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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Since 2014 I heard about this and was so Excited that I didn't think about if it would be good. So when I saw it I was impressed, because I kept seeing people saying it was a disappointment compared to Harry Potter, but let me say this. This isn't Harry Potter, this is a whole new story that's beginning!

It's starts off with Newt arriving in New York and I absolutely loved the characters including Newt(Eddie Redemaye), because he was so awkward and quiet until he's around his animals and you see the real him. So overall this was a good movie and and can't wait for the next 4!!!

Lab Rats: Elite Force

Good Not Great
Okay so I was a huge fan of Lab Rats and Mighty Med, but when they ended I was like "Oh well on to something else!" But when I heard of Elite Force, I was excited! I thought it was going to be so awesome and amazing! Then I saw the first episode. So I liked but then I didn't. First of all I miss the funny characters like Leo, Adam, and Horace. Then it's just like "Oliver's mom is captured and mighty med burnt down!" I mean, like seriously people, I kind of would like to know what happened! And then like what about Daniel!!! So I think this show just gets off course on what they already started. Idk that's why I gave it a 6 out of 10

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