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Great series.
I watched this series every time it was on. The stories were good, the cast was good. I disagree with the comments of excessive violence. On the show The Shield you see a gang member being burned to death. Then Dutch strangled a cat just to see how it felt. That is sick!

Death Dimension

Very nice movie.
This is a very nice movie. Except for the dubbing. The movie is good. The story and cast are above average. I always liked Jim Kelly. He had his own style. Very smooth. I wish he made more films.

Return of the Rebels

Fun movie.
They used to show this on tv every once in awhile. It is fun film. It is great to see Christopher Connelly. I remember him from Peyton Place. The cast is great. The story is above average.

2 Broke Girls: And Strokes of Goodwill
Episode 3, Season 1

Great episode!
I really like this episode. It is very funny. There are a lot of good scenes. My favorite part is when Max and Caroline go to Goodwill. You get to see Max's legs. Very nice. Should see more of them.

Fir Crazy

Touching movie.
This is all my opinion. I like this movie. I do have a big problem with Canada pretending to be the U. S. A. In every movie. The script and cast are above average. There are a lot of funny scenes. Especially, the ones involving Gary. They are great. Should make a sequel.

The Big Bang Theory: The Love Spell Potential
Episode 23, Season 6

Strange episode.
This episode could have been way better. This is all my opinion. The conversation in the cab is kinda stupid. Then the way the guys act is odd. The d&d game is funny. Especially when Howard does his impressions. The closing is unnecessary with Sheldon and Amy in the bedroom C-.


Pretty good series.
I still like this series. This is all my opinion. Walter is pretty level headed. He has a problem relating to people. I really like Toby. He is funny and quirky. Happy has a cute face. However stating I know this, etc. Is annoying. Especially knowing the weights of tools. Seriously?! Sylvester is annoying. He is a germaphobe, claustrophobic, wears his heart on his sleeve, etc. Gabe is very regimented but caring. Paige is level headed, spunky and extremely attractive. Flo is great. She is very cute, and feisty.


Great classic.
I consider this a detective/action film. IMO it is great. The cast, story and especially the soundtrack! It moves back and forth from and detective film and an action film. They should have stopped with this one. A+!

The Big House: Attica
Episode 1, Season 2

Disturbing episode.
I remember when the riot happened. Very sad. This is a disturbing episode. The thing that bothers me is the are a called Broadway was given to lifers. They can can cook and decorate as they want. INSTEAD, IMO THEY SHOULD KEPT IN SOLITARY INDEFINITELY.

The Dead Pool

Pretty good, but...
I like this movie. It is fairly well done. The cast and story are good. Patricia looks great here. Harry's partner lives. I can't understand why Harry just didn't shoot the toy car. The ending was disappointing. Jim Carrey was unnecessary here. Good sequel though.

Quincy M.E.: A Test for Living
Episode 3, Season 4

Sad episode.
I was in Psychology for 20 years. I worked with lots of mentally handicapped people with various disorders. This episode shows how much autism is misunderstood by the majority of people. It presents a message where more training needs to be done with everyone. The families, professional, general public, etc.

Chicago P.D.: Burnside
Episode 5, Season 9

Lousy episode.
I didn't like this episode at all. Lousy plotline. Also, Atwater is getting militant. Talks about white people, the man, etc. I think he should be suspended or fired.

Columbo: Double Shock
Episode 8, Season 2

Not quite.
This is my opinion. This is an ok episode. However, I never liked Landau. He always seemed snooty. This episode has some good points. Columbo cooks, Julie Newmar. However, Landau gets annoying. Also, the housekeeper is just out there. Why does she keep yelling?

The Eddie Capra Mysteries

Hated this show, sorry...
Spoiler alert. This is My opinion and background info. I only liked Michael Horton and Ken Swofford. They made the show watchable. When the NBC huies cancelled The Adventures of Ellery Queen they took the 13 left over scripts and invented this one. They said it was too expensive to do a 'period piece' show. Really?! Then why did A&E create the Nero Wolfe show with Timothy Hutton? I wish they had continued with the series.

Ellery Queen: The Adventure of the Comic Book Crusader
Episode 4, Season 1

Great episode.
This is my opinion. I love Ellery Queen. The books and this show. This is great episode. You get to see Donald O'Connor, Lynda Day George and Ken Swofford. Swofford was great as Flanagan. Too bad the people in charge cancelled the series too soon.

The Dark Corner

A forgotten gem.
I love old films. I watched this on TCM. It is a very nice film. The cast top notch and the story is very well unfolded. Lucille Ball is great in her role. Mark Stevens is very good. I was pleasantly surprised. It is worthwhile watching several times.

Look Who's Laughing

Great, fun film.
This is my opinion. I disagree with the previous review. How old is the previous reviewer? I am 63. I love old time classic Hollywood films. Bergen did not move his lips. There are great comic actors and actresses in this film. They are very funny. To this day!

Hook Line and Sinker

Very funny duo.
I ran across this duo on TCM. I watched several of his films. After awhile I found them very funny. It is sad that they are basically forgotten nowadays. If you can watch their films. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Gangster Squad

I had high hopes for this movie. If fell flat. The story ambled on. It takes quite awhile for the squad being formed. The characters don't engage you. The story is clear. It is nice to see LA landmarks.

The Three Musketeers

Very good film.
This is a fun film. The cast is very good. The storyline is good. The story moves along well. The action is good. The fencing is above average. I wish you got to see the King more in the film. A good popcorn movie.

A Night to Remember

Very funny film.
I found this on TCM by accident. This is a great discovery. Loretta Young is very pretty and funny. First time I have seen Brian. He is very good and funny. They work well to-gether. There is a good mystery that keeps you guessing. There are some great sight gags that crack you up. Grab the popcorn!!!!

Top Dog

Pretty good movie.
I like this movie. Chuck still doesn't have a sense of humor. There are some funny parts. I don't know why Chuck's house has to look like a dump. The action is decent. Love the dog. He can do funny things and he has a unique look. Worth watching.

Die Hard 2

A- sequel.
This is an almost perfect sequel. The cast and story are very good. Some slight problems. Really didn't have to see a nude William Sadler. Wouldn't there been redundancies to alert aircrafts? Also, it amazes me how quick they find McClane's I.d. . Here are my problems. Did screen writers run out of words? Too much cursing. Dennis Franz is suited for t.v., not features. John Amos seems still mad. He is an unlikable person, period.

A Few Good Men

Great film.
This is all my opinion. This is my favorite Tom Cruise film. The director, cast, script are A+. The story is gripping and intriguing. It takes hold of you and doesn't let you go. There are lots of memorable scenes. My favorite is the courtroom scene. The one minus? Jack, sorry. I have never liked him. I tried but still don't like him. Tom holds his own against Jack which is quite impressive. Excellent movie.

Murder, She Wrote: Night of the Headless Horseman
Episode 11, Season 3

Interesting episode.
I like the storyline. It is very good. The classic car is great. The cast is so-so. By re-watching this episode It makes me wonder how Thom Bray and Barry Williams have acting careers. They are C grade and that is all.

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