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Highlander: The Gathering
Episode 1, Season 1

Gets the Point Across
This may not be the greatest acting by either Christopher Lambert or Adrian Paul, but it got the job done. Christopher Lambert was the mentor to Adrian Paul. They are both from the same clan, but when Tessa asks if they are related, they don't explain how the clan works. Are they distant cousins? Is Lambert (Connor MacLeod) the uncle from three generations earlier? It would have been nice if they just came out and said that they had a bloodline relationship.

Christopher Lambert always has a goofy look on his face, and he was intense in his first roles as Tarzan, and as Connor MacLeod in the original Highlander movie, but later on, he never seemed convincing in any role. Here he is not bad, just his usual self. Duncan MacLeod / Adrian Paul was originally a dancer and a model who was born in the United Kingdom and came to the USA to seek his fortune and fame. His acting is too intense for a guy who has been alive 400 years, but it was a good contrast to Christopher Lambert.

This episode should have been all about the two MacLeod's fighting the evil Slan (played very well by Richard Moll of Night Court TV series). The flashbacks were good, and the story should have focused on the two immortals seeing each other after a hundred years or so.

Unfortunately, the incredibly annoying Richie (Stan Kirsch) is introduced to the series. Richie is a never-ending magnet for trouble. He is a 17 going on 18 young adult with a bad attitude who also manages to make every dumb mistake that is possible, and always gets Duncan into trouble. Richie also seems to attract every evil immortal in town to Duncan MacLeod, who has to fight all the battles that are started by Richie.

Tessa Noel is played by Alexandra Vandermoot as a non-stop nagging harpy who wants to be involved in every moment of Duncan's life, and wants to control every decision he makes. Why is Duncan so insanely in love with her? I guess he likes to be miserable, and that would also explain why he adopts Richie into his life? Tessa and Richie really drag this episode down every time they are in it.

Overall, the combination of Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul is entertaining, and Richard Moll does a very good job as a menacing evil character.

200 Motels

Bizarre Self-Indulgent Drug Fantasy
I have tried to watch this movie several times over the past 30+ years, and it still blows. The characters are mostly childish, silly, or weird. The writers were obviously stoned out of their minds when they wrote this stuff, and probably when it was being filmed. They never came down long enough to realize just how insanely crappy this movie is.

It would have been a lot better as a concert documentary, with 85% being the Mothers of Invention playing music in concerts, and maybe 15% being interviews with the band members reciting whatever crazy stuff they wanted to. More music, less doped up weirdoes.

The Waltons: The Fighter
Episode 3, Season 4

Ridiculous Bogus Story
The great Cleavon Little guest stars in this episode as a boxer who is a victim of racial discrimination. He cannot get any fights, or a manager, or a promoter. In comes John Boy Billy Bob, who knows nothing about boxing, and volunteers to make Cleavon a champion. Since John Boy is writing the stories, he naturally does everything right, and Cleavon gets his big chance for fame and fortune. Thanks to the great Walton Family for so many self-aggrandizing fantasies.

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service: Winter Chill
Episode 9, Season 18

Video Evidence?
The first thing that the NCIS looks at when they find the dead guy in the truck is the trucking company's security video. They see the driver drop off and pick up the truck, and never see anything else.

At the end of the same episode, now they confront the killer with the same video that shows him knocking the victim into the metal grill, and putting the body in the truck. How much lamer can this get? So they accidentally fast-forwarded the video the first time, and missed this totally incriminating evidence? Even worse is the Perry Mason style confession by the killer. "I snapped because nobody likes me, but I am just doing my job. " Dum dee dum dum.

Then the sub-plot revolves around the incredibly annoying Fornell. He has spent the past four seasons dealing with his daughter's addiction issues, and now that he thinks she has it under control, he drops the bomb on her that he is moving to Costa Rica. Next scene Fornell calls Gibbs to give him some alarming news. Lame, predictable, and numbing. Hopefully this will be the end of Fornell's annoying guest appearances on NCIS?

Finally we get Jimmy Saint Smirky, the "good grief" Charlie Brown coroner who always has some kind of remark to make about everything. Now Doctor Smirk is giving out Dr. Phil advice. Why can't Jimmy get killed off? He has had two bombing attempts and a diner robbery, and yet he continues to ruin this show with his lame humor and need to give people advice.

