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T2 Trainspotting

Sadly people are blinded by nostalgia. This is 'THE' definition of a cash grab.
Checked IMDb before watching. Saw the rave reviews but sadly these people seem to be blinded by nostalgia. Please don't believe the fanboy-ism.

Take away the nostalgic factor and you're left with mediocrity. A generic uninspired by-the-numbers production that has nothing in common with the original only the name and the same familiar faces.

Sadly this seems to be the norm these days and fits in with modern times perfectly of generic sequels and reboots without any substance. Gone are the days of creativity and originality that gave birth to classic movies like trainspotting in the past.

Worst part: The plot is so paper thin it might as well have been written for a cartoon. Zero effort has been put into the storyline. It felt lazy, soulless, uninspired. No creativity whatsoever.

It says a lot when the best part of a movie are the flashbacks to the original 21 year old predecessor. A sad state of affairs.

Voice from the Stone

Mediocre ghost story at best
WARNING: rigged positive votes. (movie had average rating of 8 when i checked)

Sadly most movie studios these days try to rig the votes in their favor. If you don't know already it's best to click on the 'number of votes' under the main score and watch the voting breakdown page. Here you can easily assess when the voting is rigged. When a movie is just released and already it has lots of perfect 10 votes you know it's fake! So don't fall for it.

About the movie: it reminds me of 'the others' with Nicole Kidman only not remotely on the same level. Overall it's really slow and uneventful. The story a bit weak and predictable. The acting OK but not great. It falls into the category of seen it all a 1000 times before.

Location and set pieces are nice but that's about it. definitely style over substance.


Postapocalyptic boredom
This is the invention of a new sub-genre: Postapocalyptic boredom. Why bother with a story if you can watch two completely uninteresting random people do completely uninteresting things for 1:30 hours. Sounds great doesn't it? Nothing happens in this movie. It is empty, pointless, boring and depressing. There is no plot. Only nothingness. Just two people doing nothing. Did i mention it was boring? Really really really boring.

This is by far the best explanation of what to expect: Nothing is a concept denoting the absence of something, and is associated with nothingness. Nothing denotes things lacking importance, interest, value, relevance, or significance. Nothingness is the state of being nothing, the state of nonexistence of anything, or the property of having nothing. (quote from Wikipedia).

The problem is that with (mostly) only two people on screen that you really know nothing about it is hard to care about anything happening to them. the main characters never really showed anything about themselves to get me emotionally involved. It all felt very shallow and flat. Sorry to say but throwing in some philosophy and giving it some artsy name doesn't make it art.

Marco Polo

Loved season 1, hated season 2
I loved season 1 despite its flaws, stereotypes and clichés. I was mesmerized by the beautiful almost magic scenery, the many intertwining plot lines, interesting characters, great atmosphere and lots of nudity. Even the ridiculous moments were fun to watch. I simply could not stop watching. It was highly enjoyable. Lost myself completely in this wondrous adventure.

Season 2 however is just a shadow of its former self. Gone are almost all the things that made this show great. Especially the plot line is dull, predictable and simply boring. They tried to turn this show into house of cards only without the clever writing, good acting and great plot twists. The whole power struggle concept is just ill conceived. Almost as if written by a 12y old.

What we get is endless scenes of soapy drama and uninteresting conversations complete with stiff acting and bad dialog. In season 1 i could not stop watching but i had to force myself to sit through season 2. It sadly never rises above mediocrity.

Even the great Kublai Khan himself (which was great in season 1) suffers from badly written dialog. Kublai Khan using the F-word, give me a break... completely ruins any immersion.

Season 1: 7/10 --- Season 2: 5/10


Run of the mill, but enjoyable
Fairly run of the mill thriller. A woman moves to a remote Scottish island and stumbles onto a buried body. And so the 'mystery' begins....

Nothing special here but still enjoyable. Overall the story is quite standard and predictable. Even the twists and turns can be seen a mile away. Don't expect to be wowed or anything.

The only thing that lifts this movie in to something worth seeing is the lead actress (Radha Mitchell). Every time Radha was on screen she stole the show in this otherwise bland experience. Her convincing performance makes this movie.

Overall a good movie for a rainy day. Just don't expect Oscar material.


Never have blood and gore looked this beautiful before
I came into this show completely blank. Wasn't expecting anything. I'm not a fan of the source material or have read any of the books. I just thought 'lets give it a go'. Boy am i glad i gave it a chance. The darkness got hold of me and never let go. I'm truly impressed. Never seen anything quite like this before on TV. It's almost like watching dark poetry enfold before your eyes.

Every conversation is deep and meaningful. The dialog is beautifully written. The relationship between Wil Graham and Hannibal is done really well. The psychological aspect is impressive to say the least. The most gruesome scenes are brought to life in an unrivaled artistic way. Never have blood and gore looked this beautiful before.

