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Journey to the Center of the Earth

Top version!
I have watched other versions. Was not impressed. This is my favorite. I love the cast. The script was very well written. The color, direction etc. is unforgettable. It has some humor in it. I think this should be the one and only.

Mad About You: Giblets for Murray
Episode 8, Season 3

Great episode!
I love this episode. It is very funny. The cast is great. I prefer Penny Fuller as Jamie's mom over Carol Burnett. Never liked her. I love how they keep running to the store for various items. I am really amazed of many turkeys the store owner has in stock.

Every Christmas Has a Story

Great, new classic.
I really like this film. It is funny, heart warming and has just a hint of sadness. The cast is great. They click. The story is engaging. The town reminds me of the one where mygrad school was. Everyone knew everyone. They also decorated for the holidays. Lori's daughter looks just like her!


Best version.
I love this version. IMO it is the best. For several reasons: 1. I prefer William Petersen over Jodie Foster. Never liked her. 2. Michael Mann does a great job directing. 3. I like the spelling of Lecktor, as opposed to the other spelling. 3. You have Stephen Lang as a supporting actor. Does a great job. 4. Tom Noonan is an imposing actor. He makes a very convincing villain. 4. IMO Brian Cox does a great job in his portrayal. The way he portrays Lecktor he could be the unassuming next door neighbor.

Chicago Fire: Best Friend Magic
Episode 9, Season 8

Strange episode.
Interesting episode. Why is Monica back? It was great when she was on the show. Then her storyline went out of sorts. I can see why her character left the series. If she is back she should stay until the series ends.

Let It Snow

Fun movie.
I like this movie. It is funny and heartwarming. The lodge is great. The cast is good overall. The scenery is beautiful. I have a few problems: 1. It sounds like the husband is going to be gone, (literally in 3 months). 2. Wby bring up the brother? You don't see him. 3 Why can't movies like this be filmed in the U.S.? You have Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont? etc. They have snow and mountains! I am tired of Canada subbing for us! Sorry.

Michael Shayne: Private Detective

Kind of fun film, series.
I like the Michael Shayne movies. They are fun to watch. I always liked Lloyd Nolan. However, I find it difficult to believe him as Michael Shayne. He is good but not that believable. Also, when you watch them closely he doesn't seem to deduce anything until the very end. Good series overall.

The Mistletoe Secret

I thought this was going to be better. However, it was not. The 2 guys who are the famous writer do not click. Kellie is good in her role. I really like the diner and hotel. They are very nice. I find Patrick Duffy disappointing. IMO he has not aged well and he seems to play addled minded characters nowadays. Too bad.

One Body Too Many

OK comedy.
I watched this on a whim. I heard that Jack Haley was a very funny comedian. Sorry, but I didn't think he was very funny. This is a good comedy but I wasn't impressed by Haley. Good, funny movie overall.

Jail Busters

Great film.
This is my favorite Bowery Boys movie out of all they made in different incarnations. It was funny film and had some serious parts also. I wish they made another along these lines. Too bad they didn't.

North by Northwest

A+ Hitchcock.
I love this film. I love Hitchcock. This is my favorite Hitchcock film: cast, script, action, wardrobe, etc. It keeps you guessing, and the pace is breakneck. You get to see lots of famous things: the UN, the 20th Century Limited, Mt. Rushmore, etc. What more could you want!

The Verdict

Great movie.
I love this movie. The cast, script, locations are great. I think Mr. Newman should have gotten an Oscar a long time ago but he should have snagged it here. The story is depressing. It shows what can happen by a stupid mistake. 2 things that still irk me are: 1. Concannon should have had serious charges brought against him. 2. The same thing with Charlotte Rampling character.

The Big Bang Theory: The Consummation Deviation
Episode 8, Season 12

Nice episode.
This is a fun episode. Raj is nervous like he used to be in the past. Sheldon is nice. Almost fell on the floor! My favorite new thing is Teller as Mr. Fowler. He finally gets to talk! Thank you.

The Big Bang Theory: The Grant Allocation Derivation
Episode 7, Season 12

Getting long in the tooth..
As time went on I got tired of most of the characters. Raj just got on my nerves. I felt sorry for Howard, etc. The one I got really tired of was Bernadette. She became selfish and extremely annoying.

Detention: The Siege at Johnson High

Poor film.
I watched this film because of Rick Schroeder. He does a good job here. However, some of the actors seem like amateurs. They say their lines in odd ways. Henry Winkler is in this film. The way he says his lines it makes it hard to believe he graduated from Yale.

The Groundstar Conspiracy

Great lesser known film.
I saw this when it first came out. I was surprised. The story kept you guessing. The cast was well rounded. It was nice to see Michael Sarazin. It is hard to find his films. The ending will surprise you. I love the set because it is an actual location not a set.

Banacek: No Sign of the Cross
Episode 3, Season 1

Interesting episode.
I like this episode. You get to see Broderick Crawford and Victor Jory. Great actors. The mystery is pretty intriguing. This is the only episode that I can remember where he is actually humble about his abilities.


Poor pilot.
I watched this just now. I can see why it wasn't carried to a series. It wasn't funny. Then they re-wrote the backstory. Too much in 30 minutes. I thought he would have stayed in Iowa. I wished it was a little better. Too bad. I understand why they showed it late at night.

Adventures of Superman: The Golden Vulture
Episode 21, Season 2

Interesting episode.
I really don't like this episode. It really isn't funny. The characters are odd to say the least. George tries comedy. It doesn't work. He also seems to act really smug. It is interesting that Lois shows she may have feelings for Clark. Oh well.

Who Done It?

My favorite Abbott and Costello film!
I love Abbott and Costello. This is my favorite out of all their films. The script is great. The cast is perfect. It moves along at a nice pace. I first saw this when I was 8 years old. I am 61. It still makes me laugh.

The Hughleys: Seoul Brother Next Door
Episode 12, Season 2

Great episode!
This is a very funny episode from beginning to end. I really like Pat Morita from way. Very funny actor. He holds his own in the skirmishes. I wish he was in more episodes. Trivia: Mr. Park does the crane technique as he is leaving Daryl's backyard.

The Big Bang Theory

Kinda funny.
I watched the whole series finally. This is all IMO. The only person I found funny was Johnny. Sheldon is annoying. How he has friends I have no idea. Amy is not attractive and not funny. Bernadette has 2 things going for her. Figure it out. Penny is nice but kinda flighty. Howard needs another belt. He is intelligent but is only funny doing impressions. Raj has several problems. He seems to be needy. He doesn't understand personal space, etc. The series for me is hit and miss.


Great pilot for a possible series.
I saw this when it first aired. I thought it would have made a great series. It had a good script, action, etc. It also 2 of my favorite actors: Christopher George and Avery Schreiber.

Young Sherlock Holmes

Great, entertaining installment!
I watched this when it first came out. Then I bought it. The actors bring Holmes and Watson to life at an early part of their lives. The writing and action are top notch. There are parts that delve into the supernatural but I think it adds to the story. The mystery is engaging. I also am happy to have a left handed Holmes for a change and a girl plays a large part in helping to solve the mystery.

Banacek: Ten Thousand Dollars a Page
Episode 6, Season 1

Disappointing episode.
I really don't like this episode. It gives a huge hint on how the crime was committed. Also, it makes the security people seem very stupid. I really like David Wayne. He seems very cantankerous here. I hate his hairstyle. The lost item is very nice. I wish it was a better episode.

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