FBI: Discord
Episode 7, Season 3

Agent Wallace Whines
Ebonee Noel was the FBI agent that Katherine Renee Turner replaced. Ebonee Noel was always trying to be a better FBI agent, and even got shot because of her efforts to exceed expectations.

By contrast, Katherine Renee Turner plays agent Tiffany Wallace, and every word out of her mouth is a complaint about the United States, the FBI, the U.S. Government, Police, Law Enforcement, and society in general. Agent Wallace is a never-ending fountain of whining and hatred of everything, primarily her own job and the FBI agency that she works for.

FBI agent John Boyd, who is on the show as an apologist for white people, is always trying to give agent Wallace excuses for white people. He wants to let her know he has her back, and that not all Anglos are evil. Wallace tears him down almost every time Boyd says something, and treats him like a total loser. The dynamics of these co-workers is very unhealthy.

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service: True Believer
Episode 8, Season 18

Jack Stays, Jimmy Blows
Well Jack Sloane (played by Maria Bello) finally leaves the show. If an NCIS unit of five people needs its own psychologist then maybe they should all be put on disability and retired. Bello rarely does anything except for meddling in the lives of the various characters.

Bello's last adventure with Gibbs reminds me of "Lost in Translation" which was season 12, episode 21, and dealt with issues of betrayal by a trusted Arab in Afghanistan. That story got re-vamped into this.

Not much here except the build-up to the big decision that Bello makes. Bello had so many issues related to her service in the Middle East, that her decision was very predictable! She wants to save the Middle East, and atone for the innocent people she killed or got killed.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Scooby Doo Crew are investigating the sale of children by an internet hacker. Moronic McGee tries to do some of his lame computer work, and downloads a virus into the NCIS computers. Even an idiot should know to isolate an unknown (evidence) computer from the NCIS computer network? Yet McGee has done this at least ten times before, so how bad is he as a computer whiz?

Eventually, Torres, McGee, Bishop, etc. decide to use Jimmy the geek coroner as their undercover operative for some hackers to contact. This has to be the worst acting in the history of NCIS? Jimmy (Brian Dietzen) is sitting as the decoy, non-stop motor-mouth, as Torres, McGee, Bishop all stand about ten feet away from him, in a semi-circle. All of them are wearing white ear-buds and white wires down their necks, as they all stand around talking to each other, non-stop. Even a blind hacker would have heard all the yapping.


Warm, Friendly & Positive TV series
I discovered Scrubs a few months ago, and I have seen the whole series twice. I like to watch one episode every the morning, with breakfast, because it is usually very uplifting and positive.

The cast of this TV series is amazing. They have a level of chemistry with each other that makes this show flow incredibly naturally, in spite of the fact that many of the gags in every episode are absurd. The characters react to each other without hesitation, like they grew up together. It is almost like watching a cast of brothers and sisters, with Dr. Kelso as their Dad.

Ken Jenkins plays Dr. Kelso, and at first I thought he was probably the least talented of the group, but after watching him so many times, I have come to understand his role as the "straight man" who doesn't get so many great lines, but he is as important as the rest of the cast.

John C. McGinley plays the top resident doctor, who trains and educates just about everyone. McGinley is over the top in almost every scene, but in a good way. His wife Jordan is played by Christa Miller, the wife in real life of the creator and writer of the show, David Lawrence. McGinley and Christa Miller have such an amazing chemistry of non-love that is beyond anything that I can say I have ever seen before. They are mesmerizing when they are together.

Neil Flynn plays the Janitor, and he is another character that is sort of in the background, but delivering a lot of powerful comedy in his understated way. The lawyer Ted, played by Sam LLoyd (R.I.P.) is another supporting character who fits seamlessly into the stories.

Perhaps Todd, the sexually harassing surgeon is my least favorite character. He always seems to over-state his perversities. I think the writers should have given him less to be perverted about. Because he was a one-trick pony, a lot of times what he was about to say could have been conveyed with a wink or a gesture, and it would have been enough. Todd (played by Robert Maschio) brings too much insensitivity to the show, and his character rarely has any normal human emotions or remarks. Todd stands out in a very offensive and low-class way, even for the era of this show, 2001-2010. Fortunately he is usually on any episode for about a minute or less.

Zach Braff and Donald Faison are the lead actors, and they are just incredible as funny friends. Both of them due a lot of scenes that really expose their vulnerabilities. I think the level of friendship they display is as good as any buddies I have ever seen on TV. They also manage to do some scenes that are borderline racist without touching that line. That is because their level of comfortableness with each other sends the message that they really are friends. Braff and Faison really are always on as best friends. It is nice to watch them goofing around together.

