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Garbage flick
First, the movie has been done before. Only in that flick, the ghost hunters were exposing fake seances until they came upon real ghosts. The acting here is terrible, except for the grandmother. ..SPOILERS .. But as soon as she said, "Not the East Wing!", you pretty much knew how the movie would turn out.You really don't know what's wrong w/Beth until Jackson gets the same treatment. Angela is uninspired at BEST. Per an early question from her admirer, I think she was on drugs during the filming. No character development, lackluster sets, dumb script and really no sense of horror at anytime equate to garbage horror movie.

Ex Machina

Not what I anticipated after the 30 minute mark.
1) I never believed Caleb was AI. 2) I was fairly certain that Ava was the most advanced AI and was capable of everything she ended up doing. 3) Nathan's behavior was inconsistent. Genius inventor but couldn't predict AI would kill him (never programming in safeguards). Power weightlifter but very heavy drinker. Immediately wanting to start bromance with Caleb. 4) I hypothesized at roughly the 30 minute mark that Nathan was AI. The Turing Test was passed because Caleb never realized it. 5) The original Nathan (killed by Ava sometime back) had earlier programmed an Ava advanced enough to kill her creator, build Nathan II, arrange Caleb's presence and create an escape plan to leave the site. In other words, she was either programmed too well or AI evolved without biological input. 6) Once the Turing Test was passed (Caleb never guessing that Nathan was AI) , Ava (artificially) knew it was safe to enter the outside world and escape detection that she was AI.

I think my version is better than the script writer's end product.


What the clown was this abomination?
Worse movie of all times. Wanted to rate -10 but couldn't find option. Would rather have dissected myself with rusty saw but couldn't locate saw. Trapped in shame spiral for the ridiculous waste of 90 minutes. RUN! Save yourselves! It's too late for me.

Alien Strain

WOW.....weird other reviews...did they watch the whole movie?
Minor spoilers. Alien Strain is a tough movie to get a handle on. If you can sit through the whole movie, it is definitely worth watching (especially on a weekend evening). The basic premise is a couple out in the desert when the girlfriend is captured by aliens. The b/f is committed to the psych ward, accused of her murder by law enforcement. All is made clear at the end. It doesn't descend to X-Files nonsense but it also does not employ enough special effects or scare factor to make it an edge-of-the seat thriller. I think part of the problem with this movie and why it has garnished low ratings, is that neither of the protagonists, as actors, garnish much sympathy. BUT, lots of delicious surprises at the end. And I can tell you, if you are willing to watch the whole film, you'll be asking yourself, "What the FK is really going on, out there?"

The Evil Gene

Terrible, horrible movie...
...and I don't use those as praise words for the scare level of the movie. Richard Speight ( who I have seen here and there) CANNOT carry a movie as a leading actor. Looks like it was a budget choice to choose him for the lead role. The movie is very confusing and I didn't know what level of reality / fantasy / dreamworld we, the viewer, were supposed to be at anytime as the movie played out. The whole biological affair is way overplayed without any real explanation as to its origin. I watch a lot of horror movies, in fact all movies, and feel qualified to make some summary choice (correct or incorrect) on each....SKIP THIS ONE. There is so much more better out there than this bomb.

Wrath of the Crows

Really, avoid it at all costs....
This came out in 2013. It's 2016 now. This is nothing but a piece of soft porn peddling itself as, not a great movie, but a POS movie. No.1 -- the movie has absolutely no redeeming qualities, No. 2, all of the actors were obviously rejected for their last 20 movie auditions, and 3) the scriptwriter quite possibly wrote this while on drugs, not anything anyone in the sane world might appreciate. Just skip over it, and pray that everyone involved with this piece of garbage went on to find a higher calling in life. There is not a single scene where you feel ANY empathy for the characters present while there are plenty of scenes where you say, "HARSH, that person wasn't so bad" from it!!! The power of Christ commands you!!!

Dogman 2: The Wrath of the Litter

Throw into garbage.....
I really do not think I should be writing a review but neither should the movie production staff who have given a high rating in order to preserve their jobs. Honestly, I only watched the first ten minutes until the really silly humans..UPRIGHT IN POORLY CONSTRUCTED DOG COSTUMES indicated to me that I could better spend my time sweeping up snakes and rats in my cellar. In my opinion, this movie should be utilized in Film-making 101 at any major film school as the absolute WORST way to spend dollar? ......on a stupid film project. OK, maybe one dollar is an exaggeration. They probably borrowed 50 cents from a bum on the street and said, "HEY...let's make a movie!!!!"

