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Last Call with Carson Daly

Avoid at all costs
Like Alec Baldwin, Carson Daly is completely incapable of hosting a good late night talk show program. Alec's show, for example, which just debuted, had one of the worst recent premieres in ABC's history...and that's telling. If ABC has any common sense at all, then they'll rightfully cancel it. As for Carson Daly, I'm completely baffled as to why this trainwreck has survived for so many years. He has no chemistry and his jokes and interviews constantly fall flat. It's really too bad because he was great on TRL and seems to do really well over on the Today Show. Late night programming, however, is definitely not his forte.

The Conners

Depressing and lifeless
"The Conners" is a catastrophic trainwreck. At one point, the producers of this show claimed that they wouldn't use the same roundtable intro or song from "Roseanne." It appears that they lied because they ended up using the same intro aside from a slightly modified theme song. The only difference is that they chose to show it at the end of the first episode, which was stupid. Without Roseanne Barr, this show isn't even remotely funny and feels half baked. Lastly, being that ABC already regrets firing Roseanne, it's their own fault for doing so, anyway, and they have nobody to blame for that decision except themselves. This show will fail without her and I would not be surprised if it were to be cancelled after just one season.

The Rookie

Fillion finally gets to wear a uniform
Nathan Fillion is back on ABC! This time, he plays a rookie cop named John Nolan who resides in L.A. Nolan gets inspired to join the force after witnessing a bank robbery. At the risk of comparing two shows here, the beginning of the series opener immediately reminded me of an episode of "Castle" that I once saw, where Castle was in a similar situation with Beckett. Who knows? Perhaps they'll feature cameos from "Castle" and "Firefly" down the line. Anything is possible at this point.

Getting back to this show...although Nolan's police chief and some of his colleagues aren't exactly friendly, he does have some allies within the force that seem like good people. Myself personally, I have never been on the force, but I do know a couple of people who have served. Based off what these people have told me, I can honestly say that this show seems to provide a realistic and accurate portrayal of what life is like for police officers everyday. Use of the body cams are a nice touch too. No matter if you're a fan of Fillion's prior work or not, give this show a try. You won't be disappointed!

The Alec Baldwin Show

Possibly worse than "Last Call with Carson Daly"
As an actor, Alec Baldwin is fine. But who in their right mind decided to give him a talk show, and why I might add? In real life, he is rude, obnoxious and full of himself. Also verbally abusive toward his own daughter too. I just can't see something like this going on for much longer especially when it is now known that this show had one of the worst premieres in ABC's history.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

This show has the quality of anything that Amy Schumer puts out...
Samantha Bee very much reminds me of Amy Schumer...and not in a good way. Like Schumer, Samantha Bee comes off as extremely arrogant, rude and obnoxious. Almost all of her jokes fall flat every time. This show is more like political propaganda than anything else.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Political propaganda at its worst
Kimmel has become very rude and obnoxious over the years. He is also the worst late night host on TV today aside from Stephen Colbert. Honestly, the best thing about Kimmel's show is his "Mean Tweets" segment. Aside from that, everything else is crap.

What used to be a decent late night program has since turned into a platform for bashing the President, his family, and his administration every single night. Like Colbert, it is clear to me that Kimmel gets easily and frequently triggered by anything that the President does and then proceeds to cry and complain about it on air. I don't tune into late night comedy programs to listen to nonsense like this. If I want to listen to anything political, I'll turn on the news.

Black Panther

One of the best films of the year!
"Black Panther" is one of the best films of the year in my opinion! The all-star cast is superb and Chadwick Boseman is the perfect fit for the role of T'Challa, otherwise known as the "Black Panther." The film itself is also visually stunning as well.

Aside from tackling real world issues that relate to oppression, the film also follows T'Challa as he works his way to the throne in a fictional third world country known as "Wakanda" which is based in Africa. Meanwhile, he also works with CIA agent Everett Ross and a few of his natives to try and stop the villainous Ulysses Klaue from stealing any more Vibranium whilst trying to get an ancient artifact back from him that Klaue and his thugs stole from a British museum earlier in the film.

Klaue ends up ultimately betrayed and murdered by Erik Killmonger, son of N'Jobu, so that he (Erik) could challenge T'Challa for the throne back in Wakanda. Killmonger ends up defeating T'Challa and throws him down a waterfall. Fearing that T'Challa has died, the natives of Wakanda reluctantly crown Killmonger as their new king. Killmonger's reign is short lived, though, as we find out later in the film that T'Challa has been saved by one of his natives. Later in the film, we see that T'Challa is mostly covered in a snow / ice like material and it is this material that revives him.

T'Challa and some of his natives then develop a plan to overthrow Killmonger. A massive battle commences and this puts both T'Challa and some of his natives briefly at odds with one another as who to protect and who to defend since Killmonger was just crowned the new king of Wakanda. Quickly seeing Killmonger as "too hateful" however the natives eventually turn on him and start defending T'Challa once again. Killmonger later dies in front of T'Challa. T'Challa himself is then rightfully reinstated as king of Wakanda. Just as the film ends, we see that T'Challa is in California with one of his natives. They are standing in front of the same building that his father and uncle were once in (it's basically like an apartment complex and was featured in the beginning of the film). T'Challa then mentions that has plans to turn it into a wellness center for Wakanda natives. The film itself then draws to a close shortly after that.

