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Power Rangers

Krispy Kreme Advert - Cringe Alert
Deadset Joke of a FIlm -Discount Zac Efron -Token Asian / Black Guy - -Beastiality joke in the first scene ? Family Movie you say ?

-The Screenplay is awful, the cringe is so bad -Camera Angles that don'tmake sense rushed and always shaky

-Terrible CGI for 2017 -At least put some Nostalgia in to save the move, but no, it puts in the theme for 3 seconds while they run across a field in their zords - Blue Ranger dies from drowning when earlier in the movie he held his breath for 4 times as long in the underwater cave - Krispy Kreme is literally part of the plot, the scene where discount enchantress eats the donuts, hurt me inside -Discount High School Story, with cringey twilight level soundtrack and a girls backstory based on sending nudes ? Family Friendly ?

-How Red Ranger spots his dad and then saves him while all the other civilians out there are getting roasted by molten gold, btw how are their no casualties at the end and they all just pop up CGI style and whip out there phones -Again antagonist was Enchantress 2.0 -Movie contained 5, 10+ minute montages and was basically in whole movie was basically in fastfoward except for camping scene which just the biggest plot device ever.

If Hollywood pumps out a sequel to this movie, I will burn down Krispy Kreme, Duck this movie.

Fantastic Four

Had potential, but a total dud
This movie had potential to be bigger than the rather 'bleak' 2005 version. I wasn't overly impressed with the younger cast but thought maybe they would take a different aspect on the film. I was also keen on how Dr. Doom would be portrayed and how he would influence the film as a villain.

I couldn't be more wrong.

-There was limited character back-story on the Fan 4 -There was no middle just a five minute climax at the end that was hardly gripping -The cringe-worthy quotes towards the end of the film were just punishing to watch -Dr. Doom looks like a Droid and goes completely insane over a minor issue and the movie doesn't quite explain why -Dr. Doom is also meant to be one of the most O.P characters in the comics but yet he seems to drop down to the levels of the Fan 4 in the final battle which previously you saw him destroy anything in his path previously. -Whats the go with Tim Nelson being in this movie seriously can they stop regurgitating actors from previously failed ' marvel ' movies and maybe have a fresh start for some characters, especially for someone with a mediocre role as he had -Not really a huge issue but very disappointingly no after credits scenes which are signature to marvel based moves ( even though it is owned by FOX )

The only reason I have given it a 3 is the visual effects, only for one character though. The Thing looked insane compared to the 2005 version, only problem was due to the short length of the movie he got limited time and whipped out some really punishing quotes towards the end of the movie. Also I did like Franklin Storm in this film, he was a breathe of fresh air...but again wasn't perfected pulling out some pretty cheesy lines.

So overall it was a total dud, no background characterisation on the characters, if there was it was limited and to go along with the short running time, it was hard to watch. Dialogue was just really, really average and I spent a lot of time watching the movie with my hands on my head in agony.

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