Linda Reyes plays Nurse Karla, and she is seven years older than Donald Faison, who eventually becomes her husband. Reyes has a very expressive face, and her range of emotions and reactions is extraordinary. She sells every scene she is in not just with her lines, but with her reactions. She is very passionate about nursing and medical care, and plays a great role in the development of the rest of characters as doctors and nurses.

Sarah Chalke plays Dr. Elliot Reed, and she is the off and on love of Dr. Dorian's (Zach Braff) life. She is very energetic and is constantly reacting to the other characters to sell the scenes. She speaks several languages, and occasionally speaks to patients in German, which is fun to watch. Chalke plays a very interesting and complicated character. Hot one episode, cold the next, yet always passionate about her patients, and her interns. She is a lot of fun to watch.

Scrubs has the kind of cast that is so tight with each other that they can pull off the off-beat situations in every episode. They are believable, funny, warm, friendly, and mostly upbeat and positive!


Weird and Wacky
I cannot stand John Astin, so I just fast-forwarded whenever I heard his annoying voice. Ewa Aulin who was a young actress with very little experience, plays the lead character, Candy. Her job is to be innocent and act bewildered and amazed by the world around her.

The rest of the movie, is extremely off the rails bizarre, funny, sarcastic, and odd. The weirdest part is with Richard Burton. He brutally parodies himself as a drunken pervert ego-maniacal celebrity. I was shocked at the harsh honesty of his role, and that he was willing to do it.

The rest of the cast is fun. Can you imagine Marlon Brando, Walter Mathou, Richard Burton, Ringo Starr, James Coburn, John Huston, Charles Aznavour, Anita Pallenberg all in the same movie? Unfortunately, none of the great stars act together in the same scenes. That is very sad.

The military bit with Walter Matthou was not very funny. He just shouted slogans at John Astin and the other characters. Candy (Ewa Aulin) reacted to the ridiculousness of his acting. That was probably the least entertaining segment.

This movie is a collection of skits / commentaries on 1960s society. Each bit features some really good actor with some good supporting characters, but none of it is really connected. It is almost like a psychedelic version of Kentucky Fried Movie (1977), but with a much better cast than Kentucky Fried Movie had.

MacGyver: Rails + Pitons + Pulley + Pipe + Salt
Episode 9, Season 5

Dum Dum Dum...
This show has gotten ridiculous to the point it is very hard to watch. First, MacGyver breaks Desi out of some kind of hyperbaric chamber where the pressure is negative 200 and her lungs should have collapsed by then. How does MacGyver overcome the negative pressure on the door when he finally breaks the lock? Is it magic? I mean even kids in elementary school know what he did was impossible.

Next up, MacGyver rigs an old railroad pushcart so that it goes super-fast on the rails thanks to a couple of motors that he rigged, but where are the drive belts for the wheels? The wheels do not turn by magic, and there was no other shaft or drive for the engine to turn.

Next up, MacGyver and the team find the truck which has the top secret hard drive on it. So the villains are coming, and MacGyver tells Desi, and company to go hide, but he keeps the top secret drive, instead of giving it to them so it stays safe.

The villains come over, and ask him for the top secret hard drive, and he gives it to them. MacGyver then blows up the truck, expecting it to be some kind of goofy distraction, but the villains could care less, and just drive away with the hard drive. WTF? How dumb can MacGyver get? Why would he give them the hard drive at all?

At this point, this episode was so ridiculous that I turned it off. It might as well be a Roadrunner cartoon, or Bugs Bunny & Friends.

Kitchen Nightmares: Spin a Yarn
Episode 11, Season 5

Trophy Wife Sinks Saki
Much younger dramatic diva Jen gets a job as a bartender by lying about her experience. Moronic fat slob Saki not only lets her keep the job, but marries the much younger woman. As she tells Ramsay, she spent eight months living with him, and he took her on trips all over the world, and one day she realized she loved him, even though he was not her type. She claims that two years later they got married, and she had his baby, but the daughter, Mikayla, slips up and calls him her step-dad. So just more lies, in a relationship built on lies.

It is pretty obvious Jen's main interest in Saki is his money. She claims she spent $950,000.00 remodeling the restaurant with a bunch of sofas and some marble counter-tops. The odds are she scammed Saki out of a lot of money, and her boyfriend was the contractor on the job. Their so-called daughter, Mikayla, shows no love or affection for her alleged father, Saki. It is a sad family to watch, when it was all built on Jen's greed and lies.