Lastly, Bucky Barnes from the Avengers is also shown at the very end credits sequence and is referred to as the "White Wolf." Stan Lee also has his traditional cameo in this film as well.

In summary, this is a film that I would definitely recommend to anyone. Once this releases to Blu-Ray, I will definitely be picking it up! No matter if you're a fan of the Marvel films or not, this film is definitely worth your time and money!

Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie

A welcome return to a beloved series!
"Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie" was everything that I was hoping for. Craig Bartlett and Nickelodeon did not disappoint with this movie at all. Most of the original cast returns after a fifteen year hiatus with a few new additions for the roles of Arnold and Gerald for instance. Meanwhile, others like Francesca "Franny" Marie Smith (Helga G. Pataki) and Anndi McAfee (Phoebe Heyerdahl) reprise their respective roles as well, which was a pleasure to hear. All actors and actresses were absolutely wonderful in this the film and it's as if they never left the series (when speaking in terms of the original cast).

The main plot of the film centers around Arnold Philip Shortman (his actual full name) wanting to find his parents. With the help of Helga and a few of Arnold's classmates, him and the kids in his class eventually win a contest to San Lorenzo, Argentina where they meet up with Eduardo, who was a longtime friend of Arnold's parents. While on a boat, Eduardo and Arnold then bring up the topic of Arnold's parents in which case Eduardo agrees to help Arnold with his quest. Eduardo then gives Arnold a pendent from the "Green-Eyed People." Not long after, however, we find out that "Eduardo" is really "La Sombra" in disguise, who is a river pirate that has plans to steal the "Corazon" which is an ancient and valuable artifact that would help the Green-Eyed People cure a dreadful "sleeping" disease that is plaguing their community.

Once "La Sombra" reveals his true identity, he holds Arnold and his classmates hostage in a camp, only for them to break out not long after thanks to Phoebe's quick technological thinking. With a map in hand, Arnold, Gerald, and Helga then set off to solve the mystery of Arnold's parents once and for all. Once they reach the end of the map, Gerald falls through a bed of flowers into a deep dark cave and the rest of them follow which then leads them to the Green-Eyed People's Community. Not long after that, La Sombra reappears thanks to the pendent that he gave Arnold, which is revealed to be a tracking device. His plans to steal the Corazon fail when the real Eduardo appears. When La Sombra attempts to steal the Corazon, he is shot in the head with a poisonous arrow that came directly from where the Corazon is housed. Eduardo and the kids then start fighting him until La Sombra is tossed off the side of the cliff and falls to his death...although the Corazon soon falls off the cliff as well and it is never seen again.

Feeling as if he has failed and let down the Green-Eyed People, his parents and his friends, Arnold, Gerald, Helga and Eduardo all return to the Green-Eyed People's Community and inform the leader there that they have lost the Corazon. Looking at the murals on the wall, however, Helga hatches a plan. She ends up relinquishing her infamous locket with Arnold's picture in it and puts it in the center of a tribal device that instantly cures the "sleeping" disease that has plagued the Green-Eyed People's community for decades. This also cures Arnold's parents as well, who have been "sleeping" for about nine years or so. Knowing that his parents are alive, Arnold reunites with them and it flashes forward to Arnold waking up in his bed at the boarding house. Hoping that he's not dreaming, he runs downstairs to find Mr. Potts, Mr. Hyunh, Mr. Kokoshka and Arnold's Grandma and Grandpa in the dining room all complaining about food. Less than a minute later, however, his parents emerge from the kitchen. From then on, he gives them a hug and they tell him they have plans for the day. Not missing a beat, Arnold reminds them that he has to go to school which they agree and offer to walk him there. They do so and Arnold and his parents walk to his school and the movie ends.

I should also note that Helga does end up confessing her love to Arnold with this film as well. He also finds out that she loves him thanks to Helga giving up her locket in exchange for saving the Green-Eyed People's community from the "sleeping" sickness...along with the fact that she helped him win the San Lorenzo contest by putting together a tribute video to all the people that Arnold has helped over the years. Moreover, it also appears as if Mr. Simmons is homosexual, which has been just one of many long standing rumors with the show over the years. He is seen hugging a man at the airport who is presumably Peter from the Thanksgiving episode. Creator Craig Bartlett also confirmed the orientation of Mr. Simmons a while back during an interview as well.

In any case, Bartlett has suggested that if this film is received well enough, in which it looks like it might be, then Nickelodeon might greenlight a possible sixth season of "Hey Arnold!" In my opinion, however, they really should just put this series to bed after this movie. Being that Arnold found his parents, which was one of the main question marks around the show, the story in itself now appears to be complete.

In summary, no matter if you are a die hard fan or not, WATCH this movie! You will NOT be disappointed! Bartlett and Nickelodeon REALLY hit a home run here!

On that note, I will DEFINITELY be picking this one up when it releases to Blu-Ray/DVD!

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Decent film...but WAY too politically correct
First things first, I will always regard the Maguire era as Spider- Man's "Golden Era."

