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Ready or Not

Thought it was a decent flick. Those who like the dark strange humor stuff will enjoy it. It was above average for that genre. It was comical to me.


Dark waste of time
Harpoon movie was out in the ocean but it was in shallow water as far as a real plot. GF not faithful to BF and friend of both who does it all go on the rich BF's yacht. Then they all die. Best part of the movie was it was a nice yacht and of course the ocean is always beautiful. The rest was just a violent drama going no where.


Movie with substance
Classes between rich and poor will collide. The poor will take from the rich. This movie is reality of such. Well done, acting super, cinematography super, score super. Violence in comparison to other violent movies was not at a maximum yet graphic yes. If you can't handle it watch The Lion King.

The Dead Don't Die

Finally Murray does a FLOP
Think Bill Murray is hilarious and also does well in a serious role so I gave this movie a try based on that. It was a waste of my time. Couldn't hang with it. Thought it would be funny. It wasn't. It tried to be serious and came out too stupid to be funny. First movie with Murray in it I thought was a waste of my time. Not Bill's fault. Just a bad choice by him to be in it. The maker of the movie did lousy on this one.

It Chapter Two

Worth a watch
Excellent special effects with the monster It. Some humor which fit well. Cool cameo with Stephen King. Usual plot and nice philosophical lecture at ending. A bit long but a decent flick in the horror genre. Could have been kept with a 2 hour or less length.

An Interview with God

Outstanding movie
Well done, recommend you watch it. The movie will echo in your mind days from now.

Alita: Battle Angel

Super feel good movie
Cameron and the team did excellent on this picture. Special effects were great. Seen it at IMAX in 3D. I recommend it this way. Gave it 8/10 due to it seemed more geared up to the special effects than the plot which was good but predictable with not much of twists. Rarely do I give a 10/10 rating.

Forbidden Planet

Well done movie
For myself I did enjoy the movie. Great dramatic plot and acting. I gave it 7/10 stars only because I couldn't get around Leslie Neilsen in a serious role although he did excellent. I am so used to his hilarious comedy roles I was waiting for some kind of comedy from him. His typeset character changed in the years ahead but that's where I began watching him in movies.

The Mule

Out of all the money and things that fade at death in importance meaning nothing. Family however endures after death meaning everything important. Don't take your time with your family for granite ever. Love your family, be there for them always. Don't put anything or anyone in front of them.

Game Night

A Waste of time
Had to abort this movie. A headache of confusion. Too much in the plot for me. Best part was Rachel McAdams because she is beautiful but her hair in the flick looked like it needed a makeover. Never could get into this whatever it was.

55 Steps

Real life movie based on a true event. Court room drama with mental patient litigating against the mental hospital. Rights of patient vs administrators and doctors. Medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies do care many times more about profit than people.

The House with a Clock in Its Walls

Harry Potter style Halloween movie. Black & Blanchett did a good job. Seen at IMAX with my girlfriend. Excellent place to view it. Special effects very good. Worth a watch!


Excellent movie
Well done. The cinematography is superb. I don't usually do such a high rating but this movie was real life that touched my senses magically with the romance, the survival instincts, the loss of a loved one and seemingly most important aspect of the spiritual strength to carry on to enjoy life amidst even the tragedies. Therein lies within a later view not perceived yet a most beautiful rainbow that never ends.


Don't waste your time. The movie drags on with no real plot. It's a long 2 hours 15 minutes. No different than the first It movie. Not even worth the rental. Don't get the really great movie reviews but to each their own opinion. The ending like the entire was nothing out of the predictable boring conclusion. They beat up the monster clown killing it. Then romance brews with two of the children. Good movie to fall asleep on though.

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