It tries way too hard and goes heavily overboard. The characters are ridiculously crazy and exaggerated in an unfunny and unlikable way. Who could relate to all the crazed people there who look like they just escaped from a nuthouse? I mean of course most people won't relate to people in prison, and of course, neither do I, but what I was referring to was that characters are way too out there for anyone to really get into them, interested in them or anything. My two cents.

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