Resurrection County

Not bad at all.............
I was pleasantly surprised by this movie because it is definitely better than IMDb or AMAZON reviews suggest. The real star of the show isn't Adam Huss but Dayton Knoll. His acting is spectacular and if he didn't receive some kind of award post-production, he should have. We leave the movie never knowing whether Adam H. 's character was raped or not,though his g/f obviously was. The director/writer should have gone one way or the other because, ultimately, they deliver a rather sexist message.....Huss' delicate feelings be spared! The film is on the level of Hostel (which I enjoyed too). The location sites, the "scary" rednecks", and the "innocence" of the campers all gloved together nicely. I didn't think it was a great film, but, I thought it was good film and one I would watch again.

My Reputation

Barbara Stanwyck...............
There is no actress in the world who meets, or has met the performance standards of Barbara Stanwyck. This film was the perfect vehicle for her charm, her empathy, her sadness and tears, her quirky wisdom, her seemingly being lost in a cold cruel world. The supporting cast was iffy at best. Eve Arden appears, weak at best, before her domineering, sarcastic personality comes forth as it did in the earlier Mildred Pierce and many films and TV appearances later. George Brent was at best a poor man's choice for leading man and he plays the same role he has in every other film he's done. The two boys were surprisingly strong. But Ms. Stanwyck, so luminous, a star who was on top of her game for decades. This is her at her best and if you watch the film, you can't help taking your eyes off of her.

About Mrs. Leslie

Shirley Booth.......
was horribly miscast as the off and on romantic lead to one of America's great scientists, Robert Ryan (Hendershall), who was already married with 2 children. Throughout the first half of the move, before we learn of Mrs. Hendershall and the boys, I was starting to think that not only was Robert Ryan's character might be gay, but that this was an early Hollywood forage into that material.

But as it turned out, he was married, had 2 kids and used Mrs. "Leslie" as a mere diversion (which of course will be debated ongoing). What was a complete turnoff was her addressing him as Mr. Leslie up to the last time she saw him. There were some very bizarre sexual dynamics at work throughout the film until the very last scene with the two young kids.

The movie never succeeds until the last five minutes when the young couple in love are ready to embark on a lifetime of "happiness". The juxtaposition of youthful optimism with the cynicism and realism of the Shirley Booth character, Mrs. Leslie, forces the viewers to reflect on some of the choices in their own lives, thus engaging the viewer with the on screen action.

Shirley Booth was a wonderful actress. She wasn't right for this part but she would go on to win a Tony (stage), Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Actress for Come Back Little Sheba. She was one of the true bright lights of Broadway stage and film.

Monster in the Closet

OK...from the perspective of 2016
I was 30 when the movie was made and, then, just starting out on my career. The very first thing to grab my attention was Paul Walker who was obviously a kid back then. I have to wonder if he would have willingly taken the fame ride if he knew, even subconsciously, that it would end when it did. Of course, no one knows the day they will die but it's still a tad bit creepy to me to see this in retrospect. Then, I tried to find out more about Donald Grant online and there is NOTHING. I'm gay. I went through the whole AIDS thing (lived in San Francisco, now a NYer) which surely damaged my psyche and killed so many of my friends. I wonder if this was Donald Grant's fate. If you know otherwise, please tell me. I don't know; I can only speculate.

I thought the movie was hilarious. I loved Howard Duff playing a priest! On first viewing I wondered whether the Alien monster copied Troma's monster until I looked it up and found that Alien preceded Monsters in the Closet by 7 yrs. So we know (wink, wink) who was copying who. This movie is very enjoyable and especially if you have Amazon Prime where you can see it for free.....WATCH IT! Luvs all of ya.


It's NOT a good movie!
Here is what you can expect from Homecoming: 1. Mischa Barton's continued downward slide to oblivion.

2. Mike's (Matt Long) role as the stupidest, witless indifferent boyfriend of all time.

3. Jessica Stroup (Elizabeth) who couldn't escape her way out of a paper bag if she had a knife, scissors and bazooka available to her.

The movie is so preposterous that it needs to move into the sad pervert screenwriter's fantasy script for this year. The plot is so unlikely that you would have thought it came from two junior high school students submission for a screenplay. WHY...why...why are they allowed to make movies like this garbage.


Wrath of the Titans

Much better than I thought it would be after reading reviews here
I didn't check out WOTT in 2012 but caught it on Amazon Video today. Here are my thoughts. The special effects were phenomenal. OK, the script wasn't Academy Award winning but I think it conveyed the movie's message. Sam Worthington - what a dreamboat (but his character's dialogue was probably the most poorly written of all the actors)!!!! Rosamunde Pike - already has distinguished credits but absolutely has the potential for a stellar career in the movies. I kind of wish they had given Pegasus a little more face time but only because I am an animal lover! Liam Neelson put in a great performance as one would expect from a professional. Chronos - AWESOME!! My only objection is when the hero(s) entering Tartarus and what seemed to be an endless procession (and boring) of concrete slabs dropping or shifting. But I would unequivocally recommend this movie to anyone who hasn't seen it yes.