Like most of the dumpy restaurants where the married owners are in major drama, the employees don't care and they are slacking off in every way possible. Ramsay does his best to straighten out the restaurant, and apparently it worked. This restaurant is still open as of 2020, but are Saki & Jen are still married?

Highlander: The Sea Witch
Episode 9, Season 1

Richie Ruins It
RichIe is sent to pick up a piece of art for Duncan MacLeod's art gallery. Richie goes to the wrong place. As he is standing around, he sees some old skank (played by Johannah Newmarch) that he knows is a criminal and a drug addict. He sees her arguing with her current boyfriend, so Richie meddles in and also argues with her current boyfriend. Richie always has a big mouth, and he loves to talk tough and then let Duncan deal with it.

After Richie's old girlfriend leaves with the new guy, Richie decides to meddle some more by following her. Richie sees she is doing a drug deal, and he tries to meddle in the drug deal, and that results in the new boyfriend getting killed. The shady girlfriend steals the drugs and the money, and Richie takes her back to Duncan, so that all the hell will rain on Duncan's home and business. Once again, Duncan has to clean up after Richie.

Why MacLeod did not slice off Richie's head at the end of every episode is the reason I never watched this show when it was on TV. Richie managed to be stupid, moronic, annoying, infuriating, and irritating too. Thanks to modern technology, now I can fast forward every scene with Richie in it.

It turns out that Richie crossed another immortal (played by Stephen Macht). Macht is really upset that his drug business is going south, and even more upset when he finds out his old enemy, Duncan MacLeod is the source of his problems. So Duncan has to face off in a life or death battle against Macht, thanks to Richie and his druggie gal pal. There is a nice sword battle on a yacht, This was the highlight of the episode. All's well that ends well?

Walker: Back in the Saddle
Episode 2, Season 1

Casper the Friendly Ghost
Adrienne Padelecki is Jared Padelecki's wife, and she plays Walker's dead wife Emily in a few flashbacks and also visions where Walker sees her ghost smiling at him. Why did they have to kill Walker's wife in the pilot episode? It seems pointless, except that this show wants to be about family drama, and it is not about action, police, crime, or anything related to the original Walker, Texas Ranger.

The endless rehashing of Emily's death by Walker got old in the pilot episode, but this time there is a lot more of the same. The drama queen daughter, played by Violet Brinson is crying and throwing little fits every time she is on screen. Wow, this show is really hard to watch.

Walker's mother is played by Molly Hagan, and it turns out she was fooling around on Mitch Pelligi at some point when Walker was gone for a year after his wife died. Just drama on top of drama. Walker's brother is gay and in a committed relationship with an Asian guy. Walker's partner is in a relationship with an African-American guy. I guess they had to touch all the possible politically correct scenarios?

Jared Padelecki seems unable to be the lead character. He got lazy during 15 years of Supernatural, when Jensen Ackles was always yelling and bossing everyone around. Now Jared is being bossed by Coby Bell as his supervisor, and Lindsey Morgan who plays his partner, Ramirez. She seems to think of Walker as some kind of a loser, since he does everything wrong.

Chuck Norris as the original Walker, was a top Texas Ranger. By comparison, Jared Padelecki cannot pass his annual State of Texas Law Enforcement certification. New Walker is legally an uncertifiable, incompetent Police Officer / Ranger. The writers of this show have gone too far to show the new Walker as a total loser, whose family life is a train wreck too.

Saved by the Bell

Obnoxious White Privilege
People who wonder why there is so much racism in America can stop at Saved by the Bell. A bunch of obnoxious white kids who get away with everything they do thanks to White Privilege has to be a red flag in the face of every minority that ever saw this show. Even the Hispanic character was basically a sellout to his people.

Another reason to hate this show is that it brought Skreech / Dustin Diamond to the public eye. Skreech was a walking poster child for free abortions.

Walker: Pilot
Episode 1, Season 1

Boring & Dumb Anti-Chuck Norris
This first episode was really hard to watch. It was insanely boring. I expected Dr. Phil to jump into any of the dysfunctional family moments, which were all of them. They have a problem getting along at dinner, the daughter gets arrested for drugs, then she runs away from school/home, hates that Dad is never there, son is falling apart, Walker has problems with his own Mom & Dad, etc. and his Mom was cheating on his Dad (Mitch Pileggi). Just fixing the family dynamics could be its own TV series.

