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Batman Begins

Nolan Creates Greatest Caped Crusader of the franchise.
To simply call this the greatest installment of the Batman franchise, actually demeans this film. People should actually look upon this film as it's own entity. This Batman shares nothing with it's predecessors. A new look, a new Batmobile, a new dark feel to the story.

It dives deeper into what drives Bruce Wayne. What makes this man dress up like a bat, and hunt criminals from the shadows of night. The story allows us to make this transition, this journey, with the young Bruce Wayne. To learn what drives him. To feel his pain, to experience his experiences. Christopher Nolan, takes us deeper into the heart of the hero, than any other director has with any other comic book cross over. The story answers a lot of the questions I've always had, that many people have had, involving Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego.

Christian Bale is phenomenal as Wayne, as is Michael Caine as Alfred. I was fearful at first with the choice for the female lead, fearing that Katie Holmes, was not mature enough to tackle such a role. Thankfully, I was wrong, and not only was she believable in her role, but she was outstanding.

Unfortunately, I can only give this movie 10 out of 10 stars, as it deserves many more. It's by far the biggest movie of the summer. It's the way Batman was meant to be seen. My hopes are that Christopher Nolan remains at the helm for the undoubted sequels, that are to come. Batman has always been one chromosome away from being that which he despises most, the criminal. The Batman is meant to be dark, gritty and brooding, NOT bright, colorful, and campy. If we wanted that, we'd all watch Scooby-Doo.

"Batman Begins" is a MUST SEE for the Summer of 2005. If you liked "Episode III", you'll love Batman Begins!

Being with Juli Ashton

Spectacular Performance by Movies' Namesake
Essentially, it's an adult movie, that pays a wonderful homage to the motion picture, "Being John Malkovich". The latter sucked, but this movie is "BRILLIANT!" Briefly, it's the story of a bumbling fool, who, despite being married to a sultry seductress, played by Chloe, he also pines for Juli Ashton, the porn star. (Can't really fault him for that.., but I digress) So our "hero", finds a magical way to "become" whoever the lucky devil is who is "with" Juli Ashton. By with, I mean in the "biblical sense".

I rated this a 9 out of 10, for one reason only. The sweet Juli Ashton performs in a DP scene, and I personally don't care to see her "poked & prodded" AND "stretched" in such a profane way. But kudos to you Juli. I look forward to seeing more of your movies.

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