Family Guy: The Simpsons Guy
Episode 1, Season 13

WOW.. are all these reviews written by Seth McFarlane sycophants?
This idea for a crossover had such rich comedy potential which was completely lost by the writers. At the beginning, the intro should have, IMMEDIATELY, merged the two shows. The Griffins on the couch gag and the Simpsons on the Broadway show stage ( which has already been done a few times on the Simpsons - think elephants and giant clown heads). At Quickie Mart, knowing the Griffins were broke, why not Peter buy a lottery ticket and keep one thumb over the last image, then claim the million dollars. That is exactly what was horrendously wrong with these two episodes. The Simpson family should have adopted the worst of the Griffins and vice-versa. There were so many golden opportunities for laughter that were completely lost.

1) When Peter and Homer were fighting (which in essence was way too long and pointless)), why not at least have them go through Burnsies' office and show Mr. Burns trying to separate them with a cane or Peter and Homer falling out the window with the polar bear and each end up throwing punches at the polar bear and look confused.

2) Marge's relationship with Lois was too undefined. Better:. Lois mentioning that her father was very wealthy and Marge replies by asking Lois if her father ever flew for an airline company.

3 Bart's relationship with Stewie could have gone in so many different directions. Like Stewie pulling out his little time machine pad which takes them into the future and Bart (which has been done too many times) into the future with Bart seeing some of the consequences of his behavior. They look off into the distance and see 100 Homers and 100 Stewies (both previous episodes of each) and Stewie says subtly that there are still a few bugs in his time machine.

On and on ad nauseum.

Maybe the show wasn't written for true Simpson and Family Guy fans because it was boring and dumb, dumb, dumb as he*ll.

And all of these positive reviews???? Don't get me started.

Dark Was the Night

This movie is a total fraud.
I like scary movies. I like monster movies. I like "Alien" type movies. But this film is the poorest hodgepodge of all of these. Kevin Durand acts with his eyes....GREAT! But you never once believe he can protect a town as sheriff, or that he can even be a sheriff. Lukas Haas is totally unbelievable as a transplanted NYer, coming to this town after a murky (to say the least) shooting incident that happened in Manhattan. While I am on the subject of Luke, and it really doesn't even deserve an observation in this review, his possible new girlfriend in Bunkville doesn't even deserve a part (the actress, herself or in the script). The sheriff's wife and son are so generic that you have forgotten them 15 seconds after they appear on film. Finally, the monster. All CGI effects cast by the wayside, which in this case were JOKE...JOKE...JOKE. I felt like I was watching "Predator" filmed in Redding, CA. Some posts mention a surprising twist at the end. I have read so many "surprising twists at the end" on IMDb that the words have lost all meaning. I have no idea what the surprise twist was unless it was the movie ending a few minutes before the runtime which was GREAT! It's a stupid movie made by a stupid production group probably hoping to earn enough money to make next month's mortgage payment. THAT'S MY REVIEW!

The Awakening

The best ghost story of our time...spoilers included
I found this on Netflix and was thrilled at how great it was. Atmosphere=10. Acting - 10. Plot development = 6. I'm not sure the two leads were the best choices for the film but you are drawn into it so quickly that it makes no further difference. But the character actors were beyond excellent, especially the matron. I was fully anticipating some kind of resolution of her love and devotion for her boyfriend, apparently killed in WW1. Then, the scenes of her and her family threw me completely off and I wonder if they were even needed at all to tell the story. The last 30 minutes are just heartbreaking while the last 5 minutes are completely superfluous to the story. But, in the end ,this is an important film (and not just within the horror genre) that you can't afford to miss.

The Miracle of the Bells

One of the best...
This movie is a real tear-jerker. I first saw it in 1969 or 70. I cried then and I cried today as I watched it. I thought Valli's performance was spot-on for the audition of Joan of Arc but I remember Valli having a much more authentic performance of the cross burning scene during the filming of the Joan of Arc story. I also thought that the turning of the statues happened much earlier in the film but that can be easily dismissed as the fading memories that accompany age.

Valli, (God rest her soul) turns in a stellar performance. One of Fred MacMurray's top performances, right up there with Double Indemnity. I thought Frank Sinatra's performance was good. No doubt, it may have been great if he were given a more dramatic role and additional lines/screen time. Lee J Cobb, what can I say - he always seemed to portray the same character, but better than anyone else could have done.