Sadly, all this family psychology stuff is insanely boring if you were hoping to watch a TV show about the Texas Rangers. Walker's wife gets killed, and that should have been its own episode of Walker, but somehow all that aftermath and the capture of her killer is skipped. So we get some of it explained when Walker talks to his brother.

By the way, Jared Padelecki has zero chemistry with anyone. The only one that seems to have any connection with him is the girl that plays his daughter, and this is only because she is literally crying and hysterical in every scene. Maybe this cast was not able to spend much time together due to the pandemic, but it feels like most of them are seeing each other for the first time as they utter their lines on camera.

Mitch Pileggi, who played Jared Padelecki's Grandfather on Supernatural, is now playing his Father. He also was the boss of Scully & Mulder on X-Files. Pileggi is a great actor, but he is too intense for family drama. I cannot imagine Pileggi rocking children on a swing or playing fetch with his dog. I also have to wonder what he is going to do when he discovers that his wife (Molly Hagen) was cheating on him.

Overall, Jared Padelecki plays Walker as the anti-Chuck Norris. Padelecki is a hard drinker, not a family man, and a very disorganized cry-baby mess. If Chuck Norris were on this show, even at 80 years old, he would punch Padelicki out and give him some tough love. I hope this show gets better, because it cannot get any worse.

The Drew Barrymore Show

Nutty in a bad way
Drew Barrymore was cursed with insane fame and money since she was a little girl, and has done just about everything that anyone could do. Now she wants to be a talk show host, and it is about the same quality as if anyone would sit at home and pretend to be a talk show host. It is really bad, but when you have a hundred million dollars or more, who is going to tell you NO?

Drew Barrymore has absolutely nothing going for her as a talk show host. That is not a knock on her. Very few people can be that kind of personality that is charming, engaging, entertaining, and witty every day on national television.

It takes a very special personality to do that kind of work, and Drew does not have it. The rest is just sad, as she tries desperately to be a success in yet another area of entertainment, and fails miserably.

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service: The First Day
Episode 7, Season 18

Please Get Rid of Jimmy!
Jimmy the Coroner (played by Brian Dietzen) has to be one of the worst actors in the history of television. Whether he is happy, sad, mad, or glad, his only facial expression is a smirk. As Jimmy remembers the death of his wife in a car bombing intended for Jimmy, he had a happy smirk on his face, but was he crying?

According to Jimmy, he never had any kind of memorial for his wife. That is very sad for her family. Nearly a year later, Jimmy has a memorial for his wife in the parking garage of NCIS. Not very classy, and not very sincere. Nobody was there from his wife's family. I wonder how her family feels about Jimmy's lack of any respect or memorial for his wife?

Now that I am streaming CBS, I can fast-forward all of the Jimmy garbage. Every time NCIS tries to develop the character and story of Jimmy, the coroner seems like an even bigger loser, and overall lame sub-human being. Jimmy the joking coroner and emotional cripple. What a guy!

Even poor Ducky is tired of Jimmy. When Jimmy skypes Ducky and says he needs somebody to talk to, Ducky's response is to tell him to figure it out himself. It looked like Ducky was thinking "Who did that guy sleep with? Gibbs? How does Jimmy still have a job? What can be done to get rid of him? He has survived two explosions and a hold-up at the diner. When will Jimmy finally get what he deserves? NCIS should have a credible coroner.

Highlander: Free Fall
Episode 5, Season 1

Richie Ruins It
The incredibly annoying Richie (Stan Kirsh) is the lead character in this underwhelming episode. Joan Jett is the guest star. I was a fan of hers back in the day, and saw her in concert. She looked a lot more petite when I saw her live. In this episode, maybe she had been bulking up, but she looks very manly, and her voice is totally man-like.

I had never watched Highlander when it was on TV, because I could not fast-forward through Richie's scenes. Now I can, so I started watching it from the first episode. Richie is the worst combination of annoying characteristics. First of all, he has a big mouth and a bad attitude, but he is a total wimp, so he has to rely on Duncan MacLeod to back up his mouth. Secondly, he is a no-talent vagrant bum who is living off Duncan's charity, yet he is always mouthing off to Duncan. Thirdly, he is always creating problems and expecting MacLeod to take care of them. It never made any sense as to why this useless character was on the show. Richie is a drag on almost every episode he is in.