With that being said, this film was indeed slightly better than any offerings from the Garfield era. Unfortunately, however, "..Homecoming" suffers from its use of crude sexual humor (Peter's classmates repeatedly refer to him as a male body part throughout the film) and overt use of political correctness, largely thanks to Zendaya, who is a strong supporter of far left groups like "Black Lives Matter." When her character announced to everyone that she had to "get in some protesting" and then tried to link the Washington Monument to slavery, I nearly gagged. Her instructor didn't help things at all after he followed up on her comments by saying that "protesting is patriotic." Spare me.

The writers really went overboard on the diversity of the cast too. We are suddenly led to believe that Peter Parker has an Asian friend, while The Flash is a Middle Eastern jock. Meanwhile, the Vulture is white, while his wife is black. They end up having a mixed race child whom Peter befriends and then has a crush on. Oh and everybody can't stop hitting on Aunt May too.

Meanwhile, Peter agrees to an internship with Tony Stark, who just so happens to be the creator of Spider-Man's suit. To make matters even more untrue to this franchise, Aunt May also discovers that Peter is Spider-Man at the end of the film too and lets out an f-bomb before the film cuts to the end credits. Really?

In summary, the only reason why I saw this film is because of Robert Downey, Jr. It's too bad that he didn't have more screen time, though, because he was really the best part of the film. Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Stan Lee's cameo was pretty good too. On that note, I don't have high hopes for the sequel, but will likely see it while hoping for a better and more mature storyline.

Sing It!

I'm glad that YouTube offered this garbage free because if I paid money to watch this, I'd want my money back immediately.

This "YouTube Red" spoof series by the Fine Brothers takes every modern day stereotype from Hollywood and talent shows like "American Idol" and "The X Factor" and throws it all down the garbage disposal. If that's not bad enough, the story line seems like it has been done many times before as well.

Moreover, the acting from everyone (including former Disney star Debby Ryan) is so terrible in this series that it makes you think that the cast is only doing this for the money. It's that bad. Do yourself a favor and STAY FAR AWAY from this trainwreck. At this point, I'd be surprised if it even got renewed for a second season.

London Has Fallen

A worthy sequel that's even better than its predecessor!
"London Has Fallen" is the best action film that I've had the pleasure to watch so far this year! As expected, a good majority of the cast comes back as well, which is a nice touch. Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Angela Bassett, and Morgan Freeman are ALL in top form here! An interesting thing about this sequel is that you don't necessarily have to watch "Olympus Has Fallen" (which was still good) in order to understand this film...unless you just want more of a background on the relationship of the characters. In any case, I liked the fact that this film once again resembled a more grittier version of "Die Hard" too, as I am also a fan of that series as well.

It should also be noted that Mike and his wife are expecting a child and have devoted a room in their home as the child's future nursery. Mike's wife originally expresses concern about him going on another mission with the President, but accepts what he is about to do anyway and wishes him luck.

The central focus of this film basically has U.S. Special Forces soldier turned Secret Service agent Mike Banning protecting the President once again, as they go on an unexpected trip to London, England after it is revealed that the country's Prime Minister, James Wilson, has died. President Asher and several other world leaders have basically been called upon to join as one as they honor the Prime Minister's life and end up meeting at a large Cathedral which is located in the heart of London.

However, just as Banning and the President, along with Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs make their way to the Cathedral, pandemonium ensues as terrorists, led by Aamir Barkawi, who is #6 on the FBI's "10 Most Wanted" list, infiltrate the heavily guarded area. An impressive amount of action occurs at this point, including a well thought out car chase sequence as Banning speeds through the streets with the President and Director Jacobs at they try to outrun the terrorists. At this point in the film, we find out that former Speaker of the House Allan Trumbull (Freeman), who is now the United States Vice President, is overseeing all major U.S. operations and is working with the President's staff in the White House Situation Room, receiving updates on the situation as time goes by.

Eventually, however, as the President, Director Jacobs and Banning all board the Presidential helicopter, it unfortunately gets shot down, with everyone surviving except Director Jacobs, who appears to have been wounded by a piece of shrapnel from the helicopter crash. With not much time to spare, the President and Banning say their final goodbyes to Director Jacobs and depart from the wreckage before the terrorists catch up to them.

Not long after, Banning and the President find an MI6 approved bulletproof government vehicle (it looks like a BMW) and use it to try and make their escape. Unfortunately, they are ran off the road by one of the terrorist's trucks and the President is kidnapped. Knowing this, Banning then teams up with government officials (presumably the U.S. Delta team) to track down the President, who is being held hostage by Kamran Barkawi, Aamir's son and one of his henchmen. Just as Kamran is about to decapitate the President, Banning bursts through the doors and gets into a brief fistfight with Kamran, only for him to flee. Not letting him get away, Banning orders the Delta team to blow the building's gas lines as he successfully escapes, with not a moment to spare, with the President of the United States. Kamran is then killed along with his thugs in the process.

An interesting plot twist with this film, however, revolves around Jacqueline "Jax" Marshall, a British MI6 agent, who has been working in tandem with Banning and U.S. officials during this whole situation. She discovers that MI5 Intelligence Chief John Lancaster (Patrick Kennedy) is the traitor who helped Barkawi and the terrorists and then ends up killing him in self-defense. Once Barkawi's compound in Yemen is discovered by U.S. officials, Trumbull calls Barkawi and lets him know that he has lost. Barkawi is ultimately killed by a U.S. airstrike (or drone strike) on his compound.

