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It is a mix of Hell Fest 2018 and Wrong Turn 2003 and of course there are some clowns from the Purge series. No motive, no reason, no logic just another flick for money.


I fell asleep!
That's how boring that movie was. I'm sorry and I understand they made a lot of effort to come with something somewhat original but it wasn't. I only hope they don't make a prequel, requel, sequel, dequel or whatever the quel want with that bizarre movie : one was enough!


Failed to pull out all its potential on the screen!
Well, it was painful and boring to watch, mainly because the main character was not developped enough for the audience to feel his contradictions. The plot is misleading on purpose but not convincing. No, it is not a possession movie and it has nothing to do with spirits or the like. You will be surprised by the twist in the end and you will actually wish they had made it differently for that twist to work!

Office Uprising

The usual zombie comedy!
Well it is a zombie movie, with zombies having a social demonstration that will blow your head off, yeah they talk, they demand, they are angry employees and they want everyone else to know that. It is a trade union zombie movie at best and that is what makes it funny too, I guess.


Could have, would have, should have but never happened...
Well, it is not worth the two-hour long viewing time. The main character is annoying from start to finish. It could have been crazier and more horrible but it failed miserably. At least, we can encourage them to do better next time.


Stay away from women who did enjoy their school years!
Well, is that even a horror topic at all? ... I don't know! I think it could have been creepier, but I got the feeling that the director wanted to keep it at a basic psychological level. To sum it up : a woman went berserk after a group kids ignored her...

Would You Rather

Not the usual escape game!
Well I pretty like the escape game genre, but that one was weird. In spite of the boring theme of rich weirdoes, it has something interesting in it which has everything to do with the final twists.

Ready or Not

Boring theme but entertaining !
I'm getting tired of this theme of rich people in a cult trying to kill innocent folks. It is boring! But in spite of that, the director managed to derive some comedy out of it. So, in the end, you can enjoy the movie anyway!

In the Tall Grass

Enjoyable if you already like time loops!
Yeah I haven't read the book and ... I don't care! The movie is very entertaining if you like time loops or wormholes theories etc. I actually wasn't expecting such a plot. I'm a huge fan of this genre. Of course I didn't grasp all the symbolic references because the plot got lost at some point, but all-in-all I enjoyed it, and I actually went to watch it a second time (as I usually do for this kind of movie).

Annabelle Comes Home

Nobody cares really!
Doll or not, prequel, sequel, requel, dequel whatever, nobody cares anymore ! It is as boring as the Paranormal Activity movies and equally annoying. The characters are all as flat as ever. I'm expecting next time : Annabelle v. Predator/Aliens (it might be entertaining!).


Never judge a book by its cover!
I was seriously not interested in that movie after watching some clowns roaming about in the trailer - I'm getting tired of the redundant Purge movies' characters, you know ; and I'm not enjoying the new trend of blurring the lines between good and evil (e.g. Maleficent, 2019). I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when some friends opted for watching it, and I was baffled!

The movie was nothing I had expected it to be. It is actually what a Joker backstory should be like. It is believable, intriguing and down to earth. It is really what you can call an adaptation. Todd Phillips manages to make you feel the darkness in Gotham and how it roves through the city in search of the next victim. The whole Batman universe is thus successfully explained. And Joaquin Phoenix is perfect in the role of the Joker.

This movie is not really for the usual Batman fan in search of fantasy, fight scenes and high-tech accessories, but for the pragmatic moviegoers who can enjoy watching a masterpiece just like others enjoy French cuisine in a 5-starred restaurant - I'm not kidding! Great job!


Great movie !
Actually showing how people are connected in ways they're not aware of ! I haven't seen a movie tackling this issue that well yet !

I Am Mother

I guess everyone got the twist...
Everyone actually foresaw that the woman from outside was APX01. But the movie fails to bring enough tension to find this out. The audience just guesses it for no good reason and it is never clearly established, even in the end. Besides, dozens of questions were going through my head about a machine raising a child. We never see it bathing the child, cause it is probably not thought yet in real life ; or we never see the machine coping with kid's anger. I doubt a person raised by a machine would be psychologically fit to raise a child afterwards and that got me a very bad feeling about that movie, cause it is not even mentioned or tackled with !


... somewhat disturb and bizarre ! This movie is way over people's comprehension !

Unicorn Store

I'll be glad to find any explanation of that movie ! I gave it a 6 for the effort but I really didn't get it at all !

The Con Is On

Freaky comedy !
The same as "Drunk Parents" ; it is weirder than funnier but it stays decent !

The Prodigy

Killer look !
That kid does scare people with that look upon his face, but the movie is also slow and a little bit annoying, plus the final twist is not surprising at all !

What Men Want

What's wrong with you people !
I had to give a 10 to this movie just to mitigate all the bad reviews ! What's wrong with you all ? That movie is correct and entertaining !

Final Destination 5

Great movie !
The final twist is awesome ! I love the franchise ! It is really underrated !

Drunk Parents

What did I just watch ?
This movie is funny but it is weird too ! Something went wrong but I couldn't pinpoint when ...

The Perfection

Not that perfect indeed !
I'm not convinced about the twist in this one. It seemed clichéd again ! It was kind of annoying to watch the whole movie and yet I gave it a 6 out of 10 because it could have been better.

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Unbearable !
Really annoying movie to say the least ! There is no story at all ! It should have been in second position, because you can feel that they're going to make a fourth one ! Complete waste of time, money and expectations !

The Babadook

Interesting psychological movie !
Well, it is not so much a horror movie than a psychological one. You can feel how tired the woman is and how low she goes into depression.

The Taking

Please stop !
Please stop the found footage style already ! It is annoying, boring, time consuming, pathetic and really not selling anything anymore. I actually fell asleep, that's how bad it is ...

Time Lapse

Very well done !
Well, I enjoy this theme ! The movie was great ! You don't really need to know what's really going on with the machine and the final twist is decent.

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