The acting is mostly top notch. Especially by Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen. Speaking of Mads Mikkelsen, the Danish actor playing Hannibal, he is absolutely perfect in his role as Hannibal Lector! I had never heard of the man before but i'm an instant fan now.

Overall season 1 & 2 are really good. Sadly season 3 is a bit of a mixed bag.

Terminator Genisys

A once great franchise raped without any shame or remorse and doing so with a smile by Arnie all the way through.
What is there to say? A quick summery: Everything is over the top. Instead of using one good idea like T1 and T2 they try to cram as many (bad) ideas as possible into one movie.

We get like 4 terminators, 3 time machines, 3 time periods, an app that is about to take over the world, nonstop cheesy one liners, to many 'funny' moments, to many plot twists. Ridiculous characters. A high school princess as Sarah Connor. B-grade acting. Generic action. A senior terminator attempting comedy.

The worst part: it has no tension buildup at all. What made T1 and T2 such great movies was the suspense of being chased by one (not 3) almost completely indestructible machine. That haunting feeling, done so well in the past, is totally missing. Overall it felt more like a poorly executed attempt at comedy with a convoluted mess of a plot.

This is a new low point in the franchise with a terminator named 'pops' saying awkward lines and doing creepy smiles. This is Terminator for the marvel generation. Braindead entertainment at its finest. Sadly a growing trend in Hollywood.

Please tell me this was just a fan made parody and the actual movie is still under development, right?

Run All Night

Imagine a Liam Neeson action movie. Got the picture in your head? It's exactly like that...
Enjoyable, yet seen this a dozen times before. Very predictable plot. I knew how this would play out after just 5-10 minutes.

Liam Neeson in his usual role again. He plays it well but it is getting really old by now. Without having seen any trailer or review beforehand i still knew exactly what i was getting. It is exactly the same as any other action movie with Mr Neeson. Pure copy-paste stuff.

There is nothing about this movie that is remarkable or original in any way shape or form. Nothing stood out or is even remotely worth remembering. Heck, an hour later i already forgot the title... but on the other hand nothing is bad either. This is still a worthwhile watch on a rainy day.

Mr Neeson, you play these roles well but please let this be your last in the action genre. Enough is enough. It is time to move on.


Lots of romance and love making not much else
A sci-fi adventure into the past containing not much adventure or sci-fi but instead a lot of romance and overly long scenes of making love. I was hoping the pace would pick up and something interesting to happen but instead the pace gets slower with every episode.

Speaking of the love making scenes: after episode 8 they are present in abundance and overly long. After a while it starts getting on your nerves. Especially the FAKE moans....

In the beginning the show had some "adventure" going on but after episode 8 it starts to get really repetitive. Every episode is more or less the same: Claire gets into trouble. To highlight the danger her shirt is ripped open and boobs hanging out. Then she needs saving by her handsome knight in shining armor and they make love afterward (or beforehand, or in between...).

Overall i am really disappointed. I feel tricked into watching this. After investing countless hours into this it turns out to be just another romance story. Hardly anything interesting is done with the time travel aspect besides setting up the romance with her 18th century hunk.

This is clearly not intended for a male audience! Don't be fooled.

However on a positive note: the location, set pieces, costumes, cast and production are all excellent. If romance is your thing you will probably like this.

Ex Machina

Falls just a bit short.....
Hardly any excitement/suspense. For the most part nothing really happens besides talking for almost 2 hours. It's all a bit flat.

The scary moments never get really scary. The drama is never really dramatic. The emotions never really engaging. The location not all that exciting. The atmosphere a bit sterile. The plot twists are a bit predictable. The main actor (Caleb) never really convincing. However i did like the other two main actors, especially Nathan (the creator). They both did a fine job. The conversations between Caleb and Ava are very subtle and nicely done but there is simply too much of it.

It all falls just a bit short. It is by no means a bad movie but it's missing some spice. This could have been so much more. Sadly the potential is wasted.

All in all it feels a bit like drinking lukewarm beer. It has all the ingredients to make it good but it's missing something...


Finally something different!! Not your typical Hollywood bore
This is not your typical, generic, boring, good vs bad Hollywood flick. It hasn't got explosion after explosion to numb your senses. Or cheesy one liners to appeal the brain dead crowd. It isn't riddled with clichés. There is no super hero to save the day and kill an army of bad guys. There isn't even a clear good or bad guy.

In an age where Hollywood seems to be completely out of ideas this feels fresh and unique. I rather watch this than the lame superhero movies that Hollywood keeps churning out.

What is really clever about Chappie is that you actually start to feel for the little robot. You see him grow as a person. The human actors don't steal the show. Chappie does!

You actually see his character grow from a child, puberty (gansta phase/ rebelling against his maker), to adulthood (taking responsibility and charge of his own life). Yes the "gansta" stuff is way over the top but that gives it some needed humor.

