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The Ghost

Unintentionally hilarious -
Against all odds, this movie was shown on the BBC again tonight. Terrible editing, wooden acting and continuity errors make this film hard to watch. However, My husband and I laughed out loud at Madsen choking through his ridiculous lines, awkward pauses between dialogue and to top it all off the ass-kicking black man with no legs who takes on a gang of triads.

The premise sounds good - the Tong are a mafia group that control China, they rescue abandoned baby girls and train them to be "Ghosts" - the perfect deadly assassins. Jing (Julie Lee) is one such ghost. her father is murdered so she is sent to LA in hiding, where she poses as a Chinese internet bride and is hunted by Chang (as Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa)- a corrupt Hong Kong police official and Dan Olinghouse ( Madsen) and his group of fumbling henchmen.

This movie fails to live up to the premise, it looks cheap, is decorated by many young beautiful 'actresses' flaunting about, which is the only reason I can think of that Madsen and Dourif may have signed onto this.

The main actress speaks in a low monotone and it feels like she's being fed her lines sentence by sentence. The Honk Kong cast ridiculously overacts, and the scenes there feel like an episode of a "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" - over the top villain and all.

Overall, it was funny - and painfully awkward - You feel sorry for the cast.

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