This time, Joan Jett targets Richie in order to get into the home of MacLeod. Since Richie is a moron, he immediately falls in love with the most masculine woman that he has ever met. Needless to say, it all ends badly for Richie, and MacLeod has to step in. The acting by Joan Jett is wooden at best. It is hard to watch her and Richie together, since they have to be one of the worst pair of actors that were ever filmed. The story is predictable, down to the point where Richie asks MacLeod for a personal favor.

The NFL on CBS: Super Bowl LV: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Worst Super Bowl Broadcast Ever
As the REFS gave Tom Brady two free touchdowns at the end of the first half, the replays clearly showed almost zero touching of the receiver by the defensive back. Tony Romo says, "Clearly, they had to call Defensive Holding." WTF??? Right there, I knew the fix was in. Tony Romo never saw a bad call that he did not think was great, and he never even created any discussion with Jim Nantz about any of the calls that favored Tom Brady and the Bucs. Not even a "maybe" about any of the REFS calls.

This Super Bowl was a farce. After Tom Brady got his cushion of two free touchdowns from the REFS, the game was basically over, so I turned it off at the end of the first half. Part of the reason was also that Tony Romo is a non-stop chatterbox, and listening to him never stop talking makes it even harder to enjoy any NFL game.


Amazing Censorship of Opinions
I have had to post the same review thirteen times now. Apparently the IMDb censor for this movie has unlimited power to censor any opinion. Just sad, that IMDb is owned by Google and does not have to follow any minimum standards of censorship.

As I have posted 12 times before, I find this movie to be very inappropriate in the manner that it exposes children to twerking and other provocative behavior. It does not seem that the children in this film are treated in a healthy manner, and the message this movie sends is not positive or healthy either.


Richie Ryan Ruins It
I could never watch The Highlander back in the day when it was originally on television. I loved The Highlander movies, and I loved the concept, but I could not stand the incredibly annoying Richie (Stan Kirsh). Why he was even on the show made no sense. The Highlander wanted to keep a low profile, and all Richie ever did was to create trouble, bring attention to The Highlander, and be a big mess that Duncan MacLeod had to clean up after.

Why was Richie even in the series? Just one dumb decision after another, and Richie always had a bad attitude. What a drag it was to see him on screen. Fortunately, now in the modern age of streaming video and DVD sets, I can watch every episode of The Highlander and fast-forward every time Richie starts talking in any scene. It is a blessing to be able to finally enjoy The Highlander without Richie (Stan Kirsh).

The Highlander is a great TV series, with lots of excellent action, thoughtful strategy by the various characters, and a lot of good philosophical situations. Combined with the movies, this is a great series that delivers in every way.

FBI: Clean Slate
Episode 5, Season 3

Another Evil White Guy Story
Apparently only white guys commit crimes in the wonderfully racist world of the FBI TV series. Every episode, white guys kill Hispanics, African-Americans, or engage in terrorism. This time around the weekly evil white guy kidnaps an African American girl from her family vacation retreat.

How the guy followed these folks to a remote cabin in the middle of the woods, where any other vehicle would have been seen from miles away, is not explained. He had to take the same dirt road, because there was no way to drive through the forest in a sedan. So this story manages to be stupid and improbable too.

Star Trek: Mudd's Women
Episode 6, Season 1

Obnoxious Mudd and a dumb story
Roger C. Carmel played Mudd, who was basically a space-pimp. Probably because I saw this show as a kid with my parents, and they thought he was a lowlife, I never liked Roger C. Carmel.

Carmel exuded a level of obnoxiousness that was bordering on toxic. His career was mostly guest appearances here and there. He might have had a better career except that when he was one of the leads on the TV series Mothers-In-Law, he decided to confront Desi Arnaz, the producer of that show. Carmel wanted the salary raise that he was due in his contract. Arnaz had told everyone in the cast that they were not getting their raises (but Arnaz was). In the early days of television, Desilu Studios was a gigantic power. Carmel got blackballed by Arnaz, and his career went down the tubes. Sad but true.

A space-pimp needs space-pros, and Carmel was taking three women to a mining planet, where they would be married off to the highest bidders. He also planned to rob and steal from the miners by using the girls, and apparently he had done that many times before, and that was his profession. Another reason to dislike Mudd.