Before the film ends, Vice President Trumbull is seen on T.V. addressing the nation on the crisis while Banning is typing up a resignation letter to the U.S. government. Once Trumbull assures the American public that the U.S. will prevail, Banning deletes the letter of resignation and the film ends.

In summary, even if you weren't a fan of the first film or didn't get the chance to see the first film, I'd highly recommend seeing this one. Moreover, if you're a fan of action films with a sensible story plot, then this film is for you. With that being said, I will definitely be picking this one up once it is available for purchase!

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

A love letter to the franchise! Superb!
I had a chance to see "The Force Awakens" in 3D, which made my experience even better, despite my viewing starting 15 minutes late due to a problem with my theater's projector. In any case, this film was extremely well done and felt very similar to the classic installments. Keeping in line with the traditional beginning and ending credit sequences was a nice touch, too.

Not only are Ford, Fisher, Hamill and the rest of the gang back (although Luke Skywalker was only primarily seen at the end), there are also some newer characters added into the mix as well, which is fine. If anything, I thought that the newer characters actually added to the story. Resurrecting the Millennium Falcon was awesome, too! My only chief complaint, however, is that the original characters seemed to have far less screen time than the newer characters. Not too big of a deal, I guess, but I was hoping to see more of them throughout the film considering the fact that they haven't played these characters for decades. I was glad to see, however, that Ford and Fisher were used pretty well throughout the remaining half of the film.

Whether you or a "Star Wars" fan or not, "The Force Awakens" is THE film of the year to see. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!


"Creed" delivers a knockout punch!
This film is fantastic! I did not expect some of the twists and turns at all...such as Rocky being diagnosed with lymphoma cancer or Paulie dying (on that note, Burt Young, who played Paulie, does not have any screen time). Stallone is always great as Rocky, but Michael B. Jordan really did a great job as Apollo Creed's son, Adonis Johnson-Creed too.

"Creed" finds Adonis Johnson-Creed, son of the late Apollo Creed, yearning to have the now retired Rocky Balboa act as his trainer for an upcoming boxing match in Liverpool England, where he will face "Pretty" Ricky Conlan, who is a British fighter and current world light heavyweight champion...all of this despite his mother, Mary-Anne (played brilliantly by Phylicia Rashad) advising against this career move (before Adonis was a boxer, he had a job at a local agency, and was even promoted, but quit because the line of work just "wasn't for" him.

At first, Rocky is hesitant to agree to Adonis' request, but eventually gives in and even has Adonis move in with him, a place in itself where they train even harder using most, if not all of Rocky's methods and equipment.

Beforehand, Adonis meets a singer-songwriter at his apartment named Bianca, who is also his love interest throughout the film. Things with Adonis' training go along as planned, when suddenly, Rocky collapses at the training facility. He is rushed to the hospital and it is revealed that Rocky has a type of lymphoma cancer, that was fortunately caught early enough to the point where it is treatable through chemotherapy. Reluctant to go through with the procedure, Rocky explains to the doctor that his deceased wife, Adrian, had to go through the same procedure and didn't make it. The doctor tells him to at least take the treatment literature and think about it. Adonis ends up stumbling on this literature when he finds it in Rocky's coat pocket and tells him to go through with it before it is too late...telling him that if he (Adonis) can fight, then Rocky can too. Rocky agrees and Adonis even trains beside Rocky as he is in the hospital receiving his chemotherapy. Reluctant to go by the name "Creed" over "Johnson" during his first big match ("Johnson" is his mother's maiden name) Adonis eventually agrees to go by "Creed."

Despite his chemotherapy treatment, Rocky presses on with Adonis and they both make it to Liverpool for the big match against Conlan. Before the match, however, Adonis receives a gift from his mother. It is a pair of American flag themed shorts (similar to the design of Rocky and Apollo's boxing shorts) with the names "Creed" and "Johnson" stamped on both sides. It should be noted, however, that Adonis' mother, Mary Anne, actually appears to have more of an estranged relationship with him as, in the beginning of the film, she came across her own son in 1998 when she came back for him after he got into a fight with a couple of minors in juvenile hall. She confessed to him that she was, indeed, his mother and that she was aware that he never actually got to meet or know his father, Apollo, due to the fact that he died before he was actually born.

If not a bit nervous, Adonis, otherwise known as "Donnie" Johnson-Creed, steps out onto the ring and goes an incredible 12 rounds with "Pretty" Ricky Conlan. Conlan actually ends up winning the match, but it is Adonis Johnson-Creed who the crowd actually cheers for. After the match, Conlan tells Creed that he is the future of the light heavyweight division. The film ends with a slowed down Rocky Balboa climbing the famous "Rocky" steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art with Adonis. Rocky then jokes that it feels like "they added more steps"...most likely as a nod to his advanced age and his character's chemotherapy treatments.

In summary, this film is a great addition to a legendary and well respected series and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the "Rocky" series...and to those that aren't, too!


"Spectre" misfires...and is full of plot holes
I had high expectations for this film after "Skyfall." However, they fell short after about halfway through the film, and the ending in itself isn't much better. Although there was some impressive action in this film, the story in itself is rather mediocre. Played by the underused Christoph Waltz, Franz Oberhauser, otherwise known as classic Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, basically "pursues" Bond throughout a majority of the film via "surveillance" all because he was having "Daddy issues." Not much of a story plot if you ask me. Moreover, with all of the "Nine Eyes" surveillance talk, NSA leaker Edward Snowden came to mind, but that's beside the point.

