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Clint Walker - Cheyenne
To this day, Clint Walker & 'Cheyenne' is my favorite Western cowboy star/show! He was the larger than life gentleman of the old West. I loved his show (still watch reruns), have ordered items from his website "The Big Guy Himself", and had an opportunity to meet him when I was a young teenage opportunity that I MISSED because we were at the PG county fair (in Maryland) & just before his arrival my mother sent me to locate my younger sister who had wandered off!! That was about 50 years ago & it STILL upsets me! Especially since my Mom met him & raved over how big & handsome he was!!

CLINT, I've read your bios, heard some of your interviews, including the amazing story of your skiing accident that nearly took your life. I'm no kid anymore,will be 63 next month, & I know you are in your late 80's. I also remember that you don't travel by air much anymore since planes are so cramped for a big man like you. BUT, I would fly out there to get the chance to meet you in person, get a hug & share a short visit! You will always be the cowboy with a heart, a solid moral compass & a man who treated a lady the way a lady wants to be treated. It must be noted that God must have been showing off when He made you, but while your strong, handsome exterior caught the eye, it was the man that you exhibited that caught our hearts. I don't think any of us who were so captivated then have lost one ounce of our affection for you!

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