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Absolutely loved it - No Spoiler
This was an unsuspected surprise. I did not have much exception about this film and by the end I was surprisingly satisfied by the experience. This is a ghost story that glides on atmospheric buildup and unhurried storytelling. Unlike the current series of horror movies that rely on hyperkinetic scenes to get a jump scare out of the audience, Lavender creates a world of hallucinatory reality. I would not indulge on the story line here but I would brush on number of elements that I really enjoyed about this film

1. Soundtrack, incredible amount of work has gone into creation of this soundstripe. This is an orchestral piece which is composed of many many layers of unique instrumental arrangements. They are quite original and composition really enhances the haunting visuals.

2. Photography, as with the soundtrack, the movie is inhabited with many equally stunning shots that brings out the almost fairy air amidst the horror.

3. Abbe Cornish is clearly in command here. I would say that she carries the movie all on her own. She delivers a multi-layered character performance which is mesmerizing on every scene she is present.

At the end if you like a old fashioned ghost story which has no shortage of talent in every department give Lavender a try

The Letter Writer

One of the most gentle spiritual films I have ever seen
You watch lots and lots of movies, sometimes you look for good action, drama and even a good horror flick, but once in a while you come across a movie by chance that has the ability to touch in such loving way that you would have not imagined before pressing that Play button. The movie story begins when a rebellious young girl receives a heartwarming letter from an unknown source and the changes which follows in her life and people around her thereafter. THIS IS NOT A COMING OF AGE FILM BUT IS AN SPIRITUAL (non-religious) AWAKING FILM. The beauty of this film lies in its simplicity and its scripted in such gentle way that is very or may even impossible to find any pretentious message in the film. Its centers on how words can heal or hurt people and how we are carelessly use them among one another. It reminds us the power of receiving a hand written letter from a friend or family member in a way that no email, text, or twitter message can begin to encompass.

You will be hard not to cry in several scenes in this movie. I honestly believe this was a labor of love and all were involve in this project must have been touched personally.

There is no violence, vulgarity, etc. in this film and people of all ages can enjoy this movie. Highly recommend if you want a wonderful lullaby of a film


What a wonderful treat
I saw a trailer for this movie a while back and I forgot about it until recently when I saw a DVD cover for it on the web. I rented the film and what a treat this movie was. It is refreshing to know that they are still brilliant screen writers out there who can weave such a plot and story line. Sure the it is low budget production, but the end result is a beautiful and intelligent non the less. There are numerous spiritual messages in this movies and they unveil themselves as the movie progresses and the ending is very well done. I would not go into the plot since its not the kind of film that I could describe in a sentence or two. I enjoy a good action film like anyone else, but I appreciate a good film when I see one. It amazes me someone on this tread hated this movie so much that accused the good reviewers to be fake. I am software engineer from VA and no where near this movie production staff. If you enjoy intelligent screenplay you will like this

From Lara with Love

A superb voice
I came across this program while I was just pressing the change channel on my remote. I did not know who Lara Fabian was and really had no interest for this kind of music genre.

Behold! The few seconds that I stayed on this show transformed me almost and epiphany of a sort. There she was one of the most amazing voices I have never heard and an artist that carried herself with so much grace.

Lara sang in English, French, Italian and Spanish and with perfect accent and emotion. When she sang in French she was French, when she sang in Italian she was Italian.

During once performance she was so merged in to the emotion of the song that she almost collapsed at the end.

It is really a shame the Sony and Columbia never release this performance publicly on DVD and is even more sad that she is not international superstar she server to be although she is superstar in France.

This one artist that has to be seen in live performance to be truly appreciated it.

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