As previously mentioned, Christoph Waltz and Monica Bellucci were severely underused. Moreover, the campy style of some of the jokes were just a tad overdone, too. The DB10 is also hideous, but it was nice to see the classic DB5 at the end.

Now for some plot holes in the film:

1.) The "Spectre" ring - Made no sense and added nothing to the plot of the film. Are we led to believe that this ring was passed on from one Bond villain to another?

2.) The airplane scene - This was just one of the most unrealistic scenes in the film. Bond chases Mr. Hinx by plane after Dr. Madeleine Swann is kidnapped. As Bond continues to chase Hinx, he lands, clips some trees to where the wings shear off, and uses the plane as a battering ram against Hinx's vehicles. After he shoves the vehicles a few times, Bond takes the plane through a barn, where he nearly crash lands about a foot down. Ironically enough, he is still able to steer the plane perfectly and it never explodes, despite all of the abuse that it took. If this were a normal plane that took such abuse, it would've exploded a while ago.

3.) Dr. Madeleine Swann - I never understood why Dr. Swann and Bond felt any sort of attraction for one another, as Dr. Swann was nothing but rude to Bond throughout most of the film, by screaming and saying things like "get away from me" and "if you touch me, I'll kill you" while in bed. The fact that they even had a makeout scene actually had some people in my audience laughing (not a good thing). She also proclaims to "not like guns" but uses one anyway to help Bond defeat Mr. Hinx in the train car. Furthermore, to add insult to injury, however, she actually leaves him at one point in the film, after saying that Bond's lifestyle isn't for her, but somehow reunites with him at the end of the film anyway. For that reasoning, Seydoux's character seemed very complex to me.

4.) The "dentist chair" drill torture scene - This is another scene that I had a problem with. After Bond is pistol whipped and knocked unconscious, he wakes up to find himself tied down in a dentist style chair, with Dr. Swann and Blofeld sitting not far from him. Blofeld then tells Bond that he is going to use a drill on his head that will affect his vision, balance, and hearing. He proceeds to drill into Bond's head and penetrates his skull, making this scene almost hard to watch at times. After Bond cries out in pain (who wouldn't), Blofeld uses a second drill bit to penetrate one side of Bond's neck. This nearly seems to kill Bond, but despite what he just went through, he still manages to communicate with Dr. Swann. Not long after, Bond somehow manages to slip his watch out and hand it to Dr. Swann after they kiss each other. The watch is thrown in the middle of the room, an explosion occurs, and Blofeld is thrown out of his chair. A battle ensues, Bond breaks out of his chair, and he runs around with guns blazing as if he was never affected by the excruciating trauma that he just went through. A very unrealistic scene indeed.

5.) Toward the end of the film, how did Blofeld know that Bond escaped his guards? As Bond escapes from more of Blofeld's men, he heads toward the MI6 building, which is currently still in ruins and comes across a memorial plaque, which has his name spray painted on it. He also finds arrows pointing in different directions throughout the building, only to find Blofeld standing behind bullet proof glass. After Bond shoots at Blofeld and it hits the glass, Blofeld then arms a bomb that he has crafted and tells Bond that he has 3:00 minutes to evacuate the building before it explodes (he is also tasked with finding Dr. Swann, who is held hostage somewhere within the building). Bond finds Dr. Swann in a nearby room, unties her and they escape, with not a second to spare, as the MI6 building completely implodes behind them as they escape in a fully functional boat that they just so happened to find within the dilapidated building (another small plot hole). With that being said, the fact that Blofeld knew that Bond would be there not only contradicts his faith in his own men, but the fact that it would be literally impossible to determine that, especially being that he had no leads indicating that Bond would even be there. Blofeld's last scene was also pretty disappointing, too, considering the fact that Bond didn't even throw so much as a punch toward him. Instead, M only had him arrested. Besides that, as mentioned, Bond somehow reunites with Dr. Swann and they are seen walking away from the bridge. The film ends with Bond walking into Q's quarters. They have a brief conversation and the film ends. To even have Blofeld as Bond's "half brother" is ridiculous...and it totally contradicts all of the Bond films of the past. Not a very climactic ending at all, in my opinion.


Way Too Politically Correct...
I gave into the hype for this show and gave it a try. In short, I came off extremely disappointed.

It's rare for me to not like a show right off the bat, but "Quantico" unfortunately succeeded in that area for me. No more than five minutes into the show, we find the main character having random sex with another man in his car, something in which ABC seems to be a huge fan of these days. Add to the fact that this show has so much political correctness that it just makes you want to either change the channel or turn it off. I was also puzzled as to why the writers had a gay character randomly come up to someone on the street and kiss them. I know ABC loves pleasing everyone, but that's just not my thing. Moreover, making everyone a suspect for what appears to be a major terrorist attack on New York's Union Station just doesn't make any sense either. After being accused of the attack, Alex's "escape" from the feds at the end of the episode seemed just as head scratching as everything else. In summary, if you like political correctness with a weak plot, give this show a try. If not, then do your best to pass this one up. I know I will.