Taken 3

Average, utterly forgettable, OK action
Taken 1 was cool, Taken 2 was OK-ish, Taken 3 copy paste.

Oh look the Russians are the bad guys. Damn that is some clever story writing right there. Haven't seen that before... seriously every action flick lately has the same story more or less. It's starting to look like brainwashing or just plain stupidity.

The equalizer: Russian bad guys beat up hooker. Hero kills them all.

John Wick: Russian bad guys kill his dog. Hero kills them all.

Taken 3: Russian bad guys kill his ex-wife. Hero kills them all.

See any resemblance? My god whats happening in Hollywood these days. Do they hire children to write the script? Is it a plot to secretly lower our intelligence?


Beautifully crafted movie that tries to hard to be smart and looks stupid doing so
If the underlying logic is missing, the story overly simplistic and weak, then spending 160 million on production isn't going to make it a great movie. The potential is huge but the end result feels lacking. This may well could have been a real masterpiece with a bit more thoughtfulness and work. It has some interesting science wrapped around a meager plot.

It may well have sky high ambitions, very good production value, actors and cgi but the underlying script is just very weak. It lacks even the most basic logic. How this can be considered as intelligent and philosophical is beyond me.

The science is heavily dumbed-down and simplified, presumably to appeal to a wide audience. The overall script is extremely simplistic. The philosophical aspect shallow and empty. The whole is wrapped into a fantastic presentation but ultimately a hollow experience.

Matt Damon gives his worst performance to date (blame the script). Anne Hathaway looks lost the entire time and completely out of place. Matthew Mcconaughey flies the spacecraft like hes doing arcade games, the only thing missing is the occasional 'yeahaaaa!' like a cowboy.

I applaud the ambition but overall it's a mess. A mess with silver linings. BUT STILL WORTH THE WATCH.


WARNING: rigged reviews. Show is mediocre at best
At the moment this show has a score of 9.3 which is completely unrealistic and an insult to your intelligence. Be warned this show is made only for 12 year old comic book fans. If you don't care about comic books or have reached puberty STAY AWAY!!!

Im not a comic book kind of guy or a fan of superheroes in general but the amazing score got my attention so i started watching. With a score of 9.3 it must be nothing short of amazing, right? Boy was i wrong... The problem with stuff like this is that the fanboys all give it perfect scores, just because it is marvel or whatever. A near perfect score means it must be near perfect but this is clearly not in any shape or form no matter how much you wish it to be.

This show is lame, ridiculous, dull and cliché.

To be fair i only watched the first episode but it was so excruciatingly dull and uninteresting that it felt like a chore to watch this for 50 minutes. I was actually glad when it was over. Can't think of a single thing that made this worth my time. From start to finish it felt like a bunch of recycled generic scenes from other movies and TV shows. Absolutely nothing original. It was cliché after cliché non stop. Really basic stuff like the lame crime syndicate, the mandatory rooftop scene with the super hero overlooking (overhearing) the city and a nerd boy that transforms into a superhero at night. Speaking of the nerd boy: he really has no superhero credibility at all. I wasn't convinced for a second. It all seems more like a bad joke.

The acting is also not very convincing. The 2 main lawyer characters are really annoying. Non stop (supposedly) smart-cocky-funny remarks that feel really forced and are not funny at all. It has a real B- acting feel to it.

And for the love of god can someone please explain to me what is so realistic about this show. All i see is a blind guy that beats up everyone. Does that sound very realistic to you? Maybe in America, land of endless opportunity but in the rest of the world this is called bullshit.

(Gave it a score of 1 to compensate for all the fanboys but in reality i would say around a 5 or 6 is better suited)

John Wick

Contender for worst movie of 2014
One-dimensional story: check. One-dimensional characters: check. Terrible dialogue: check. Bad acting: check. Uninspired action scenes: check.

I checked IMDb before watching this. People talking about how this is going to be a new cult classic or the revival of Keanu. WTF are you people on crack or something. It was terrible from start to finish!

This movie is all about the action and even that feels completely generic and uninspired. The dialogue is just plain painful to watch. I actually felt shame for the people 'acting' on screen.

The story...... what story? It's virtually non-existent. Every random person you find on the street can write something better than this.

The only thing going for this movie is Keanu looks cool. Even when his acting sucks.

The Equalizer

Tired old generic formula
Yet again a movie about a lone (american) man that saves the day and kills all the (foreign) bad guys. OMG Hollywood this again. Who writes this crap. Seen it a million times before. Back in the day it was still cool but now just shameless.

Cliché after cliché, no humor, virtually no story, illogical, plot holes, action is somewhat enjoyable

To my shame i must admit i enjoyed some of the mindless action scenes but the biggest problem is that it is all to far fetched. Without any realistic basis it just looks stupid. Denzel isn't helping either. Don't get me wrong i like Denzel and credits to him for trying, but his (over) acting feels out of place. He is just trying to hard and way to serious in a movie you can't take serious.

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