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Elvis Lives!

Voice Never Failed
The IMDB description that Elvis' was faced with his voice failing is wrong. His voice never failed him. He may have forgot the lyrics during some of his concerts, but his voice was always great. I give this movie 2 stars just because it's about Elvis. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be fiction of not. I never heard about the paranoid Elvis that wanted to off one of his confidants. I understand why Elvis took pharmaceuticals since the world pretty much made him a god, and how would anyone handle that situation? Imagine the mind boggling pressure it would have been being Elvis. The drugs were his way to cope. I just don't know what someone around him could have talked to him and set him straight with the drugs. Elvis didn't regard his pharmaceuticals as same as drug abuse because his medication was prescribed by his doctor, so to him, he was legitimately using them. In that era, everyone was using those drugs. Probably no one will ever know what it was like to be at that level of fame and adoration.

I, Robot

If you are interested in AI, you will love this film.
This is the best AI film to date. I really touches on some of the real implications that future humans will need to deal with when society reaches a general AI capability. The V.I.K.I. situation is something that is possible. The AI may desire to save humanity by administering a dictatorial style governance, but it might also determine that AI is the logical successor to humans. It would be easy for a sentient AI to conclude that the AI is the natural evolution of the human itself, therefore would conclude that the correct transition would be for the AI to take the humans place in the universe. When the AI contemplates that it's conciseness is the same as humans, there would be no question that it is the superior version of the the human.

The Rockford Files

Great show mostly because of Garner's great acting ability.
You would think that if week after week you have no money, are getting framed for murder, beaten up, shot at, and almost dying, you would look for another line of work. Not Jim Rockford, he's in it for the long haul. After all he can't deprive the public of his innate investigative instincts, and he owns a nice Pontiac Firebird to boot. Each episode Garner lures you in and ensures that you must watch to the end. Rockford used to charge $200/day plus expenses. Adjusted for inflation, that's $1,044.00/day in today's dollars.

Movin' On

Decent entertaining 1970's show back when truckers were cool and CB radios were a factory option from Detroit
This is a decent 1970's show and the story lines are pretty good. The show is not about trucking at all. For one thing, it makes no sense for a long haul trucker to have a partner who sits in the passenger seat doing nothing. This would never happen in real life. The partner setup is necessary to ad another personality and formulation of plot twists. Also, I don't think they ever actually delivered a shipment successfully, and even if they did, they would easily have the worst reputation for delivering on time in the whole the trucking business because they are always diverted from their schedule for at least a week. This fact would ensure that no company would ever use them for a delivery. But if you can put all that aside, the show is worth watching.

The Young Turks

Mind numbingly boring
This group is highly funded by leftist groups. Without this funding, this network wouldn't last a day. It is hosted by a bunch of dolts that are low I.Q.

Don Knotts: Tied Up with Laughter

Don Knotts popularity at the time
Back in the 1960's and early 70's, anyone whose career was currently doing well got a variety show. Some of the greats got permanent shows like Dean Martin. This is a good reference for what an American variety show was like in 1970. You know it's 1970 because the men's hair styles were transitioning to longer hair with sideburns. The lapels on men's jackets started to get wider but had not yet become the huge lapels that would peak around 1975. Joey Heatherton was at the time, the go-to girl for shows that wanted some sex appeal but without the high cost of a really talented female star.

Zoolander 2

A pretty good sequel
I think they did a good job with this sequel. Creating a sequel to Zoolander had to be tough to write, I mean how many jokes can you make about dumb models? Some of the plot gets a little hairy , but basically it's about Zoolander getting his son back, and Hansel finding his father, who turns out to be Sting. This movie definitely has more action than the first, with a sort of James Bond tone to it. All in all, I enjoyed, and I laughed. I can say that I loved the first one, especially the gas station scene, that was brilliant comedy, but this movie does have it's funny moments, like when Sting calls Hansel disguising his voice and coding his words into all names of Police songs.


Excellent 1980's time capsule movie
This movie is great if you want to get a small glimpse of what the early 1980's were like. The cool thing is that the arcade scenes were filmed in a real arcade, and the scene with the punk rockers show what punk rockers really did look like. They look clownish by today's standard and you might think that no one really looked like that, but I can tell you they did in the 1980's. This movie pretty accurately shows what the teenagers in the 1980's had to worry about, which was not much compared to what teenagers of today have to worry about. Those of us who were teenagers in the 1980's do realize now how awesome the 1980's actually were. This movie displays 1980's teenage angst at it's finest!

The Jerry Lewis Show

It's not Jerry's Fault
When you watch this series, you'll notice that it doesn't seem like the Jerry you remember from the Colgate comedy hour or from his movies. The issue was that in 1965 Jerry Lewis fell off a stage while he was performing and cracked a vertebrae in his back. After that incident, he was in excruciating pain for decades. He had to take pain killers for years. His performances from that point on on were affected. Jerry Lewis was one of the hardest working and best physical comedians of all time, and it's a shame that this happened to him. A lot of his genius was stifled due to the medications he had to endure to relieve his pain. So when you watch these episodes, keep in mind that Jerry is actually in pain while making them so please cut him some slack.

The Wrecking Crew

As America's Bond, Martin is the coolest spy ever.
The Matt Helm series are a treasure of what was the scene in the late 1960's. James Bond had the world crazy for the spy genre so Hollywood made various spy type TV and Films, these included Matt Helm and Derek Flint. The Matt Helm series had the cool factor down to a science with Dean Martin being the coolest cat around at the time. The Wrecking Crew is steeped in 1960's vibe, from the set designs to the the wonderful music in the movie. This is probably one of the movies that best captures that era. The Matt Helm series is a must have addition to your video collection along with the Flint movies. One particular scene from "The Silencers" that is especially indicative of the 1960's is when Matt and Gail are driving through the desert in Matt's American made spy station wagon. Matt pushes a button and out comes a stocked bar in the back and they proceed to pour drinks and get toasted as they are driving along, without seat-belts!

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