Still Alice

Julianne Moore's BEST film to date!
I can see why this film was nominated (and won) so many awards. Never in my life have I seen a film quite like this. It was truly heartbreaking watching Moore's character go through so many phases of Alzheimer's. I actually have two older people in my family who are currently dealing with this disease. A few years back, another one of my family members was also diagnosed with Alzheimer's and passed away just last year. With that being said, from what I have learned from dealing with people that have this disease, it is this. You must be patient and willing to adapt and accept the fact that they have Alzheimer's and that there is nothing that anyone can do to reverse that. The best thing that you could possibly do is to be there for them in their time of need and to always keep a sharp eye on them, no matter what. Moreover, the patience factor really comes into play when they might ask you certain things in a continuous loop, like how Moore's character Alice did with Baldwin's character John, who played her husband in the movie....or how Alice would forget her own daughter's name (Lydia, played by Kristen Stewart), even going as far as confusing her with her sister at one point.

In summary, even if you don't have anyone in your family that has this disease, or don't know any friends or acquaintances that do, see this film anyway. Moore's performance was spot on and gave a stunningly realistic impression as to what life is like for someone living with this disease. I would recommend this film to anyone without hesitating!

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

A Complete Waste of 2 Hours
Why on earth was this film nominated for so many awards? All I got out of "Birdman" was that the "actor" the film followed was washed up and was looking for something to redeem himself. Instead of a genuine story, however, the viewer is forced to suffer through a half- written clunker that seems to focus more on crude sex jokes and innuendo than the actual story plot. The film itself just does not make much sense at all, which makes it challenging to tell where the writers are going here.

I also found Riggan's unrealistic "ability" to levitate and move things around without even touching them to be incredibly stupid. The ending, in itself, was even worse, as Sam, Riggan's daughter, finds a hospital bathroom window open, where Riggan was staying at the time after it was revealed that he botched his own suicide, only to discover that he is not there and has assumingly "flown away" with the birds into the sky. The film ends as Sam looks down the street, slowly up to the sky and then smiles.

What a lousy film. If this really qualifies as "quality entertainment" these days, then I think it's safe to say that some of these movie critics should either retire or be out of a job altogether.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Used to be a decent program....but not anymore!
In less than a year's time, this show has gone from decent to bad to just plain awful! At this point, Colbert and CBS should just rename this show to "The Donald Trump Show with Stephen Colbert" because that's all who he talks about (in a butthurt and negative manner, I might add) with the same stale jokes every night. Moreover, the fact that even James Corden is now giving Colbert a run for his money should be a complete embarrassment to CBS knowing that their secondary late night program is actually outperforming their primary show.

I guess CBS is taking notice of Colbert's problems, though, considering the fact that they already attempted to bring back some elements of "The Colbert Report" onto "The Late Show." In that case, however, I'd say that it's too little, too late. How about also offering just a little respect toward our leaders as well? Out of all the rest of the current late night programs, this show is definitely the most hateful toward President Trump and his administration...which is something that I'm sure the anti-Trump crowd might like, but that's about it.

In summary, Colbert needs to go ASAP!! Perhaps James Corden would do better on this show...

Dances with Wolves

One of the best films in cinema history!
Whether you are a fan of Kevin Costner or not, "Dances with Wolves" is a must see! Despite this film's impressive running time of 3 hours, it actually feels shorter than that once the powerful story plot draws you into the world of the Civil War era. Costner, Greene, and McDonnell should have all received Oscars for their performances, as this film was that good! I was amazed at how well the writers were able to portray the Native American life, too, as it is hard to come by a film that does this so well.

Costner basically plays a Civil War lieutenant that comes across a Native American Sioux tribe while on his journey to the frontier. Over time, he eventually befriends the tribe. Not long after, he falls in love with one of the tribe's family members, named Stands With A Fist, a woman who they took in from another family after she tragically lost her husband. They end up marrying each other.

Costner's character, John Dunbar, is then given the Sioux name "Dances With Wolves" after the tribe leader, Kicking Bird, played brilliantly by Graham Greene, notices Dunbar playing around with a wolf that he names "Two Socks." Later on, Dunbar is captured by some soldiers of the Civil War and is pressed for answers as to why he is wearing Native American clothing even though he claims to be enlisted in the Civil War. He later tells them that his name is "Dances With Wolves" and that he is a member of the Sioux tribe. Knowing this information, the soldiers attempt to kill Dunbar, but their plans are foiled when the Sioux tribe intervenes and takes back Dunbar. Back at the tribe's camp, Dunbar then announces to the entire tribe that they should move their camp so that the soldiers won't know where to find them. They quickly object Dunbar's proposal. In response to this, Dunbar then announces that he plans to leave the tribe behind, and his wife, Stands With A Fist, also agrees to go with him. As they are leaving, the film ends with the tribe giving Dunbar a Native American salute as a way of thanking him for all that he has done for them.

In summary, "Dances With Wolves" is one of those films that makes you feel like you are really there. It is simply an extraordinary masterpiece. The bottom line? See this film. You won't regret it!