The girls included Susan Denberg, who was a chorus girl in both London and Las Vegas. She had just appeared as a Playboy Playmate centerfold when this episode of Star Trek aired. She was Austrian, and after appearing in Hammer Films "Frankenstein Created Woman" in 1967, she gave up on Hollywood and returned to live in Austria.

Maggie Thrett was another of Mudd's Women. She was a dancer (stripper), singer, and acted in a couple of movies. She played a prostitute in "Cover Me Babe" (1970), and was in a bad accident as a passenger on rock star Gram Parsons' motorcycle. After that, Thrett disappeared from Hollywood.

Mudd's last girl was Karen Steele, who had been acting since 1953 on television, and was the oldest of the crew. Steele had been on such shows as Rawhide, Maverick, Perry Mason, and Get Smart. Her career was over by 1972, and she died of cancer at the age of 56.

Scotty and Dr. McCoy got to play the biggest goofs on this episode, as they glazed over in love of the girls, and became putty in their hands. It took all the efforts of Spock and Captain Kirk to put an end to Mudd's schemes.

Angel: I've Got You Under My Skin
Episode 14, Season 1

Trying hard to be funny & scary at the same time
I love Charisma Carpenter, but on Angel she was given some incredibly bad dialogue on many episodes. Cordelia was often portrayed as a vapid bimbo, and that is a shame. Charisma Carpenter could have had a much deeper character on Angel.

Here as Angel and the family of the kid are about to do the exorcism, Cordelia starts making really bad jokes. Up until Cordelia started talking, the episode was shaping up as a very scary occult story. After Cordelia's remarks, the suspense and tension was gone.

Angel the TV series was always trying to be scary, but too cool to be serious. The humor was sometimes interjected in a way that vaporized the suspense or scary mood of a scene. You cannot take the leap of faith into the supernatural scenarios that Angel dealt with if the characters think it is funny.

Angel: She
Episode 13, Season 1

All About Bai Ling
Bai Ling was something of a rising star for about a year back in the late 1990s. She was all about intensity and attitude, and that is what she delivers in this episode of "She." She is Jira (Bai Ling), who brings women from an alternate dimension to the U.S.A. so they can live a normal life. The problem is that they are capable of burning men to death if they get too close. That is how Angel got involved.

After reading about a private investigator that was found burned to a crisp, Angel checks and discovers that there have been other similar deaths. Upon investigation, he finds Jira and a group of law enforcement from another dimension who are hunting her and the escaped women. There is a fair amount of action in this episode, but not much common sense. Nobody really explains how they come across dimensions, or what the other world is like. It is just bits and pieces.

Most of the scenes involving Bai Ling are just her being angry and sounding arrogant, and glaring at Angel. When the raised spinal chips on her back light up red, it is because she is sexually aroused, and that happens a lot around Angel. For his part, Angel just looks dumbfounded that he is also turned on. On screen there is zero chemistry or sexual tension between the two actors. Glaring and snarling is supposed to be romance for Bai Ling.

The actual story is really boring. Angel TV series often tried to throw a lot of stuff at you so it seemed like it was engaging. Like Angel mentions Doyle and everyone remembers he died (because Joss Whedon wanted him fired). At least this first season was mostly about action, adventure, and fun.

FBI: Crazy Love
Episode 4, Season 3

More Anti-White Racism & a Dumb Story
The episode starts out as usual, with some anti-Anglo racism. A Mexican family is having a birthday party for their daughter's 15th birthday, at a restaurant. A white man shows up in Ninja outfit and balaclava, and he shoots about fifteen rounds directly into the group of people dancing. All fifteen of those bullets should have hit some people, yet only two people get shot, and they both die. Sadly, it is the birthday girl and her Mother.

Immediately, the FBI figure out that the killer is a White Supremacist who hates Mexicans. Several of the Mexican party guests are interviewed, and they explain how much hatred they could see in his Anglo eyes, and how the white people are constantly attacking them at the malls, shopping centers, etc.

The rest of the story is about the Mexican drug cartel guy who ordered the hit, because his Mexican girlfriend was seeing another Mexican guy. All that is OK, since they are just Mexicans in love. Thanks to the new FBI, the other Mexican guy gets killed too, because they are too stupid to protect him, even though they are standing next to him when he gets ambushed.

Meanwhile, a Mexican who points a gun at the two FBI agents and has them back down is given a free pass, and the obnoxious Mexican girl that sets up the other Mexican guy to get killed is also freed. All the Mexican criminals go free, because they are victims of the United States and Anglo white people. This show is off the rails insane.

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