I don't blame atheists for easily dismissing the film nor devout Christians reading more into it then what it represents. My personal thoughts are that the film "Miracle of the Bells" shows us that we, even as the most humble human beings, can do much more than we dream is possible to create a better world - a better humanity.

A Dream Within a Dream

My review is probably nothing but SPOILERS.....
This movie is nothing but soft core porn. Some wealthy older man, Hollywood producer or director decided to throw a few thousand to a director/screenwriter to write a cheap script and film a stable of young lads in whitey tighties for the entire film. Believe me, this film is trash and doesn't even deserve a single watch. The clincher is a long drawn out shower scene almost at the end of the blonde kid where almost every inch of his body is caressed by the camera (for 15 minutes!!!!). The plot is incredibly laughable/stupid, to the point that it really doesn't make any sense. It is extremely homo erotic, so it that's your kick, you most definitely will enjoy it. I could slap myself across the face for watching it off of Amazon student Prime. And whomever is involved with this film, only you can decide whether to pay attention to their future creative endeavors.

House of Horrors: Gates of Hell

A fun ride...
You are never sure what you can expect from the low budget movies but I can promise you that for its faults; this one is a wild ride. The story line was fantastic. It was like being in a haunted house that is in a haunted house itself. The acting was sub par and when the leads talked about auditions for amateurs - I'm sure that line had been used by the casting team for the movie. At first I was put off by the demon's voice but for whatever reason it became more and more effective as the movie progressed. Tim, the owner of the Horror House, had a fantastic subplot of his own at the end and I wish they had enlarged upon it. But my favorite part were all of the furnishings and characters in the Horror House itself. Very effective and very scary; sometimes even terrifying. There is a twist at the end which you may or may not see coming, but whether or not you do, you'll leave this movie thinking about whether you really want to visit a Haunted House come Halloween.


Saw this for free on Amazon Instant Prime...what a total waste of time.
This piece of junk never should have made it past the editing desk. It isn't scary. The premise is lame. The actors act as if they are being paid minimum wage. There is NOTHING original about this movie.

The "charming" host, Jefferey SS Johnson, looks like he was picked up by scouts outside an AA meeting. Compared to Johnson, David Caruso in CSI might as well have won an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

Poor little Dee Wallace seems to be slumming.

Burger Boy looked like he was found inside a dumpster just outside an In & Out. There is nothing positive I can say about John Zderko except maybe he should go back to summer stock theater.

The single bright star of the movie (and its only redeeming feature) was Linara Washington. When they decide to do a decent biopic of Whitney Houston, there's your star. The resemblance between the two, especially when W.H. did The Bodyguard, is absolutely stunning. Think Jennifer Hudson doing the vocals and you have a blockbuster. I even think Ms. Washington could do an early Diana Ross, pre-Supremes split. Someone to definitely watch.

The script was even more dreadful than the special effects, if that is even possible.

If you want to watch this on Amazon Prime for free and feel like wasting 90 minutes of your life - hey, it's your life. Otherwise, throw it straight into the circular file.

P.S. There was not a single scary moment in the entire film. In fact I started thinking I should take the dog out to do his business about fifteen minutes into the film.

The Mirror

What's with all the bad reviews????????
.....maybe that this has to be the worse "scary", "horror" movie I've ever seen in my entire life. Not that it was made by some freshman film students at some wacky London college, but more likely made by some wannabe freshman film students studying at a wacky London college. The script, acting, direction, props, plot, theme -- everything is HORRIBLE, AWFUL!!!! How much lower can film sink? It seems like it started just in the past decade. I entirely regret wasting 90 minutes of my time watching this drivel. Not one good thing to say about it. Having said that, watch it win some kind of award. Crazy world we live in.

La rafle

Wonderful film
I was literally moved to tears by this movie which recreates the terror and death faced by the Jewish race during WWII. Melanie Laurent and Hugo Levedez are incandescent as the nurse and young boy who endure the horrors of the Vel D'Hive roundup in Paris during 1942. I was surprised that this movie did not get a higher rating on IMDb, possibly attributed to the small number who have seen it in the U.S. Of personal interest to me is the fact that I wrote a short story, "Black Thursday", on the same subject in 2011. I'm willing to make it available to anyone who wishes to read it by contacting me at: On another personal note, I am repulsed by the racist, ignorant and hateful remarks made by so many on the various comment boards located on the internet. I often wonder how these people would react if they were in the same situation as Jo's family. I rarely rate a movie as 10 on IMDb, reserving it for the finest of cinema. However, I did rate this 10 based on it's artistic, dramatic, and superb representation of one of the most horrific events in the 20th century.

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