Way too much forced comedy and not enough action or fight scenes
This film was just plain terrible. This was actually the first film that I saw that had Paul Rudd in it. Besides that fact, being that I've enjoyed most other Marvel films, I decided to give Ant-Man a try. This, film, however, was simply not good. Once the film was finished, I actually walked out of the theater somewhat happy knowing that I used a free ticket that I got through my theater's rewards program to go see it. Otherwise, I would've regretted even spending money on it. As a superhero, Ant-Man seems to be one of the weakest links in the Marvel superhero chain, as his only special ability is to shrink to the size of an ant while confusing his enemies of his presence at the same time. Not much of a superpower, if you ask me.

My biggest gripe with this film was that there was WAY too much forced comedy in it. Michael Pena had to be the most annoying person in this film, with his constant carrying on about almost everything, aiming to be funny when in reality, it's just annoying. Quite a few of Paul Rudd's jokes in the film seemed to fall flat, too. The story plot seemed incredibly slow, too, aiming to focus on more of the main character's relationship with his ex-wife and family than anything else. Just when things couldn't get any worse, the biggest head scratcher in the film seemed to be an unnecessary cameo from Falcon, who seemed terribly out of place. The fight with Yellowjacket was lame, too, as it didn't even seem to last that long.

One thing I will mention, though, is how well they managed to make Michael Douglas look about 30 years younger in the beginning of the film. So whoever was in charge there, well done! Moreover, perhaps the funniest part of the film is when an ant is super-sized and was seen walking out of Lang's house. Not only that, but when Lang's daughter Cassie had her toy train (Thomas the Tank Engine) super-sized and then came crashing out of the house onto a police car...that in itself was also moderately amusing. Aside from that, this film wasn't anything to ride home about, and I can only hope that Marvel realizes that by not making a sequel to this...EVER. I'll take The Avengers and Captain America film series over this film any day.

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Tom Cruise delivers! This film is a must see summer blockbuster!
From what I gathered from the trailers, I went into the theater expecting a great film...and I couldn't have been happier with the end result! This film was awesome from start to finish and had what I thought was one of the best villains in the series to date. Sean Harris (who played villain Solomon Lane) did an excellent job in his role, keeping Cruise and his team on their toes throughout the film. Cruise himself also did an excellent job here, too, instantly proving that he still has what it takes to continue on with this role many years into the future.

The central focus of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation revolves around a mystery group called the "Syndicate" who basically work like an anti-IMF, with a sole focus of spreading terrorist attacks around the world, while working to establish a sense of new world order and overseeing the dismantling of the real IMF. Besides this group standing in their way, Ethan and his crew must also deal with Director Alan Hunley (played brilliantly by Alec Baldwin) who is bound and determined to think that Ethan is crazy and that the Syndicate is just in his imagination. Because of his doubts with Ethan, Hunley brings up his concerns to the oversight committee and it is decided that after the events of Ghost Protocol, which saw landmarks like the Russian Kremlin destroyed, that the IMF be dissolved effective immediately. Not long after, Hunley and his crew end up putting Ethan on a most wanted list and try to track him down to no avail, using what appears to be Agent Brandt (Jeremy Renner) as his mole, even though Brandt is working with Ethan. We later find out that Brandt was on Ethan's side all along, and simply tricked Hunley into thinking that he was really helping them, when in reality, he wasn't. The conclusion of the film reveals that the Prime Minister of England, whom Ethan and the team practically kidnapped in order to satisfy a "request" from Lane, actually had inside knowledge of the Syndicate after Ethan is revealed to be the Prime Minster's associate, Atlee, in disguise, to the instant disbelief of Hunley. Once the real Atlee arrives, Hunt subdues him and gets him to admit a cover-up with the Syndicate ever since Lane hijacked the project and went rogue.

Not long after the fact, Hunley and Brandt return to the oversight committee, where Hunley requests to re-instate all members of the IMF, claiming the reasoning behind its initial phaseout was due to allowing Hunt to go undercover. Although doubtful, the committee approves Hunley's request and the movie closes out with Brandt addressing Hunley as "Mr. Secretary." So in summary, whether you have been a fan of this series since its inception or just started following it after the third or fourth installment, trust me, you will love this one! It's worth every penny!


An Awful Mess
Who at Netflix decided to greenlight something like this? One should not go in expecting much from this show at all. This has to be the worst series on their network that I've ever viewed so far. In fact, after watching the first episode out of interest, I almost felt like Netflix had cheated me out of my monthly subscription money. Simply put, people should not have to pay to watch such a mediocre show.

Not only are the characters written and/or developed poorly, but the script itself is a laughable joke. In other words, it has been done before ("Lord of the Flies" "The Dome" etc.). Furthermore, the actors and actresses themselves seem like they are forcing their lines through, too, which isn't a good thing. Simply put, there is way too much overacting here, and it shows.

Jennette McCurdy is not a strong lead, either. Coming fresh off the heels of two Nickelodeon shows, one of which failed after just one season, not to mention two personal matters that went public shortly after, McCurdy and her colleagues look like they're all just doing this show for the money. Do yourself a favor and skip this one. Judging by the ratings that this show has received thus far, I wouldn't anticipate something like this lasting beyond the six episodes that Netflix has ordered for this series anyway.

