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Riveting crime drama
This excellent crime drama has just aired in New Zealand. Each episode keeps moving and new twists to the story introduced. Obviously a tragic situation with a huge impact on the affected family, but the story keeps moving to discover who is the perpetrator. I gave this a 10/10 (which is rare) simply because I was captivated to the end.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Elizabeth - rise from the grave and strike back
I don't know where to begin with how awful this movie is. Perhaps a list: 1. The Music: Loud orchestra music to every scene - this rises to a crescendo and choral singing is added for the triumphant scenes - remember Damien?

2. Reality: Elizabethan England obviously has contacts with 21st century orthodontists and speech and language therapists. Let's get real here - polished piano key teeth would not have been the norm and everyone would not have spoken in a terribly polite straight queen's English accent. There was no wind, no rain (except of course a full dramatic thunderstorm for the Armada scene), the castle's were all comfortably warm - hello this is England pre central heating and double glazing days.

3. The poor queen. This woman is one of the greatest in English history who faced 70 years of adversity in a male dominated world. This film is an insult to her.

4. We know who won the Armada. There is no point having white horses with flowing manes, Clive Owen swinging from the burning ship and Cate Blanchett stood on a headland looking like a figure who's lost its way from the titanic movie. WE DON'T NEED IT.

Stopping for a glass of wine.


A laugh out loud comedy
I'm not a big fan of comedy sometimes being accused of only enjoying the dark and depressing, but I loved this and judging by the laughing in the audience at the cinema so did everyone else. The one liners are brilliant. The toilet humour is there because of the context of the film and very funny. I found the accent and slight lisp of Kenny meant I missed some of the humour which was rather annoying especially as half of the cinema obviously wasn't struggling as they guffawed away. Very likable film with little violence, no drugs, sex scenes or bad language etc which seem to be necessary to Hollywood to ensure a films popularity. GO AND SEE IT

Lady in the Water

Avoid this movie at all costs
What was the point in making this movie? If you were asked to perform in a 'ceremony' that sends a girl back to another world - wouldn't you want to know just a little bit more! No not in this movie, the characters just shrug their shoulders and do as they are told. Believability is NIL. The worst parts are the development of the story, with the main male character acting 'thinking', most of the time you've usually guessed the outcome or he dashes off and the result is so improbable that you just think WHAT. The girl is absolutely pathetic as an actress and the part she plays you just wish she'd get eaten by the monster with lots of blood and gore just to get rid of her. She just stares moodily, and gazes at the right people at the right time - get on with it!!!

Dot the I

Absolutely superb plot
This movie has lots of twists and turns and some have said an improbable storyline. Yet who wants to watch a move which is predictable? Another comment is 'couldn't it have been left as a good romance?' NO, there are lots of romance films around such as 'The Notebook'. This movie is basically a good thriller with a mega finale.

It has suspense, a good plot, great acting, believable characters and is different from the bog standard thriller.

I was glued to this movie from beginning to end. A definite must see for all who love a great story.



Fantastic movie
Just loved this movie. The acting is superb, the photography brilliant and the storyline has twists and turns which are very moving. It is also very sad particularly the final scene which just leaves you absolutely devastated for the main character. I wept buckets at the end and was heartbroken for all the women who live in these regimes. This is one of the best 'foreign' movies I have seen and gives an insight into life in another country.

Nothing else to add but have to use up the 10 lines required by IMDb. Only GO AND SEE IT, you'll not be disappointed and hopefully will learn a little more about the world.

Lakposhtha parvaz mikonand

Left emotionally cold but was informative and great photography
We didn't find this movie harrowing or upsetting, in fact the characters didn't move us emotionally at all. As 3 mothers we were expecting to have to resort to tissues but found none of the characters were sufficiently developed to feel any empathy even in their most dire scenes. Having said this we were all glad to have seen the movie but wish we had been emotionally moved rather than looking on to lives which are so different but having no feelings for the characters.

The photography is superb, the storyline a bit disjointed and the actors (amateur) haven't quite got it. I am surprised it is so highly rated and much preferred other 'foreign' films which gave you an insight into others lives such as 'Osama' and 'Weeping Camel'.

My Beautiful Son

The best movie
This is definitely one of the best movies I have ever seen and I only saw it by accident. It was on TV in New Zealand and had a poor review so I only intended seeing the first 5 minutes... thank goodness I didn't switch off. Maybe you have to know Liverpool and scouses well to understand this movie but the acting, storyline, characters and dialogue are fantastic. Fortunately the movie does not dwell on the sadder aspects of the storyline but focuses on the Liverpudlian characters, their attitude to life and scouse humour. Julie Walter's deserves every award possible for her role but it seems has missed out. A great movie - don't miss.

War of the Worlds

Total escapism through a thrilling adventure
I took four 11 year olds to see this as a birthday treat and really didn't want to see this movie at all as I'm totally fed up with Hollywood blockbusters and stars. What a surprise, I was literally sat on the edge of my seat in the cinema as thrilling special effects spilled out one after another. Didn't really need a good story line as the movie moved so fast from one nerve wracking moment to the next. There is the tiniest typical Hollywood movie moment at the end but besides that - great. Dakota Fanning was criticised for annoying screaming, I would have screamed faced with the same situations. As for the 11 year olds, they got out of their seats and hid they were so scared - at last something that fazes the oh so cool kids of today.

The Notebook

A gooey load of rubbish
I went with a girl friend to this movie and we both groaned and laughed (derisively)through this romantic slush. However, the girl friend who recommended this movie had it down as one of her all time favourites - so why the differing opinions? Basically if you enjoy escapism through romance and a happy ending is a must, then this is the movie for you. If you are cynical as far as love and romance is concerned then forget it. The litmus test is ... if you like 'Love Story' you'll enjoy this. The acting is good and the story develops slowly but surely but the subject of the story is purely romance and if you have no interest in this then basically this film is boring.


Unrealistic boring nonsense
I took two 11 year old boys to see this movie and their comment summed the movie up 'too PC'. This is the north of England yet despite heavy northern accents the actual words seem to be Queen's English and yes its nice to have no swearing but ... realistic ... NO. The kids in the school are all too nice to each other and the scenes featuring teachers just nauseating. The 'baddie' looks like a baddie and dark brooding music is introduced every time he appears and the ending to the film is a damp squid. The actual story line has potential and should have been developed into a good funny snappy family movie but there were very few laughs in the cinema - in fact 3 teenage girls walked out in the middle.

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