Fast & Furious 7

Awesome Film...and a Fitting Tribute To a Wonderful Character and Person (R.I.P. Paul Walker)
I walked into the theater knowing that this film would be Paul Walker's last...and also knew ahead of time that there would be a tribute to the him at the end credits, while also having his two brothers act as stand-ins to complete the film. My expectations were completely blown away. The addition of Statham as the villain (otherwise known as Deckard Shaw, who is out for revenge against Toretto's crew for the death of his brother Owen in Fast 6) was excellent, and really showed off his acting ability well here...not to mention his fine martial arts skills. The early battle between Dwayne Johnson and Statham were great too, with "The Rock" himself delivering his famous finishing move, otherwise known as "The Rock Bottom" to Statham through a glass table. Not only does Statham do battle with Dwayne, but with Vin Diesel as well, with the largest fight occurring toward the end of the film. Surprisingly, however, Dwayne's role is more limited here, as he spends a majority of the time recovering in the hospital after being thrown out of a building from a mine that Deckard detonated within Hobbs' (Dwayne Johnson) police headquarters. It really wasn't that big of a deal, though, as Dwayne kicks back into action once realizing through local news reports that trouble is brewing right outside his window.

As mentioned however, this film marks a somber note, and final goodbye, to one of the Fast & Furious franchises' most beloved character and actor, Paul Walker. Walker, who died at only 40 yrs. old in a horrific car crash on November 30, 2013, was featured prominently in the film, with his character, Brian O'Connor now getting used to the family life. Toward the beginning of the film, he is now driving a minivan and has one child with Mia. However, once Dom's house explodes thanks to a "package" that Deckard Shaw had sent to his residence, they all soon find themselves back into the "game" for "one last ride." Were there a few semi-impossible stunts and a decent amount of CGI used in this film? Yes, but we must remember that this is a movie and movies generally do tend to go this route sometimes. That's why they call it entertainment. Let's also remember that some CGI also had to be devoted to Paul Walker, too, who only completed around 60% of this film before his death, while his two brothers graciously stepped in to fill the void. If it weren't for them, this film might not have happened at all. In any case, this film had everything in it that I ever expected...and more. An emotional tribute to a great character and actor that will make even the most unemotional person cry. During the beach scene at the very end, you could tell that the actors themselves were no longer acting. Like many fans, they all looked very shook up over Walker's death, and from that scene on, you could tell that it was all real life from there on out. The movie closed out with Vin and Paul driving on a two lane highway, and then splitting down separate roads. The screen then faded to white and simply said..."For Paul." If he were alive today, I'm sure Paul Walker would be very proud of this film. Even though I had no involvement in it whatsoever, I know I was. I'm sure his family would be, too.

The Intruders

Surprisingly good acting from Cosgrove
Although I originally intended to watch this film in support of Gotham's Donal Logue, I was pleasantly surprised to see just how well Miranda Cosgrove took charge in this film. If you are used to seeing Cosgrove in her previous Nickelodeon shows, which really didn't seem to take too much effort, than this film will throw you a serious curveball. Although Cosgrove, in my opinion, hasn't had a single good feature film since 2003's "School of Rock" a movie in which she co-starred with Jack Black, she slightly redeems herself here.

In any case, I wouldn't really classify this as a full-on "horror" film. Some parts of the script felt cheesy and predictable, while other sections of the film are well acted out, giving off a drama vibe at times, particularly the exchanges between Cosgrove and Logue, who plays her workaholic father. Although Logue has already proved himself as a credible drama actor with "Gotham," Cosgrove has really stepped up to the plate here in that department. Those who are uncomfortable with minor language shouldn't worry too much either, although surprisingly, most of it comes from Cosgrove. Although not a home run, this film proved that Cosgrove's acting ability can go far past that of a kids TV show or even a film geared more toward kids. "The Intruders" has successfully helped her make the transition from child star to adult film star. Nevertheless, with a better script and a lengthier run time, I'm sure Cosgrove will do just fine with a similar feature film, whether it be a horror, comedy, or drama. Myself personally, I believe that she'd do best in a drama.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

"The Tonight Show" without class
To sum it all into perspective, I cannot stand Fallon. I tried watching a couple of episodes of his version of "The Tonight Show" but just couldn't go on. Carson would be rolling in his grave. Whatever class "The Tonight Show" once had is now gone and has been replaced by immature tomfoolery. What probably annoys me the most about Fallon is his over-emphasized laughter over the littlest things and the worshiping of his guests, which is absolutely atrocious and unnecessary. These things make him look immature, fake, and desperate for the attention and ratings. Although some of his games aren't bad, his monologues are weak...but nowhere near as bad as Letterman's, whose monologues and humor are about as dry as a desert. Anyhow, Fallon's house band, The Roots, also look like they were picked out of an alley from the 1970s. The set and furniture are bland, and so is Fallon's brand of humor. If you like toilet humor and other jokes that you'd probably hear in a middle school hallway, then this show is for you. Furthermore, if you like a "host" that lollygags around the set while barely giving his guests enough time to talk during an "interview," then this show is for you. Many of the once great hosts of late-night have either retired or are starting to wear out their welcome. For instance, although I was glad to hear that Letterman finally decided to retire, I cringe at the fact that someone like Stephen Colbert will be taking over for him come May 2015. Kimmel isn't bad, but could be better. Late night is dead, folks, and NBC just helped put another nail in the coffin here.

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